Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 6

"They are demanding your presence Sarkar. They agreed to do this weapon transaction deal only on one condition." The serious voice spoke from the other side.

"Speak!" A deep, powerful voice spoke.

"They want you to be present at the site at the time of transaction. According to these French your absence is an insult for them." The man replied seriously in a gruff voice as if the words he's speaking is pure venom for him.

An eire silence played its tune. As the large man spoke. His voice deep with authority. "Tell them Ebek. Finalising of deal without my presence is for their own betterment and if still they'll have the guts to deny then Al-'Aqarb will make sure they won't be left alive to make any further deals."

"As you say Sarkar." Ebek replied his voice oozing out respect for his Sarkar.

Cutting the call. Michael scoffed at the demand of those mutts. They need to be of enough standard to demand such things from Michael Sheikh.

Removing his shirt the man went to the restroom for a relaxing shower.

Knocking of his room door had the man grunting. Opening and closing of the door of his room reached his ears as the man perked up. No maid is allowed to enter his room, when he's present and no family member is ill mannered enough to enter without getting a reply.

Wrapping the towel around his waist the man came out only to stop dead in his tracks. There on his left side was the woman draped in nude colour hijab was standing up slowly from the floor, while rubbing her plump hip. Her back was facing him.

"You stupid Sana! You should've told me that you've rearranged the room. Because of you my butt is in pain." The girl mumbled softly while still caressing her hip to smooth the pain.

Michael raised his perfect thick brow, observing the girl in silence. The audacity of this unknown woman calling his sister stupid that to while standing in his room.

The girl softly turned around and Michael was stunned would be understatement he was astonished to see the same girl from the mosque who was haunting his nights is present in his room!

The girl spoke up as she moved further in the room with soft steps. "Sana!" Her soothing soft voice echoed in his room as he came out of his trance of shock. He had to admit this girl has an angelic voice. But how in damn fucking world she's in his haveli and in his fucking room.

The girl's frowned deepened as she glared all around her. Michael didn't dare to utter a word as he observed her quietly. Damn her glare is intense for the petite little girl she is, or more like a woman if he counts her voluptuous figure in.

All of a sudden the girl went straight towards the bed while yelling. "My butt is cursing you Sa— Umphhhhh." Her foot hit the bed as she fell on it, face first and legs up in the air.

Michael was about to chuckle at the sight but stopped as he snickered internally. Seeing her on his bed. The small curve of her waist rising up to her plump hips.

The girl huffed out in frustration. Fisting her hand the girl harshly punched the poor soft bed in anger. Ever so slightly a small faint smile tugged at his features. She's behaving like an innocent child whose chocolates are taken away from her.

The girl then stood up abruptly. Fixing her loose veil she hissed.

"Speak Sana!" Damn this mosque girl is pretty pissed at his sister. He wonder if they're friends. But why is that he never saw her before in the haveli. Unintentionally he leaned on the wall beside him causing a small creaking sound from the table beside.

The girl abruptly turned to her right, staring straight at him. Making him stunned for a second as he felt she can see through him. He has to admit this pretty little thing has extremely sharp ears.

All of a sudden she marched straight towards him with angry face. "You are so dead San—-Umphhhh."

Michael was about to grunt but stopped himself from breaking the facade of her assumption of him to be Sana.

The girl stumbled back. "Ya Allah! Why the jahanum (hell) there's a wall in the middle of your room and...and it's w-wet." Her voice trailed of as she touched small wetness of droplets on herself after colliding with the him.

She literally just called him a wall. His dark green eyes landed on her features and he was stunned to see the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. Her large doll like golden, honey coloured eyes was the first thing that caught him off guard. Her beautiful brown shaped brows, her small button up nose, high cheekbones, sharp jaw and those plump luscious red lips were jaw dropping. A veil was wrapped around her head covering her hair. The girl was small barely reaching his shoulders but her body was another story. From what he can see after all those layers covering her. She was exquisite. Damn she is far more fucking beautiful then what he has seen her from afar.

Her soft hesitant voice of uncertainty broke his trance. "S-Sana i-is that y-you?" Her soft small hand came in contact with his torso.

The man barely able to stop himself from grunting in response. Her soft warm hand felt soothing on his cold skin.

Slowly her other hand came in contact with his abs. The man stiffened under her touch as he held his breath. Her hands slowly caressed up his abs and she called out loudly . "1...2...3...4...5...6...only six boxes." She spoke out confused.

He bite in his chuckle as ever so slowly a small smirk appeared on his cold face as his eyes swarmed with mischief. How fucking naive! He thought as his dominance growled at her innocence.

Her palms slowly moved up to his chest and then to his n!pples as she felt him. Her feathery touch felt like fire as the blood rushes down to his male buddy making him so fucking aroused. Never in his life a mere touch so innocent made him this fucking aroused.

Maybe it's a fucking dream!

The man stiffened as the girl slightly knocked on his chest with her knuckles. Literally she's still considering him as a wall.

Shays shay' akhar!

(She's something else!)

He thought as the girl frowned and her nose scrunched slightly making her look cute.

Wait cute! Michael Sheikh has gone insane!

All of a sudden she inched little closer to him. Making him stiffened as he didn't dare to breath at all. The girl inhaled him just inches away as the man closed his eyes resisting the urge to wrap her in his arms and do all the forbidden things to this little voluptuous girl, whose making him hard as rock with just her mere small touch.

At the same time she stood on her tiptoes and her hands touched his collarbones, shoulders, neck and slightly grazed his beard and just like that a shuddering breath escaped his lips.

The girl shrieked and withdrew her hands like they were struck by lightening as she moved three steps back. Michael opened his eyes seeing the girl abruptly falling on the bed in sitting position. The girl hurriedly stood up feeling aghast.

Her face was pale like ice and her hands were trembling. It was like she has seen a ghost. Her eyes were wide, face beetroot red. Her breathing fast and her hand clutched the end of her kameez (shirt) in a fist.

So she finally understood that she was feeling and touching the so called wall was none other than a man.

Her face ashen more if possible as he saw all to familiar emotion covering her face. She's scared.

A horrified scream escaped her lips but he abruptly moved forward as his large calloused hand landed on her soft horrified face covering her mouth and one hand was snacked behind her neck holding her in a strong grip.

Dread creeped her bones as the man now stood deadly closer to her.

The girl stood their horrified feeling her heart slamming in her ear. He felt her soft small white hands wrapped around his large, rough, calloused hands as she tried to remove it from her face, but he won't budge.

He stared at the girl whose eyes start to tear up as she tried to struggle in his hold. Her form trembling. Not once she tried to touch him again as she struggles to get his hand off her mouth.

What is she so scared of?

The man thought loosening his grip a little he let her go as the girl moved away from him panting. Her eyes wide as tears shined in them like crystals.

"I-I'm s-sorry!" The girl stuttered immediately as she fisted the hem of her kameez (shirt) tightly. Her eyes downcast.

Michael didn't said a word as he observed the girl.

When no reply came the girl immediately turned around to escape. Her steps fast and before she could collide with a wall.

She was yanked back with a steel like grip on her arm as she landed on his chest. She could feel his breathing on her forehead as the girl abruptly moved back. Desperately trying to get off his grip as her nose became red with teary eyes.

"P-please! L-let m-me go!" A whispered escaped her trembling lips as the man walked the trembling girl in the other direction where the door was and he pushed her outside the door and letting go of her arm. He slammed the door shut on her face.

Michael growled out in frustration when he realised the need of a cold shower. That little vixen so innocently felt him up making him all bothered with those naive touches.


But he couldn't understand why she was freaking out so much like he's going to kill her. The emotions her face showed was all to familiar to him as he often see it on his victim faces.

He still couldn't believe that mosque girl whom he considered a mirage once was literally here a few seconds ago. He's going to have a talk with Sana about this girl.

Anisah immediately wiped her tears as she controlled her emotions. That man scared her but the fact that he didn't said a single word scared her more. Because of her blindness the girl make out the person's personality according to their voice as it's their mirror image but who ever that man was. He knows she can't see and was clever enough to not say a word.

"Hey Anisah! You're still standing in the corridor." Sana's voice spoke from afar as she slowly came closer to Anisah.

"Why your nose is red?" Sana inquired when she reached Anisah.

"I d-don't know." The girl replied softly feeling uneasy for lying. But how can she tell such embarrassing thing and she didn't even knows the person. Maybe it's one of her brothers.

Sana hold Anisah's hand as she guided her two to three steps away from that persons room and then they were in Sana's room.

When both the girls sat on the bed Anisah inquires. "Are y-your brothers home?"

Sana simply replied. "Ibrahim bhai has gone to finalise the hall along with Jhangir so only Amir and Michael bhai are at home. Why you asked tho." Sana asked.

"Just feel like asking." Anisah simply replied. Now she knows that guy could either be anyone from those two men.

"I haven't told you about my fiancé right. Want me to elaborate him?" Sana asked dreamily as Anisah snickered. "No thanks!"

"Oh! Come on, I want to talk about him." Sana whined as Anisah shook her head.

"Let me think." Anisah made a thinking face and then she spoke after a long pause with emotionless annoyed face.

"After lots of thinking." Sana nodded happily. When Anisah stated rather matter of factly.

"It's still a NO!"

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