Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 7

Anisah couldn't help but feel sad for herself. Life was difficult without sight but then her parents were there for her. And now it's nothing more than a burden on her soul.

Every night the girl prayed to the one who created the stars and moon, the creator of heaven and hell. Asking for heaven and peace. For eternity of bliss. Wanting to vanish from this world and meet her beloved parents in the heavens above where all are equal with no disability or poverty.

A gnawing feeling is racking her thoughts. She didn't want to give it the name of jealousy but Alas! The girl was distressed for she was envying her only true friend Sana.

Anisah isn't like this but in the end it's in human nature to want good for themselves. Wallah the girl is so happy for Sana and she wanted all the happiness to be dropped in Sana's fate but what if!

What if she had her sight? What if her parents weren't dead? What ifs are so many that the girl couldn't help but felt despair.

She could've been marrying a normal guy and had a normal life with normal friends. But here she is forced to marry a man of her father's age.

The girl knows very well. Allah don't like the people who think less of the things they are blessed with. But if she comes to think about the ones who can't speak, who can't walk, who can't hear or the ones with out hands or leg and many with life threatening disease. She is far more blessed than all in many ways.

Shaking her head the girl asked forgiveness for complaining to her lord about her hardships. Mumbling sorry to Almighty Allah in her heart as she often converse with her lord in loneliness.

She even asked for forgiveness for touching a man unintentionally from her lord. Even now thinking about that scenario send chills down her spine. She only wondered one thing how in the world that man's flesh was so hard. In her whole life she was only accustomed to the presence of her father in male and her father was normal like her. She remembered hugging her father and her father was like human not like that wall of a man.

Small whispers were coming from the small lounge indicating Chachi is talking to someone on phone or probably someone has came to visit.

The girl could only understand 'Alright we'll do it today.' Before the door to her room was slammed open.

The girl flinched back knowing very well it's her Chachi. Shazia harshly placed the phone on girl's ear as she hissed at the girl's face.

"Your soon to be husband wants to talk to you." Anisah's eyes widened as she shook her head in negative pleading her Chachi's that she didn't want to talk.

But Shazia only grasped the girl's arm harshly giving it a tight squeeze in a painful manner as the girl bite in her cry and spoke.


“I miss you already babydoll.” The creepy voice spoke. Making the girl insides turn in anxiety.

The girl kept quiet as she felt her aunts heated gaze on her face. “Tomorrow night you’ll be in my bed screaming at me for going slow but makeup your mind babydoll I’ll be rough.” The creepy voice spoke with full of lust.

The girl flinched back as she felt disgust and loathe. Large tears escaped her eyes. She wanted to scream and kill that man for saying such words. She wanted to claw his eyes out, and cut his tongue into pieces.

“You’ll be mine tomorrow. Cry all you want.” The ridiculous man spoke in his creepy voice as Shazia moved away from the defeated girl smirking.

Cutting the call Shazia placed a ring in Anisah’s hand as she blurted. “Wear your ring Anisah, I don’t want your soon to be husband getting angry.” Baffled the girl didn’t move as Shazia herself placed the ring in girl’s finger rather harshly making her hiss.

“Now get yourself ready. We are going to haveli. Yasmeen wanted to give you some gifts for your marriage.” Shazia spat as she left the room.

Anisah felt cold shivers run down her spine. Tomorrow is her wedding. The day she dreaded from past days is just few hours away. All of a sudden the girl felt nauseous recalling that man’s evil words.

The girl wanted to die. She literally do wanted to die. Only if suicide isn’t haram. The girl would’ve ended her misery a long time ago.


“Don’t worry Yasmeen. The man is really good and thank you so much for the all the gifts for Anisah. Allah knows I was so worried about her dowry but you made it easy for me.” Shazia spoke in a sugary manner.

Yasmeen caressed Anisah’s face softly as she spoke. “May Allah bless you Anisah. Your just like my daughter alright! Whenever you need anything or any help just remember me.” Anisah felt her heart in her throat. The girl so desperately wanted to speak.

“Of course Yasmeen. Can you tell the driver to send all these things to our home.” Shazia spoke softly as yasmeen nodded and told the driver to take all the gifts at Shazia’s home.

Anisah knows all to well that her Chachi is going to keep these things for herself only or most probably she’ll sell it.

The girl couldn’t help but felt so much love towards Yasmeen auntie. She’s the most kind person Anisah has ever come across to. Her personality ooze our kindness and love.

Yasmeen went out to call Sana who was getting ready for her own Mehndi ceremony. It’s quite a coincidence that both the girls are getting married on the same day. In other case Anisah would’ve been so happy about it just like Sana but the reality is far from happiness.

“Go tell Sana that Yasmeen is calling her in the garden.” Shazia spoke making the girl uncomfortable. How in the world she can find Sana in this haveli and not to forget the last time she got lost in here.

“B-but C-Chachi. Yasmeen auntie just went to c-call her.” Anisah tried to argue but than nodded abruptly when a thought entered her mind.

Slowly from what she remembered she made her way to stairs hearing shuffling and talking everywhere as the people were decorating the haveli from what her Chachi told her.

Moving up the stairs slowly the girl felt someone passing from beside her as she abruptly spoke up. “Excuse me?”

Who that person stopped on the mid step as that person stared at her. After a small silence the person spoke up. “Yes, can I help you?” The deep strong voice spoke as the girl inhaled sharply.

“S-sir, c-can you g-guide m-me to Sana’s r-room.” The man probably realised her situation as he nodded but than realised it yet again and spoke. “Sure miss. Well...” the man shuffled a bit and than a soft thing touched her hands as the man spoke. “Hold this bale of flowers and follow me miss.” The man spoke softly.

A surge of warm ness erupted in her heart at his kind gesture. Holding the bale softly the man guided her up the stairs to the corridor as the girl couldn’t stop herself from asking. “S-sir is your room on this floor.” She blurted before realising how wrong it would’ve looked like as the person stopped in his tracks.

Abruptly shaking her head she spoke again. “I’m s-sorry sir! Its j-just my intentions a-are p-pure..... Allah it’s sounding wrong!” Anisah mumbled looking pale.

A soft chuckle was heard as the man spoke. “First of all don’t call me sir and second of all no my room isn’t on this floor and last of all my name is Amir and now you’re standing in front of Sana’s room.” Anisah nodded frantically taking all information in.

His room isn’t on this floor that meant only one thing.

Sana’s room abruptly opened as the next thing Anisah was taken in a bone crushing hug. “C-can’t b-breath.” Anisah mumbled as Sana let her go scoffing. “Oh come on! NASA!”

“NASA!” The mumbled rather shocked at weird name making Sana laugh and Anisah angry. Before Sana could mumble anymore stuff. Anisah spoke.

“Yasmeen auntie is calling you in the garden.” And just like whiplash Sana stormed off mumbling her mom is going to kill her.

Anisah knew that Amman guy was still standing. After lots of courage she spoke up. “Is anyone e-else with us?” The girl asked hesitated and she knows it to sounded wrong.

“No.” A soft reply came as the girl spoke up. Her heart drumming wildly. “C-can you t-take to U-uncle I-Imran?” She asked a bit scared.

She can feel his heated gaze on her. “Why?” The man inquired rather precautious.

“B-because.... I need h-help.” The girl breathed as a single tear escaped from her lips.

“In what?” Ammar asked softly this time knowing something is wrong.

“My C-Chachi y-your maid S-Shazia is forcing m-me to mar—-”

A shrill voice has the buzzing of the haveli snoozing off as a loud yells came from downstairs followed by screaming of a woman.

Ammar marched down hurriedly as Anisah to abruptly moved down the stairs with the help of the railing as the cries got louder.

But one sentence stopped her beating heart as the girl felt her life turning into oblivion.

“Sana got kidnapped!”

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