Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 52 part # 1

Ire silence surrounds the room and everyone was stunned to hear his words.

Anisah wasn’t that shock, she started to laugh lightly at his tactics. He must be pulling a certain prank on her so she decided to give him a piece of her mind.

“This is no joke Michael.” She spoke with narrowed eyes and a small smile playing on her lips.

She saw how he narrowed his eyes at her but other than that gave not much reaction. Before Anisah could say anymore. Zaroon spoke up. “He needs to get a checkup first.” His voice serious as all the family members nodded with teary happy smiles on their faces.

One by one everyone left except Anisah and Zaroon. He came close to her. “Let’s go Anisah, let the doctor check him first.” He told her softly as the girl hesitatingly nodded but her eyes looked at Michael who was silently looking out the window not facing them.

She didn’t know why but her heart felt heavy. As soon as they came out of the room. Doctor went in along with nurse and Asad also followed behind. Not willing to let the Sarkar alone.

“Was he playing a prank on me?” She asked softly in hesitation to Zaroon, who looked away from her.

As a doctor he knew what that meant. But he didn’t want to believe it yet until the doctors confirmation.

Zaroon’s silence wasn’t a good thing. After few minutes doctor came out along with nurse making her, hold her breath as she waited for him to speak.

“He’s fine physically but would need to do exercise this whole week and he’ll be on his feet. But,” The doctor glanced at Zaroon for a second as if telling him everything through the eyes as he looked at Anisah again, whose breathing was blocked unknowingly in anticipation. “He thinks this year is 2018. Which means he lost his memory of last two years. Not only incidents or places but also the people he met in that period. He has amnesia. The severity is still unknown but the good side is. It’s a partial amnesia. High chances are he’ll get his memory back. It can take a week, a month, a year or many years.” The doctor elaborated everything professionally.

“The good sign is, due to the period his body was in coma. His brain healed well, if this would’ve happened that time, then it would’ve been harmful to tell him about his memory but now it’s safe but in limitations. You can tell him about his wife and his marriage and all the other stuff, he forgot but please don’t stress him. Try to give him information one at a time with precautions.” Doctor told them seriously making Zaroon to nod at him as everyone listened.

“Due to amnesia, he’ll have extreme mood swings, with annoyance and irritation. His psychological behaviour can differ depending on the damage his brain had but surely he’ll get his memory back but as I’ve said earlier. It can take a day or years.” Doctor told them every bit of the information he had and then with a slight nod he left from there.

Anisah felt her lungs burning and tears pooling in her eyes as she realised she was holding in her breath.

But as much as she tried, she was unable to draw in her breath. Her face was changing its color to blue and her lungs were burning. She needs to breath but her body wasn’t listening to her.

Jhangir saw how Anisah’s face became blue and her eyes were widened. Before she could fell. Jhangir was beside her holding her in his arms as took in her form.

“She’s having a panic attack!” He shouted loudly making every eye to snap at them and Zaroon was beside her in seconds.

Jhangir made her sit on one of the chair in corridor as he sat beside her and Zaroon crouched in front of her. Sana was fast to sat beside Anisah’s other side.

Zaroon held her pale face in his as he made her to look at him. And as there eyes met he whispered softly. “Breath Anisah! Breath! Look at me.” He said as he took in a deep breath and exhaled.

“1..2..3.. breath in deeply and breath out.” He told her softly and demonstrated his actions making her to force herself in doing the same thing and Anisah did exactly as he did and after two to three breathing cycles she was being able to breath properly.

Zaroon let her face go as he breathed in deeply himself. Sana was hugging her from the side and Jhangir who was holding her hand tightly which Anisah got free with hesitancy. Jhangir wasn’t letting go of her hand at first but then he let go.

Zaroon racked his fingers in his hairs in tension as he stood up and Jhangir as well. Amir came to sit beside on Jhangir’s place as he inquired. “Are you alright?” His voice soft but her soft sob resonated in the corridor making their heart to twist painfully for her.

“He forget m-me!” She mumbled softly with tears streaming down her eyes. She couldn’t believe that a day this can come in her life where the person she lived for will forget her.

“He didn’t. It’s amnesia.” Zaroon spoke softly trying to make her understand the situation. Michael isn’t at fault here. He in unaware. He didn’t know. Nothing is his fault. Anisah need to understand this.

“But he didn’t know me!” She cried softly on Sana’s shoulder as she told her thinking to Zaroon, who just shook his head in negative. He needs to make her understand. He can see that she’s giving up and he will not let that happen.

“Come with me Anisah. Come on stand up!” He told her sternly making her look at him with teary eyes.

“Come on, I need to tell you something regarding Michael.” He told her softly to make her follow him and like a lost puppy she stood and followed him to his office.

Amir and Jhangir also came behind her as the four stood in Zaroon’s office. Zaroon told her to sit on the chair and she softly obliged staring at him with her broken teary eyes.

Zaroon intake a sharp breath and sat on the chair beside hers, rotating her chair in a way that now they were facing each other, he spoke up.

“When Michael was met with an accident, his brain was severely damaged. He got a severe concussion.” Zaroon kept his words straight as he was now making her see through different way.

“As a doctor I can say, there are only one percent of the cases in which patients survive the concussion removal surgery. The chances to survive that accident and surgery was almost impossible. But Michael fight it. He survived that awful accident and also that surgery. Even tho he went into coma but he survived that also. Now see Anisah he survived all these impossible things only because you were beside him. You had hope. But now when he’s just one step away from coming back to you. You’re giving up!” Zaroon stated like a pure guide on life teacher and his each word, settled well in Anisah’s brain.

“You were always strong. When we all lost the hope it was only you, who had this hope in her eyes that says he’ll wake up and now when he’s awake you’re giving up just because he forgot you. You fought so hard, just to gave up in the end?” He asked her seriously, his every word hitting straight in her heart like an arrow.

“Isn’t he your Michael anymore?” Zaroon asked little angrily making a sob to escape her lips as she shook her head in negative. Clutching her hands together tightly on her lap, she sat there like a lost child with large tears pouring out on her cheeks.

Jhangir and Amir both stood one leaning on the wall and the other standing straight near the desk. Both looking at her crying form.

“Isn’t he the same man, you love with your life?” Zaroon asked seriously making her to glare at him with her teary eyes.

“He’s same!” She croaked out angrily with teary eyes with lips in a thin line.

“Then why are you behaving as you’ve lost hope!” He asked her seriously in an angry tone making her to glare at him.

“Because I was loosing it a minute ago!” She snapped angrily with clenched jaw as Zaroon smirked.

“So aren’t you loosing your hope now?” He asked smirkingly making her glare to intensify.

“I’m not giving up on my life! Not now! Not ever!” She spoke angrily but with pure determination dripping from her voice and that’s it. Zaroon saw it, the same hope he has seen in her eyes from the past five months, returning back in her eyes with full force.

“Your life?” Jhangir asked in a snickering tone making her to smile at him as she mumbled. “My life, my Michael!” She said without thinking much but when she heard that, “Ooooohhhh!” Sound from Zaroon and Amir, she face palmed herself internally.

“Damn I need a girl as confident as her!” Zaroon stated just to make mood little tension free and it somehow worked.

“Eww! Stay with Dr. Riya only!” Anisah mumbled with a smirking face making Amir and Jhangir to laugh out.

“I still haven’t seen Sarah!” Anisah stated bit loudly and Amir just chocked on his laughter and the girl smirked.

“Call Ibrahim bhai and give him the happy news and sad as well. Because from tomorrow we are going to start a mission named bring Michael’s memory back!” Anisah spoke with twinkle in her eyes.

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