Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 47 part # 1


Michael cursed loudly as he slammed his fist on the wall so harshly that his own knuckles started to bleed.

Not any of the three men said a word as they stared it him.

"That bastard Ali Agha kidnapped Ibrahim!" He yelled loudly as he punched the wall again.

Zaroon ran a hand through his hair in frustration as he felt like killing those bastards. Amir and Jhangir were tensed at that news.

"What does he want?" Zaroon asked seriously as he was aware that Ali Agha never do such stupid acts without any purpose. He was a one fine cunning bastard.

Michael closed his eyes for a brief second as he breathed in deeply. "He wants me dead." He spoke calmly as the storm was still brewing inside of him.

Silence followed in the surroundings as no one dared to speak a word. If Ali Agha thinks it's easy to kill Michael Sheikh then he is in fucking hallucination.

"What will we do now?" Asked Jhangir in tensed voice. They didn't want to lose their one brother on the life of the other.

Michael turned around facing them as his eyes were cold now and his posture intimidating. "I'm going to save him. If Ali Agha wants me dead then he'll have me." Michael spoke so calmly in his cold voice that Jhangir felt chills in his spine at his cold tone.

"But bhai-" Amir tried to reason but one glare from his side stopped him mid sentence.

As the silence followed they got the hint that the conversation is over.

Anisah was shifted into the haveli in Michael's room. She can still remember the day when she had touched him for the very first time and felt his body as she considered it to be canvas on the wall but it ended up in her utter embarrassment when she realised it was a man.

She smiled softly at the thought as she inhaled his scent from the sheets. She was told that their house is under construction as it got badly damaged due to fire and Anisah has to stay in haveli with the family for a couple of weeks and she didn't mind it at all.

Last night Michael brought her here and then left immediately saying that he needs to do some urgent work.

Anisah isn't stupid to toss it off. She knows very well someone tried to kill her in her own house. She was drugged and then was left to burn alive but luckily Michael came and save her.

After knowing Michael this much, she's hundred percent sure that Michael will look into the matter and will surely try to find out who's behind it.

The mere thought of it that someone almost killed her in her own house was terrifying. This clearly meant Michael has a lot of enemies.

Sometimes she think what he do for living. Even tho she knows he handles their family business but it's not only that. Her man is dangerous that is clear as light and she has also seen the glimpses of it when he kidnapped her along with Shazia and Jameel. But every time this thought emerges in her mind, she pushed it away not willing to think about it all. Maybe this is childish of her but she didn't want to accept it.

Anisah was scared senseless after that incident of fire but after Michael consoled her she became relaxed.

Now just to forget about that incident, she kept her mind focus on the euphoria of getting her sight back. Dr. Riya has told her that they'll remove the gauze in a week. The time time prolonged due to her excess crying which was about to cause an infection but gladly that didn't happened but it did slow the process of healing but nonetheless she'll be able to see in a week.

She has thought a lot about it and secretly she has planned that the first person she'll see after the removal of gauze will be none other than her Michael. She wanted to see his face as the first thing so she could keep that memory in mind forever to cherish.

She smiled thinking about her thoughts as she freshened up and went downstairs for the breakfast with help of her cane.

Everyone was already on the breakfast table. When Auntie Yasmeen notes Anisah's presence, she immediately went to help the girl. "Why are you coming down alone dear? Where's Michael?" She asked softly as she guided the girl to the dining table.

Anisah smiled at her loving nature. When aunt Yasmeen and uncle Imran got to know about the incident last night they were hysteric as the threw millions of worried questions at them but nonetheless they hugged them both and thanked Allah that they got saved.

"He went for some work." She replied softly as she sat on one of the chairs with the help of Yasmeen.

"What is wrong with our boys? First Amir, Jhangir and then Michael and Allah knows where that Ibrahim is gone from yesterday!" Aunt Yasmeen spoke with pure concern dripping from her voice.

"They're not kids Yasmeen. They can take care of themselves so just relax." Came the chill voice of aunt Rabia as in she's in a bitter mood but Anisah ignores her remark towards Yasmeen as she thought that Rabia is alway like this, bitter. Allah knows how a cheerful joyous man like Jhangir is her son, literally."

They were eating there breakfast in silence as uncle Imran and Sufyan talked about certain deal but other then that women stayed quiet mostly because both Anisah and Yasmeen didn't want to hear any bitter remark from Rabia.

On cue heavy footsteps are heated and it felt like and army is coming in the haveli but happily it wasn't any army but the Sheikh brothers.

The footsteps didn't approached in the dining room except for one as they all stayed in the lounge.

A Salam was greeted by Jhangir to everyone as they greeted back.

"Michael bhai wants everyone in the lounge." He spoke, his voice serious which felt unfamiliar on Jhangir.

A dread like feeling filled Anisah as aunt Yasmeen helped her and they all went to the lounge immediately. A frown etched on elders forehead as they prayed for everything to be fine.

As soon as they gathered up there a voice spoke up. "Please y'all should sit." It was Zaroon's voice as told the elders to sit. Aunt Yasmeen sat on the sofa along with Anisah. "Ya Allah, please don't let it be any bad news." Anisah heard aunt Yasmeen mumbling it under her breath.

On cue uncle Imran spoke up. "Where's Ibrahim? He should've been with you guys." His voice concerned as his forehead was scrunched in tension as lines appeared on his forehead making him look more older.

"Ibrahim is kidnapped." Michael broke the ice as a horrified gasps were heard from everyone.

"No!" A shrill no escaped from Yasmeen's lips as the woman stood enraged.

"Do you know, what are you speaking young man?" Yasmeen asked enraged as she stood in front of Michael, making him look down not meeting his mother like aunt's gaze.

His one action spoke thousand words as aunt Yasmeen was about to fall down with dizziness when Michael immediately hold her in his arms as uncle Imran yelled. "YASMEEN!" And everybody gasped as they moved forward.

Michael immediately placed the crying form of Yasmeen on the settee. She was looking as the life was just sucked out of her in a couple of seconds. She was crying by now on uncle Imran's shoulder as she kept on shaking her head in negative.

"Not my son, Allah please not my son." She kept on crying as the lines on uncle Imran's forehead deepened and he looked broken.

Michael couldn't see his family like this. His heart felt like shredding into pieces as he looked away.

"What will we do?" Asked uncle Sufyan concerned.

Michael can feel aunt Yasmeen's and uncle Imran's eyes on him and he knows he is their hope and their saviour.

"I will bring him back." He spoke with utter confidence and sincerity that at that moment Yasmeen knew, he will bring her son back.

Aunt Yasmeen stood up as she hugged him tightly and started crying on his shoulder. Michael never got to feel the love of mom for a long time, even tho Yasmeen treated him like her own son but this was beyond happiness as he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her back like a child yearning to get all the affection from her mother.At that moment he felt strong because deep down he knew her prayers are with him.

"Don't worry aunt, I'll bring my brother back." He told aunt Yasmeen softly as the woman cupped his face. "You are my strong son, go bring your brother back but in no way I want to lose my one done to get another back. I want both of my sons back." She spoke strongly with trust in her eyes as he patted his head, like mother do. He felt extremely emotionl at that moment but controlled himself.

Then his eyes landed on the small frail form, who was facing him but biting her lower lips and he knew she's trying to control her tears.

"We'll be outside waiting." Zaroon said as Amir, Jhangir and Zaroon went outside and elders to left the lounge as they knew Michael would like to talk to his wife.

Michael took two steps and he was in front of his doll. Two of his fingers put pressure under her chin lightly as he made her face up towards him.

On cue her chin wobbled and her lips quiver making his heart to swell in her love as he kissed her forehead passionately.

"I-Ibrahim bhai i-is in d-danger?" She asked softly with trembling lips.

Michael caressed her rogue honey strand behind her ear. "Yes Habibti." He told her softly.

"A-are y-you going t-to s-save him?" She asked softly with wobbly chin, ready to cry any moment.

"Yes doll." He spoke smoothly as he cupped her face from side and the girl immediately leaned her face in his hand like a small baby making his heart to flutter at her innocence.

"You w-will b-bring him back?" She asked softly as Michael observed her almost crying form.

"Yes biwi (wife)." He cooed softly as his thumb caressed her cheek and draw circles on her soft baby skin.

"You will c-come b-back t-to me?" She asked with wobbly chin and on its own the words left his mouth.

"Insha Allah, Habibti." That was it, the girl immediately wrapped her frail arms around his muscular build as she hugged him but before she could start crying. Michael warmed her not to making her to bite her lower Lipton stop her tears.

"P-promise me you'll save Ibrahim b-bhai and c-come back to me." She tried to tell him sternly but it came out rather pleading.

"I promise, meri jaan (my life)." He promised softly as he tightened his hold on her body.

Anisah hiccuped and moved back from him. Michael chuckled at her cute hiccup.

"Dekho maine tumhe abhi se yaad karna shuru kardia."

(See I've started missing you already.)

He teased and out of blue his lips landed on hers as he kissed her passionately. Anisah was taken off guard but she immediately responded to him with same passion.

Anisah broke the kiss as they both panted. Her cheeks turned red beetroot and her lips swelled.

Michael so desperately wanted to see her honey eyes.

"My prayers a-are with you. May all the harms stay away from you. May you succeed. Go like a water and come back like a wind." She spoke the words with so much love and for a second Michael felt like she's sending him on a war.

His heart thanked the lord after so many years for giving him this precious angel as he kissed her forehead one last time.

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