Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 49 part # 1

“Look what we have here!” Came the gruff voice of Ali Agha as he stared at Michael, who was standing confidently in front of the old man.

Michael was striped off his weapons before letting him in at Agha’s place. But the man was standing with squared shoulders as dominance radiated off of him.

He wasn’t scared a bit.

“You want me Agha. Now here I am, let my brother go!” Michael spoke up as power radiated off of his words.

“What’s the fun in that.” Agha spoke up smirking making Michael to clench his jaw.

Michael hazily looked at the interior and got a rough idea of the surroundings. And as expected Agha made his man to hold Michael and place him in the cell, as they took him in the basement.

He didn’t fought back, as he knew it will be useless and waste of his energy. The man who was walking behind him, gave a push on his back making him stumble.

Michael abruptly turned around as he squared his shoulders, and circled his neck in a threatening manner, making him look extremely intimidating as he glared at the man, who look smaller as compared to his height.

With just one glare he made the man terrified out of his wits as he immediately wiped his sweat.

Michael smirked, seeing his effect on the man as he turned and casually walked in the cell.

As soon as those scared men left. The first thing he saw in the front cell was his cousin Ibrahim.

He was all bloody with his hands chained to the ceiling. His upper body was naked and all bloody. Michael can easily recognise them to be whip marks. He body was limp, he was unconscious.

A grievous rage passed through his body, making his body to shake in anger. They fucking hurt his brother. His brother!

His blood was enraged as for second he was considering to go rampant on them and kill everyone right now.

He tried to control himself as he breathed in deeply. He will surely torture Ali Agha before letting Lucas to kill the day lights out of him.

Michael didn’t know what time is it, as there are no windows but he can come redo the it’s late night. Rattling of chains was heard as his eyes shot up to Ibrahim who was slowly waking up.

His green eyes met his brother’s brown ones and a faint smile appear on Ibrahim’s lips and he shook his head as he chuckled. “You came to save me Huh?” Ibrahim asked as he hissed in the last.

“Why did they beat you?” Michael asked softly. As Ibrahim’s face hardened. “They were cursing you. So I couldn’t bear it, I beat that man to almost death bed but they saved him and give me this as a gift.” Ibrahim spoke dryly making Michael to let out a chuckle at his brother.

“Now, I won’t say that it warmed my heart.” Michael spoke amusingly making Ibrahim to scoff out loud.

“You shouldn’t have come. I can handle this bastard. It would’ve taken time to kill that bastard Agha but I would’ve returned surely.” Ibrahim spoke so casually as if it is a mission of buying cheap groceries and then coming back home all happy with an ice cream in hand.

“Sorry to ruin your plans bro.” Michael spoke chuckling making Ibrahim to chuckle back in response.

Glad, his brain is intact. Michael thought.

The days passed like slow motion, they were given a ridiculous type of food only once in a day. A man would come, place their paper plates inside the cell from the bars. Ibrahim’s cuffs were removed and his wounds are getting worst. They must get out of here and as soon as possible but before that Michael want some answers from that bastard Agha, but that man hasn’t shown his face until now and it’s Michael’s sixth day here. Tomorrow is the last day as the plan will took its action form. And he must do something to meet Agha.

Today when that man came to place the food, Michael was casually sitting beside. But as the man placed the plate in and lean forward. Michael held his throat in a tight grip as he made the afraid to man to look him in the eyes. “If you want to live, tell your fucking Agha to come and meet me because if I came to him, he’ll be dead!” With that warning Michael jerked the man away, as he coughed furiously, with water de, afraid eyes that man ran from there.

All these days, he wasn’t taken out of this place once but he had asked everything from Ibrahim as he was taken out many time before Michael’s arrival and from that he had an idea of the inside.

Michael was shocked at first when Agha didn’t place any men around their cell. Maybe he took him as an easy target but Agha didn’t appeared to be a fool to take Michael Sheikh as an easy target but then what is it? Why is he just keeping them here without any reason.

It didn’t take much time as the bastard Agha cane bathing in his cell, but didn’t dare to touch him as he stood few feet away. “What do you want from me Agha?” Michael asked with gravity coming straight to the point.

Agha glared at him hard but opened his mouth after a minute or two. “Straight to point eh!” The mid fifties man mocked but Michael’s face was expressionless as ever.

“I want Al-Aqrab. Give your mafia Empire to me and I’ll let both of you go.” The bastard of a man smiled as he gave his proposition making Michael’s jaw to clench.

“Al-Aqrab is in my bloodline. You can’t fucking take it!” Michael snarled in rage. Michael ain’t stupid. Ali Agha knows it very well that Al-Aqrab will never accept him as their leader. They will kill him before that. And nor he’s stupid to believe that he’ll let them go just like that.

“Then I’ve to kill you, for taking it.” Agha spoke angrily making Michael to observe every single move of his. And Michael knew he was lying at that point. His motive is something else, which he’s covering up.

“Fucking lies!” Michael chuckled sinisterly as he saw a flash of fear in Agha’s voice but it was gone as soon as it came.”

“You will die here!” Agha yelled as he went out of the cell and his minions locked it behind.

“What we will do now?” Ibrahim asked concern as he stared at a very calm and composed Michael.

“We’ll wait for tomorrow.” Michael spoke softly as he faced the wall.

His thoughts drifted to his doll as silence surrounds him. Allah knows how his heart yearned to be in her soft arms. How he missed those doe like honey eyes.

In this cell, sleep never came to him as he would lay awake thinking about his his Habibti. He missed her. He missed her so damn much that each breath felt painful.

He closed his eyes and recalled her laughing face filled with glow and then her soft pants, her soft baby skin that he got to touch only twice. Yes twice! He didn’t even got to spend time with his love and the fate already started creating hinderances between them.

Man he miss her so much! In these days he realised that how addicted he got her. Her scent man, he missed her so much. Now he can tell how deeply he’s in love with her. She became his everything in just few months. Never in million years, he thought he’ll find a girl for himself and now here he is, sitting here like a Romeo missing his love with every breath he took.

“Just few days more Habibti and I’ll be beside you forever.” He mumbled under his breath as he layed there wide awake.

The very next day when they received the food. Michael took out the blade he had hid in his pants stitches. He took that blade out as Ibrahim watched in anticipation.

As soon as he placed the blade on his wrist. Ibrahim’s eyes widened. “Suicide is forbidden!” Ibrahim exclaimed aghast making Michael to smack his head somewhere.

“Oh, thanks for improving my knowledge!” Michael taunted as he slowly made a small cut just on the skin upper layer, then he applied pressure and start moving something up and slowly a small chip of small nail size came out as Michael broke it.

Ibrahim made an Oh, face as he got to understood everything.

“I would suggest you to cover your ears!” Michael mumbled and immediately covered his ears, before Ibrahim could comprehend a large earth shattering blast was heard and the land trembled a little beneath their feet as a vibration went by.

The shock of the first blast wasn’t even over, when there was a second blast, then third, fourth and fifth. One after another not giving Agha’s men time to comprehend.

Michael twisted the same blade into thin piece as he plCed it in his lock, he twisted and turned it thrice and click, the door was unlocked. As soon as he came out of the cell a man with gun was came running aiming his gun at Michael as Michael in one swift motion turned the hand holding the gun as he twisted in making the gun to fall down and he punched the man and then keep punching him, until that man was a mess. Micheal let the man fall down knocked out as he picked up the gun and shot fire straight at the lock on Ibrahim’s cell. It opened as both the man slowly made their way up and heard shots being fired. Michael killed another with a straight shot in the head. Ibrahim took that man’s gun as they killed all the men that came in their way.

Michael hu hissed out as a bullet grazed his arm, making him look up at the shooter on the terrace and in one shot the shooter was dead.

Michael went straight towards Agha who was hiding behind the minibar counter. Michael hold him harshly through his neck and pulled him out of his hiding hole. If first Michael thought Agha is strong cunning man then now he would like to think of him as a stupid, bastard man.

Almost all of his men are dead by now. Only Lucas’s men were standing all around fully armed. Michael made him kneel as he placed his gun in that bastards mouth as he spoke. “Tell me who ordered you to kidnap Ibrahim?” Michael asked seething.

Before that bastard could say a word. A hard punch landed on his jaw, making the gun to tear his lips as his face whipped to the other side.

“You BASTARD!” Lucas roared loudly as he punched Agha again this time more harshly. Agha for shocked for a second seeing Lucas there but then he started laughing crazily as he understood their plan.

“Why the fuck you killed her? You bastard!” Lucas roared as he landed another punch to the laughing Agha’s face, making him spit out blood.

Michael moved to the side. Lucas deserves to take his rage out after what these bastards did to his love.

Lucas punched and punched him as his face structure changed with blood covering his form.

“She w-was o-one g-good piece-uAHH!” Lucas hit him with the handle of a gun, scraping his face but that bastard continued to laugh.

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Lucas snarled but Agha only ignited his rage as he chuckled and then stared straight at Lucas in the eyes.

“She w-was crying f-for mercy!” Agha mused.

Lucas was trembling in rage as he aimed his gun at that bastard. “I said shut the fuck up!”

“Lucas don’t!” Michael warned.

“She was crying when I s-slapped her and then tore-” Agha’s sentence died down.


A shot was heard and bullet was in Agha’s skull as his body went limp and fell on the floor.

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