Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 55

Anisah completely stiffened at that booming voice. Everyone stopped laughing abruptly as they turned to look at the source of voice. And it was none other then Michael with narrowed eyes.

Anisah intake a sharp breath. "What it looks like?" Came the questioning voice of Jhangir which made Michael to gave him an intense stare and he didn't backed down either, Jhangir stared back with same narrowed eyes making Anisah confused at Jhangir's behaviour.

"We were just chitchatting with your caretaker." Ibrahim spoke nonchalantly as if it's no big deal, and it's a normal thing for five men to chitchat with a caretaker, whom they just met.

Michael arched his brow at Ibrahim's perfect lie. "With chitchatting he meant, we were taking progress information regarding you." Zaroon tried to handle the situation professionally making Anisah to made an oh face at first and then nod in affirmation and it was not only her, who nodded but all of them did, making it look weirder.

Michael didn't said a word as he went to the fridge took out a water bottle and start drinking water, while eyeing them all.

"So when will he be able to come to office?" Amir asked to Anisah, to make the situation little tense. Anisah smiled at Amir weirdly. "In a week probably." She said with a curt smile in the end. His gaze on her is making her nervous.

Why in the world it felt like, they all are dears and got caught in the headlights.

"Alright we are outside." Zaroon stated normally as everyone nodded again in unison making it look at the peek of weirdest.

Slowly one by one they left the kitchen as they walked past Michael. Asad was the last one as he gave a slight nod to Anisah before going and Anisah gave a curt nod back.

When they all were out. Anisah didn't bother to look at him or anything. She washed the vegetables and started preparing for dinner. Now when everyone is here, she'll probably not let them go without dinner and this way, they'll eat food made by her for the very first time.

Placing the vegetables, she turned to get the cutting board but her face hit a strong muscular chest and she backed up hissing. Rubbing her nose she opened her eyes only to find Michael hovering over her. A gasp escaped her lips at his sudden closeness but she immediately backed up, her lower back hitting the slab.

"W-What?" She stuttered taken a back by his sudden scary attack.

Michael didn't utter a word as he scrutinised her with his narrowed green eyes, making her to abruptly look away.

He stepped closer now standing in her personal space making her to almost plaster back, her hands held the slab for support as his face inches closer to her making her eyes to widen.

"W-What are y-you d-doing?" She stuttered but he came so close to her that she crouched back her upper body, just so there face won't touch but he didn't stop inching closer.

When she was unable to move further back, and felt his lips hovering over hers, she hid them in her mouth making him smirk and smile at the same time.

When his nose touched hers, she abruptly turned her face to the side. "M-move a-away o-or I'll s-scream!" She stuttered angrily and on cue he turned the tap on and started washing his hands as his breath fanned the side of her face.

Anisah's eyes widened and red creeped her cheeks in embarrassment. But what is this behaviour? He could have asked her to move aside but no, he just hovered over her, invaded her personal space, took her breath away just to wash his hands.


As soon as he was done. He intentionally let his hot breathing to fall on her cheek. "You need a filter for your brain." He spoke in deep voice mockingly making the girl to gulp as she still didn't looked his way.

With that said, the warmth that was engulfing her surroundings ended as he moved away, letting her to breath a gulp of air.

Smirking at her nervous form. He left the kitchen. Anisah breathed a sigh of relief as she calmed her overly beating heart to a normal pace and started making dinner. Soon Sana and both the aunts Yasmeen and Rabia joined her as the women prepared the dinner.

Anisah went to set the table and men were already sitting on the dining table all hungry as if for ages. Anisah smiled as she set the table and Zaroon stood to help her out. Anisah smiled at him softly as she told him how to set the utensils and plating stuff, she went in the kitchen to bring the food.

Zaroon did as Anisah told him earning an appreciation from her, making her laugh lightly. Sana, Aunt Yasmeen and Rabia also bring the food on the table, as everyone settled. Anisah served them the food.

Everyone of them smiled at her and said thank you to her, when she filled their plate except for one and he was none other then Michael who was drilling holes in her skull with his heated gaze.

After serving Anisah sat on the seat between Asad and Sana. As soon as Ibrahim's took the first bite, his eyes widened. "You cooked this Nisah?" Ibrahim asked shocked making Anisah to smirk.

She nodded her head in affirmation as he gave her a big thumbs and then dig in his food. Everyone completed her food. "It's delicious." Asad spoke to Anisah making her smile and nod his way.

Her eyes accidentally landed on Michael only to find him scrutinising her under his gaze. She felt uncomfortable cause of his heated gaze as she tried to ignore it and enjoy the meal. Thanks to Amir and Zaroon she was able to divert her mind as Zaroon started telling everyone how Amir lost his bet yesterday and in punishment and losing of the bet he had to beg for hundred rupees from the people who were dining in a posh restaurant.

After dinner everyone went to sit in the lounge and Anisah was clearing the dining table whereas Sana was doing the dishes. She was picking the utensils when Asad came to help her. "No it's alright bhai, it's not your stuff to do." She told him in a low voice making him smile.

"Let me get a taste of these works before marriage." Asad spoke making Anisah to laugh out at his request.

"She'll be really lucky." Anisah spoke within her laughter making Asad to smile softly as he helped her in cleaning the table.

Anisah felt as if someone is looking at her but there was no one around except for Asad, then her eyes landed on Michael who was staring at her and Asad from the garden, the window was large enough to give him the complete view.

Anisah's eyes widened as she saw a cigarette in his hand. He was smoking in the garden. She didn't know why but she felt sad seeing him smoking like this. She didn't know he smoked.

In lounge when everybody was there, Michael took a brief interview of Sohaib and literally skinned the hair in Sohaib's every answer. Sana was also tensed but after sometime, Michael relaxed and his actions gave away that he some how came to terms with Sohaib being Sana's husband but he did gave him deadly warmings for hurting his sister.

It was after some chitchat the family decided to leave as it was getting late. Anisah requested them to stay the night which they refused softly but Michael was observing her every word and every move and nothing made sense to him.

As they were leaving Asad spoke up. "Allah Hafiz bhabhi, thanks for the food." And one by one everyone left.

The mansion that got filled with laughter and people became quiet once again, Anisah sighed. She was really tired with all the cooking and cleaning. A good night sleep will surely help.

As she turned to go in that guest room, she bumped into a wall and her nose hurt as she rubbed. "What the-" Her voice died down seeing Mr. Michael Sheikh standing in front of her like a wall.

Ignoring him she tried to move from the side but he abruptly stopped her way making her to stumble back. She really had no energy in her to fight with him at the moment.

"I'm tired, please move aside." She spoke softly, thinking that he might move away and let her go but how wrong she was.

"You're married?" His deep gruff voice froze her, her eyes shot up to meet his narrowed green ones as she took his question in.

How did he get to know? Then Asad calling her bhabhi roamed her head and she felt like hitting her head on the wall.

"That's none of your concern Mr. Sheikh." She spoke professionally as she immediately tried to move past him but luck wasn't on her side as her arm was taken in a harsh grip and he pulled her back on her place abruptly.

"You're married or not?" He asked angrily this time making her gave him an angry glare. She tried to struggle out of his grip but it was way to strong and painful.

"It's not important!" She spoke plainly with expressionless face as she tried to pry his hand off of her arm.

A scary chuckle escaped his lips as he smirked. "You don't look like that woman!" He stated in strange tone to his deep voice as he moved her bit away with her arm and then his green eyes looked her up and down from head to toe, making chills to run down her spine at his gaze.

"Which woman?" She asked with clenched jaw as anger started to consume her.

"Who throw herself at men for money." He completed his sentence. "But guess what? I judged wrong!" Anisah's eyes started to tear up at his words as she abruptly pulled her arm harshly out of his grip, hurting herself in the process.

She looked at his green eyes with her teary ones as she without a word, turned around and walked faster, almost run to her room but luck wasn't being fair as he was hot on her tail. Before she could close the door, he barged in the room and closed the door behind him.

"Can't face the reality eh?" He asked in a cold voice making her to clench her jaw as she stayed quiet.

"I can see it in your eyes, the way you look at me, but kitten, I will not fall for your charms." He spoke coming closer to her. His each word felt like knife on her heart but she stayed quiet not for herself but for him.

"But today when I saw you with all my brothers in the kitchen, like damn woman, few minutes and they were wrapped around your fingers. Nisah eh!" He snickered at her face making her eyes to became wide and red in anger.

Anisah clenched her fists as she breathed in deeply, when every finer in her body wants to slap some sense in him.

"Is it Zaroon or Asad, you'll go after or my cousin Ibrahim? They all are surely smitten by you." He asked now standing in her personal space but Anisah didn't moved a step back, she stayed rooted on her spot.

"What got your tongue kitten?" He mused as he took her hair strand and twirled it around his fingers. The girl didn't flinch this time.

Her wide red eyes glared at him in accusatory manner. Her nose red with anger and crying.

"The stunt I performed yesterday in the gym was to scare you away, because if you were a respectable girl, you would've left but you stayed which simply meant you'll accept whatever I'll do next time. Now seeing you today being frank with five men at a time. Damn! I really feel sorry for your husband!" He spoke amused as his knuckles brushed her lips.

A sad, broken laugh escaped her lips as her teary red eyes met his. "Good to know that you feel sorry for yourself!" She spoke in broken voice but in complete confidence.

He arched his brow at her confused not getting what she meant.

Her heart broke at his his words and it really hurts to hear such harsh words from the person who meant life to you.

With tears brimming in her eyes she turned to go in the restroom. Because in no way she wanted to breakdown in front of him.

Before Anisah could even take a step, her wrist was taken in a firm grip and she was twirled back in her place facing the beast.

"What do you mean?" He asked calmly but she can see the rage building in his eyes. She didn't wanted to answer him, nor she wanted to be in his presence for any more minute. She needs space to breath.

"Let go of my wrist!" She spoke confidently with clenched jaw and teary red eyes.

"Tell me what the fuck do you mean?" He growled angrily making her to flinch and fear started to creep slowly in her veins, as her resolve started to break.

"I meant nothing! Now let go!" She spoke in same angry voice as she struggled to get her wrist free but instead of letting her go. His large hand snaked around the nape of her neck and he pulled her roughly towards himself.

A shocked gasp escaped her lips and her face was forced up towards his, there bodies almost attached, her heels were barely touching the ground as her wide fearful eyes, stared at his angry green ones.

"Don't test my patience kitten!" He spoke lowly applying pressure on her nape making her to lose her eyes as a hiss escaped her lips and tears flowed down her cheeks.

"Who are you?" He asked deadly calm, his voice an octave deeper as his nose touched hers making her to whimper out.

When she didn't answer him for a while, his hand that was holding her nape left from there only to hold her throat roughly and applied little pressure to choke her and her eyes flew open in shock.

"" He gritted through his teeth. With his every word the pressure on her neck increased and she clawed at his hand to get rid of his harsh hold but he won't budge. Her face became red and she closed her eyes again, with tears flowing down freely.

"I'm y-y-your w-wife!" She choked and instantly his hold loosened and in few seconds, he completely let her go. Anisah fall on the floor as she coughed and rubbed her neck to sooth the pain. Tears were continuously flowing out of her eyes. She couldn't believe what he just did, few more minutes and he could've killed her.

Fear passed in every vein on her body.

Then she became numb all of a sudden as she heard it. A loud rumble of his laughter boomed in the room. He was laughing, not a happy laughter but a sinister one as she tried to comprehend his actions with scared wide teary eyes.

"What a fucking joke?" He roared loudly making her to flinch back as she immediately stood up feeling a bit dizzy.

His green stormy eyes met her wide teary ones. "Am I a fool to you? I know I forgot two years of my life but I wasn't a type of a man to get marry. And now here we are, you little kitten claiming to be my wife." He spoke in a joking manner making her heart to squeeze painfully in her chest.

"I'm not lying!" Anisah spoke confidently with her mustered up courage. The way he was taking these as a joke, break her heart.

"I believe in evidence kitten! And why none of my family members told me about this?" He asked seriously with lurking anger in his eyes this time.

Anisah thought for a second but no evidence came to her mind. She didn't have a phone, no pictures, even the nikah papers were with his. She didn't have anything as evidence but she surely had a family. She can make him talk to Sana, Zaroon or Ibrahim.

"You have phone right? Call Ibrahim bhai, he'll tell you everything, if you don't believe me!" Anisah spoke hurriedly making Michael to narrow his eyes at her.

Anisah's eyes then went hazy when she recalled Zaroon telling her that his phone got destroyed in the accident. Anisah without thinking much was about to went in the hall where a phone was placed, she will call Ibrahim and he'll tell everything to Michael. But before she could take a step her arm was grasped harshly and he pulled her to him.

"How many more lies kitten? Tell me what you want and we can end this drama right here." Michael spoke calmly making her glare at him. Her anger was getting much of her due to him considering it all a lie.

"I'm not lying!" Anisah yelled loudly and angrily.

Michael's eyes turned red as he grasped her face harshly making her lips to pout out, his fingers pinning harshly in her cheeks. "Do not talk to me like that! You don't know me yet kitten!" He spoke lowly with deadly warning in his words as new set of tears escaped her eyes.

"You're h-hurting m-me M-Michael." She whimpered and his hold slightly loosened as he heard his name from her lips. It felt oddly familiar to him.

"You married me f-forcefully." She mumbled with tears as his hold on her face completely left but he didn't let go of her arm.

"But then you c-changed and we fell i-in love with each other." She mumbled softly with tears pouring out and not stopping.

"Those five whom you're considering to be wrapped around my fingers were just asking if I told you the truth yet or not." She spoke softly with eyes on his chest as she couldn't bear to look in his eyes.

Michael was listening to her every word keenly and his anger doubled with her each word. He wasn't the person who can get marry, he was ruthless and this kitten is saying he married her forcefully. Fucking bullshit!

"You also saved my life when this house was burning down." She mumbled softly as everything played in her mind.

Without a word he let go of her arm and went out of her room and harshly shut the door with such force that flinched thinking the door might got out of its hinges.

Michael went to his room. His mind was busting with pain as he tried to comprehend what that girl just blurted out.

He then saw the intercom like phone placed on his side table he picked it up and called Zaroon's number. After a ring or two he picked up. "I need cctv footage of my mansion from last two years, right now and also send a new phone at my place." Michael ordered and abruptly end the call.

Within an hour a man was standing in front of his mansion, with a new phone in which the data of footages was already stored. In 2019 footages there was no sign of this girl and really wanted smirk for catching his lie but then his eyes saw the footage of his study of 2020. He opened the file and it was the footage of his study. In the footage Anisah was there on his desk whereas he was kissing her forcefully and the girl was struggling. His head started to pain as his anger shot up. And next all the footages were of the kitchen, corridors, hall and she was everywhere!

Closing his eyes he deleted all the files. Anger started to surge in his vein at his own self. How the fuck he could marry? And now she'll be a pain in his head.

Clenching his jaw he felt like killing someone. Nothing made sense to him but two things were clear. He didn't feel anything towards her now and second thing he needs to get rid of her as soon as possible, cause if she stayed with him longer, his mind could fucking mess up again.

With that thought a new determination racked his mind and he made it adamant on himself that he'll get rid of her at any cost.

"Let the game begin Anisah!" He mumbled under his breath.

In morning Anisah wasn't feeling really good. Her heart was sad and her body felt drained maybe cause of the emotional pain. She couldn't sleep all night and how can she sleep when his harsh words keep ringing her head.

She made breakfast for both of them and set their food on the table. She was having this feeling that he will believe her but will not be happy about her. His behaviour last night said it all, that in a joke also he won't accept such thing.

She heard footsteps approaching and she didn't once looked up. She softly continued to eat her food. She felt him sitting on his chair as he himself started eating silently.

She finished her food cause she wasn't having much of an appetite as she slowly stood up and took her play in the kitchen. She decide to make herself a strong tea as her head was paining badly.

Preparing the tea, she took it towards the lounge and sat near the large window where she can get a good view of the garden. When she settled softly, her eyes looked at the garden only to find him walking there.

His stopped as he felt eyes on him and his green eyes shot straight towards her making her abruptly look away. The girl immediately stood from her place and went to her room. She decided to have a small nap before zuhar prayer, maybe her headache will get better.

When Anisah woke up it was Asar time and her eyes widened. She slept for so long and missed her prayer but she was feeling kind of fresh. She immediately freshened up did her ablution and prayed. After praying she immediately went in the kitchen to prepare dinner cause she knows he'll be damn hungry cause she didn't made lunch.

But she thought to give him a sandwich to calm his hunger down. She quickly made a sandwich and went towards his room, she didn't know why but she felt nervous all of a sudden. She softly knocked on the door first and then entered only to find him half sitting and half laying on the bed and working on laptop.

She didn't looked at him for longer as she placed the sandwich on the bedside table beside him, all the time feeling his heated gaze on her. "Dinner will be ready in two hours." She spoke softly as she was about to leave.

"Why are you behaving like my wife?" His words stopped her and closed her eyes for a brief second.

"Because I'm your wife." Anisah stated simply with a slightest duh tone making him narrow his eyes at her. She didn't turned around to answer him, she was still facing the door and her back was towards him.

"Look at me when you're talking!" He ordered her coldly. Anisah annoyingly turned around and gave him the brightest smile only to irritate him as she mumbled. "As you say husband." It was loud enough for him to hear as he clenched his jaw.

She made the dinosaur angry!

"Do not call me that!" He gritted angrily and Anisah just wanted to roll her eyes at him.

His irritation and anger simply means now, he knows she's his wife and he didn't want to be her husband anymore. But she'll will not leave him at all. Not now, not ever.

"What husband?" She asked confused and then turned and left the room leaving irritated and annoyed Michael behind.


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