Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 47 part 1

Anisah felt light pain in her head as her hand groggily went up and her fingers massaged her temple. She remembered being on the dining table and then someone came and her senses returned as she recalled Zaroon's last words before she went unconscious.

He went alone!

The line keep repeating in her head like a mantra as she couldn't kept her heart in normal pace.

She can understand for a person being all strong, powerful and mighty but then again four men are far more stronger together then one alone.

Why he went alone? Did he think so high of himself that nothing will happen to him. How stupid he can get?

The pain in her head was increasing. She couldn't help but recall that Jameel to got killed in him being Kidnapped by no other then Michael then why in the world he went alone?

Her heart was falling in the pits of her stomach just by thinking of all the bad scenarios that could happen to him. He should've thought of her before deciding to go all alone.

What will she do if something happens to him. Her couldn't even bear such thought as she felt like crying at that moment.

A knock was heard on the door before it creaked opened and Anisah straightened up and adjusted her veil on her head as she didn't know who it is.

"You're up Cinderella." Came the all to familiar voice of Jhangir as Anisah's head snapped to his direction and she narrowed her eyes him but sadly he can't see her anger through her eyes because of the gauze covering it.

She heard more footsteps and for a moment she thought that all the family just came in her room, as she tried to understand the situation.

"You fainted." Came the calm voice of Zaroon as she snapped her head towards him, clenching her jaw. "It was due to stress." He informed her softly but Anisah wasn't taking anything in.

She was angry at them, beyond angry because they left her husband all alone in such dangerous circumstances. It's not like their hands are bounded or if Michael told them to go back, they'll come back like kids. No! They should've gone after him secretly as his backup but no! They're being stupid.

"I'll go and tell aunt Yasmeen, you're awake." Amir spoke up making her clench her fist.

"How could you!" She spoke under her breath as their ears perked up at her words. "How could you people do this to him?" She spoke clear and loudly this time making them stare at her angry form.

Zaroon can't say a word because he knows she's absolutely right in her place. She's Michael's wife and she would definitely be worried about him. And she must be considering them plainly stupid. And it's better this way.

"How could you leave all alone out there." She spoke angrily this time as her face portrayed how angry she was.

Jhangir gulped at her anger because this is surely the first time they're witnessing it and the girl surely looked like she would kill them with her bare hands.

Amir was also shocked at her outburst but it was expected from her in some point.

"Say something!" Anisah yelled angrily as she punched the bed harshly taking out her anger in a way.

The three men literally felt like laughing at her child like tactics. Even tho the situation is pretty serious and deadly but they can't help the secret laughs that wanted to bubble out.

"Something!" Jhangir said in high pitch voice and in a funny way. Anisah stilled for a second and that was it. Amir and Jhangir couldn't stop their laughter as they started laughing like idiots at Jhangir's answer.

Jhangir gave a nervous laugh as he scratched his nape looking at them in what, manner making them laugh more.

Anisah couldn't understand it all. How in the world they can be so relaxed and calm. When two of their brothers are in danger. And here they are cracking lame jokes and laughing their head out!

"Y'all are despicable!" She yelled angrily as she threw her sheets aside and stood to leave. She searched her cane on the bedside table but before she could pick it up. Jhangir stole it.

"If I'm despicable then you're as well!" Jhangir spoke sternly with fake anger as if Anisah said something wrong by now. Amir's and Zaroon's laughter has died down but she knew they must be smiling.

"Give me my cane Jhangir!" Anisah spoke furiously as she placed her palm in front of him, where she think he is.

Jhangir made a thinking face as he mumbled. "I'm thinking," he told her and after a second or two he mumbled. "No!"

Anisah was getting beyond angry at their ridiculous behaviour. How could they enjoy there selves when their brothers maybe fighting life and death. Here these stupid three idiots are behaving like kids and playing around by making her blood presence to shoot extremely high.

"Is this a joke!" She yelled angrily as she pointed towards Jhangir with her hand and faced the place where she think Zaroon is standing.

"Are you calling Jhangir a joke?" Zaroon unwired amuses Ashe started laughing once again, seeing shock and aggravated look on Anisah's face.

"You're are a joke bro!" Amir yelled from the other side of the room as he was also laughing.

"Am I a joke to you Cinderella?" Jhangir asked in a serious hurt voice which was hundred percent fake as Anisah want to choke him to death at that moment.

"How can y'all let Michael go alone? What if something bad happened to him?" She asked in a sad voice making the smile on three faces to vanish in an instant as they stared at her sad face.

"He can handle it Anisah." Zaroon spoke up trying to make the girl understand but his way of making her understand wasn't understandable at all.

"What if he can't?" She asked in an almost broken voice making the three men tensed as they really don't know how to cope up with a crying girl. Even tho Jhangir has tried to make Anisah smile once she was crying during that Asma arrival and damn it was one tough job and he really didn't want to face that type of scenario again.

"He will." Spike Amir with mind blowing confidence that literally made Anisah's mind to boggle. It felt like they've lost their brain or they've eaten a pill of behaving and doing everything stupid today.

"Listen to me clearly!" Anisah spoke up in a firm voice as her temper shoot to its last boundaries.

"If anything happened to my Michael. I will kill you three with my bare hands!" She threatened in the same intimidating manner Michael often used.

First there was silence in the room for couple of minutes and then the three shouted. "Oooooo!" At the same time, like she just didn't threatened them but told them a funny joke.

A wasn't a simple, 'Oooooo' But rather a weird teasing one which she didn't get at all.

"First thing you tone was like Michael." Said Amir teasingly in a knowing tone as if he got to know the biggest secret of the world.

Anisah frowned at his words. What tone? How is it like Michael's? It's just that she was angry.

"Second thing you threatened to kill us just like Michael." Jhangir stated in complete exaggeration as if it's the most abnormal thing of the world.

Now she was getting really pissed at their behaviour. What the jahanum (hell) is wrong with them!

"And the third thing, you just call Michael yours!" The overly, excited and exaggerated of voice of Zaroon echoed in the room.


Anisah couldn't understand, what is wrong in calling your husband as yours but then she realised, she called him as hers out loud, her cheeks tinted red unknowingly but why they are behaving as if they had lost a screw or two from their brain.

"From all the things you just picked up these things from my warning!" Anisah spoke angrily but somehow her anger was replacing with flusters.

She just called Michael hers, in front of his brothers. Just by thinking of it, her cheeks tainted red.

"You're blushing!" Stated Amir aghast like it will be abnormal for her to blush.

"She must be thinking of her man eh!" Jhangir teased making her blush to deepened, if there won't be any gauze on her eyes then she would've been looking at him with wide bulging eyes.

"Have some shame!" Anisah muttered lowly all flustered at his audacity to say such words to her.

Allah why her cheeks are getting flaming hot.

"Am I becoming an uncle soon?" Zaroon asked with full blown up grin.

Anisah gasped as her hand went up to her mouth and her jaw almost dropped at his words.

If her cheeks were flaming before but now they are like hot lava for sure.

Even tho the three of them are a lot older then her but she can't stop herself from thinking.

'Kitnay dash hai yeh log!'

(How much of a *** they are!)

She thought in her flustered mind. "I will tell Michael about all this!" She threatened angrily. Even tho her face and her fluster form was saying another thing.

"I can smell something!" Zaroon stated all of a sudden with utter seriousness making her pay attention to his words as she sniffed to smell, what he's talking about but nothing was different.

"Yeah me to!" Amir spoke with same seriousness making Anisah to scrunch her brows in confusion, what in the world are they inhaling.

"I promise, I didn't fart!" Came the deadly serious voice of Jhangir as he placed his hand up in a surrendering way, making Anisah to made an utterly disgusted ew face as Amir slapped his forehead and Zaroon cursed under his breath.

Jhangir was standing close to Zaroon so Zaroon just did what he felt right at that moment. He smacked Jhangir on the head making the grown up man to cry out in pain, as if Zaroon just slaughtered him.

"I can smell it, it's radiating off of you." Amir said in a weird comical voice making Anisah to frown. From whom that smell is radiating off.

"It's radiating off of you Anisah." Said Zaroon seriously making Anisah to scrunch her nose as she tried to sme herself. But she smelled fine and she had taken shower in the morning also.

"It's the smell of love Anisah. It's the smell of love!" Zaroon stayed in weird acting like comical voice.

"What the-" Anisah literally stopped herself from saying that bad word, but her conscience was urging her say all the curses to them. But she stopped herself in the mid sentence and breathed in deeply and then she counted till ten and then breathed again.

"You're in love Cinderella?" Jhangir asked out of the blue making her more angry but flustered as well.

Allah knows but she thinks she repeating this sentence hundredth time today in her mind.

What in the world is wrong with them?

Of course she'll love her husband, when he's so strong, handsome, so loving and caring. Who couldn't fall for such a loving man that to who's your husband as well.

Now she can understand the situation of Michael all to well. How difficult it was for him to listen to all their teasing stuff and to digest them in, when you are really feeling like to kill them just right there and right now.

Damn she can understand the pain of her man now!

"I'm giving y'all a minute for getting out of my room!" She spoke sternly in an intimidating manner, making Zaroon to chuckle at her.

"I think she's taking Michael's seat." Zaroon spoke up in an observing manner.

"Tell ya you love him." Amir spoke up enthusiastically making Anisah to scoff in response. Like seriously!

"Are you five?" She asked annoyed making Amir to answer immediately. "No! I'm twenty five."

Anisah arched her brow, she was expecting him to be younger then that but anyway, she huffed in response. "Then behave like one!"

"Sassy eh!"

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