Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 49 part # 2

"We should've called Dr. Riya in haveli for the checkup." Zaroon spoke the hundredth time as they were heading to the hospital. Amir was in the front seat, Zaroon was driving and Anisah was sitting back with annoyed face.

"I was feeling like a prisoner for being in haveli for so long. You won't let me out even in the garden without your presence lingering beside me. I just got my sight back, my husband is missing and now I can't even go out the haveli to see the world. Let it be a small drive to the hospital." Anisah mumbled all that in a low voice with sadness lacing her words, making both the men to heave a sigh.

"I'm not marrying ever!" Zaroon spoke exaggerated making Amir to stare at him with an arched brow.

"I pity Michael!" Zaroon spoke consciously just to get the reaction out of Anisah and he got one as the girl glared at him through the rear view mirror, narrowing her eyes at him.

"I didn't know she could glare this good!" Zaroon complimented making her scrubs her her nose up in confusion. "My mirror will slit into two just be her vicious glare. I'm telling Amir, I'm gonna make your brother pay for the damage to my mirror. After all my car is my baby." Zaroon exaggerated making Anisah to just kill him right then and there.

But she knows he's just trying to divert her mind from the situation she's in. He always do this and it some how worked.

They were in the hospital and in Dr. Riya's office waiting for her. As soon as she came, she stopped at the door, her eyes meeting Dr. Zaroon's and Amir and Anisah both looked at each other at the same time and then they smirked, sharing a knowing look.

Amir cleated his throat and it helped as both the doctors came out of their staring contest. Dr. Riya's eyes find Anisah as she smile warmly, Anisah also stood up and both the girls hugged each other.

"How are you feeling Anisah?" Dr. Riya asked as she moved a bit back from Anisah. Anisah smiled. "I think my sight is getting more clear, the things that appeared blur in the first few days are now more clear." Anisah told her softly.

Dr. Riya nodded as she took Anisah to the checking room beside and gave a checkup to her eyes and smiled as they both came back in the office, taking their seats.

"Your sight is getting better, that's a great sign. In a month or two you'll be able to see just like a normal person. Only twenty percent is remaining which will get better up to hundred percent in few days." Dr. Riya informed Anisah in a happy voice making the girl to nod happily.

After that Amir escorted Anisah out but Zaroon remained in the office for few minutes. Anisah looked at Amir mischievously and he was also giving her the same look.

"I've a plan." Anisah spoke excitedly making Amir to chuckle as he remembered how they acted on her plan in the restaurant when they caught Ibrahim with a girl.

Now the three were heading to the haveli so Anisah started her game plan. "What took you so long in the Dr. Riya's office? Zaroon bhai?" Anisah asked innocently with a confused face.

Zaroon stayed calm not giving away any hint. "Some patient case discussion." Zaroon replied shortly making Anisah to arch her brow.

"Strange to see a cardiologist discussing something patient related to an eye specialist." Anisah trailed off but Zaroon remained impassive, not answering at all.

Plan number two, she thought mischievously.

"I really like Dr. Riya, she's beautiful and talented girl." Anisah spoke while looking at Zaroon bhai through the rear view mirror.

A small smile appeared on Zaroon's face making both Amir and Anisah to glance at each other knowingly.

"Yes, She is." Stated Zaroon in deep thoughts making Anisah to smile internally.

"What do you think of Dr. Riya?" Anisah asked softly as she looked at Zaroon bhai through the rear view mirror. His eyes widened for a fraction of second but he controlled his expressions.

"She's a good doctor." He stated simply making Anisah to narrow her eyes at him.

Plan number three, she thought smirkingly.

"Amir as I'm your sister in-law, I should look for a girl for you, for your marriage." She spoke seriously making Zaroon to laugh out seeing Amir's sulking face.

"What do you think about Dr. Riya?" She asked this time facing Amir and the car almost came to an abrupt halt on the side. Thank Allah that road was almost empty and no car from behind bumped into theirs.

"I think she's beautiful." Amir stated in a thoughtful manner. Both Anisah and Amir completely ignored how harshly Zaroon stopped the car.

"If I ask you to marry her, will you?" Anisah asked excitedly, her attention fully on Amir as they both deliberately ignored the wide eyed Zaroon.

"Of course I will." Amir exclaimed happily making Zaroon to stare at them shocked.

"What about Sarah?" Zaroon asked in disbelief.

Amir didn't bothered to answer him as Anisah sharply noted that name in her head to use it on Amir later.

"Should I talk to aunt Yasmeen to ask for Dr. Riya's hand from her family?" Anisah asked to the grinning Amir.

"Yes, please." Amir spoke excitedly making Zaroon to hit the steering wheel really hard as he cursed out loud. "Fuck!"

Anisah flinched at his bad manners but then she pretended. "Is everything alright Zaroon bhai?" She asked with faking concern.

"Damn, I cannot wait to marry her. She looked pretty hot!" Amir exclaimed dreamily.

That was it Zaroon lost the last bit of self restraint as he held Amir's collar and pulled him forward. "I will say it once and you'll hear it well. She's off limits cause she is mine!" Zaroon spoke angrily on grinning Amir's face.

"Alright, she's all yours!" Amir stated while smirking making Zaroon to scrunch his brows in confusion as both Anisah and Amir started laughing loudly.

"Easy peasy!" Amir stated as Anisah was laughing her heart out.

"What is this?" Zaroon asked confused and annoyed.

"Oh, it's called how to make someone confess their feelings." Anisah stated in between her laughter making Zaroon to stare at them shock.

"You cunning people!" Zaroon stated annoyed as he turned the engine on of his car. His ears turning red as he blushed making the duo laugh more at him.

"Riya Zaroon, how good it sounds." Anisah teased making Amir to smirk.

"Finally I can tease the crap out of you." Anisah mused happily enjoying to tease the leader of teasers.

All of a sudden a car came beside theirs on full speed. Zaroon immediately turned their car to side to prevent the hit.

He looked at driver of that car to give him a peace of mind but the glass was tinted black. "Fuck!" Zaroon mumbled under his breath. As he saw another black car behind them.

They're being chased!

The window rolled down of the black car that was moving on their side and a gun poked out of it.

"Get down!" Zaroon yelled loudly.

Anisah was shocked for a minute or two as she didn't move but Amir was fast as he ducked her head down immediately and his as well. Then a shot was heard but gladly Zaroon's car was bulletproof. Then another shot.

"Where's your gun?" Amir asked hurriedly.

"Dashboard!" Was all Zaroon muttered as he took a sharp turn making another car to appear between theirs and black one.

Amir immediately took out the gun, checked the bullets. He then rolled down his window fully as there was no black car on that side. He tilted in his seat moved out of the window a little and aimed at the car that was behind.

But the first car that was on Zaroon's side, overpassed the citizens car and hit their car slightly making it loose its balance a bit. And Amir's aim got disturbed, cursing under his breath he yelled to Zaroon.

"Keep it steady for a fucking minute!" And he then aimed again. The car number two came towards Amir's side but was still behind their own car. This time instead of the tyre. Amir aimed at the driver and the first shot was at perfect target but they also had a bulletproof car. "Fuck!" He cursed under his breath.

But then with a perfect aim he started firing on the same broken glass spot and the last bullet, pierced the broken glass and went straight into the drivers head. The car lost the balance and it went flying in the air and then rolled several times until it stopped, completely destroyed with smoke coming out of it.

Amir moved in and rolled his window up. "One down!" Amir blurted. Zaroon nodded as he was fully focused on the car beside. The glass window on his side was almost broken by the rain of their bullets and it could shatter down any second.

When he saw a bullet passed through his window, he abruptly hit his car on their side and keep it attached to their car as both the cars moved towards the footpath and on the other road, which's traffic of vehicle was opposite to their direction of cars.

Zaroon's car was on the footpath that is of rugged stones whereas their car was on the proper road.

Zaroon saw those bastards, both, the driver and the one on the front seat aiming their guns at him as their cars were attached and moving together.

They were about to shoot when Zaroon smirked at them, and saluted at them with his two fingers.

They both heard loud horns, abruptly looked in the front.


Their car hit straight in the truck. Zaroon immediately turned his car and brought it on the road and speeds to their haveli.

Anisah was numb as she heard shots after shots being fired. Her heart was in her throat as tears leaked freely. She was covering her ears but nothing helped. The car was moving on full speed and then she head chattering of glass and a heart dreading sound of a crash.

She felt there car moving normally now. "Hey, Anisah you okay?" Came the gruff voice of Amir as the girl slowly sat straight and removed her hands from her ear. Her heart drumming in her throat as she looked at Amir and then Zaroon and luckily both are intact.

"We are a-alive?" She asked in disbelief and her tears won't stop. "For now." Came the curt answer of Zaroon as he speeds the car.

Anisah couldn't help but feel the chilling sensation that went through her body after recalling everything that took place. Her heart was still drumming wildly and her ears were almost numb due to those fire shots.

Now Anisah knew why Zaroon didn't want to take her out of the haveli. Someone wants to kill them!

"You are safe now, stop crying." Came the soft voice of Amir as Anisah's teary eyes snapped towards his warm brown ones. She can't help it, her tears won't stop.

"W-who w-were they?" She asked completely shaken at the moment. Zaroon clenched his jaw as Amir stayed quiet.

"A-Are t-they M-Michael's e-enemies?" She asked with hesitation. Her words came out rather scared.

No reply came from both of them and it only confirmed her suspicions.

In no time they were in front of the haveli as Zaroon summoned the guards whereas Amir and Anisah went inside.

They heard crying noises coming from the hall and Anisah's eyes widened along with Amir's as they both dashed in.

She felt her throat drying up at the scene. There in front of her stood no one other then injured Ibrahim. His white shirt all bloody from behind making her throat to clog up.

Aunt Yasmeen was crying in Uncle Imran's arm as she stared at her wounded son but Anisah's eyes looked around hysteric to find her man.

But he was no where to be seen!

"Michael!" A soft cry escaped her lips.

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