Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 44 part # 2

Michael's schedule was damn hectic these days and with him giving most of the time to his wife made the work to pile up on his desk.

All of a sudden Ibrahim barged in his office as he panted. His face stoic and fists clenched as he came inside.

Michael arched his brow at his cousin as in asking what's wrong because in no way Ibrahim would just barge in his office like that. He just hope that his family and his doll is fine.

"Our penthouse in Peshawar got under attach when Asad was filling the weapon stock. Someone from us gave out the words of this secret transaction and they got under attack." Ibrahim stated with utmost seriousness on his face.

"Asad got hit with two shots, one in the shoulder and other in his left arm. Seven of our men died." Ibrahim spoke with utter gravity dripping from his voice.

Michael looked deadly calm as his hawk like eyes took everything in. His men were attacked. His men!

"Who the fuck is behind this?" Michael snarled as his cold eyes required answers.

"Ali Agha!" Ibrahim spoke bitterly making Michael to slam his fists on his desk as a loud growl boomed in the room.

"Bloody Fucker!" He snarled as he clenched his jaw. His hands formed into fists as he straightened up.

"No body fucking mess with me and that bastard is going to pay for it!" Michael growled making Ibrahim to nod, his own blood boiling in pure rage.

"Gather the best ones, we are going to raid their hideouts tonight." He spoke with pure authoritative voice making Ibrahim to nod as he left from there.

Michael don't usually go on raids like this but that fucking bastard was poking him from so long. That son of a bitch Ali Agha was farthest the strongest mafia in Pakistan in competition with his Al-Aqrab. Even tho that bastard is more stronger in Pakistan but Michael has lead because of his links and leadership in Saudi Arabia.

The basic reason of him going on this raid because that fucking bastard killed his men and not only that, he almost killed his most important man. Fucking shit!

In late night they started there mission. It was plain and simple. Kill everyone and burn their place down.

But he knew it's not going to be easy as that son of a bitch Ali Agha is not a simple man, he's a fucking psycho.

They were in the van as they were heading towards their destination. Ibrahim informed that they've reached the place. Before starting the attack.

Michael made eye contact with his each and every man as they gave them the message of power with just one glare. "Anything can happen but don't get killed, just kill!" He ordered them in his authoritative voice making everyone to nod as their eyes beamed with vengeance.

No one messes with Al-Aqrab! No one!

With small indication from his hand everyone left the van and went to their hidden places. They moved slowly as Michael was the first in line. Every men holding their guns as they slowly surrounded the area of that farmhouse.

Michael was moving with his men from the front and Ibrahim was moving in from the back side with the other group of men.

On the sign of three they attacked from all sides. Killing all the bastards that were taken off guard.

Fire shots were heard from everywhere as bullets danced in the place making their ears on high alerts as they all looked on their backs.

Michael let his men to handle the dogs as he went in search for the bastard but he was no where in that place.

Cursing out loud, he went back down to found all of that bastard's men dead as his men were piling the bodies out in the garden and when all the bodies were out. His men lit the place on fire.

They left from there, back to their place. Michael was glad that all of his men were alive but still he wasn't satisfied because he didn't caught that Ali Agha and now he knew that bastard will be more precautious.

Michael was leaving when Ibrahim also joined him knowing very well where Michael is heading. Michael went to graveyard where the Salat-al-janazah (funeral prayer) of his men were happening.

Ibrahim went there as he joined the prayers but Michael stood far away only staring as they were being placed in their graves. His face cold and emotionless.

As soon as that ended Ibrahim came back and Michael started driving again. "As per your order. Asad is brought here on your private jet and now he's being treated in one of the best hospitals." Ibrahim informed as he very well knows that Michael would want to meet Asad.

Let Michael be all cold and tough but he do respect and care for his loyal men. Because in his words, 'if there's no loyal people around you, your kingdom will fall in the blink of an eye.'

Not only that Michael usually take those under his shelter, who are small buglers and criminals, who do crimes for money just to feed their family. His men find these type of men, asked them to work for him and in return, he provides them and their family a good salary and shelter.

In this way the crime in the country will be less and he hire most of the small criminals and they don't have to hurt innocent people for money when they can kill bastards and get their salary. Perfect isn't it!

But in no way it meant, he look down on his man or think lower of them. They all are his men, his power and he treat them good. They all admire him and respect him. They are willing to give their lives at just one call.

After all they all are a part of Al-Aqrab.


Four days are left in the removal of her gauze and she just can't wait to get it removed. Her mind was going havoc with the happiness of finally being able to see. She couldn't stop herself from thinking about it day and night.

Michael was in office and her she's all alone in their room. She had walked around the garden in the morning with the help of Amma and now has left her in her room for a peaceful sleep.

But unfortunately her brain was running hundred miles per hour and the girl is not able to sleep at all.

So she decided to went downstairs and spend sometime with Amma and Hina as they're doing chores in the kitchen.

Gladly the nurse wasn't here today as she went to her home due to certain emergency. Hope everything is fine with her she prayed softly.

Slowly with the help of her cane, she went down the stairs and also with the help of wall and with slow and steady steps the girl reached the kitchen but not much voices were coming from there.

She frowned because at this time Amma and Hina must be here preparing dinner but then she heard small rattling in the kitchen which meant one of them is here. "Amma?" She asked softly.

No one answered but after few seconds the sweet voice of Hina was heard. "You shouldn't have come down all alone. And Amma's not here dear. She went for grocery shopping, you need something?" She asked as she kept doing her work.

"I was getting bored that's why. Can you please make tea for me." Anisah requested softly as she slowly sat on the chair of the small dining table in the kitchen.

"Yes of course dear." Cane her sweet voice as she immediately made two cup of tea one for the girl and one for herself.

She placed Anisah's tea in front of her and sat on the opposite chair to hers with her own tea as she started talking about random stuff and Anisah also answered as they had their tea.

After a while Anisah felt sleepy so she decided to go back in the room and she didn't let Hina help her as she walked back cautiously and slowly.

She was still in stairs when she felt an extreme wave of dizziness pass her but the girl was holding the handle of the staircase and she was glad that her grip was strong because as soon as she got a little normal, she immediately went up so she won't end up falling from the stairs.

The headache in her head was getting severe as she slowly went to her room and almost fall on the bed. Holding her head she lightly massaged her temples as she hissed in pain.

Why is it paining so much? She thought as she tried to massage her head to ease out the pain and soon she was fading away into the pits of soundless sleep.

Anisah stirred in her sleep as she coughed harshly. Her nose scrunched up as she inhaled the smoky smell and her lips turned cold.

She tried to move, but her body wasn't moving an inch. By the harsh smoky smell, she can tell that the whole room is on fire and she literally can't breath due to the smoke and fire.

She can feel the hotness of the fire ending close to her but the girl was in hysteria from inside because her body was in some sort of paralysis as it couldn't move.

Anisah couldn't help it as tears started to escape from her eyes as they wetted her gauze making her eyes to itch but she could care less.

How? Was one thing that roamed her mind but why she can't move her body. She can breath and heart was beating abnormally in her chest with the girl can't move anything except her eyes but they were covered.

The gauze was completely wet with her tears and her throat was burning because of the harsh smoke.

Breathing became almost impossible for but the girl couldn't help but to think of only one man at this time.

Her Michael!

She felt the fire near her foot but her body refused to listen. She wanted to scream for help, to cry out for help but her body refused to listen to her wildly frantic brain.

As soon as she felt the fire touching her foot and pain shot through her body, at that time she realised, she won't be able to make it.

The girl couldn't breath neither she could cough and the smoke was making her choke.

Her mouth remained tongue tied as she tried to utter a single word but nothing came out. She wanted to recite the Kalma shahadat but maybe that isn't destined for her. Maybe she must go back to her lord like this.

The girl wasn't sad for herself, she knows one day everyone has to returned to their as that is the real destination but she was heartbroken because she was just few steps away from seeing for the very first time.

She was heartbroken because she didn't want to leave the only person who became her love, her love and her everything. She didn't want to leave him all alone. She didn't even got the chance to see her handsome husband.

The pain going through her foot was awful, tears were the only thing she was having control on. Her life was fading away from the tips of her fingers and she can't do anything about it.

Her mind started to become dizzy due to the lack of oxygen as her body yearned to breath but all that got inhaled was a harsh smoke.

The burning in her throat and chest felt like clogging as she recited the kalma in her mind and prayed for him. She prayed for him to stay happy even after she died. She prayed to Allah for giving patience to her man after her death.

She prayed and prayed for her Michael in her mind until her brain couldn't work anymore and soon consciousnesses left her in the abyss of darkness. Not of the sight but of the light.

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