Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 56

Five days has passed just like a blur. Things were going normal till now. Everyday she would wake up, make their breakfast, inform him about his exercises and medicines. Make lunch then stay in her room and then make dinner.

That was her routine now. They won't talk much neither she tease him. They lived like strangers under the same roof, well, come to think of it, they are really strangers.

He didn't said anything harsh to her after that day, matter of factly, he didn't talk to her at all as if she's not even there.

Anisah wasn't liking it at all. She wanted her Michael back but it felt like he's so far yet being so close. But this is her life now. She can't loose hope. No, she can't! That's not even in her options.

It was Saturday and like everyday she was preparing lunch for them. Last night she was unable to sleep, and because of that she was feeling bit tired. She decided to take a nap after eating breakfast.

She placed their food on the dining table and settled down on her seat, she did what she was doing from last five days. She waited for him to come and then she would start eating.

Just like that she heard his footsteps reaching, she didn't looked up. When he settled down on his seat, she served herself and him and started eating her food. She can feel his gaze on her but she ignored it. Silently eating her food and when she was done, she stood up and went in the kitchen washing her plate, she felt him entering in the kitchen.

She dried her hand with the small kitchen towel and turned to face him, cause she knew he's here to talk otherwise he would never be standing here.

Her honey eyes met his cold green ones, which were giving nothing away as he spoke up. "Tonight there's a party held for me. We both are going, be ready at seven. The dress will be at your door at five." He ordered her coldly and then left just like that not giving further information. She glared at the place from where he left.

Sighing she thought to make the best of it. She can assume that he's taking her out and both of them can have a good time and might be he get to know her. A smile formed on her lips thinking of it as a good chance for both of them to come closer.

Anisah went to her room happily and decided to take a short nap so she could look fresh afterwards.

She woke up after an hour and half, and felt kinda refreshed. She checked the time and it was exact five and on cue her door was knocked. She remembered Michael informing about the dress. She covered her head with veil and then opened the door.

A guard was standing there holding two large bags and his eyes were casted down in respect. Anisah told him to place the bags at her door only as the man nodded, placed the bag near the door and then left.

Anisah picked the bags and then closed the door behind. She placed the bags on bed and one by one she opened them. In first bag was a beautiful dress, it was saree, which she never wore, it was plane with little work on the edges and it looked beautiful, which took her breath away and in second bag were expensive heels.

Anisah then went into the restroom for shower. She took long and relaxing shower as she has a lot of time. She took her time in scrubbing her sling softly and washing herself.

She then wore a bathrobe as she came out of the restroom the first thing she did was to lock her door as she then sat on the dressing table and did her light makeup which was gladly there in the drawers when she came in this house again.

The makeup was so soft that it looked almost natural with her beauty. With extreme difficulty and trillions of trials she was able to wear that saree. She made a bun of her long soft hair and then wore a hijab on it, which she matched from her own clothes as there was no hijab with the dress.

She wore her heels and she was ready on time. She looked herself in the mirror and her eyes widened slightly at her sight. She didn't want to say it but she was looking hot and bold in that dress. It hugged beautifully to her curves making them prominent. Even tho her makeup was light, yet she looked gorgeous. A soft glow of self confidence appeared on her face as she praised herself in the mirror. She was glad that the back of the blouse was fully covered not like those blouses in which half of the back is bare. Checking herself one last time, she smiled at her own self.

She slowly went out of the room into the hall, where she saw him standing with his back facing her.

She didn't know why but she felt her heart race at his muscly back covered in suit. Slowly he turned around probably after feeling her presence and Anisah intake a sharp breath at how handsome he looked in that suit just like royalty and his sharp looks with that beard and bun gave him a dangerous rugged look, making him more appealing in her eyes. His Rolex, his shoes, his clothes even his cologne everything ooze out money.

Anisah's honey coloured eyes met his green ones which turned darker and she looked away by the way his eyes were looking at her from head to toe and it was like fire started to form in her body by his dark gaze. The look in his eyes was the first time she saw it. His eyes were dark and there was hint of hunger in them. She felt conscious of herself as red start to creep on her cheeks and her stomach started doing weird flip flops, it felt as if he was touching her with his eyes. She felt his gaze a little longer on her hijab and she saw a small smile on his face just a twitch of his lips from one side but it was not even there the other second, maybe she's hallucinating.

"You don't know how to wear a saree?" Looking at her making her confused and then her face reddened in embarrassment when she realised she might wore it wrong.

Anisah pouted and then shook her head in negative. Michael arched his brow at her child like tactics and he wanted to laugh at her. But controlling himself, he went closer to her as he stood in her personal space, he saw her tensing, he smirked as he kneeled down in front of her and her eyes widened, she was about to take a step back, when he hold her waist to keep her in place.

He saw breathing became shallow and he didn't even do anything. Smirking he saw that the saree was perfect but he just wanted to play with the kitten. He gathered the bunched cloth took it out from the waist band, gathered it again in his hands. His eyes shot up to see her looking at him like a nervous doe, her chest was heaving up and down faster, her breathing sparse and her heart must be wild he thought. He slowly and sensually tucked the gathered cloth in the front of her waistline. His fingers brushed her skin and he was taken a back by such softness. The girl jumped in her place by his touch and he let out a throaty chuckle.

His hands went to her waist as he then stood up and his form towered over her. He inches closer to her ear. "Nervous aren't we?" He mumbled huskily making her eyes to widened and for second a he felt like kissing the hell out those parted plump lips.

Cursing at himself and this weird urge of his, he moved away from her, like she'll burn him.

"Lets go." He said expressionlessly as she stood there drowned in a moment and it took her few seconds to gather her senses as she softly followed him.

'Itna nhi keh sakte ke Habibti tum khubsoorat lag rahi ho!'

(Can't even say that Habibti you're looking beautiful!)

Anisah thought while scoffing at him internally. Like usual there were a lot of guards but as soon as they saw Anisah following behind Michael, they lowered their gaze in respect.

Michael not bothering to wait for her to get in went to his side of the Range Rover and sat on the driving seat.

'Kharoos admi!'

(Angry man!)

She mumbled under her breath as she went to the passenger side and was having difficulty in sitting in with that dress.

"Get the fuck in already!" He gritted angrily making her flinch at his words. She finally sat in closed the door and then turned to him. "Look husband! I want to enjoy today so don't ruin my mood and yeah don't curse!" She told him or more like ordered him seriously and then smiled while looking out of the window as Michael turned on the car and they were speeding away.

Michael smirked at her internally. 'Sure you'll enjoy kitten!' He thought mischievously as she didn't answered her at all. He didn't want to break her happy bubble just yet.

But he decided to talk about something else. "So kitten you know me enough?" He asked her amused.

Anisah faces him and then smiled, glad he talked. "Yup." Anisah spoke confidently putting more force on the p word.

"You will never leave me?" He asked trying to read her mind and the dept of her heart.

"Never!" She said confidently with a twinkle in her eyes making him to look away feeling weird. His heart was restless but his mind was adamant on the task. He didn't talk anything further as they reached the desired destination.

Michael got out of the car and Anisah as well on her own but he didn't move in alone but waited for to come and stand beside him and when she came and stood beside him. He hold her hand softly and placed it on his arm, making her to stare at him astonish. Her wide honey eyes looked mesmerisingly hopeful.

"Welcome to my world Anisah." He spoke softly near her ear as a wide grin appeared on her face and the large gates of that mansion like place opened.

As soon as they went in, her wide grin started to disappear in oblivion. At the door she was too happy by the way Michael was being soft, to even notice the type of people and place but now as she entered in, her heart dropped at the sight.

There were three women barely in clothes dancing on the stage on some sort of poles. Few men were gathered around them, throwing money at them, while few men were sitting in the back enjoying their show. Weird type of liquid was being served. A large bar full of all forbidden things was on the right side and a large crowd of people were dancing on the lower floor on blasting sound. This wasn't it! The men were all scary looking few with tattoos and few with piercings. And some even had short dressed women sitting on their laps.

Her hold on his arm tightened as she looked at him shocked. Michael stared at the surroundings and then looked at the girl who was staring at him wide eyed. He smirked and took a step but Anisah's feet were rooted to the ground as she didn't moved an inch from her place.

Michael's arm that was in her grip made its way to her waist as he pulled her forcefully along with him to the empty sofa in the corner.

Anisah was looking with wide eyes at everything, she was shocked to see such things in her country. Never she thought that these things are also here. But guess what evil is everywhere.

Michael made her sit on the sofa and spoke. "Stay here and don't move kitten." He ordered her as if she's a child and was about to leave her when she abruptly hold his hand and stood up. "D-dont l-leave me a-alone please." She pleaded softly, her eyes desperate. But Michael softly removed her hands from his arm.

"This is my life kitten, if you want to be with me, then better start to come to terms with it." He told her softly as he patted her cheek like she's a child and left from there just like that leaving her alone.

Anisah stood there for two minutes and then she saw few people looking at her, her nerves skyrocketed as she abruptly moved back and sat on the sofa, trying to be invisible.

Anisah didn't look up at once, her heart was running wild and her eyes felt teary. Never in her life she went alone out of the house at night and now here her husband left her alone and that to in this scary place where everything wrong is happening.

She was deep in her thoughts, staring at her hands in her lap, when she felt a person in front of her near the sofa. Her head shot up to the side where a person was standing and it was a man.

Her eyes landed on his face to find it half covered with a mask. The dim light wasn't helping to clear out his features either but she wasn't being able to check his feature out cause he just freaking stand in front of her and this thing itself scared the hell out of her.

She was about to stand when the person spoke up. "Mr. Michael is calling you there." He said pointing towards some place but Michael wasn't standing there. She stayed rooted to her spot not moving as she stared at the man as if he's a killer and will skin her alive. She was that much scared.

Her eyes looked around to find Michael but he was no where to be seen. "You should come with me otherwise he'll get angry." The person spoke with weird voice. It felt like he's forcing himself to speak in this weird voice.

Anisah thought for a second and looked at the place he was telling her to come. Surely there are lot of people here. This man will not be able to do anything if she screamed, yeah!

With that thought she stood up, "After you." The man spoke and Anisah softly nodded her head and started moving. She was walking in front and that man was behind her.

She saw a glimpse of Michael in that place but before she could say a word. Her wrist was taken in a firm grip and she was yanked on the dance floor.

In an instant she was in strong arms, her eyes widened as she realised their position. The man's arm was wrapped around her waist and with other hand he was holding her hand tightly. Her eyes shot up to meet the masked man.

Her widened eyes glared at him but her body was trembling as she took his massive form in. He was large built and tall just like Michael. "Let go of me!" She seethed angrily as she wriggled in his grip. But he only tightened his hold and his face came closer to her ear.

"We meet again princess!" His voice changed from the voice before, it was strong and gruff this time making her heart to stop beating. She closed her eyes as her mind recalled the times, she heard this voice and statement. Cold shudders passed through her spine. He's the same man she had met in Sana's wedding and in Thailand about which she remembered few parts only.

Her hand got free from his hand as she placed her arms between their chests to create distance as she tried to move him away, but he wasn't budging and was moving to the rhythm.

He moved a bit back to look at her face. Anisah abruptly tried to pull his mask off but he caught hold of her hand in his tight grip. She struggled to get her hand free but he only tightened his hold, as he slowly bring her hand forcefully close to his face and gave sensual kiss there. His lips felt like fire to her skin as she felt like burning in his arms.

Bitter tears formed in her eyes as her struggling were going in vain. She wanted to scream at him but the music was so blasting that she was sure no one would here her.

"Let go of me r-right now or my husband w-will beat you!" Anisah threatened him with teary eyes as a smile appeared on his lips.

"I'm really happy to see you being able to see." He spoke enough loudly for her to hear as his voice was strong and gruff.

He was moving to the tune as in dancing and enjoying every bit of it whereas on the other hand she was struggling with tears. "Stop struggling princess!" He warned her smoothly making her to push him harder.

"What d-do you want from me?" She cried out while pushing at him with full force. Seeing her crying like this, he loosened his hold a little.

"I want you." He spoke so softly that Anisah had to close her eyes in hurt, his voice held the same emotions like hers which she have towards Michael.

"I'm married!" She beseeched making this man to understand her words but he wasn't having any excuses.

"I don't care!" He stated making her to push him harder and he let her create enough distance between them.

Anisah stared at him aghast, the colour of his eyes was so bright that it got plastered in her mind. He smiled at her and his eyes twinkled. She couldn't believe this, this man has lost his mind.

"Who a-are you?" Unknowingly the question escaped her lips and he completely let her go. She was panting hard due to all the struggling.

"I'm truly yours." Came his strong voice with that smile and just like that he turned not before speaking. "Until we meet again princess." And just like that he disappeared in the crowd.

Anisah was numb for few seconds and when she felt a push from behind she realised she's on the dance floor in the middle of the freaks. She immediately moved out of there and hurriedly went back to the place where Michael had told her to stay as she wiped her tears.

To her utter horror. Michael was there sitting on the sofa and was looking straight at her, his jaw was clenched.

When Anisah reaches him, he abruptly stood up and stand in her personal space almost hovering over her.

"Where were you?" He asked through gritted teeth making her blood to run wildly in her veins.

Anisah was unable to form the words. She didn't know if she should tell him the truth or not but like an honest girl she is. "A m-man c-came, h-he told me you were calling me and t-then he y-yanked me on the d-dance floor a-and w-was forcefully h-holding me." She was mumbling with tears in her eyes when he roared. "Enough!"

Anisah visibly flinched at his loud voice. He harshly hold her hand in a rough grip and started walking out of that place. Anisah was in tears as she tried to cope up with his pace.

As soon as they were out, he just shoved her inside the car and closed the door with a loud thud, she flinched back as he made his way to the other side and get in the car. He closed his own door with a loud thud.

He started his Range Rover and was driving on full speed as she hold the dashboard and panic start to kick in. "Slow down!" She yelled as he was driving crazily.

The way he was driving on full speed was just like running towards the death. Anisah immediately wore her seatbelt as she held the dashboard and screamed. "Please STOP!"

And the car came to a screeching halt, if it wasn't for her wearing the seatbelt or holding the dashboard, she would've probably fallen out of the windscreen.

Michael was out of the car and in no time, he was on her side, pulling her out, her seatbelt restrained her and he harshly removed it and pulled her out, closed the door and slammed her on the car.

Anisah hissed out in pain and her eyes were closed in pain. "I'm not a fool woman!" He yelled angrily as he glared at her trembling form.

"What were you doing with that man?" He asked angrily making her to close her eyes more tightly.

"Tell me!" He yelled making her to intake a shuddering breath.

She then opened her eyes and glared at him, fear creeped in but it was overpowered by anger. "Enough of you! It was you who brought me to that place!" She yelled pointing at his chest.

"It was because of you that man misbehaved with me!" She yelled pointing at his chest

Michael clenched his jaw as he glared at her. "Go to hell!" She yelled loudly at his face as she opened the door of the car, sat in and close the door harshly.

Michael punched the roof of the car harshly making Anisah to flinch inside but she didn't showed her fear. But from inside she was scared out of her wits.


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