Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 51 part # 2

Her breathing stopped and she forgot how to blink then and there.

Her eyes were staring straight A's his and neither was he blinking. He was half dotted and half laying. And was scrutinising her form with his green hawk like eyes.

All these months not once she asked anyone or tried to knew what green color is like because she only wanted to see green colour of his eyes first.

Now as she stared at him with mouth agape. She thought it's one of her hallucinations. Just to confirm that she blinked once and he was just there, staring at her. She blinked twice to find the same scene in front.

A gasp escaped her lips as her lips as she covered her mouth with her trembling hands to stop her cry.

Unknowingly she went to him and not once he looked away from. When she was just beside his bed, her trembling hand slowly tried to touch his cheek as tears were rolling down on her cheeks.

But her trance broke when her hand was taken in a vice grip and she stopped then and there.

His large hand was holding her small frail wrist in a tight grip that it was painful for her, but still she didn't utter a single word.

His face was emotionless and cold. That is what she saw when she controlled her senses. Her lips trembled. "M-Michael." A soft whisper escaped her lips making the man to stare at her.

"Y-you're a-awake." She mumbled with tears flowing down freely.

There was no change in his expression as he just stare at her emotionless. His grip tightened more on her wrist and unwillingly a hiss escaped her lips but he still didn't left her wrist nor loosened his grip.

But Anisah was far to happy in her own world to notice his death grip. Her teary eyes won't blink as she continued to take in his features. "Y-you're m-more h-handsome with your e-eyes open." She mumbled softly with a smile playing on her lips and tears flowing out of her eyes.

Michael stayed quiet not uttering a word. She tried to get her wrist free so she could touch him but he didn't let her wrist go. Due to his tight hold on her wrist, she was really close to him as of hovering his sitting form but still she looked smaller in this way also.

His eyes were tired with dark circles dancing under. His cheeks were sunken slightly and his lips chapped. He looked really weak, and why won't he. He was being living on drips from last five months.

Anisah has learned how to cook almost everything in these five months in this hospital kitchen only. There's a lady chef here, who thought her everything and from last two months Anisah became a pro cook. Even tho the chef cook patient food but for staff she cook different varieties of food and that's how Anisah learned it.

She made a mental note of his diet. So he will get all healthy again.

She softly wiped her tears with her free hand and sat on the bed beside him. "Now are you going to keep holding my wrist forever or would allow me to call Zaroon bhai (brother) in?" She asked joyously, showing a beautiful pearly smile that appears on her face after five months.

Michael tilted his head a tiniest bit but kept on staring at her. Not letting her wrist go at all.

Anisah smiled softly, feeling red ringing her cheeks under his scrutinising gaze.

On cue the door was knocked and Anisah was standing beside him abruptly but he hasn't let her wrist go yet. "One minute!" Anisah spoke loudly for the person to hear, who's knocking the door.

She then started to get her wrist free but Michael won't budge, staring at her weirdly. "Let go of me! I'm not going anywhere. Allah what will they think if they saw us like this!" Anisah spoke with wide eyes, trying to make him understand and her cheeks tinted red.

He still didn't let her go. "They'll think we are doing dirty just after you wake up!" Anisah spoke exaggerated with red hot cheeks and panting breath. A knock was heard again and Anisah just did what came in her mind. She lightly hit his torso where his rib was broken and is totally fine now but she's sure it will at least hurt him a tiny bit and it did as he flinched and his hold loosened.

Anisah took advantage of it and get rid of his grip, moving three steps away from him.

She immediately fanned her face and did a breathing cycle. Adjusted her veil on her head. All the time feeling his heated gaze. "Come in." She spoke softly and then her lips broke into a huge grin seeing the statue form of Asad.

Asad stayed glued on his spot as he stared wide eyed at awake Michael. "I think I'm loosing my mind." Asad blurted not looking away making Anisah to giggle.

Asad's eyes landed on the source of laughter and his muscles tensed. This is the first time he was seeing his bhabhi (sister in-law) not only smiling but laughing and it some how made him believe that whatever he's seeing is no joke or hallucination. But a complete reality. His Sarkar is awake.

"Sarkar?" Asad asked with a dry throat making Anisah to walk over to him. "Surprise!" She mumbled full on smiling making his fall to form to stare at her and for the very first time a small smile appeared on his lips. Seeing his bhabhi smiling.

Asad is always a serious man, devoted to his Sarkar and work. He is cold and calculated but now looking at the grinning girl, he can't stop himself from smiling.

He couldn't believe in just few minutes of Sarkar's awake and the girl seemed like she got her life back. Her eyes shined with twinkle of happiness which were dull in these five months.

When first Asad saw Anisah the wife of his Sarkar. He was shocked to see a young small girl. She was way to fragile to be a wife of man like Michael but when he saw how every day and night she stayed beside Michael, not leaving his side. When everyone lost their hope, she was the only one with full hope that he'll wake up. She prayed day and night for Michael and now as the stared at the beaming girl. The only thing he felt was extreme respect and adoration. She's way to strong then most of the humans he has seen in his life.

"Stay beside him Asad bhai (brother). I'll just go and call Zaroon." Anisah muttered lowly as she made her way out of the door not waiting for his reply.

In no way she could stay there alone for now. The way he was staring at her emotionless and the way he won't let go of her wrist.

Unintentionally her eyes landed on her wrist and a small gasp escaped her lips, seeing his fingers printed there in red marks. She immediately hid it in her sleeve. Maybe he didn't realised but his grip was way to strong.

She softly knocked on the door of Zaroon's office. No reply. May be he's not in there or maybe she could just go in and check. But the news she need to tell him could not wait at all.

She decided to test the second option as she slowly touched the handle and turned it and door slowly opened. As soon as was in, she saw his office was empty. Pouting she decided to check in cardiology department but before she could leave. She heard shuffling in the attached checkup room so she decided to take a peek. But her manners kicked in and she knocked.

No reply!

But a lot of shuffling was heard. Scrunching her eyebrows, she touched the handle to open it but the door opened on its own and a towering Zaroon came out with such speed making Anisah to abruptly take two steps back so they won't collide. His hairs were messy and he was panting heavily. His pupils were also displayed.

Anisah frowned at his crinkled clothes and his disheveled form. "Were you wrestling in there?" She asked confused.

Zaroon was as if he just snapped out of his daze as he looked down at the confused Anisah. "I-I was sleeping." He stated not looking in her eyes as he faked a yawn.

Anisah crosses her arms on her chest and her face was in a mock manner which simply meant. 'I'm not stupid'.

Zaroon looked away and adjusted his clothes. He then looked at her. "Is everything alright? Is Michael okay?" He asked with concern as he neatened his clothes.

Anisah then immediately forgot everything related to Zaroon and his state as a wide grin spread on her face and her eyes moistened up.

"H-he woke up!" She mumbled with happy tears and smiled making Zaroon to stiffen for a second.

His face simply said, he didn't believe her but she nodded her head with tears streaming down making him aware that whatever she's saying is purely true.

A smile spread on his face as he immediately started moving out towards Michael's room. Anisah slowly went towards the reception with rapidly beating heart and moistened eyes. She dialled a number on which she called every weekend. After two rings a voice spoke.

"Hello?" Aunt Yasmeen spike from that side making Anisah to lower her eyes as she bit in her lip.

"A-Aunt Yasmeen." The girl spoke softly in an almost fake sad voice making concern to wash over Yasmeen's form.

"What happened Anisah? You need anything for me to bring? Is Michael okay?" Aunt Yasmeen asked in a concern filled voice making Anisah to smile softly but she maintained her act.

"P-please aunt Yasmeen come to the hospital. Please b-bring everyone and S-Sana." She spoke with a sad voice making Aunt Yasmeen anxious and worried.

"Tell me what wrong Anisah. You're scaring me! Tell me?" Aunt Yasmeen spoke in a panicked voice as Anisah contemplated whether to stop the act or not. But if they come here all worried and find Michael awake. How good of a surprising memory that'll be.

"Auntie M-Michael h-he! Please come hear as soon as possible." She whispered the first part sadly and in the second part she spoke hurriedly and then cut the call.

Anisah smiled softly but felt a little bad for making the family all worried but she knows it will be a best surprise and they'll be really happy.

She didn't went inside the room again as she waited outside the door waiting for the family and with in half an hour. All the worried faces of the family was running towards her.

As soon as they reached her. Amir was the first one who spoke. "What happened?" He asked all worried but Anisah kept quiet. Jhangir was the second one who abruptly hold her arm and made her face him. "Tell us?" He asked a bit angrily making Anisah to scrunch her brows at the way he was holding her arm. He never touched her before then what's wrong with him now.

Anisah slowly loosened her arm from his hold and indicated towards the door as of telling everyone to go in and see for themselves. In other circumstances not more then two people were allowed in the room but now they didn't thought much about the rules and stuff as the whole family barged in in that room but Anisah stayed behind smiling.

Everyone became stunned and shocked to see the awake Michael hearing whatever that Zaroon and Asad were telling him. His face serious.

Sana was the first one who run up to him and seeing the family both Zaroon and Asad moves to the side letting them beside him.

"B-bhai? (Brother)" Sana spoke in cry voice as she hugged him lightly crying on his shoulder. Michael smiled a faint smile as he patted her head softly.

Aunt Yasmeen was beside him on the other side as she caressed his hair and cheek making him gave her short nod. Her own eyes teary.

As soon the both woman moved away from him. Amir came to sit beside him. His eyes blood shot and teary as he took Michael's hand in his and Michael gave a strong squeeze to Amir's hand making him smile.

Jhangir didn't came close to sit beside he just nodded from his place and Michael nodded back.

Uncle Imran and Sufyan gave him their relived smiles as aunt Rabia to came closer and patted his head softly.

Anisah slowly came back in the room. Standing in the far corner and smiling happily while seeing everyone shedding happy tears and meeting him.

She was crying and also smiling with red nose when his green hawk eyes met her honey ones again in an intense moment.

Then she heard his voice for the first time after all these months. But the words he spoke almost stopped her heart.

"Who is she?"

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