Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 53 part # 1

Shock plastered her features and soon red creeped her cheeks and the tip of her ears. And suddenly she felt self conscious as she tried to get in the wall.



She muttered under her breath lowly so he won’t hear as she look at her surroundings to get away from him but he was caging her like a predator and she is feeling difficulty in breathing due to his closeness and not to even mention his eyes that were drilling holes in her head.

“I-I n-need to c-change.” She stuttered trying to get out of his cage as soon as possible.

“Then change!” He stated emotionlessly making her jaw to drop at his words as she tried to control her discomfort at his cold behaviour.

Anisah didn’t want to argue with him further. She saw the gap between their bodies and the gap under his arm was enough for her to get out of his cage if she ducked and move hurriedly.

She smiled internally at her plan and decide to perform the task quickly but before she could move a step, he took a step closer to her, his body touching hers making her to stiffen at her place as her eyes widen in shock and a gasp escaped her lips.

“Not so fast woman!” He spoke in his husky deep voice making the girl to squirm in her place.

With one hand, she was clutching her towel tightly and her other hand landed on his chest to push him in order to creat a descent distance between them but he won’t even budge.

Anisah couldn’t stop her body from reacting to his touch. She was melting and it wasn’t helping her situation at all.

“W-What are you d-doing?” She asked big hesitant at his dare. Here this man who is her husband, didn’t remember her and on the other hand as being all touchy to her. Very bad!

“Stopping you from running away. Now tell me who sent you? Why are you here in my room and just in towel?” He bombarded her with his questions in his deep voice.

On one hand she wanted to wrap her arms around him and hug the life out of him but she can’t do that. As he didn’t remember her and if she did that he’ll think low of her. Like which girls throw themselves at strangers duh!

“I will tell you, who sent me and for what, only if you let me get changed.” Anisah spoke seriously while smirking in her mind at her cleverness.

But her cleverness only back fired as his demeanour changed into dark. His fingers abruptly wrapped around her throat not in a choking manner but in scaring one as he made her face up. Her eyes widened at his behaviour. “You do know girl. I can make you talk while you stand naked in front of me!” He threatened her in a deadly cold voice making a chill ran down her spine as she bit her cheek to stop the tears.

She saw it then and there. The old Michael who kidnapped her and threatened her. This is that same Michael.

“P-please!” She stuttered in a broken voice. Michael stared at the scared girl, who was irritating him few minutes Now was on the verge of crying.

He just wanted his answers out of her and by the way she looked scared. He knows she’ll open her mouth. So without looking down at her small form. He let her go! Took two steps back and turned away from her.

“You’ve two minutes to change. Otherwise there will be consequences!” He stated in a cold voice and heard small steps running.

He heard the restroom door being shut and then locked. Turning around he slowly went to his hospital bed, which he hated a lot as he sat on it. Waiting for the girl to appear.

His muscles aches and were stiff due to that fucking coma. He really need to hit the gym to get his physic well again. His strength is almost to zero because of this coma.

He not only need to work on himself but also need to know what happened in Al-Aqrab behind his back. His men needs him. He was glad that Ibrahim handled everything well according to Zaroon.

Now he needs to get all fit just in a week so he could get back to work again. Even tho Zaroon and others were hiding things from him regarding how he ended up here, but surely they’ll open their mouth as he knows how to make them.

If he’s here for five months, laying almost lifeless. Then how in the world he’s still alive. He surely had a lot of enemies. Why didn’t they got the chance to kill him. Surely his men were on high alert and Asad was alway here, but still how and not to mention the girl he found just when he woke up.

She had taken more then two minutes. He was about to stand and barge in the restroom but door of the restroom opened before he could stand. The girl came out in white shalwar kameez with a veil on her head, covering her long honey hairs.

His eyes trailed down her body and he abruptly looked away. Why it felt like a sin, by just looking at her in that way.

He shook his head. “Come here girl!” He spoke loudly for her to here and she just like a scared child came to him.

He saw a hospital bed placed beside his and wondered why it’s here and who slept on it as he ignored those thoughts and focused on the girl.

He didn’t offered her to sit. “Now tell me what’s your name? No ridiculous answers. Because if I lost my patience, things will get dangerous for you!” He spoke in that deep authoritative voice making her to nod.

He saw that her eyes and tip of her nose was red. Which meant she cried in the restroom. But it’s none of his fucking business.

“A-Anisah, my name is Anisah.” She spoke in a soft voice clutching the hem of her kameez making him stare st her every move.

“Anisah.” Her name rolled of his lips so smoothly making her want to cry more but she controlled herself.

“What were you doing in my room when I woke up from coma?” He asked in his deep voice making her gulp.

“I-I was m-making coffee f-for myself.” She told him truthfully and his face hardened making her gulp.

‘Mu to aesa gusey wala banalia jese mai ne kisi ka khoon kardia ho!’

(He’s making that angry face as if I’ve killed someone!)

She thought internally but behave all scared in front of her angry beast.

“My family knows you?” He asked about calmly, his face clearly indicating he’s trying to control his anger.

Anisah thought for a second and then she wanted to say, ‘dash you plan!’ And wanted to tell him everything.

But still the thing that was stopping her was old Michael, who was a beast towards her. She just wished he hasn’t gone back to that self.

“Y-Yes!” She spoke softly looking at him once in a while. She was glad that he was sitting. Because if he inquired all this whole standing with that intimidating height. It would’ve been so difficult for her to answer him.

“How?” Another question. It seriously feels like an interview is happening here. But he’s being calm till now so it’s kinda progress. She thought.

“Sana is my best friend so that’s how.” She told him softly. Allah knows how difficult it is for her to keep everything in when internally she wanted to knock his head harshly and tell him everything from starting to end for his brain to register and started working like love sick puppy.

“Why were you here when I woke up, when you’re surely no doctor or nurse. And by the looks of your clothing, you don’t seems like staying alone with a non-mehram just like right now!” He bombarded her with a fact of a question.

Anisah arched both of her brows and then nodded her head. He’s absolutely right with that fact full question.

‘Ap mere mehram hai janab!’

(You’re my mehram mister!)

She spoke in her head. Gosh how she felt like killing Sohaib, that idiot really had to tell Michael that he’s Sana’s husband and that to today. One breaking news is already racking his mind and now if she gave him the blockbuster news of her being his wife then maybe a short circuit might appear in his brain and some sort of damage happen! She didn’t want that.

“It’s m-my duty!” She blurted out weirdly and as soon as she said that, his eyes darkened.

“What fucking duty?” He asked angrily making her flinch.

“Umm calm down! J-just take i-in a way that your f-family hired me to l-look after you.” She come up with the best lie of her life she could ever come up with.

“Am I a fucking baby! Who’ll need a fucking babysitter?” He snarled lowly making her flinch at his harsh words.

‘Itni galiyan!’

(So much cursing!)

She thought angrily in her head but of course he’ll be angry. After all his ego won’t let him need a babysitter. Allah knows how she wanted to tell him all those times, he behaved like a giant baby in front of her. Well not all the times but one or two time.

“You should ask your family. I was just doing my job.” She stated seriously this time, not getting scared of him at all. She didn’t make much of the eye contact with him, because that’ll surely do things to her heart.

“I will surely have a word with them and for you. You are fired!” He stated coldly making her jaw drop.

He literally just fired her from her imaginary created job right at the moment. Damn she can understand the sadness of his employees just now.

‘Fired my jooti!’

(Fired my sandal!)

She thought angrily as she clenched her jaw. “I was heir by aunt Yasmeen and only she can fire me not any stranger!”

She spoke adamantly making Michael to arch his brow at the audacity of this girl.

“You were looking after me from last five months and now you’re calling me a fucking stranger!” He spoke angrily making her confused.

Is he angry for calling him stranger or he’s angry at her for looking after him for last five months.

“You should sleep.” She told him plainly.

“Who are you to fucking tell me what to do or not?” He yelled angrily at her making her flinch. She was glad that the room was soundproof otherwise Asad would’ve to witness his tantrums.

“Forgot already. I’m the babysitter, remember?” She asked smirking but it was a bad idea.

Michael was on his feet in front of her, towering her small form. “You don’t know me girl! And trust me it will be better for you to stay away from me!” He snickered near her face making her gulp with wide eyes but she didn’t backed down. She stayed rooted on her spot.

“I’m just doing my duty. And according to your medical chart you must be sleeping by now.” She told in professional way and for a second she sounded like a doctor. Perks of staying in hospital for five months.

He clenched his jaw. He really wanted to kill her at that moment. His mood was getting annoyed and irritated and he didn’t know why it is. Either because of the girl or the medications he’s given. He literally wanted to go back to his own place as soon as possible. He felt suffocated here and this weird piece of girl is annoying the shit out of him.

If his mood would’ve been normal. He surely threatened her to the core and girl would’ve left him in oeace but right now his head was aching badly and all he wanted to do was sleep.

If she’s saying, she has been hired by aunt Yasmeen then she is no danger to him and if she was from some gang, he would’ve been already dead by her, but he’s alive. And she’s one irritating thing.

Not uttering a word. He moved to his bed and layed down. This is not him! His headache is doing a troll on him. Otherwise he would’ve taught her a proper lesson for irritating him.

Anisah saw him laying there silently for couple of seconds and then her resolve broke. She heaved a sigh of relief and then breathed again deeply to control her aching heart.

She must need to be strong for him and for herself.

She couldn’t stop thinking how different everything would’ve been, if he hadn’t loosen his memory. But she will not give up. She will bring him back. She will bring her Michael back.

She covered his laying form with the sheet and thought to lay on the couch but her heart won’t listen and she ended up laying on the attached bed with his, just like every night as she watched him sleeping as she faced his sleeping form.

Softly her hand raised and her fingers caressed his closed eyelids and then traced his lashes. She softly bring her hand back to herself and kissed her fingertips that touched his closed eyes.

“I will never forget today as I got to see your green eyes for the very first time. And from now on my favourite color is green.” She mumbled softly as a tear escaped her eye and trailed down her temple to her hair line.

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