Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 48 part 1

The morning came soon then she thought as she was now heading to the hospital and Amir was driving with Jhangir on the front seat. She and Yasmeen aunt are sitting in the back seat. Zaroon was already in the hospital doing arrangements.

Anisah was nervous would be an understatement, she was in panic mode.

Her hands were as cold as ice and her heart was about to burst out of her rib cage.

They reached the hospital in no time as she opened her cane to walk as aunt Yasmeen hold her other hand to guide her.

"You're going in their with the help of you cane, but InshaAllah, you'll come back without its help." Aunt Yasmeen spoke softly in Anisah's ear, nudging her as a soft smile appeared on her face.

Even tho aunt Yasmeen was so depressed because of the happenings but still she came with Anisah today. She knows Anisah needs support and she came instead of the circumstances. Anisah couldn't thank enough to Almighty Allah for giving her such nice people as a family.

They went in Dr. Riya's office and the beautiful doctor smiled after seeing them. She guided Anisah to the room alone and did her checkup if she's ready for the removal of gauze or not and yes, she was.

"All the tests and vitals are fine, we can remove your gauze but sweetie please calm your heart down." Dr. Riya spoke smilingly as Anisah gave out a nervous chuckle.

Dr. Riya took Anisah into another room where everyone was already present. She made Anisah sit on the chair.

"I'm going to start." Dr. Riya told the girl softly but she was extremely nervous as she gave no response.

After a minute or two Anisah felt someone hand's holding hers softly. "It's alright Anisah. You can do it." Came the soft voice of aunt Yasmeen as the girl nodded slowly with a small smile on her face.

Dr. Riya nodded her head at Dr. Zaroon as if taking his permission. He nodded back at her as in you can start.

Dr. Riya softly started to undo the gauze, with every loosening of the knot. Anisah felt her heart beat rising.

The gauze was completely off and now two cotton pads were placed on her eyes and was secured with the surgical tape. Dr, Riya slowly undid the tapes and the cotton pad from her left eyes got undone.

Anisah felt a surge of light through her closed eyes, the way she can tell it's morning.

"Keep your eyes closed, until I tell you to open them." Dr. Riya guides her softly as the girl kept her eyes closed.

Dr. Riya undid the second cotton pad from her eyes and the girl gulped.

"Steady breathing and don't move your eyes much." Dr. Riya informed and Anisah nodded.

"Now I'm going to put an eye drops in your eyes, you don't have to open your eyes, I'll just slightly open them from the corner and then put it. Okay Anisah?" Dr. Riya told her sweetly as she asked if she got it in the last words.

"Y-Yes." A low stuttered escape Anisah's lips.

"Alright, steady breathing." Dr. Riya said she took tissues in one hand and slowly put an eye drop in her left eye then in her right eye.

Anisah felt a cooling sensation in her eyes which worked as relief.

Dr. Riya cleaned Anisah's little swelled eyes from the sides and just wiped them clean. "You got beautiful lashes." Dr. Riya complimented which made everyone in the room to chuckle lightly as Anisah smiled softly.

After a minute or two Dr. Riya straightened her head. "Now I want you to open your eyes slowly and slowly." Dr. Riya guided her.

Anisah's heartbeats fastened as her hold on aunt Yasmeen's hand tightened. Aunt Yasmeen gave her hand a squeeze to encourage her.

"Zaroon bhai?" Anisah asked in a hesitant voice as her heart was thudding faster.

"I'm right here beside you, holding your mans picture in my hand in front of you. Now open your eyes slow and steady." Zaroon's soft voice came from her side making her realise he was standing beside her all the time.

A soft smile appeared on her lips as she spoke.


(In the name of Allah).

She slowly tried to open her eyes and then the first sharp light hit her making her close her eyes instantly. She did another take of opening her eyes but close them again for a second.

Her heart was running wild because she saw, she saw! Slowly she opened her eyes completely this time and scrunched them a bit. She blinked in rapid succession. Her pain forgotten as she gaped ahead.

The first thing that came to her sight was a picture of a man. The picture was so big that it looked like the man in the pic was really in front of her.

Squeezing her eyes shut, she reopened them again, expecting the usual nothingness to pour in but there was none, nothing that could declare her blindness intact.

She can see!

Through the blurriness she saw the man has his hair in a bun, with thick beard giving him a rugged look, his brows were thick and perfect with those green eyes, she yearned to see. Astonished she gazed wide eyed at the man in that frame. Unknowingly a tear escaped from her eyes as her fingertips touched the frame.

He looks so unreal to her.

She slowly looked to her right where aunt Yasmeen was standing and damn she was a beautiful woman. To her left stood a very pretty girl who is for sure Dr. Riya.

Anisah didn't know but tears were pouring out of her eyes like Niagara fall. She slowly turned to her left to find a man, who is no other than Zaroon, he was smiling at her. A sobbing laugh escaped from her lips as she looked in her front to find to man standing there.

One was holding something in his hand, which she thought is a phone as he was aiming that thing towards her, and other man was also smiling at her and then he waved at her and then placed her hand on her mouth.

Anisah cried laughed as she blinked. "You a-are Jhangir for s-sure and y-you a-are Amir right?" She pointed out while crying and smiling making everyone to laugh out loud.

"Absolutely!" Said Zaroon and Anisah looked at him and started crying fully now.

In place of nothingness that had been her view from nineteen years. Danced blurry shapes and flurry of colours. The view just dazzled her, overwhelmed her it just consumed her but she couldn’t get enough of it. She was crying but she wanted to laugh out loud. She beamed as she fixated her eyes at every tiny detail, greedy to take everything in. Putting everything together like wind pushing the waves. Pairing sounds to their origins and smells to their respective sources. Committing every inch of detail in her memory. With every sweep of her lashes pain became a distant thing and her sight adjusted. Revealing a clear and animated world that her imagination couldn’t create.

It felt serene!

“I c-can see!” She mumbled as she saw her hands, taking every detail in, her swelled with happiness as she thanked her lord thousand times in her heart.

“You know Anisah, Jhangir showered twice today just to look good to your eyes.” Amir mumbled making everyone to laugh out loud along with Anisah.

“Oh shut up! I know I’m handsome, you’re just jealous!” Jhangir mumbled in a hugging voice making Amir to scoff at him.

Anisah can’t stop staring at them. So this is how they looks like while bickering and to be honest it felt so good in seeing rather then just listening.

Aunt Yasmeen nudged her to stood and she steadily stood up. As soon as she looked on the floor, she felt weird as she moved her toes like kids and then giggled making everyone to smile at her beautiful soul.

She let go of aunt Yasmeen’s hand and moved further a bit and felt as if she’s walking for the first time. Even tho, her head was bit dizzy but the euphoria covered it all.

Anisah slowly turned towards Dr. Riya and then she hugged her and mumbled a soft thank you.

Dr. Riya hugged the girl back. Completely understanding her emotions and turmoil.


They were back in the haveli as uncle Imran has patted her head lovingly. Uncle Imran is an old man with white light beard but his physic was still strong, his eyes were kind as he smiled at her small wrinkles appeared on the edges.

Aunt Rabia was the epitome of modernness. She was wearing a weird stylish dress, with makeup. She was appearing rather comical to Anisah.

Uncle Sufyan was the younger version of uncle Imran, his eyes also kind.

“Zaroon bhai, please can you call Sana and tell her to visit. I really feel-” Her sentence was cut in the middle by a happy squeal as the next second Anisah was taken in a tight hug from Sana.

Anisah smiled as she wrapped her hands around her and both the girls hugged each other. Anisah saw a young guy with light beard and brown hair was standing behind Sana. She immediately knew he was Sohaib as he smiled at her and then waved his hand.

A soft laugh escaped Anisah’s lips as she waved back. Anisah stiffened as she realised that Sana was crying. She immediately pulled her back to see her crying.

And to be honest, Anisah stared at her beautiful friend, who looks the carbon copy of aunt Yasmeen but in younger version. “Why are you crying pretty friend?” Anisah asked in a jolly voice making Sana to let out a crying chuckle as she wiped her tears.

“If I’m pretty then you are gorgeous.” Sana mumbled exaggerated as she wiped her tears.

“I hope Amir you’ve recorded everything.” Sana spoke as she faced Amir, who was currently making their video as he let out a nervous laugh.

“Yes ma’am.” Amir spoke up showing thumbs up to them as they smiled but Sana gasped all of a sudden.

“Tell me you didn’t see your face?” Sana asked hyped up all of a sudden making Anisah to frown at her as she shook her head in negative.

Another loud gasp was heard from Sana as she hold Anisah’s hand and started moving up the stairs towards her room. “What’s wrong?” Anisah asked confused but her confusion evaporated as soon as she got in her room that was Michael’s but now there’s.

Her eyes widened at the sight. She was too caught up to meet everyone to even notice the haveli but now looking at the posh room she can tell how beautiful the haveli would be.

“Is this?” Anisah asked gawking at everything like a child.

“Yes it’s your room.” Sana mumbled happily as she hold her head softly and brought her in front of a mirror. Anisah was still looking at the decoration when Sana hold her chin and made her face the mirror.

Anisah’s eyes widened in astonishment as she blinked once and then again. She was looking straight in large doe like eyes. Her mother used to tell her about her honey coloured eyes and now as she looked at her honey eyes, she was stunned, her lashes were thicker then she thought and pretty long, now she can see why Dr. Riya complemented her on her lashes. Her nose was small button up, with pouty cherry lips, her features were one thing but her snow white shin with tint of red on her cheeks was looking beautiful. Her hairs were of her eye colour. She was in a haze as she removed her veil and undid her bun as her eyes roamed her complete form. Only one thing escaped her lips.

“I am beautiful.”

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