Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 50 part # 1

"Why the fuck you killed him?" Michael growled at Lucas, who was panting harshly but his eyes twinkled in content.

Lucas cold eyes met Michael's green hawk ones as he stared at him for few seconds. "I lost control over my aggression." Lucas said simply placing his gun at his back, tucking in his pant.

Michael's jaw clenched at his words as in no second. He was holding Lucas by his collar, both male, fully built and equally towering heights as they glared at each other.

"I needed fucking answers from this bastard but being a shit head you can't control your aggression!" Michael snarled as his eyes roared anger.

Lucas was looking bit calm now as he didn't bother to make Michael let go of his collar. "I can't make him alive now, can I?" Lucas spoke nonchalant.

Michael really to wanted to smack his head on the wall. "Motherfucker!" Michael growled lowly as he let go off Lucas collar.

Lucas smiled, not a happy smile but an evil and satisfying one. Of course he would smile after he killed one of his enemies.

Next second Michael was taken in a brotherly hug by none other than Lucas. Michael was shocked for a millisecond but he to hugged him back.

Lucas parted. "Thanks Michael for this!" Lucas spoke sincerely pointing towards the dead Agha.

Lucas then nodded at Ibrahim, who nodded back as with one last glance he turned to leave but just stopped at the gate and turned around.

"One more thing. Alexander is pretty pissed at you!" Lucas spoke mischievously as he laughed in the end making Michael to snicker at him.

"I'm not fucking afraid of Mr. Blade!" Michael shouted behind Lucas back. "Whatever you say!" Shouted Lucas back and in few minutes they were out of sight.

Now there were only Michael and Ibrahim along with all the dead bodies.

Ibrahim just removed one of the shirt from a dead man as he wore it.

"You are going back now." Michael told Ibrahim in an orderly manner.

Ibrahim's brows scrunched up. "And you?" He asked not understanding why Michael won't go with him.

"Thanks to Lucas. I didn't got much information out of Agha. So that's why I'll search this place for something." Michael stated simply looking around the destroyed place.

"I will also help you." Stated Ibrahim determinedly making Michael to smile at his cousin.

"I would've appreciated but dude you need a treatment for your wounds as they're getting worst cause of infection." Michael stated as a matter of factly pointing at his body. And Ibrahim knew Michael is right.

"But-" Ibrahim still tried to insist when Michael cut him in.

"Go back to haveli. Tell everyone I'm fine and will be there in a day or two. Get your wounds treated. Elaborate the scenario to the boys, specially Zaroon and lastly give my Salam to Anisah." Michael spoke in a monotone voice.

Ibrahim smirked at the last line but but in his teasings as now is not the time for this.

"What if Agha's men come here?" Ibrahim asked seriously knowing very well that as soon as Ali Agha's partners and men get the info regarding an attack here, they'll surely come.

"Don't worry, I'll be out of here till midnight. Now leave!" Michael stated simply his last words serious leaving no place for interjection.

Ibrahim left from there as Michael searches the whole place in order to find something, which could tell for whom this Agha is working for but Alas! There was no clue of anything which could lead him to the suspect.

Michael was first angry at Lucas but then he understood his rage. Lucas did everything in the heat of the moment because if he put himself on Lucas's place. He would've gone insane hunting down each and every bastard. After all Lucas lost someone really important to him.

Michael left from there towards a hotel in which he booked a room for one night only. He ordered new clothes. Showered changed and then went to the posh restaurant where he had a meeting with someone.

As Michael reached there in his lavish suit a man was already there as he smiled at Michael and stood up as he forwarded his hand. Michael didn't bothered to shook it as he simply sat on the chair ignoring his greetings at all.

The man smiled awkwardly as he sat down. His dirty nails and rusty teeth gave away how beggar he is in a borrowed suit. The man smiled showing his yellow teeth making Michael to clench his jaw.

"Tell me and leave!" Michael spoke through gritted teeth making the man to look around sheepishly as he smiled and then rubbed the top of his two fingers with his thumb, indicating for money.

Michael really wanted to smack that bastard in the head. Clenching his jaw. He took out a bundle of five thousand notes and placed it on the table.

His red eyes shined with lust for money that his tongue almost came out like that of dogs while looking at the money.

That bastard immediately took the money and placed it in his pocket as he looked around with wide eyes, as in no one is looking at them. Then he placed his hands on the table and moved forward as if telling a secrecy.

"Ali Agha didn't kidnap your cousin just like that. He was given a lot of money to do this." That man spoke in a hushed voice. His dirty nails scraping the table as he looked around.

"He was also paid a lot to attack your penthouse during a transaction of weapons." That man hushed our looking around as sweat beads formed on his head.

Michael arched his brow. For a beggar he is, he definitely had a lot of information. He wondered how many beggars are doing this secret agents of Mafia duty behind that facade of a beggar.

"How did he got to know about my weapon transaction!" Michael demanded in a low voice.

The beggar flinched at his cold tone as he gulped. "Someone from your people leaked it out." That man spoke lowly with hesitation making Michael to narrow his eyes.

"Who the fuck is that someone?" Michael asked angrily, his temper rising.

The man looked around once to found no one paying attention on them. "Your friend Z-Zaroon." That man mumbled lowly making Michael to grit his teeth.

"Who paid Ali Agha to kidnap Ibrahim?" Michael asked lowly his posture giving out nothing as he masked his expressions.

"Zaroon did!" That man spoke full on confident. Nodding his head as in to make him believe.

Michael looked at the man scrutinising him with his eyes but he didn't changed his statement at all. "That fucking Zaroon will die!" Michael snarled lowly.

"Very well!" Michael muttered as he stood up. The man also stood up taken a back by his sudden behaviour.

"Now fuck off! And don't show me your face again!" Michael blurted lowly making only the man to hear it as he marched out of that restaurant.

That man smiled wickedly as he came out of the restaurant grinning. He went to the side of alley where a man was waiting for him. That beggar in suit smiled evilly.

"Your work is done. I made him believe that Zaroon is behind everything. Now give me my money." That beggar hurriedly spoke as he took the bundle of notes from the other man.

His eyes showed lust of money as he filled it. In his pockets as started to walk away from there.

That beggar in suit started walking towards his place in faster pace and for a second he felt, someone was following but when he looked back no one was there. So turned to move further but stopped dead in his tracks to find a large man standing in front of him with his hands in his pocket.

He was none other than Michael Sheikh.

The man stood visibly shaken. "You got your money from both the parties! Now fucking tell me, who was behind it or you'll die in next ten seconds!" Michael spoke gravely as he took out his gun from his back and aimed it straight at his head.



Michael started counting backwards as that man's face paled and his hands started to tremble. The beggar in suit looked around him to found no one in alley except them.




Michael smirked as with each count that man was getting close to spitting everything out.



Still no response from him. "Clock is ticking. Tick! Tock!" Michael mocked making the beggar to gulp.



"And o-" Michael took off the safety of the gun and that beggar start speaking.

"No! Stop! I'll t-tell you everything. Just don't k-kill me-"


A shot was heard and the beggar's pale eyes became lifeless in front of Michael as fell down face first.

Michael's eyes found a man standing behind the beggar holding a gun as a little smoke came out of it.

"YOU BASTARD!" Michael snarled as that man started laughing. Michael didn't want to to shoot him as he need answers.

That man then aimed his gun on his own temple and mocked a laugh at the shocked Michael. "You'll die soon!" He yelled and the next thing a shot was heard and that man's body fall on the floor. Leaving Michael stunned for a second.

Michael slowly went to dead man as he checked his pockets for something and found a note. He opened it and there was made a large skull mark on the top of the paper and on the paper it was written in bold letters.


Michael clenched his jaw. "Fuck!" He cursed under his breath.

He first went to the nearby cozy cafe, stayed there for two hours, waiting for anyone to appear, if they're following him but nothing suspicious happened so he went back to his hotel. Ripped his coat away from his body as he sat on the bed and racked his fingers through his hairs.

He closed his eyes and breathed deeply. The audacity of those bastards in trying to creat a conflict between him and Zaroon.

He isn't a stupid man to believe whatever that comes out of that bastards mouth. He can bet on his life that his brothers and Zaroon will never go behind his back. So there was no doubt that beggar was lying.

So he stayed hidden and saw the transaction with his own eyes and that was a clear giveaway that was all setup. But the way this man killed him self was making him beyond angry.

He needs to get back to the haveli as soon as possible.


Anisah saw how that tall injured man turned at her voice and his eyes softened seeing her crying.

Slowly he made his way to her and by the way her eyes followed his movements. He knew she can see, and he felt really happy for her.

"Nisah." Ibrahim spoke her name softly making a tear to roll down her eyes. "Ibrahim bhai." She mumbled softly while crying.

Anisah heard footsteps approaching behind but she knew it's of Zaroon's and no one else's.

Ibrahim smiles fondly at her. "Before you ask, I'm fine and I'm really happy for you." Ibrahim said smiling as he indicated towards her eyes while saying the last line.

Before Anisah could say anything else. Ibrahim read the longing in her eyes as she search for him. "He's fine. He saved me and will be back in a day or two and Nisah, he send his salam for you." Ibrahim told her softly making her eyes to water more as a soft happy cry escaped her lips.

He's fine and he'll be back in a day or two. She couldn't be more than happy. Zaroon took Ibrahim to his room, to treat his wounds as he called Jhangir and Amir to help him up.

Anisah couldn't help but smile as aunt Yasmeen took her in a hug as both woman were in happy tears.

Yasmeen then told Anisah to take rest as she went to Zaroon's room to check on Ibrahim.

Anisah went to her and Michael's room as her eyes watered in happiness just by thinking that he'll be beside her in a day or two. Allah knows how will she be able to wait for him this long, when every second felt like prison.

The whole day went extremely slow and the same goes with the night. Sleep was far away from Anisah as she stayed awake all night thinking about.

She felt giddy and jittery for she will be seeing him for the first time in person. How she wished to drown in his green eyes. She was feeling like a bride to be, who'll get married tomorrow. Her happiness held no bounds as she kept on thinking about all type of surprises she wants to give him.

In morning Anisah was so cheerful and happy that it brightened everyone's mood. They all smiled internally seeing the blush and happiness on Anisah's face.

They all were having breakfast as aunt Yasmeen was making Ibrahim to eat more continually saying how thin he became. The phone started ringing and it was of Zaroon's.

He excused himself to attend the call and came back after few minutes. His face pale and eyes held a faraway look.

"Yo! Zaroon? Everything fine bro?" Jhangir asked as he nudged the almost statue Zaroon.

Zaroon gulped as his eyes met Anisah's and he immediately looked away. Wasn't able to build up his courage.

"Amir and Jhangir come with me it's urgent!" Zaroon stated hurriedly as he indicated to both of them to follow him silently and they obliged as they stood up.

Anisah didn't know why but she felt her heart falling in the pits of her stomach as she immediately stood up. "What's wrong?" She asked with scared eyes.

Zaroon didn't looked at her for once and Anisah knew that something is terribly wrong as she ran and stood in front of Zaroon, stopping him from going. Not one he looked up. "Tell me what's wrong?" Anisah demanded seriously but not a word came out of his mouth.

His lowered gaze was making Anisah to cry out. She knew something wrong has happened. "Please tell me is Michael okay?" She asked in a broken voice. Yet no response as by now everyone stood from their chairs looking at them with concern.

When Zaroon didn't speak again but his eyes looked at hers for a faint second but she saw it. The wetness in his eyes and her heart dropped more.

She harshly pulled at his collar making him to look at her. "I said tell me what's wrong?" She demanded as her voice resonated in the dining area.

Before Jhangir can try to pull Anisah away from Zaroon. Zaroon spoke up.

"Michael is in the hospital, fighting death. His car got hit by a truck!"

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