Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 45 part # 1

"I tried my best Sarkar." Came the ashamed and sad voice of Asad as he laid on the hospital bed staring down, not being able to face his Sarkar.

Michael smiled softly at his man. Asad is one of his best man after Zaroon and he trusted him with every fiber in his body.

Michael softly patted his uninjured shoulder making him look up at him. "I know Asad." He told him in a sincere voice making a smile to appear on Asad's face.

"You're my strong solider. Get well soon." He told him with admiration and sternness in his voice as he gave a firm pat on his shoulder.

"InshaAllah." Said Asad and Ibrahim said under their breaths as they nodded at each other and with a firm nod of Michael they left the hospital.

The doctors had informed that he's out of danger but the condition was critical at first but got under control. He'll be all better in a month or two.

Ibrahim has already called an Uber driver and his car was parked in the office parking lot and he knew Michael must be hurrying back to his precious wife and won't be dropping him at haveli.

Michael nodded at Ibrahim as he smirked understating immediately that Ibrahim knew he will probably run back home. Ibrahim's Uber arrived immediately as he left and Michael to was driving back home by that time.

It didn't take him much time in the way. He is so damn late. He just wished that his doll must've slept because if she'll be waiting for him then man he's so dead for keeping her up till this time.

Soon he reached the estate but the sight in front of him was shocking.

The complete upper floor of his house was on fire as it was coming out of the window. His eyes looked at his men trying to extinguish the blaze. Amma was crying loudly as Hina hold her from moving in the house.

If Amma and Hina are here then where is his wife. The man without thinking much came out of the car as he started running towards the house.

One of his man saw him as he hold him. To stop him from going in but he was not in his senses as he threw the man away from him. He ran to Amma and asked hysteric. "Where's My Anisah?" His eyes pleading to Amma to say something good but Amma wailed loudly as she pointed towards the window of his room from where the fire was coming out.

Without even a blink he ran towards the entrance but his other men stopped him as they tried to hold down the beast. "Sir there's no way in. It's all blocked we tried. Please sir ma'am won't be able to survive." His man tried to stop but their words only infuriated him as he growled loudly and jerked them away harshly.

He was raging as he hold that man's collar and the man was almost in the air as Michael snarled. "If anything happened to her. I will burn each and everyone of you alive!" He threw the man away harshly as he ran into the house.

The first floor wasn't that much on fire so it was easy for him to run up to the stairs but on the second floor everything was burning down in to ashes.

The whole corridor was burning, even the walls were ablaze. Extreme heat and smoke surrounds him as he was unable to see properly but still hurriedly moved towards his room.

As soon as he reached in front of the door, it was closed and was completely on fire. "Anisah?" He screamed loudly but got nothing in reply. His heart frantic as he moved back and then hit the door with his foot once but the door didn't budge. It was locked.

Anisah never locked the room!

His mind running with millions of thoughts as he forcefully kicked the door again and this time it broke and as he was moving in the room. A long ablaze wood fell on his arm but the man just jerked it away as his eyes landed on his life on bed wrapped in fire.

His heart stopped beating as he looked at his love. She was unconscious as fire was on her foot and pyjama.


The man screamed loudly as he ran to his doll. A tear rolled down his eye as he immediately covered her burning foot to extinguish the fire and it worked.

He immediately checked her breathing and it was so faint as another tear rolled down his eye.

He can't let her die!

The bed was catching fire as he immediately shouldered the restroom door down as he hissed out in pain at the burning. He wetted the blanket completely and came back.

He covered his wife completely in that wet blanket and then carried her form in bridal style.

A hiss escaped from his lips when his burned wound on shoulder got stretched. Ignoring the pain, he was about to pass the burning doorframe.

He tilted side ways and just to protect his wife he touched his back to that burning doorframe and hissed out in pain but he was glad that she didn't got touch with it.

His back was burned badly as he carried her down the stairs, he was panting and coughing. His body giving up on him but he can't stop Not now.

Slowly he was out of the house and he immediately yelled. "Call ambulance!" In no time Amma was beside him as he kneeled with his wife still in his arms.

Amma removed the blanket from Anisah's face and cried out loudly after seeing the unconscious girl.

The ambulance came as he placed her on the stretcher and sat in the ambulance with his wife as he hold her hand in his and kept on kissing it as mumbled soft, 'you'll be fine, I know.'

As soon as they reached the hospital the doctors weren't paying heed to them as he snarled. "I need a fucking doctor!" Everyone gasped as on cue a confused Zaroon came out from the corridor and his eyes widened at the scene.

He immediately rushed to Michael and a certain relief washed over Michael's form after seeing Zaroon.

Zaroon didn't even asked any question as he gave orders to staff and start moving her stretcher to the operating room really fast.

Michael was forced to stay out as Dr. Riya also joined Zaroon in the operating room.

Dr. Riya was needed there to tell the incharge doctor about her eye condition for no damaging interactions, Zaroon was there to help out as the surgeon cleaned her burned wound on the foot.

Michael's body was aching so badly from behind and shoulder. His skin felt as if someone is skinning him alive but that didn't stop him as he stood there waiting to see his wife.

After sometime Zaroon came out and Michael was beside him in no time as he demanded. "Is she fine?"

Zaroon saw Michael's injuries and they were pretty much as he nodded his head. "She's fine, a small burnt wound on the foot and her throat is swollen due to the smoke. Other then that, she fine." Zaroon informed him with utter seriousness as Michael took everything in.

Nodding his head Michael turned around to leave but Zaroon stopped him as he very well knew where he's going.

Zaroon moves hurriedly as he stood in front of him. "You need to get these wounds treated." He told him with seriousness but Michael was fuming and Zaroon knew how to get him into treatment.

"Look I think you should stay until Anisah wakes up because I know she would need you beside her at that time." He tried to persuade him with his logical facts and it some how worked as Michael's stance normalised.

"Now you should get your wounds treated." Zaroon said indicating for him to follow him and man slowly obliged as he went with him to get the treatment.

A nurse cleaned his wounds and then bandages it and the burn was pretty harsh. The pain was unbearable for him but he couldn't stop imagining how painful it was for his little doll.

Zaroon was observing Michael with his penetrating gaze as he can read what's going inside his mind. Michael is hungry for vengeance and he will do anything to kill that person, who's behind it.

As soon as the nurse left, Michael hissed out as he tried to wear his button up shirt. "Now tell what happened?" Zaroon asked seriously as he eyed the hissing man.

Michael's green hawk like eyes shots glare at him. "That fucking Ali Agha got to know about our secret weapon transaction and he fucking raided our Peshawar penthouse. Killed seven of my men and severely injured Asad!" Michael hissed out in pure rage.

Zaroon's eyes widened at such information and his own blood boiled at the audacity of that fucking Ali Agha.

"I immediately with few of my men raided his place, killed everyone and then lit the place on fire but that bastard wasn't there." He spoke with certain satisfaction as he continued.

"But when I reached home, everyone was out my my mansion was on fucking fire! Everyone was out except Anisah. When I reached there she was laying unconscious on the bed surrounded in fire. And the rest you know." He spoke with gravity dripping from his voice.

Zaroon took everything in as he spoke his next words. "What do you think about it?" His voice serious.

"You know what I fucking think! The walls of my room and corridor were on fire in a pattern as if someone has thrown petrol on them and then lit the place in fire. Anisah was laying there unmoving, it's not fucking possible that she didn't felt the heat or the smoke. That meant she was already fucking unconscious." Michael snarled angrily, his veins of the neck bulging out in anger.

"We did her blood test the reports will come soon to clear out somethings." Zaroon said.

Zaroon scrunched his eyebrows. In no way it was possible for Ali Agha to make this happen in such a small period of time. It was definitely someone else. Someone within them, who wants to hurt the girl.

"Ali Agha isn't a foolish man , he's not behind it." Zaroon told him what he thinks.

"I fucking know that!" Michael replied with anger.

"It must someone from inside the mansion." Zaroon said as he thought of all the possible reasons for everything.

"And I'm going to fucking rip that traitor apart!" Michael hissed as he looked at the angry Zaroon.

On cue the door was knocked and Dr. Riya came in. She looked at Zaroon and then averted her eyes to Michael. "She's awake and is only repeating your name." Dr. Riya informed him with a soft smile as Michael's eyes widened and then like a dying man on quest he ran out towards the room where his doll is.

As soon as he entered inside, he saw her laying on the hospital bed a bandage around her foot and the gauze around her eyes were also changed.

She was mumbling his name again and again as a nurse was trying to calm her down. In two steps he was beside her and he saw how she stiffened for a second feeling his presence a soft sob escaped from her lips and she lurched towards him. "Michael!"

Michael immediately moved closer and wrapped his arms around her shoulders as she hugged his standing form. Her frail arms around his torso and her head on his chest.

Her hand was clutching tightly where he was injured but he didn't utter a word as he hold his life close to him.

Kissing her head softly, he caressed her back. "I'm here Habibti, I'm here." He cooed softly near her ear as she sobbed.

Zaroon indicated the smiling nurse to follow him outside and the left the couple alone.

Anisah was sobbing softly as he cupped her face and then kissed her forehead. "Don't cry Habibti."

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