Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 52 part # 2

Anisah didn't went in his room the whole day. She stayed outside as everyone went inside and met him.

She got to know from Zaroon that he also didn't recognised Sohaib. When Someone hain was holding Sana's hand to take her out of the room. He became vicious and if not for Amir, Jhangir and him present there. He would've killed Sohaib then and there. So had to tell him that Sana got married this year and this man, whom he was about to kill is his sister's husband.

The way Michael glared at Sohaib made the poor soul terrified out of his wits as he to was sitting outside the room along with Anisah on the chair. "Last time these brothers beat me to pulp, before trusting me and letting me marry their sister and now I've to earn Michael bhai's trust again." Sohaib spoke so sadly that Anisah really felt sympathetic towards him.

"Best of luck Sohaib bhai (brother)." She told him softly with a thumbs up making her look as nervous as he was.

Even tho she's saying best of luck to him but internally she was also really nervous. "Nisah!" A voice spoke, startling her as she looked up to find panting Ibrahim.

Anisah smiled softly as she saw his moistened eyes. His eyes were asking her one thing and the girl slowly nodded her head in affirmation as she pointed at the door.

As soon as Ibrahim saw a sitting Michael talking to Uncle Imran, he couldn't stop himself as he went to him. Michael to stood up seeing the almost crying Ibrahim as both the brothers gave each other a manly hug.

Anisah didn't went in, she waited till night so everyone will leave and as soon as the night got closer, almost everyone left. In meantime she took the chart from the doctor regarding his medications, food and exercising.

It was late in night and she just hopped that he slept. Asad was standing outside his room as usual.

She didn't went in straight but decided to inquire few thing from Asad first as he was present in the room all the time when the family was meeting Michael.

"Is he sleeping?" She asked softly to the tall man, who nodded his head in affirmation knowing very well that the girl is regarding her husband.

"Was he being able to walk?" She inquired politely making the tall man to small at the girl's inquiry. "Yes bhabhi (sister in law)." He answered her softly as the girl nodded her head.

"Alright thank you." She spoke softly with a grateful smile towards his way. She slowly opened the door and went in, closing the door behind her, she locked it slowly.

Walking through the attached room, she went in his room, where he was sleeping peacefully. The girl didn't looked at his way again as she slowly went in the restroom.

She get rid of her clothes as she turned on the cold shower. Standing there as she felt cold water trickle down her body making her body to relax as she sighed.

All the pent up emotions since morning started to rack her mind and just like that, she was unable to control her tears anymore. Her tears flow down freely mixing up with the water.

She stayed there in shower for long minutes as her emotions kept on flowing through her eyes and a time came when the tears were all dried and there was no energy in her to cry anymore.

She washed her hair and her body as she slowly wrapped the towel around her form. Turning off the water. She slowly with hazy mind opened the restroom door and went inside to the corner where her bag is placed in which her clothes were. As she was staying here from last five months so she had asked aunt Yasmeen to bring her few clothes here.

She took out one of her shalwar kameez and turned to go in the attached room but a small shriek escaped her lips as her eyes widened in shock.

There in front of her was standing Michael. He was standing extremely close making her heart to burst out of its rib cage.

She was having a headache and some how she completely forgot that he's not in coma but just sleeping. That's why she was doing her daily chores normally.

A horrified gasp escaped her lips as she realised her appearance. She was merely in nothing but a mere towel that just reached her mid thighs and is wrapped around her.

Involuntarily the clothes fell from her hand as she clutched the towel tightly to her front.

As soon as her honey coloured eyesmet the green ones. Her heart stopped beating at the way his eyes looked at her soul. The girl gulped and immediately picked her clothes up in her hands, clutching them to her front with the towel. She immediately tried to leave back into the restroom from the side but luck wasn't on her side as her frail arm was taken in his strong grip and she was brought back to her place. In front of him.

Anisah didn't looked up at once. She didn't know why but she felt extremely intimidated by his tall and broad frame. She tried to struggle out of his grip but it only tightened.

"Who are you?" He asked. His voice the same she used to hear and yearned to hear, but now it appeared gruff.

Anisah gulped as she contemplated what to say. She hadn't made a plan how to start her mission yet and now this. She was scared to say anything. She didn't want to make her image bad in front of him now when he has forgotten her.

And not to mention the way she's standing in front of him. Just in a towel wasn't helping at all.

Anisah tried to free her arm but his grip tightened making her hiss in pain as he hovered over her small form coming closer, making her breathing to accelerate. He was so tall that she merely reached his shoulders. His form so intimidating and dominating as she can see him now.

"L-let g-go p-please!" She spoke softly trying to get her arm free but he wasn't even budging and the next thing the air left her lungs.

He harshly pulled her towards the side and then slammed her small form on the wall rather roughly, knocking air out of her for a second as the next thing his right hand slammed harshly on the wall just beside her head. Making her jolt in fear.

Her clothes were on the floor as she clutched her towel to her chest like her life depends on it. Her heart was thudding wildly in her ears. She didn't want to lie to him nor she can tell him who she is yet, but the way he was behaving with her was scaring her to the core.

Her face was down as a gasp escaped her lips when her face was taken in his fingers. He cupped her face making her lips to pucker out as he came deadly close to her.

"Asking last time girl! Who are you?" He asked in an angry deep voice making a chill to run down her spine.

But why is she getting intimidated by her own husband. Breathing in deeply, she tried to calm her rapidly beating heart down.

"I'm h-human." She mumbled softly in a mere whisper but he heard it as his nose scrunched at her answer and his demeanour darkened even more of possible.

"And I'm a fucking Alien!" He yelled harshly making her flinch as she gulped and tried to be as normal as she could. "No, you seems like human." She mumbled in a fake innocence making him grit his teeth as she bit her cheek to stop her smile.

"What is your name?" He asked calmly as if he's trying to control his anger.

Anisah thought for a second if she should tell him, her name or not and then come up with a name just for today as tomorrow she'll make a plan and go according to that.

"My name is Habibti." She told him softly making him to arch his brow at the weird girl.

"Am I stupid! Tell me your full name?" He asked angrily this time making her gulp. Oh, how she wished for him to call her Habibti once.

"Habibti Micky. Yeah that's my name." She mumbled weirdly to her own self making the man wanting to slam his head on the wall.

"What are you doing here?" He asked more harshly this time, his body coming more closer to hers, but she was lost in the chitchat with him to even notice that.

"I'm umm I'm doing my duty." She mumbled weirdly again as if telling her own self.

Michael clenched his jaw as he let her face go, turned around and take two steps away from her. Rubbing his hand on his face in frustration he slowly turned around to find the girl deep in her thoughts as if, she's talking to her own self.

That is when his eyes landed on her complete form. He has seen her in the morning, she was only one in the room when he woke up, her clothing and veil on her head clearly indicated which type of girl she is but at that time his mind was jumbled up to even concentrate on such thing, but he can say that she looked so beautiful to her eyes.

And now staring at her he couldn't think anything good. The same girl is standing in front of him, just in towel wrapped around her small form. Her white creamy legs were bare to his sight and that sawn like neck, those collarbones, she's a fucking beauty with those honey coloured long wet hairs.

His eyes darkened as a thought entered his mind.

Anisah gasped loudly when her daze of thoughts broke and she saw his large form hovering over her.

In no minute he slammed his both hands on either side of her head making her flinch back. At that moment she was scared.

She was scared because of the look in his eyes as those green eyes looked her up and down. The way his eyes darkened, her heart became almost numb.

"W-What?" A stutter escaped her lips as she involuntarily clutches her towel more tightly and tried to control her trembling.

"I know who you are!" He spoke confidently making a breath to escape her mouth as her eyes widened for a fraction of second. Did he remember her? Did he got back his memory?

Trillions of questions racked her mind at that moment as she craned her neck up to stare at him in daze.

"You're not a doctor nor a nurse for sure." He stated in a matter of factly as if clearing it out to his own self.

Anisah waited impatiently for him to call her his Habibti, his biwi (wife) but everything crushed down the second he opened his mouth. "You're here to kill me!" He stated in an asking manner.

Anisah literally wanted to roll her eyes as she face palmed her head.

"Qatil to ap hein!"

(Murderer is you!)

She spoke before she could stop her tongue and Michael arched his brow listening to her Urdu.

"Kisne bheja hai tumhe, mujhe mar ne ke lia?"

(Who has sent you here, to kill me?)

He asked her seriously coming extremely closer that her floral lily scent reached his senses making him inhale deeply.

He had smelled this scent before and just like that a sharp pain radiated off of his head but he clenched his jaw to ignore it.

Anisah was on the edge literally. She's enjoying this inquiry of his but her heart was going wild due to her clothing. Her cheeks were burning in embarrassment of her being in towel and she was sure, her ears would be red.

What he'll be thinking of her being in towel just like that. How embarrassing!

And to top everything else, her life of a husband thinks that she's sent here by some certain enemy to kill him.

Like it's either he lost his brain for thinking that a frail small girl like her could harm such a big, giant hunk like him. Or his brain is working on double speed for assuming her to be ninja fighter. Like common look at her small form and then look at your own giant frame.

"Just imagine! Can a girl like me, small and frail can kill a man like you, giant and muscly!" Anisah stated the fact and exaggerated her words and actions to make him understand the point.

Michael's green eyes bore into her honey doe ones and after a staring competition of two seconds, she felt intimidated so she lowered her gaze and her cheeks flared more bright red.

Only she knows, how difficult it is to draw breath at that moment. Michael inched closer making her tense as she didn't looked at him once.

"You sure can seduce me!" He husked.

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