Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 45 part # 2

He cooed to her softly but the girl again hugged him strongly making him wince in pain.

Anisah immediately let him go as she gasped. "You're h-hurt." She spoke in a broken voice with trembling lips.

Michael cupped her cheeks as he noticed her gauze getting wet due to her crying. Caressing her cheeks with his thumb he softly mumbled. "I'm fine Habibti." He softly kissed her forehead again.

"I t-thought I'll d-die." She spoke in a broken voice as her small hands held his wrists as his hands were cupping her face.

"Shhh!" He shushed her as he hugged her again. "Don't say that Habibti." He spoke softly as he tried to calm his scared wife.

Holding her shoulders softly he moved her away as he sat beside her on the hospital bed and hold her small frail hands in his large ones. "Why didn't you tried to escape Habibti?" He asked softly as he saw her pale face as if she's recalling everything again.

"I-I..." Her voice broke as she tried to speak. "I tried b-but I couldn't m-move, m-my body d-didn't m-move n-neither I c-could scream I-it was l-like m-my b-body was under p-paralysis. All I can do w-was just lay t-there and f-feel everything. I t-thought I w-won't be able to see you." She cried with the last part making Michael's blood to boil in fury.

He softly engulfed her in his arms again as he caressed her head and let her cry on his chest and the girl did exactly that as she cried and cried taking off her sorrows on his shoulder.

Michael just sat there letting his wife to ease her heart as he mumbled. "I'm here Habibti, you'll be fine." Softly to her as he rocked her back and forth, ignoring the pain in his body.

After a while his wife slept in his embrace so he slowly placed her on the bed. Covering her properly in the sheets, he went out and called the nurse to change her gauze around her eyes.

He had already told Zaroon that he only want Zaroon's most trusted staff around his Habibti. Because in no way he wants to take any risks.

Michael went to Zaroon's office only to find the man enraged. He was holding a certain paper in his hands as his angry eyes snapped to Michael's.

Michael didn't have to say a word because Zaroon already know what his question will be and the answer to that made him so angry that he couldn't even imagine how much it will make Michael furious.

"Anisah was given succinylcholine." Zaroon told seriously as he felt nervous all of sudden because he knew Michael's wrath.

"Elaborate!" Michael stated with seriousness dripping in his voice as if he can't wait anymore.

"She was drugged, that drug cause neuromuscular blockage that made her whole body paralysed. The person who did this want Anisah dead at any cost." Zaroon told him everything truthfully not keeping anything at all.

His eyes turned darker and his jaw clenched. The aura around him suddenly became stiff as he looked at Zaroon. His posture radiating storm as he didn't wait for a single second and left the room with the slamming of the door loudly that it would've come off its hinges.

Zaroon didn't waited as he went after Michael immediately. In way, he saw Dr. Riya in the corridor as he immediately told her to stay with Anisah and left from there. Leaving confused Dr. Riya behind as she did what he told.

Michael was raging out when Zaroon came in front of him on the road with his car without much thought Michael sat beside him in his Audi as they speeded towards his house.

It didn't take them much time to reach there and in a second they were standing in front of the quarters where Amma and Hina live.

Michael barged in but his eyes widened as he took in the injured form of Amma who was laying on the floor with blood dripping from her forehead.

Michael immediately run to her and helped her up as Amma cried. "Beta, Hina was running away but when I tried to stop her she pushed me away. I t-think she-"

Michael cut her in. "I know Amma." Was all he said as he shouted for one of his man as he told him to take Amma to the hospital.

Michael and Zaroon were on their way to his house when he received the cctv footage of his house and in kitchen it was clearly shown that Hina put something in one of the tea cups and then she gave that cup to Anisah. Only this much footage was available as others got ruined because of the fire and cameras stopped working.

Michael had already ordered for the cctv footage to his men. When he was getting his wounds treated.

Zaroon and Michael then immediately went out of the quarters as he called his men closer and ordered them to search Hina down because she couldn't have gone any further. The main instruction was that he wants her alive and that to in two hours. Otherwise the hell will broke loose.

Everyone started searching as they went on cars looking around the area. Michael called Ibrahim but he wasn't picking up his calls so he dialled Amir's number.

"Hello, bhai?" Came Amir's voice.

"I want you and Jhangir at GSD hospital. Anisah is admitted there and I want y'all to stay there and protect her." He told him in his authoritative, serious voice.

Amir wasn't stupid enough to start asking questions because he knew something bad must've happened.

"Okay bhai, I'm on it." Amir told hurriedly in a panicked but yet calm voice.

"Don't tell anyone except Jhangir." Michael told him with utter seriousness dripping from his voice as Amir answered in affirmation and then cut the call.

He didn't trust anyone anymore except his brothers and two of his men, Zaroon and Asad.

Michael was standing in the garden, out of his half burnt house as he paced around waiting to get the news he desired and on cue Zaroon's phone beeped indicating a message. It was from one of their men.

"Boss, we got her and we are now taking her to the penthouse." Zaroon read the message out loud as they didn't wait any further and Zaroon speeds the car to their destination.

Millions of thoughts run through Michael's head but he just wished from the bottom of his heart that it's not what he's thinking.

As soon as they reached there. Michael didn't wait for a second as he barged into the house where that bitch was.

Without much of a thought he went straight and slapped the woman harsh on her face making her scream out in pain.

Michael smiled lightly, he literally smiled for the little satisfaction he got. This bitch didn't know what's waiting for her. He didn't even started and she's screaming like a banshee.

She should've thought about it first before trying to burn his wife alive. His wife!

Michael was looking like a raging predator as he sat on the chair in front of Hina. The woman was looking at him with wide scared eyes.

"I didn't do anything." She cried out looking down. Michael indicated and a harsh whip landed on her back making her scream out in pain.

She was kneeling on the floor in front of him, with her hands tied on her front.

Michael was liking it. He like to see her in pain because she hurt his wife. She fucking tried to burn her alive.

"Who are you working for?" He snarled at her face as she fall to the side crying loudly.

She kept crying not uttering a word and it only made Michael more furious as he indicated at his man to whip her again. Like before she cried out in pain but didn't fucking opened her mouth.

Michael has enough of her tantrums. He abruptly stood up, took out his gun and placed it straight at her forehead making her still as her eyes widened.

She shook her head in negative. "P-please Sahab. I've not done anything. Please don't kill me." She cried out hysteric.

"Fucking liar!" He hissed at her face as he turned off the safety of the gun and glared at her.

"One last chance. If you tell me everything, I might let you live." Michael played his card cautiously.

He knew this bitch will open her mouth, only if he tell her that he'll let her free. It will give her hope and she'll start ranting and just like that, she spoke hurriedly.

"I'll tell yo everything. Please don't shoot me." She cried horrified as she stared at him.

Michael smirked internally as he glared at the bitch. "You drugged her?" He asked only to check if she's being honest as he already knew the answer to that.

"Y-Yes." She spoke scared as she nodded her head lightly.

Even tho Michael felt like killing the woman but it was important to get information out of her. Only she can give all the answers.

He controlled his anger. "You set my house on fire?" He asked calmly but the deadly rage was clear in his green eyes.

Hina looked down scared out of her wits as she nodded her head hesitantly. She was waiting for a punch or a harsh blow but nothing came except his next question.

"You wanted to kill my wife?" He asked calmly but his voice death serious. Only he knows how he was doing it.

Hina looked down as she trembled with fear and nodded her head in affirmation again. Michael literally wanted to kill the bitch there and then but the answers were more important.

"Why?" He asked coldly. He was hundred percent sure this botch was working under someone and he only needed to know, who it is.

Hina looked up ready to speak when a shot was heard and Hina fell on the floor to the side as the bullet was straight in her temple. Shattering noise of the window was heard.

Everyone looked to the side from where the bullet came from and Michael's eyes narrowed at the black van in the far corner and a sniper just pulled his gun back in and rolled up the window as they speeds away.

Zaroon was beside Hina as he checked her form as Michael turned to look at him Zaroon shook his head in negative.

"FUCK!" Michael cursed loudly as his men ran after the car. He shot bullets straight in the wall as he emptied his gun.

His mind outrageous. "These fucking bastards!" He snarled as he felt like loosing his composure.

Zaroon glared hard at the dead body as his mind ran with millions of thoughts and only one made his racking mind to stop.

"We should go back to Anisah. She could be in danger." Zaroon said in a serious voice and Michael nodded his head as they went to the hospital.

Amir and Jhangir were already standing outside her room as soon as they saw Michael they walked to him.

"What happened bhai?" It was Jhangir who asked with worried voice making Michael to rub a hand on his face as he asked.

"Is Anisah fine?" He asked not answering him. Jhangir nodded his head as Amir spoke up.

"Yes bhai, she's fine." Amir told in a serious voice. Both Amir and Jhangir faces were asking only one question and Michael knew he had to keep them up to date with every situation.

Michael opened the door of her room to find her peacefully sleeping as Dr. Riya was checking her chart.

Zaroon indicated them to follow him as they went to his office. And Michael to went there to inform about everything to his brothers.

As they sat in Zaroon's office Michael told Jhangir to call Ibrahim. Jhangir immediately started calling but he never picked up.

And in the same time Michael's phone started ringing. He answered as a strong voice spoke from the other side.

"Long time Michael." Came the arrogant voice of Ali Agha that made his blood to boil.

"What the fuck do you want, you bastard?" Michael snarled loudly as his brothers stared at him with serious faces and Zaroon with narrowed eyes.

"I want you dead! Come and take your brother Ibrahim." The man spoke sinisterly as he laughed.

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