Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 51 part # 1

"We did, what we could. Now only prayers can do a miracle. Right now, Mr. Sheikh is in critical condition. If he will not wake up till morning then I'm afraid to say, he's in coma." The doctor stated everything in professional tone.

"The case is not in our hands anymore." The doctor told them with a soft voice making everyone to crumble down with sadness.

That night was most painful night of her life. Every minute was torturous. They didn't even let her see him.

Whole night she cried and cried. Sana was beside her all the time. Trying to console but she didn't want condolences. She wanted her husband but he was drifting away from her.

The tears she had all night were dried till the morning rise. The hospital became more crowds then the night. The same surgeon went in to check on him.

And when he returned, her tired eyes saw the same expression he bored last night and just like that her world crumbled down. She didn't need to ask that doctor what happened because his face says it all.

She didn't moved from her chair. She stayed there rooted on her spot as everyone of the family members gathered around the doctor.

The same words of doctor which he said last night were repeated again. "I'm sorry." Just like that he said sorry.

Everyone gasped but the girl remained unwavering.

"Mr. Sheikh is in coma." Doctor said the dreading words she didn't want to hear. But hear she is sitting immobile and taking everything in.

"We don't when he'll wake up from that." The doctor stated professionally but his words were coated in sympathy and sadness.

A sob escaped from aunt Yasmeen's lips and tears fall from Sana's eyes. Amir controlled his tears as his eyes were blood shot.

Pin drop silence was there. Nobody uttered a word as if the world itself ended then and there.

In this ere silence the girl slowly stood up. Not looking at anyone at all as slowly made her way towards the door of his room.

Zaroon, Ibrahim and Jhangir saw her going towards the room. Her silence was disturbing as she didn't looked up at anyone for once.

Anisah slowly placed her hand on the handle and with a deep breath, she opened it and just like that the door opened.

Entering inside with small steps, she turned around and closed the door behind.

She stood there for long minutes, her back towards his form as she closed her eyes.

How she yearned to see him for the first with her eyes and now the irony is that, she'll be able to see him but he won't be able to open those green eyes of his, which she desired to see.

Gulping she slowly opened her eyes and turned around. Her heart was accelerated and her hands were sweaty. She was expecting these reactions out of her own self when she thought, she'll see him but not in these circumstances.

With each step she took towards his form that laying on the hospital bed. Her heart speeds up ten folds.

Her eyes were casted down until she was beside his bed. That is when she took in a breath and slowly lifted her honey orbs.

Her eyes racked over an IV that was inserted on his hand. The hands were tan and manly, they look large and calloused. The same hands that loved her so much.

Her eyes slowly trailed to his chest that was heaving up and down slowly in a rhythm, telling her that he's alive.

A dark brown coloured bear reached her eyes as she was definite that he must have a sharp jaw. She remembered asking him the colour of his hair and beard.

Her eyes then landed on the chapped lips, his lips which made her squirm and feel loved.

A perfect straight nose with high cheekbones. And then her eyes landed on his but closed one. His lashes thick but not as thick as hers. But his dark eyebrows were thicker and then those beautiful soft hair, she has touched few times.

Her eyes were wide as she took everything feature in like a deserted man, who’s thirsty for years. Her eyes moving at every feature of his again and again, drinking in like if any moment she closed her eyes he’ll vanish.

When she saw a drop on his cheek, she was confused but when another drop fall near the first one, then she realised that she's hovering over his face and it's her tears that are keep on falling. That was the moment she realised that she was crying all along.

Slowly her trembling hand raised up and her fingers slightly traced her eyebrow and she abruptly stopped as her eyes teared up more.

Closing her eyes she breathed in deeply and then touched her face like she did once when she was blind and a soft crying laugh escaped her lips.

He’s far more beautiful then her imagination or she should say handsome.

Slowly her soft white hand caressed his cheek and then with her thumb, she caressed his closed eyelid. How she wished he could see her.

Her thumb caressed his lashes and then his eyebrow. She then traced his cheekbone with her knuckles and then softly caressed his beard as her thumb touched his lips, slowly she drew a circle there.

Unknowingly she moved down on her own. And her soft trembling lips landed on his cold ones and she pecked him with all the love she has.

Again her tear fell just on his eyelash making her smile sadly. Cupping his face in her small hands, she gave a hearty kiss on his bandaged forehead.

He didn’t look all that dominant and rugged person she used to imagine but looked like an angel to her.

Her lips then landed on her cheek as she kissed him there. “P-please wake up M-Michael.” She mumbled softly with trembling lips. Her heart crying in her chest.

She then slowly kissed his other cheek. “P-please come b-back to me.” She whispered softly as tears kept on pouring.

Her lips landed on his closed eyes one by one. “Show me your b-beautiful eyes M-Michael.” She mumbled almost brokenly as she moved back and sat on the stool.

Her teary eyes took his complete form in. His forehead was bandaged completely, small cuts on his face that were coated in his own dried blood. Scratches on his arms and bandages on an elbow. His one foot was covered in complete bandages and was placed on a soft high surface. And she was sure that his torso was also wrapped in bandages under that hospital shirt.

Her tears won’t stop as she slowly touched his torso like a feather, closing her eyes she started reciting Surah Al Ikhlas. She did this with his every wound.

Never she thought that the day she’ll see him for the first time will be like this. She wanted to make it beautiful and gather every bit memory of that moment in her heart. But every time nothing goes as we yearned for it. That’s why it is life.

Holding his large hand in her hers, she saw the difference of their skin colour. His was a beautiful tan and here’s was snow white. She loved how her colour looked beautiful with his tan one. For a moment she wanted to had a colour like his. No she basically wanted him!

“I was s-so h-happy just yesterday and now look here w-we are.” She mumbled softly as she caressed his cheek.

Life will never stop, nor for a second neither for a minute. That’s why it’s called life. It will go on, not stopping with the ones that are still standing behind.

Just like life, they days passed and passed. Not caring about the souls that are still kept hostage in the past.

Five months!

Five months have passed, since Michael being there in coma.

Five months and the girl never smiled. It felt that it wasn’t only Michael that’s in coma but his wife went along with him.

Michael is still in the hospital but in a private vip room in Zaroon’s hospital. The security of the hospital was top notch since Michael got admitted here.

Zaroon was aware of the situation. They’ve got the information that it wasn’t an accident. Someone tried to kill him. They searched but truck driver was already found dead in his house. Zaroon knew now when the enemy knows that Michael is on death bed. They’ll try to finish him. That’s why he kept the security high.

Al-Aqrab was devastated on the news. But Ibrahim was fast enough to keep everything under check. He handled the business as well as Michael’s place as a leader. He kept Michael’s men untied and hopeful, and it was one of a hectic job.

Asad was aghast on such news. He left the hospital and was soon on the gate of Michael’s door from that day till now Asad stay as a guard on the door of Michael’s room in the hospital. He would scrutinise every staff member that would enter the room and will follow them and would stay in until that doctor or nurse do their work. He will not let any harm come to his Sarkar.

Jhangir and Amir are also working beside Asad as Michael’s protector. They knew how critical this situation is and how the enemies would find slightest of a chance to attack and they didn’t want to give them any chance.

From that day till now. In all these five months, never once Anisah went back home or haveli. She stayed beside him every second and every time.

Her life in these past five years was taking care of him and praying to her lord for his recovery.

She was happy when a week ago, doctor said that his body has fully recovered all the injuries. But then again he was still sleeping peacefully not waking up.

Anisah has somehow made a mini home in this large attached two rooms vip room. She had placed a same hospital bed like Michael’s beside his for herself. A restroom is also attached. Sana will bring her clothes and food but the girl never left this room.

Sana and aunt Yasmeen tried to take her back in the haveli for a day or two rest but the girl never left his side. She wanted to be beside him, when he woke up.

She knows that everyone has lost half of their hopes that Michael will never woke up but she will not. She simply can’t. That’s not an option for her.

Hope is the only thing that’s keeping her alive and breathing. She pray day and night alway sitting on the prayer mat whenever someone comes. And from the bottom of her heart, she feels he’ll wake up.

When a person makes dua to Allah with the bottom of their heart, they’ll feel that believe and that strong hope that whatever they’re wishing for will surely come true but on specific time. All they’ve to do is wait and have patience.

Every night, Anisah would lay on her bed beside his. As she would stare at him like a child. The way moon light will fall on his face made her all gawking over him. She would keep staring at him and then would tell her own self that ‘calm down he’s all yours’ and would slap her head.

“You know my sleeping beauty, Jhangir has become so serious that it felt odd.” Anisah spoke loudly for Michael to here as she made herself a coffee.

Everyday and night she would talk to him about each and everything that roamed her head. She can feel it that he hears her. He can listen to her and somehow she feels that she’s talking to him. From past five months, she’s been talking to him nonstop but never smiling.

“I know, when you’ll wake up. He will get all goofy like his old self.” Anisah spoke as she was busy in pouring milk in her cup.

“And I must add. This Asad man, who calls you Sarkar is really nice. I really respect him, because he never left your side for once, and he’s the only one who has his hopes high just like me.” The girl rambled as she placed everything in its respected place.

“I wanted to take you back to haveli but Zaroon said it’s safer here, with lots of security and him being around.” Anisah mumbled as she sipped her coffee in a small sip because it was hot. She placed it back on the trolly to add sugar.

“You know-” The girl slowly turned around randomly but her words died down on her tongue as her widened honey doe orbs met the hawk like green ones for the very first time making her breath hitch.

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