Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 50 part # 2

Anisah felt like her heart stopped beating. It refused to beat anymore. Her legs trembled and she fell on her knees, like a broken soul.

Jhangir was immediately beside her as he crouched down. Zaroon stood rooted to his stop, unmoving.

Aunt Yasmeen came beside her in seconds, holding her trembling form. Her vision start to blur as tears started to form in her eyes.

“We need to be there!” Ibrahim spoke immediately taking the statue form of Zaroon in his eyes. They can’t loose hope so soon.

“What is wrong with y’all! Michael is still alive and he needs us!” Ibrahim spoke up making Zaroon to stare at him.

Amir was still on his chair, looking at nothing in particular as his eyes watered and hands clenched into fists.

In one swift motion he was up moving out of the haveli. Anisah saw Amir leaving and she immediately sprinted after him outside.

Amir screeched his car out and before he could drive, he saw Anisah running towards him. He waited until she got in and then he raced the car towards Zaroon’s hospital.

Anisah was controlling her sobs but her tears won’t stop. Soon they reached the hospital and both dashed inside asking the receptionist about Michael.

She guided them, and as soon as they reached out of the ICU, they weren’t aloud to go in. Anisah felt her heart being twisted painfully as she waited outside along with the quiet Amir.

Soon Zaroon along with the complete family was there and Zaroon immediately changed into surgical clothes and went in.

Three hours, it took them three hours operating him. Anisah went to the praying room in the hospital, did her ablution and started crying on the praying mat.

“Ya Allah please don’t take him away from me. He’s the only one I have. Ya Allah please let him survive. Please ya Allah, I cannot live without him.” She cried with her hands in crescent shape, as she prayed to her lord, with closed eyes.

“Anisah!” Her herat jolted at the sudden voice. She immediately caressed her hands on her face and looked to the side where Sana stood with teary eyes.

“Come hurry!” Sana spoke as Anisah hurriedly stood up with her heart in her throat and ran out towards the family. She saw Zaroon standing in front of the family.

She ran with her hands clutching her veil on her chest. Her lashes teary with the evidence is of her heartache as stood in front of Zaroon panting.

“How is he?” She asked panting looking in his eyes but he wasn’t making eye contact. Her heart dropped looking at his down casted eyes.

“P-please tell me!” She cried, for a brief second Zaroon looked at her teary pleading eyes and then abruptly looked away.

On cue the doctor who was treating Michael, came out of the ICU and Anisah immediately went to him.

“Doctor- Doctor, how is he?” She asked hysteric, her eyes crying to hear something good.

“And you are?” The doctor asked professionally as she immediately replied.

“I’m -I’m his wife!” She spoke with trembling lips.

Doctor looked at Zaroon who was standing behind Anisah and it only made Anisah more panicked. “I’m here doctor! Look at me and tell what’s wrong?” She spoke angrily with teary face making the doctor to sigh.

“Look Mrs. Sheikh, your husband was critical when he was brought here. A broken rib, neck strain, a fractured left leg, internal bleeding in abdominal area and brain. We’ve treated everything else but there was a harsh impact on his brain which caused traumatic brain injury. His brain from front is bruised and I’m afraid there’s a concussion in that region. For which we’ve to perform surgery tonight, but..” The doctor stopped speaking. Everyone stood numb and unmoving but Anisah was in another dark hole, her heart felt pain thinking about his pain, as she mumbled.

“B-but w-what?” She asked, her voice merely a whisper.

“But the chances of his survival in that concussion removing surgery is minimum. If we removed the concussion successfully, he’ll be out of danger but if we’ll not remove that, I’m afraid he will stay in coma for his whole life. And by any chance if the surgery fails, he’ll die on the spot!” Doctor spoke professionally, making them aware of the depth of the situation.

Sana gasped at doctor’s words and Anisah felt like dying. She was about to fell on the floor but Zaroon immediately hold her and made her sit on the chair beside.

It felt like all the life drained out of her system. How can this happen? He was supposed to come back to her all fine and happy.

The doctor left as everyone looked drained and sad. Amir’s eyes were blood shot and Anisah was to numb to cry.

“Mrs. Sheikh?” Came a voice as Anisah brokenly looked up to find a nurse.

“We need your signature here.” The nurse informed indicating towards the file in her hand. Anisah hazily looked at Zaroon who was sitting beside her with teary eyes as in asking what’s this.

Zaroon gulped as he took the file from nurses hand and nodded at her as in he’ll check it from here and the nurse left.

Zaroon slowly placed the file on Anisah lap as she stared at her in gaze of tears. “You need to sign here.” Zaroon pointed at the area, where she has to sign.

“W-Why?” She asked brokenly. Jhangir was standing just beside her, taking everything in and he couldn’t look at her like this. His heart was in pain. Seeing his family like this.

“It’s compulsory before performing the surgery.” Zaroon said with a sad voice making Anisah to stare at the wall in front.

“What’s w-written in it Zaroon bhai?” She asked almost in whisper but Zaroon heard it.

Jhangir also stared at Zaroon as he looked away and then breathed deeply. “It says that they are taking your permission to perform the surgery because of anything happened to Michael in the surgery or after it. The hospital and doctor will not be responsible if he-if he..” Zaroon was unable to complete his sentence but Anisah and Jhangir both understood what he’s saying.

“Bhai no!” Anisah cried out with new set of tears making a tear to roll down of Zaroon’s eyes and Jhangir immediately wiped his own.

Aunt Yasmeen and Sana were trying to console the broken Amir, who was sitting in the far corner.

Zaroon made Anisah to hold the pen. The girl’s hand was trembling as her tears fall on that paper. “Please b-bhai don’t make me d-do this!” She cried out in sobs.

Zaroon breathed deeply controlling his own tears and by now Jhangir was completely in tears. Uncle Imran wasn’t there as he was in mosque praying for Michael and uncle Sufyan was also beside Amir and aunt Rabia was sitting silently with few tears in her eyes.

“If you won’t sign. They’ll not perform the surgery.” Zaroon told her sternly this time making her teary eyes to meet him and he was unable to look at the pain in her eyes.

Ibrahim who was standing alone in the far corner was taking everything in as he cane towards Anisah and crouched in front of her slowly but with difficulty due to his wounds.

“Nisah look at me.” He told her softly and her teary eyes met his brown sad ones.

“Are you giving up on my brother?” He asked seriously making her eyes to go wide as she shook her head in negative furiously and sobbed.

“No! B-bhai I w-will never!” She cried lowly.

Ibrahim smiled at her. “Allah gave you your sight back. Am I right?” He asked her softly and the girl nodded with tears flowing down continually.

“He will give you your husband back. You need to keep your hopes high. There’s nothing that Allah can’t do. He’ll say (كُنْ فَيَكُونُ) (kun fayakoon). It means “Be, and it is”. Trust him.” Ibrahim spoke softly making a surge of hope to shine in her eyes. He smiled softly encouraging her to sign and she did with trembling hand.

Ibrahim softly patted her head as Zaroon took the file from her. Before Zaroon could leave to tell the surgeons to prepare for surgery. Anisah spoke up.

“Can I s-see him?” She asked Zaroon in a broken voice as he shook his head sadly. “Not yet Anisah but after surgery. I’ll surely let you meet him.” Zaroon told her softly as he left from there.

Within few hours the surgery started and everyone was praying and praying with their hearts for his well being.

Every second and every minute felt like a poison for her to breath. She couldn’t bear to lose him. She’ll die if anything happened to him.

After what felt like days but were few hours, the door of the operating room opened and doctor came out along with a tense faced Zaroon.

Everyone was in front of the doctor as soon as he came. Amir was the first to ask. “How is my brother?”

The doctor looked at them for a brief second. He then heaved sigh and said the words. Which crushed their lives.

“I’m sorry.”

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