Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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I know few of my readers are founding the story to be a bit draggy but these are filler chapters and are important for making the upcoming scenarios to be more impactful. I wanted to inform y’all about this because each and every comment of my readers are important to me.

I was first deciding on ending the book one where the doctor said I'm sorry. And creat a book 2 of Mafia Conquest for the second phase but then I decided to continue here only and make it a perfect big novel.

I can guarantee y'all will be happy after the ending of this novel.

Consider that half of the Mafia Conquest is completed but the other half is still about to come. And for those asking how many chapters are more then it'll be 80 or more probably.

And the ones who are supporting me. Know that I love you all. Keep supporting me and following me.

Do follow me guys for updates and any important announcements.

Thank you,


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