Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 47 part # 2

Jhangir teased making her clench her jaw as she faced him, she couldn't glare at him but she could surely flare her nose at him.

"Ya Allah mujhe sabr den."

(Ya Allah give me patience).

She muttered under her breath but Zaroon heard it as he chuckled at her irritation. "Oh you'll need a lot of patience." He told her amusingly.

The three were really enjoying in irritating the girl as it some how made the tension to decrease and also they were in a kind of getting her mind away from Michael's situation for a time being.

"Oh man, I'm dead!" Jhangir spoke up loudly all of a sudden startling all of them as they waited for him to clear out why he's going to be dead.

"Why is that?" Amir asked him as Jhangir was taking way to long time in panicking.

"Sana has told me to bring Anisah in the garden as soon as she wakes up and she'll be waiting there, but I just got to remember it now." Said Jhangir completely panicked. He's late in obliging his sister and she's surely going to kill him and he definitely didn't want to face her wrath.

Jhangir immediately gave Anisah's cane back to her as she took it back happily.

"Oh come on, let us tease her a bit." Amir groaned because he was enjoying her torture way to much.

"You wanna die?" Anisah asked in a threateningly deadly voice with seriousness as she was facing exactly where Amir stood and it kind of creeped him out.

"I'm hundred percent sure, Michael's soul is residing in her!" Amir exclaimed seriously as he stared at Anisah.

She's literally behaving like Michael!

"I can see the hints man!" Zaroon stated making Anisah to huff out because she knew they won't ever stop teasing the crap out of her.

She opened her cane and started walking towards the door, where Amir was standing. Her cane touched his leg and he moved to the side.

Anisah heard his footsteps and in one swift movement, she swung her cane and hit Amir in the leg with the her cane. Even tho it wasn't that strong but surely it'll pain for few minutes.

But he screamed so loudly that she thought she had punctured his kidneys with her hands.

"Don't cry like a five year old now. Remember you're twenty five." Anisah stated seriously in the mimic voice in which Amir had said before.

Zaroon and Jhangir were laughing at Amir, who was jumping with his one foot in his hand and the other on the floor, keeping his balance.

"Take my warnings seriously! Or else I won't hesitate to break your legs." Anisah threatened seriously last time as she headed out of the room.

Zaroon and Jhangir were laughing like buffaloes as Amir was cursing at them for making fun of him.

"We should start using cane as a weapon." She heard the faint voice of Zaroon as he told it to the other two men earning a laugh from them.

Anisah didn't bothered to stay there anymore as she moved downstairs with the help of the cane into the garden.

"You're awake." Came the soft voice of her best friend as Anisah smiled at her and slowly walked to where her voice came from.

Sana helped Anisah to sit in one of the chairs as she was having tea and had already made a cup for Anisah. Sana served Anisah her cup of tea and they both sat their enjoying the nature but deep down in their heart was a turmoil going on.

"Are you fine now? Zaroon said you fainted due to stress." Sana asked softly as she eyed her tired friend.

Anisah smiled softly as she nodded her head in affirmation. "Yes Alhamdulillah." Anisah answered softly.

"Are you planning to stay?" Anisah asked softly as she sipped her tea.

"I really want to but I can't. Sohaib's mom is not well and she needs me." Sana mumbled in a sad voice.

Of course it's hard for Sana. At one side is her brother who's in danger and Allah knows he's facing what and on the other side is her in laws and that to they need her due to such critical health of her mother in law, she need to look after her. Even tho there are maids and everything but every responsibility is on Sana now and she can't leave the house for long.

"I can understand, I hope auntie gets well soon." Anisah mumbled softly as she didn't know what else to say to her sister like friend. From deep down Anisah also wanted Sana to stay. This way her mind would divert from his absence and she could take less stress but the situation isn't in their favour at all.

"Anisah can you promise me one thing?" Sana asked all of a sudden making Anisah to face her as she didn't understand what she will ask but nonetheless she nodded her head in affirmation.

"I want you to tell me everything that happens here in the haveli. I want to know every news regarding Ibrahim and Michael bhai. Because Amir, Jhangir and Zaroon aren't muttering a word to me regarding this and I know mom dad will not tell me anything just to keep me away from stress. But I won't be able to live peacefully until I know my brothers are safe. Please don't say no." Sana spoke her worries to her friend as Anisah couldn't help but nod at her request.

Of course she's his sister and she had every right to know but Anisah isn't like Aunt Rabia to tell her everything in an exaggerating manner but come to think of it Sana didn't have to ask for it from Anisah because aunt Rabia will work like a secret agent as she'll tell every information to Sana before it even getting in Anisah's ears.

Anisah smiled at the irony. "You don't need to ask me about it Sana cause aunt Rabia works as a great reporter to be honest." Anisah spoke in a joking manner which Sana to chuckle because she's also aware of aunt Rabia's such qualities.

"Yeah, I just forgot about her." Sana mumbled as they laughed. It felt good to laugh after so much stress. Her heart felt lighter and calm.

"When are you going back?" Anisah asked as she sipped her tea.

Sana saw her wrist watch as she then faced Anisah. "Sohaib will come to pick me up after dinner." Sana answered.

A silence followed them afterwards as they both sat their, both in their own worlds and thoughts, worrying about their loved ones.


Seconds passed into minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days and days into a week and still there was no sign of her life, her Michael.

Every night she would lay wide awake because sleep has lost its way to her. Her mind will run on a marathon speed thinking about all the scenarios regarding him.

How is he?

Where is he?

Is he even alive?"

All these things racked her mind. She tried to ask Zaroon about it but every time he'll start teasing her.

She isn't stupid, she knows something is terribly wrong and Zaroon, Amir and Jhangir do this teasing just to divert her mind and it's not working anymore.

Zaroon is staying in the haveli from the time Michael has left. And she was sure there's a big reason behind it, because every time he would stay in her presence as if he's her shadow and it's irritating her out. Wherever she'll go, he'll be beside her.

And today she had enough of it. She wants to know the answers. "Why are you following me all the time?" She asked calmly as she turned around to face him as they were in the garden.

"Oh! Why would I do that?" Zaroon asked shocked as if Anisah is saying the most absurd thing.

"Stop playing around Zaroon bhai!" Anisah spoke seriously.

Zaroon heaved a sigh. Allah why this girl is so observant. Zaroon thought as he think for an excuse of his doings.

"Why would I play around? I'm not a kid!" Zaroon stated in an offended manner like her words hurt him deep.

Anisah slapped her palm on her forehead. Enough of the nonsense.

"Is Michael in danger?" She asked with sad voice making Zaroon to look away from her as he didn't have answer to that.

"Let's go back in, because if Jhangir found us here, he'll surely go berserk for not bringing him along." Zaroon spoke joyously completely masking his tense voice.

Anisah shook her head in a disappointing manner.

"For Allah's sake, Zaroon bhai tell me What's going on?" She asked almost in a broken voice making Zaroon to clench his jaw as he felt anger on his own self for unknown reason, he just can't tell her anything yet.

"I can't tell you anything Anisah." Zaroon spoke up making her chuckle. It wasn't a normal happy chuckle but rather a broken and disappointed one.

"Tomorrow my gauze will be removed. I'll be able to see for the first time in my life and my husband won't be with me in such a precious time. Do you have slightest of the idea. How that feels!" She spoke angrily as a tear rolled down her eye and her voice was broken in the end.

Zaroon was speechless. He didn't what to say at all. Of course the girl is absolutely right in her place. She needs her husband beside her in that beautiful moment but the circumstances are such a bitch that his hands are sealed and he can't do anything at the moment.

"I'm sorry." Zaroon spoke in a low voice as he clenched his fists. Damn, how much he wants to kill that Ali Agha at that moment was beyond his rage.

"Stop crying Anisah." He spoke softly as he didn't want to see her crying or sad. And God forbid if Michael's find out that she cried because of him. He'll be surly a dead meat.

"You can still see him as the first thing tomorrow." Zaroon spoke up immediately as an idea popped in his mind.

Anisah frowned as she faced him and mumbled a soft and confused. "What?"

"You can open your eyes and I'll hold his picture in front of you, in this way you'll see him as the first thing." Zaroon plates his idea happily making Anisah to smack her head.

"He won't be real! I won't be able to touch him!" Anisah spoke exasperated making Zaroon to gasp.

"Ya Allah what am I even hearing! Astagfirullah! Please don't talk such stuff for my ears are virgin! And doctor won't allow touching and that stuff just after the removal of your gauze. Damn!" Zaroon exaggerates as he touched his both ears one after the other as he shook his head in negative.

Anisah's jaw almost dropped at his words, her cheeks turned flaming red as she instantly swing her cane in the air and hit him, which landed on his arm as he cried out in pain but she didn't stop as she continued to hit him while yelling. "I didn't mean it that way!"

With one last hit she yelled. "You need a filter in your brain!" Her voice flustered and breathing heavy.

After she was content that she beat him enough, she moved away and started walking back leaving a laughing in pain Zaroon behind who yelled loudly. "I will tell Michael about that touch!"

Anisah cheeks flared more red as they became fuming hot. Allah this is embarrassing.

From the time she got the news that she can get her sight back, only one thought roamed her mind. Michael will be the first person she wants to see.

And now she can't help it but feel extremely sad. Because he's not here. But the idea by Zaroon bhai isn't bad either.

Even tho it will feel unnatural but still, she'll fulfill her her by seeing his picture.

"Come back home soon Anisah ki jaan (Anisah's life)." She mumbled under her breath.

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