Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 53 part # 2

Anisah was in awe as she looked at the vast garden filled with beautiful flowers. There was a large cage in the corner of the garden filled with beautiful birds of different kinds.

Slowly she took the massive gate in her sight, it was beautiful and large, giving the vibes of royal. As soon as she entered inside her mouth was wide in awe. The hall was so lavishly beautiful with a large sparkling chandelier on the roof. Posh furniture with expensive antiques. Large staircase took her attention as she went up the stairs not bothering to check the kitchen, dining area and gym.

A vast corridor was the first thing filled with beautiful paintings. There were many doors but she knew that the last one with the largest gate is their room.

As she slowly reached that door, her heart speed up recalling that last time she was here. She was about to die in fire if not for Michael.

Shaking those thoughts away. She focused her mind on admiring the house. Slowly she opened the door went in and closed the door behind her.

She can feel a heated gaze of certain someone on her but she didn't made eye contact with him as she looked at the beautiful grey and black room in awe. The room was luxurious, spacious and beautiful. Shazia's entire house where she lived must be equal to this room only.

The thing that got her attention was the glass wall as without thinking twice she went there, opened the glass door and her jaw was again touching the floor.

The sight was breathtakingly beautiful. There in front of her was a beautiful large pool and damn it look all sparkly under sunlight. This is pure bliss she thought. With everything she see a pure Masha Allah escaped her lips.

Slowly she came back in the room. "This house is really gorgeous." She mumbled lowly but that certain someone heard it and his blood pressure was rising looking at this girl barging in his room without permission and then roaming in here like she fucking owned it.

"With whose permission you fucking barge in my room?" He spoke angrily now standing on his feet.

Come to think of it. He was more silent when she knew him in the first but now he's speaking more. Weird.

Anisah being Anisah completely ignored him as she went in the restroom to have a look at it and then she gasped again. It was lavish with glass shower area and a large tub at one side and with a lot of free space, which made the restroom to look like a mini room.

Anisah was still gawking at the place when her arm was taken in a death grip and she was yanked out of the restroom into the room and her small form collided with a hard chest.

In morning Michael got discharged and came back to his own mansion with extreme speed and Asad was kind enough to drop her here. And now here they are.

"I know you're strong but please have some mercy on my arm. You will break it!" She spoke the first words softly but her temper rises in the last sentence.

"Don't you have manners?" Came his deep angry voice.

Anisah literally wanted to scoff at him. Manners! Like seriously husband, you're talking about manners, who just forgot her! He had no rights to talk about manners when he literally forgot her.

"No I don't! Happy! Now let go!" Anisah spoke in a snarky tone making the man to clench his jaw but she didn't back down.

"Which language do you understand?" He gritted angrily as his hold tightened on her arm making her hiss out.

"Abcd!" She spoke in same gritting manner.

Michael just simply let her go and start pulling at his hair in frustration.

"Aunt Yasmeen which sort of revenge is this?" He muttered angrily under his breath.

"Exercise time it is. Now come down in garden within five minutes or you won't like the consequences!" She said in the same he used on her last night, making shock to Marge his features but Anisah was already out of the room not wanting to face his wrath.

A small giggle escaped her lips at her doings. She's really enjoying irritating the crap out of him. "That's what you'll get for forgetting me Mr. Michael Sheikh!" She muttered happily as she went to the garden.

Michael was angry and irritated. Like what the fuck is happening in his life? That girl wasn't even scared of him. When his enemies are terrified him f his doings. Either she's unaware of him or she's plainly stupid. He really had to make her see what he is, then only she'll left him and resign this whatever fucking job she's on.

In exactly five minutes Michael was in the garden and Anisah smirked. "I like punctuality!" She stated all professionally as if she's a boss. Michael decided to ignore her stupid voice for a time being as he started jogging on his own without hearing any word from her.

Anisah was literally drooling over him as he jogged slowly in the garden. The way his shirt attached to his body due to sweat, the way his muscles flexed. Damn, he is making her feel weird things just with his exercising.

Her cheeks tinted red at all the dirty thoughts that came in her mind. "Astagfirullah!" She mumbled under her breath. She need to see a doctor, her hormones were never like this before. The girl gulped as she tried to clear her mind.

After twenty to thirty minutes Anisah spoke up. "That's enough for afternoon." Michael stopped and sparing her a glance he went in. Anisah stood there stunned, he literally listened to her without all those whining and inquiry. Success!

But as she went after him the man wasn't going towards his room but rather he was heading towards the gym.

"Uh oh! That's not happening!" She spoke loudly as she did a short run and stand in his way, stopping him from going further.

"Get the fuck out of my way!" He growled lowly at her face making her flinch back and he saw it a spark of tiny bit of fear in her honey doe orbs.

"P-please gaming won't even good for you and it's also not allowed in your medication and exercising chart." She tried to make him understand but he won't even listen.

He took two deadly steps closer to her and she abruptly took two steps back. Her back hitting on the door of gym.

When he was hovering over her small form. He snickered at her face. "Listen here kitten! I want to get all fit and fine as quickly as possible, just to get rid of you!" His voice deep and his words harsh as she felt tears trying to form in her eyes but she controlled herself.

Moving away from the door, she let him pass as she went away from there with lowered eyes.

Anisah went straight in the kitchen to find it empty. How she wished Amma was here but Amma has went to her village to live the rest of her days in her relatives. She had to come to meet her in the hospital before departing. She even gave lots of prayers for Michael's betterment. Anisah has thought that she'll visit Amma when Michael wake up but the things didn't go as planed but still she's hopeful cause as soon as he get his memory back. They'll be going to meet Amma.

She started making lunch for them both as she tried to forget his harsh full words.

'Mujh se jaan churana chahtey hai!'

(He wants to get rid of me!)

'Jaan na lelu mai inki!'

(I will kill him before that!)

She thought angrily as she admires the beautiful posh kitchen while searching for ingredients. She was really thankful to Asad for filling all the stock and groceries in kitchen before her arrival.

She prepared club sandwiches for both of them and went to check the gym. Luckily it was empty which means, he's in the room so she went there to call him.

Without knocking she opened the door and the sight in front of her knocked her breath away.

Her handsome husband was only in jeans and was picking his shirt from the bed. His body all wet and muscles flexing. He looked as if he's perfectly fine and didn't got discharged from the hospital just yesterday.

Her cheeks turned red when she counted his abs as six boxes when she first touched that body, the very first time she met him. How embarrassing was that but now she won't mind counting those ands at all.

Her eyes stayed rooted on him as he wore his shirt, those muscles flexing and her gaze became darker.

"Like what you see kitten?" Came that deep voice of her husband making her honey orbs to meet his twinkling green ones.

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