Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 46 part # 2

Aunt Yasmeen was continually crying as she sat on the prayer mat, praying for her sons in front of her lord. She cried and cried.

Her cries didn't made Anisah's heart at ease, it only made her worried to deepened as her heart sank more just by thinking about it.

Slowly the girl stood up from the bed and made her way to aunt Yasmeen as she sat beside her and then hugged her from the side.

"Auntie please d-don't cry." She mumbled softly as she hugged her aunt tightly whose crying seized a bit as she stared at the girl.

"If you k-keep on c-crying t-then I won't be able to stop my tears." She spoke softly as she layed her head on aunt Yasmeen's arm just like a child would do.

"They took my son Anisah." Auntie cried out as she started crying again, making worry to seep in Anisah's heart.

"M-Michael will save Ibrahim bhai and they'll come back." Anisah spoke confidently as she tried to make this statement clear not only for aunt Yasmeen but also for herself.

She must stay strong for him. He will come back to her.

"Insha Allah." Aunt Yasmeen spoke as she still kept on crying.

When one person is trying to tell his heart that everything will be fine and nothing will happen wrong and at the same point another person is crying and being scared. It really effects the first person's confidence of positivity as all the wrong scenarios also started to play in their head.

Anisah didn't want it. She wanted to keep herself positive thinking about all the good things. She believes that they'll come back. But the lack of hope in Yasmeen auntie's voice is killing Anisah alive.

"Auntie stop crying, you're making me loose hope!" Anisah spoke bit angrily with trembling lips as she tightened her hold around Yasmeen auntie.

Aunt Yasmeen stopped crying as she realised the situation of the young girl. Anisah is absolutely right. This small frail girl is trying to be so strong and confident. Her words show how she beloved Allah that everything will be fine and she's scaring the poor girl with all her cries. Where on the other hand it has to be her, who should behave maturely.

"I'm sorry." Aunt Yasmeen mumbled softly as she hugged the girl back making her speak up immediately. "Please don't say that." Came the soft voice of Anisah as they both hugged each other. Both waiting for their loved ones to come back to them safe and sound.

"Anisah." Aunt Yasmeen spoke softly as she called the girl. Anisah moves a bit back so she can face face Aunt Yasmeen. "Don't tell about this to Sana." Yasmeen told her softly as she very well knew it's better this way. And she prayed wholeheartedly that her sons come back to her all fine before the news of his kidnapping goes out.

Anisah nodded her head in understanding as she knows that Sana was better off not knowing about it. She won't be able to take such horrible news. She won't be able to cope with so it's best to keep her in dark about this whole scenario and just pray for Michael and Ibrahim bhai to come back soon before the news could reach in Sana's ear. She'll be devastated.

Uncle Inran was sitting in his study. His head rested on his two fingers as he massaged his temple. The deep tensed lines on his forehead was a clear give away, how concerned and disturbed he is about the situation. His heart years for his son as a tear escaped his eye. He prayed that his son will be fine because if anything to happen to him, he will not blink an eye before killing each and everyone who's behind it.

Uncle Imran then went to mosque to pray his zuhr prayer there as he prayed for the safety of his family and sons.

Anisah was in her room, folding her prayer mat when she heard loud wails. Her brows scrunched up and her heart fell in the pit of her stomach, thinking something bad might've happened.

She immediately with the help of her cane went down almost about to trip in the stairs due to her wobbly steps as she made her way to the lounge from where the voices were coming from.

It was Sana.

She was crying loudly speaking incoherent words as she heard Sohaib's voice as he tried to calm her.

"You lied to me!" She cried accusingly and Anisah from deep down knew she's accusing aunt Yasmeen for it.

"It's not like that." Aunt Yasmeen tried to reason as she sat beside Sana on the other side and cupped her face softly but Sana just shook her head. Crying loudly.

"If it wasn't for Aunt Rabia, nobody would've told me." Sana cried, Aunt Yasmeen glared at Rabia who just looked as if she did the most right thing in the planet of earth.

"Don't cry Sana. Michael will bring Ibrahim back." Aunt Yasmeen spoke softly to her crying daughter as she wiped her tears softly. Seeing her daughter like this, her own resolve was on the brink.

"Why this is happening?" Sana cried out making Anisah to bite in her lips as she slowly made her way to the girl. On cue Sohaib stood up from his seat and told Anisah to sit there beside Sana.

Anisah sat beside her and then softly took her hands in her own. She felt Sana's gaze on her. "You shouldn't cry Sana, we need to stay strong for them." She spoke softly trying to make her sister like friend to understand the situation.

It's not a time to break and cry as if they've already lost but it's the time to stay strong and pray because everything is in Allah's will and he'll surely bring them back to her.

"Ibrahim bhai and Michael aren't alone. Amir, Jhangir and Zaroon bhai are also with them." She tried to make Sana strong because she can't bear to see her friend in such condition and her words were somehow affecting Sana as her crying seized a little bit but not completely.

"I pray that person die who kidnapped my brother." Sana cried out as she tried to wipe her tears.

"I can't bear to lose my brother Anisah." She cried out again as she hugged Anisah, who hugged her back as she softly patted her back to calm her down.

"You shouldn't have done that Rabia." Aunt Yasmeen spoke angrily to aunt Rabia who made a fake hurt face as if aunt Yasmeen's words are like ice on her wounds.

Anisah realised where this going as she softly mumbled to Sana. "Let's go to your room." Anisah's voice calm and soft as she helped crying Sana up. Sohaib was beside Sana in a second as he hold her shoulders and started walking towards the stairs.

Anisah face where aunt Rabia was supposed to be standing. "You shouldn't have told her about this auntie." Anisah spoke in a soft voice as she didn't want to hurt her but she just couldn't keep it in and not to speak.

Her words somehow tempered aunt Rabia to great extent as she took a deadly step towards Anisah. "Don't speak to me like that girl. Just don't forget your limits, you gold digger!" She yelled harshly on Anisah's face as she immediately left from there in anger. Her heels clicking loudly on the posh floor.

Aunt Yasmeen was stunned at Rabia's such behaviour. It was extremely rude and unethical of her. She will definitely have a word or two with her.

Aunt Yasmeen immediately came in front of a shocked and stiffened Anisah. "Don't take her words to your heart Anisah. Rabia is out of her mind right now." Aunt Yasmeen spoke the first part softly but her voice became angry in the last part.

Anisah shook her head in negative as she faked a soft smile. Not uttering another word, she excused herself from there as she slowly with the help of her cane started moving upstairs and then to Sana's room.

She softly knocked on the door and Sohaib opened the door. Sohaib knew it would be better for Sana to spend some time with Anisah as Anisah will calm her down.

As soon as Anisah was in the room. Sohaib went out of the room and closed the door behind him.

Anisah can hear soft sniffing as she went and sat beside Sana on the bed. "Don't cry." Anisah told her softly.

"I can't help it." Sana cried slowly as she wiped her tears but they kept on falling.

"Don't cry, you're making me feel like crying as well." Anisah spoke softly as she tried to make Sana calm but the girl was adamant on crying rather then praying to her lord.

"Will they hurt him?" Sana asked with big tearful eyes as she was continually crying.

Anisah didn't know what to say on that. Only Allah knows what they're doing to Ibrahim bhai but that didn't mean they should loose hope.

They should stay strong and keep their thinking positive because after that's all they can do.

"We should keep our hopes high." Anisah tried to make Sana understand her point of view.

But Sana just kept on crying. "Will they kill my brothers?" Sana asked wailing her eyes out.

That was it. The pressure Anisah was holding from morning came all crashing down as her own eyes teared up and the to familiar stinging appeared in her eyes as she started crying with small sobs.

It made Sana's crying to seize as she stared at crying Anisah. "He went to save Ibrahim bhai. I d-don't know i-if-" A sob broke out from her throat. "If something h-happened to h-him I w-won't be able to live." Anisah cried out making Sana all worried.

Sana was so much engrossed in Ibrahim's bhai kidnapping that she didn't thought how it will affect Anisah when her husband has gone to his save his brother risking his life.

"I'm sorry, they will come back to us." Sana spoke softly this time, her posture was like Anisah's that was minutes ago and Anisah's posture was like Sana's minutes ago.

Anisah couldn't stop crying as she felt the burning in her eyes increasing. "I was trying so damn much not to cry but you made me cry SANA!" Anisah's spoke the last part angrily making Sana worried as she started mumbling soft sorry.

After few minutes Anisah calmed down but her gauze was completely wet. Sana removed the gauze softly as she put the medicine which is prescribed eye drops in Anisah's both half opened eyes and then she placed a neat clean gauze around her eyes.

They were so tired with all the crying and tension that they didn't realised when they dozed off. They woke up at dinner time.

They freshened up and went downstairs as everyone sat on the dining table but no one had much of an appetite as they just sat there.

Anisah wasn't feeling fine, her heart was in turmoil as after every second her heart sent prayers his way.

On cue they heard footsteps and then a gasp of aunt Yasmeen was heard that made Anisah panicked as she immediately stood up. Praying for his safety in her heart again and again.

"What are y'all doing here?" Asked the worried voice of Uncle Imran.

Anisah couldn't understand who is here, why there's tension surrounding them.

"Michael didn't let us come." Came the all to familiar voice of Zaroon making the dread to creep up in Anisah's body as she felt light headed all of a sudden. But she maintained her composure as she wanted to know everything.

She can feel darkness paving its way in her senses as she heard Zaroon's last words before unconsciousness consumed her.

"He went alone!"

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