Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 54

Her eyes shot up to his green ones and her breathing became uneven with the look he was throwing her way. Anisah gulped, breathed in and then she smiled softly. "I've seen better!" She snapped in serious tone and then huffed, clearly stating through her actions that his hot body is nothing to her and it did hit his ego, right on the spot.

"Lunch is ready, lets go!" She ordered him nonchalantly as she started walking down the stairs with him following behind with three to four steps away.

Anisah knew her cheeks would be flaming hot and why won't it be after all she got to see her husband half naked and his body was all muscles and tan and Astagfirullah. She needs to stop thinking about it, or in a minute or two she'll be launching on him like a horny wife.

As soon as they reached the dining table a tasty smell reached his senses and he inhaled deeply. And the girl had made chicken club sandwich. He sat down on the head chair ready to serve himself when she literally slapped his hand away. Placed those club sandwiches in front of herself and placed a boring looking soup in front of him.

Michael looked at that plain soup and then back at the girl, who's sitting on one of the chair and eating that club sandwich like she's hungry for ages.

He didn't argue with her on that plain soup, because he knows she'll start her medication and schedule shit and stuff. So he let it pass for his own sanity.

"You're on duty remember!" He remarked at her mockingly but the girl just dismissed him and resumed her eating.

"I don't allow my employees to sit with me on the same table while eating. Go in the kitchen and eat!" He ordered her rudely making her to narrow her eyes at him.

"Then that's so wrong of you, from now on treat others equally, you're no superior and I'm not going anywhere!" She spoke in the same manner her did and it just triggered his patience.

This girl is literally playing with her luck way to much. "Stand up!" He yelled loudly making her flinch as she placed her half eaten sandwich down on the plate and was about to say something when his words stopped her.

"Get the fuck out of here, right now!" He growled the last part lowly making her stare at him with wide eyes that became angry in few seconds, but she must've seen the rage in his eyes or something else, so she quietly stood up, picked her plate and went in the kitchen not looking back at once.

In kitchen she placed her plate a bit roughly on the small table and bit her cheek to stop the stupid tears. Of course this wasn't going to be easy. Why she's forgetting that he forgot her. She need to behave properly rather then behaving like an angry teacher.

Come to think of it, not one of her act is an employee like, and on top of that she's behaving like they're diaper friends. Like seriously Anisah need to make her game strong. Play more professionally, maybe that will work.

Sitting on the chair, she ate her sandwich half heartedly, kinda just forced the food down her throat because her husband just made her loose her appetite.

She didn't went in the dining room until he was gone. She was glad that he went back in the room. She slowly cleared the dining table, took the utensils in the kitchen and washed the dishes. After cleaning the kitchen she went in the lounge and turned on the LED.

She turned on the wifi and searched few videos on YouTube regarding amnesia and its treatment and other stuff. She should know about this amnesia properly so she could think of better plans on bringing his memory back. She was glad that he's in the room.

She kept watching video after video and didn't realise it was time for his second exercise of the day. Turning off the LED she went in their room to call him in the garden for exercise.

As she opened the door, she found him laying on the bed and working on his laptop. He's doing work from home, what a hardworking man she got there.

She softly cleared her throat but he didn't bothered to glance her way, as he was already aware of her presence. The girl narrowed her eyes and cleared her throat again to gain his attention, still no response. Third time she coughed out loud.

"Strepsils are in first drawer to your left." He spoke plainly not even sparing her a glance. Anisah narrowed her eyes at him.

"Mr. Sheikh it's time for your exercise." She told him professionally after completely ignoring his words.

Michael grit his teeth as he put the laptop aside. Stood up and came towards her in two steps. He hovered over her small form, glared at her for several seconds and then moved out of the room, just like that.

Anisah let go of her breath that she was holding in. He scares her sometimes. Shaking her head, she went after him in the garden and he was doing that same jogging again. She stood at the glass door watching him, and when he was done, he went straight to the gym. Now Anisah instead of stopping him, went in the kitchen and prepared a protein shake for him, which she just saw on Youtube.

After making a jug of protein shake, which seems like it would take three days for her to drink but he's a big muscly man. It's one time drink for him. She shook her head of stupid thoughts and went towards the gym.

She slowly opened the door and went in, there she saw a strong muscular back with large firm muscles flexing with his each pull. He was sitting and pulling weights up. Anisah gulped, He's so strong! Was the only thought that racked her mind.

He was shirtless, which meant his abs would be on display, even tho she loved to stare at him all day like this but she didn't know, if she would be able to control herself.

Slowly with much difficulty she tore her gaze away from him, precisely his body and went to place the protein shake in front of him on the small table.

A large mirror was placed on the complete wall, where he had already seen her gawking at him. As soon as she placed the shake on the table and turned to leave, not looking his way for once. He let go of the dumbbells, letting them fall harshly making a loud rumble noise and she flinched.

He abruptly stood up, and her eyes shot to him. He picked up the towel from beside and lazily wipes his sweat on his neck, chest and abs.

Anisah's eyes trailed down to his sensual moves and she pried her eyes away with difficulty and was about to leave when his words stopped her.

“Anisah!" He spoke and her body stilled at hearing her name from his lips.

Slowly he made his way in front of her standing a foot away and the girl looked at everywhere but at him.

A smirk formed on his lips at her discomfort but he covered it immediately with an emotionless mask. "You like seeing me like this?" He asked in a deep manly voice making her control her fluttering heart.

She didn't get what he meant. "Like what?" She asked confused, not looking at his body nor his face or eyes.

Michael took a step closer making her honey wide doe eyes to snap to his green ones because of his closeness. "Like this!" He said indicating towards his naked upper body making shock to plaster her features and her cheeks to burn bright red.

"You think so high of yourself. I've seen better!" She mumbled with full on confidence but internally she was a nervous wreck.

Never in her life she has seen a male body but had definitely felt his and his was the first one she has seen but gladly half of it. And here she's showing off how many better of bodies she has seen. She has totally lost her senses for real.

Michael arched his brow at her fake confidence when he can easily see her nervous eyes. He took another step closer and she abruptly took a step back, cause if she didn't backed away, there bodies would've touched. Her wide eyes shot to his green ones again and she gulped.

"Oh, really! How many you've seen better?" He asked coldly making a shudder to pass down her spine as she felt her cheeks getting hotter.

She didn't have anything to say back. What should she say. If she lied to him, surely his questions will get more dirty, which she don't want.

"Mr. Sheikh, that's my personal life. You should mind your own business!" She spoke confidently. And she thanked Allah million times for this confidence.

"You Miss. Micky are dancing in my personal life and wanting me to stay out of your personal life." He mocked taking another step closer, accidentally her eyes trailed on his hard muscular chest and she immediately looked away, gulping.

"Mr. Sheikh you're crossing your line!" She spoke professionally and confidently but it was a wrong move.

His fingers creeped in her hair, he wrapped his hand in her long hairs and he abruptly pulled her hair, making her veil to fall on her shoulders and the next thing he harshly pulled her closer by pulling her hair.

A sharp hiss left her lips. As her neck arched up facing him. Her wide shocked eyes met his green ones as his index finger caressed her honey strand behind her ear.

Her face was arched towards the ceiling and his face was hovering over hers due to his magnificent height. One of her hand landed on his hard muscular chest and other one trying to pry his hand off of her hair.

“Anisah.” She purred huskily in her ear making chills to run down her spine at the way he spoke her name.

She was shell shocked at his sudden behaviour to even form a word of protest. His face got dangerously close and she tried to face away. His beard caressed her cheek as his lips touched her ear, making his hot breath to fan her neck and ear making goosebumps to appear all over her body.

“I don’t even started yet and you’re considering me crossing the line!” He rasped as his lips caressed her ear with every word he spoke.

She squirmed as she felt scary sensations along with fear run down her body. He intentionally rubbed his beard with her cheek making her let out a shuddering breath.

He moved inches back to see her eyes tightly closed and her lips trembling as shuddering breath escaped her lips.

He gave another harsh pull to her hair making her yelp and she bit in her lips cause of the pain. Her eyes were still closed as tears started to form in her eyes.

When she kept her eyes close, he jerked her face back more. “Open your eyes kitten!” He rasped making her chin to start quivering. And he liked this act of hers way to much.

When she didn’t opened her eyes his free hand cupped her face and his thumb harshly brushed her lips pulling it out of her teeth.

Making her eyes to snap open and her moisten scared orbs met his cold green ones. “Let g-go!” She spoke trying to be angry but with quivering lips.

His lips twitched from the corner of his mouth. As he saw fear lurking in his eyes. “I might show you what crossing a line means.” He mused as his free hand went around her waist and he pulled her trembling form close, making a gasp to escape her trembling lips.

Anisah eyes widened in shock at his words. Even tho, he’s her husband but she’s not liking this at all. It felt as if he’s another man. Her heart was thudding wildly in her chest at his daring acts.

“Let go of me!” She spoke with mustered up courage and anger this time. Squirming wildly in his arms making him to growl lowly as he tightened his hold on her waist and her hair making her movements almost immobile due to his harsh hold.

“Are you scared kitten?” He asked sensually making her to close her eyes in fear. Of course she’s scared, scared out her wits. It felt as if she’s facing the old Michael who kidnapped her at that time. Her heart was running crazily and her blood was turning cold due to closeness.

“Le-leave m-me!” She whispered softly with closed eyes. Michael’s hand that was on her face wiped her tear softly as his knuckles caressed her lips again, making her to hide her lips in her mouth, earning a throaty chuckle from him.

Her body stiffened. As his lips touched her jaw and he gave a soft kiss there, making her go numb and then he let her go, just like that.

Anisah felt her legs trembling but she didn’t fall as she stayed statue there, on the spot looking at the floor with sparse breathing.

Michael being all normal and casually picked up the protein shake from the table, giving it a slight shake, he opened the bottle and went out of the gym while drinking it.

As soon as he was out. Anisah felt her knees buckling up and she slowly crouched in the floor, with tears flowing out of her eyes.

How dare he? How could he behave in such a way with her. She only came to give him a protein shake and this is what he gave her in return.

Sadly she didn’t like him close to her this time. His behaviour only scared her, his words scared her. How could he scare a stranger girl like this?

He was behaving like a beast she felt ants running all over the place he touched. He dared to pull her hair. She will also pull his hair when his memory come back! He’ll pay for doing this to her and she’ll make sure of it.

Michael was smirking as he showered. He closed his eyes as her quivering chin and trembling lips racked his mind and he smiled. She was looking like a trembling doll there and he liked making her all fearful.

Her act of confidence came all crushing down with his one cold behaviour. A little intimidation and dominance and tigress became a scared kitten.

He didn’t know why he really fucking enjoyed her in his arms. He could still feel her soft body against his hard one. Oddly it felt satisfying to him, like it was her place to be there in his arms. And he enjoyed every bit of it.

The sole reason of him showing a little glimpse of his true self to her was only to make her leave.

She appears and looked like a respected girl, so this might scare her and she will leave him alone.

But the way her those honey coloured eyes looked at him felt as if she’s searching something inside his soul. As if she wants him. He’s a man and can definitely read a look she often gave him. It’s little obvious she liked him but it’s stupid of her to like him. Because he’s not a Prince Charming but a ruthless assassin.

She has only seen a glimpse of his reality and if she still didn’t left, he will not hesitate to truly scare her out of his mansion.

Anisah didn’t bother to see him again. She made the dinner for them. Ate her own dinner silently in the kitchen and placed his on the dining table and then covered it. She went into the room, where he had kept her for the very first time, when he kidnapped her.

As she stared at the room, it felt so new. Nobody can say that this house was burnt down few months ago.

She did her esha prayers and layed on the bed, twisting and turning but sleep was so far away from her. She really wanted to see him, how’s he doing but she stopped herself. Let him be! She told her heart strictly.

Opening the large window she let the cool air to enter in the room, the wind swirled around playing with her hair strands as the girl breathed in deeply. The breeze felt refreshing as the girl placed the study table in front of the window. She placed every content of the table on the bed and then sat on that table in a desk manner with folded legs as she stared at the beauty above.

The moon was almost full and bright giving a beautiful highlight to the earth as stars twinkled in the dark sky which was free of any clouds. The wind was getting chilly and she was enjoying herself as she stared at the beauty. With everything she sees, her heart says thousands of thank you to her lord for giving her sight to see.

Come to think of it, after her parents death she has lost the hope to see again. Never in billion years she thought that someone can love her with her disability but he did. Never she thought to get sight back but he helped her with Allah’s will, she’s able to see again and now she just needs to be patient and hopeful.

Everything is in Allah’s will. If he wants it, it’ll happen and she knows her prayers will be answered maybe not right now but it will be fulfilled definitely.

“Then Michael Sheikh, ill take my revenge from you for hurting me so much!” She muttered under her breath with angry red nose as she thought of all the ways to torture him after he got his memory back.

In morning Anisah started her day with fajar prayers. As she showered, changed into a new set of clothes which she took from her bag. She surely need to get her all clothes back here from the haveli.

And most importantly thing. She needs a freaking phone. Now how can she talk to Sana. In hospital she just ask Asad and he would call anyone with his phone for Anisah to talk and now when he’s not standing at the door for their service, she needs to get a phone. Keeping that in mind, she went down to prepare breakfast.

She prepared a pancakes for both of them. This time instead of sitting in the kitchen, she sat on the dining table and started eating. She heard footsteps coming down the stairs and she maintained her calm composure as she continued to eat. She felt him him silently siting on the head chair as he filled his plate and start eating and this large hunk ate all of the pancakes and then licked his spoon.

Anisah was staring wide eyed at him and then at the empty plates. She just ate one. Narrowing her eyes, she stood up and took the plates in the kitchen to wash. She heard footsteps as he opened the fridge and filled a glass of juice for him self.

‘Bhooka kahika! Banda bol he deta hai, bohat tasty bana hai, bill nhi lagta is pai!’

(Huh hungry man! A person can praise that the food was tasty, it’s not like he’ll be fined a bill.)

She thought annoyingly as she washed dishes as soon as she was done, she heard a doorbell ringing.

Michael didn’t bothered to move from his leaning position as he sipped his juice as if its a tea.

Clenching her jaw, she walked passed him and towards the hall. She opened the door and heard a loud voices yelling. “Surprise!” Anisah abruptly moved back and got startled.

There in front of her was the whole family smiling widely at her. Anisah’s eyes sparkled at seeing everyone together. She immediately opened the door fully and welcomed them all in.

Sana and aunt Yasmeen hugged her one by one and Ibrahim ruffled her hair a little through her veil, making her glare at him as everyone went in. She was about to close the door when she saw Asad leaning on the car, staring at her.

Her smile widened more as she waved at him. He smiled shortly and waved back at her. She then grinned and waved him to come inside. She just shook his head in negative and indicated her to go inside but who can win against Anisah.

She adjusted her veil and made a short run towards him. She can see so many guards looking her but when they recognised her they immediately looked down. There were so many of them in black suit, surrounding the whole house. Yesterday she was scared to see so many men around their house in the estate but Zaroon had informed her about this. Which according to Zaroon is for security purposes.

Anisah felt respected by the way every men looked down when she came out. Asad was shaking his head negative as if telling her to stay in. But Anisah wasn’t having.

“Come on in Asad bhai.” She told him softly but Asad was being hesitant.

“You should go in bhabhi. I’m fine here.” He told her softly in a respectful manner making her shook her head in negative.

“I wasn’t asking bhai. I was telling and if denied again then I’m going to stand here beside you all the time, until you come in.” She spoke adamantly smirking making Asad to smile softly Ashe surrender his hands up and muttered. “As you say ma’am.”

Anisah laughed at his endearment asthey started moving in. Anisah felt a heated gaze on her as her eyes own their own landed on the glass window of the lounge from where Michael was digging holes in her skull. Her laugh immediately vanished at the cold look he was throwing her way as she went inside along with Asad.

Everyone was gathered in the lounge and Michael was also their. Anisah smiled happily at everyone as she told them that she’ll go and prepare tea for everyone. Sana came with her to the kitchen where as Michael was scrutinising the poor Sohaib.

Anisah was busy preparing the tea as Sana was chanting about the gifts that her sister in law brought for her from Canada.

“Anisah did bhai know you are his wife? You told him yet?” Sana asked softly and Anisah breathed in deeply.

Anisah shook her head in negative. She was thinking the same thing from last two days. She was mustering up her courage to tell him everything but she was scared. She was scared of his rejection. What if he won’t accept her. What will she do then. She would die before letting him reject that heartache would be so much for her to bear. Only this fear was stopping her for telling him the truth.

They both took the dishes filled with cups to the lounge when her toe got hit with the sofa and the dish was about to fall. Asad who was sitting just beside was fast to hold the dish as he placed it on the table. “Are you okay?” He asked her softly as Jhangir to stood up. Anisah nodded her head in affirmation with a small smile as she served everyone the tea. Aunt Yasmeen made Anisah sit with her when Michael spoke up.

“Aunt Yasmeen I’m totally fine now. You should give her some other job at your place.” Michael spoke seriously and aunt Yasmeen made a face like a confused kid as Anisah slightly nudged her in the arm and then after a minute ir two she got her memory back of the plan that Anisah had told her on the hospital.

“Oh, no son! You’re not well yet. You need to get healthy so Isn’t going anywhere soon!” Aunt Yasmeen spoke exaggerating and with stern voice making Anisah to smirk triumphantly.

Anisah felt a burning gaze on her and on cue her eyes met with the brown ones of Jhangir. Weird! He didn’t looked away and Anisah herself looked away not being able to match his gaze.

Aunt Rabia was sitting quietly looking here and there whereas both Uncles were talking, Sana and aunt Yasmeen were talking to Anisah. Zaroon, Amir, Jhangir , Sohaib and Asad were discussing something related to sports and were kinda making bets on something.

Anisah gathered the cups from everyone. Sana was to engrossed in talking and Asad noticed Anisah struggling with two dishesso he helped herand both took the dishes in the kitchen.

She started washing dishes when Zaroon and Amir also came in the kitchen followed by Jhangir.

Zaroon leaned in the slab beside Anisah as Asad, Amir and Jhangir sat on the chair in the small dining table in the kitchen.

“So any progress?” Zaroon asked the quiet Anisah who was washing the cups. Anisah softly shook her head in negative.

He let out a heavy sigh. “You told him anything?” He asked softly and she again shook her head in negative.

She didn’t know why but she felt tears forming in her eyes. That is when Ibrahim also came in the kitchen and seeing Anisah’s teary eyes he asked softly. “What happened? Did-Did Michael hurt you?” Ibrahim asked seriously as Anisah was now facing them.

The way he behaved with her in the gym roamed her mind and more tears formed making the boys to tensed. “What did he do?” Jhangir asked angrily as he stood up.

Anisah abruptly shook her head in negative. Last thing she didn’t want to see, brothers fighting each other.

“No he d-didn’t!” She mumbled softly as she wiped her tears. Amir came to stand in front of her. “Then what it is?” He asked really softly making Anisah to smile sadly.

“It’s-It’s j-just that I’m scared, if he rejects me.” She mumbled softly making everyone to stare at her with sad eyes. She’s right there are high chances of him loosing his mind after getting to know that he got married and she’s his wife.

“Don’t worry Cinderella.” Came Jhangir’s soft voice making her to smile sadly at them. It’s easy to say then done.

“Don’t cry bhabhi, Allah will help you.” Spoke Asad softly as to cane to stand beside her.

Anisah let out a sad laugh with tears as she stared at them all. “Why should I need to worry when I have five brothers like you.” Anisah spoke softly while smiling making all of them to laugh except for one.

But a booming voice stopped their laughter.

“What’s happening here?”


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