Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 48 part# 2

Another week has passed in his absence. She got her sight back since one week from now. But still there's no news of him or Ibrahim bhai.

The whole haveli is drowned in silence and hidden sadness. Nobody gather on the dining table for breakfast, lunch or dinner anymore. It felt like the soul of this house has left the body.

Anisah couldn't sleep nor eat. Her whole life felt like hanging from a thin thread. She didn't know why but her heart wasn't at ease. It felt something is wrong or something terrible might happen. She just pray for both of them to come back home safe.

She even talked to Zaroon bhai about consulting with law. Cops might help them but she didn't get why Zaroon bhai was extremely against this idea. But then she remembered what she faced when Michael kidnapped her so she went quiet.

Amir, Jhangir and Zaroon bhai were looking tensed these days. Which worried her more to no end.

Now as she got her sight back, she can read their expressions and it wasn't calm at all. They're also tensed.

Every, second, minute and day, she yearned to see him. How she wished him to be by her side but now she didn't even know his whereabouts.


Two weeks earlier.

Michael, Zaroon, Amir and Jhangir, they all were standing in his office. Thinking how to save there brother after that bastard Ali Agha's call.

"I will go alone." Michael told them seriously as he faced them.

Zaroon shook his head immediately, knowing it's insane. "That will be a suicide mission." Zaroon exclaimed, not understanding what Michael is thinking at all.

"I know." He stated simply making the three men to stare confused at him.

"What are you planning bhai? (Brother)" Amir asked knowing very well that something is cooking in Michael's head.

"It's a great risk but I know someone, who can help me in killing that bastard Ali Agha!" Michael exclaimed as his eyes showed twinkle.

"That person is?" Jhangir asked as he to was listening very carefully.

"Lucas Aiden." Michael said out loud making Amir to scrunch his brow in confusion but Zaroon eyes shined as something made the confusion to clear out in his mind.

"Lucas Aiden one of Alexander Blade's men?" Amir asked trying to put two and two together.

Michael nodded in affirmation as Amir still didn't get it.

"Lucas wants revenge and I want Ibrahim back, our enemy is same." Michael stated as a plan started to form in his head.

"But aren't they mad on you for keeping Alizey away from Alexander for three damn years?" Amir asked the most obvious question.

Of course how can Michael forget that, he smirked. "Oh, you didn't know, it was Lucas who asked me to help them at that time, when that cane attacked them. The girl was broken as she was running away from there. I just did what she wanted, she was innocent." Michael stated simply making not a big deal of it.

But Amir knew, how big of a deal it was for Alexander Blade. Allah knows what will happen if he crosses path with Michael. Hell will broke loose!

"I'll be leaving to the place where Ali Agha wants me tonight and y'all be going back to haveli." Michael ordered in a manner which meant no discussion.

Before Zaroon or anyone else could say a word, he continued. "Anisah is in danger and I can't trust anyone except you three, not even the family!" Michael put pressure on the word family to make it clear to them, whatever they discuss here, won't get out to anyone.

"Zaroon, I want you to keep an eye on Anisah and everyone around her, if possible stay in haveli, until I don't return. Keep her safe at all costs." Michael ordered with hint of dominance in his voice.

"I will protect her with my life." Zaroon assured him as Michael nodded in content.

"Now by any chance, if I won't make it on time and Anisah got her gauze removed after a week. I want y'all to be with her and keep distracting her mind away from me." He instructed them as if he already knew what's gonna happen next.

"Yes boss!" Jhangir spoke with a salute making three of them to chuckle.

"Now go back to haveli." Michael instructed them, not turning around to look at them once.

Three men nodded their head as they went in front of him. Each one of them gave him a manly hug as they then left from there.

Michael heaved a sigh as he massaged his temple.

He dialled a number and the phone rang once but in second ring the person picked up the call.

"Sarkar?" Came the respective voice of Asad.

"1420! Two weeks maximum!" Was all Michael said.

"On it Sarkar." Asad spoke in a respectful manner as he cut the call.

Michael then dialled another number, which was always there in his phone list but he never bothered to use in past years.

The call got answered by a joyous voice.

"Yes, who's speaking and what do want from Mr. Rudy?" Her voice was cheerful making Michael to frown.

Well, that's a new!

"Can I talk to Lucas Aiden?" Michael spoke in his deep, intimidating voice. There was a silence on the other side but after couple seconds the voice came.

"What do you want from Mr. Rudy?" The girl spoke in the same intimidating manner as his making him frown. Is this a fucking prank?

Before Michael could answer, shuffling was heard from the other side and then came the cold voice.

"Who?" Came the all to familiar cold voice of none other than Lucas.

"Michael Sheikh." Michael answered arrogantly as he was aware how furious he'll get after knowing his name.

"You bastard!" Lucas snarled on the phone, "I called you for help at that time, not to fucking take Alizey away from Alexander for fucking years!" Lucas roared.

Michael clenched his jaw in anger. "Don't cross your line Lucas. I don't fucking want to taint my hands with your fucking blood!" Michael snarled in the same way Lucas did, earning silence from the other side, so he continued.

"I didn't call you to settle a fucking old dispute!" Michael stated calmly this time because anger won't take them both anywhere.


"I've heard you're looking for your fiancé's killers, guess what, I can offer you one as bait." Michael being on point gave his offer to him smoothly, using all the points to manipulate or ignite him in.

"Which one?" Came the enraged voice of Lucas.

Michael smirked as he knew, his arrow hit the point. "Ali Agha!" Michael gritted that bastards name.

"What's in for you?" Lucas asked calmly this time, his voice composed yet cold as ice.

Michael arched his brow, Alexander is one lucky man to have a man like Lucas in his mafia. Michael always respect good and brave men of Mafia. And when he sees one, he knows what's good in him.

"He had my brother! It's simple and clear. I will get my brother back and you'll get your revenge." Michael told him to the point as there's no time to beat around the bush.

"I will be there tomorrow!" Lucas answered and with that they cut the call.

Michael smirked as he played in his mind as in how he'll torture that fucking Agha.

The next day in accordance to his words. Lucas has reached Pakistan but he wasn't alone. There was a red head along with. That's what Michael's driver informed as he went to pic them up from airport.

It didn't take them much time to reach, Michael's office. Michael was drawing out the puff of his cigarette when a knock was heard then the door opened and Michael knew exactly who came, before he even turned around.

"Welcome, Lucas.." Michael turned as his green hawk like eyes met the icy cold ones and he smirked. "Aiden." He finished.

"Michael Sheikh!" Lucas said him name as in greeting, his jaw clenched.

"I didn't know Pakistan has such manly men!" Came the overly excited and cheerful voice of a girl, who was completely hidden behind Lucas's large built. Lucas frowned as he clenched his fists, when a small red head appears from behind him.

Michael stared at girl with shiny green eyes for a second but then his eyes met Lucas's in a questioning manner. "Why did you brought a kid with you?" Michael asked mockingly just to make Lucas angry but Lucas was in control of himself. And Michael said it intentionally because from the girls body he can tell, she's not a kid but he didn't let his eyes linger at the girl for anymore seconds. And after observing Lucas calm form, he spoke good under his breath. He need calm Lucas for their mission.

"I'm not a fucking kid! I take my words back of calling you manly, because from what I see, you look like a child!" The girl spoke in such speed as she crossed her arms on her chest and hugged out, with a flaring nose.

Michael looked at Lucas and the expression on Lucas's face was a thing that Michael thought that man had lost, his icy fucking eyes were twinkling but it was over powered by his cold expression but what can escape from Michael's hawk like eyes.

"She's coming with us." Lucas stated casually looking Michael straight in the eye and Michael immediately got his meaning as he smirked.

"Alright." He mumbled.

"Now let's discuss the plan." Lucas said as he moved forward towards the table, where a map was placed. Redhead to came forward, overly excited and curious. For a second Michael wondered from where Lucas find this girl.

"It's the map of his place, where he currently wants me to come, from sources, I got to know Ibrahim is in that place only." Michael told them as he pointed at the map.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's go kill their asses." She blurted enthusiastically making both the large intimidating men to give her a, 'just shut it' look.

"Agha wants me alone, so that is what he'll get. I'll go alone. And from what I know, here," he pointed at the map. "Is the basement, where, cells are present and I'm sure Ibrahim is there. When I'll go, he'll will not kill me as he needs me for information against his enemies and he'll surely put me in one of the cells. I will not retaliate because that bastard can kill Ibrahim so, This will give you a week time to keep an eye on the area and everything else, and I will keep an eye on everything from inside. Here," Michael said as he handed a device to Lucas.

"This is my tracking device, this chip is in me, the code will be provided to you by my man Asad after a week, in precaution if they took me somewhere else, just remember wherever they'll take me, Agha will be there. After a week you'll start preparing for attack. Place time bombs around that place and the time when I'll took out my tracking chip, it'll stop working, that'll be your cue to attack along with your men and I'll handle things from inside." Michael elaborated everything to them.

"Wow!" Exclaimed the girl with totally amazed expression plastered on her face.

Lucas gave her a warning glare to keep quiet but she wasn't having it.

"Mr. Sheikh, what's my part in this?" She asked rather offended. Before Michael could answer, Lucas spoke up.

"Oh, you'll be side by side with me on every step." Lucas spoke seriously nodding his head making Michael to suppress a chuckle.

The girls eyes lit up immediately as she smiled widely. Michael find it weird for a girl to be so much interested in such stuff but at same time it can be considered her bravery or foolishness.

"Really? Mr. Giant?" She asked bewildered.

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