Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 57

None of them spoke a word in the whole ride towards the mansion. Ire silence was playing in the car as both were holding storms inside them, waiting for the other one to burst out first but both remained lips sealed, not muttering even the words of depth.

Soon they reached the mansion as he parked the car in porch. Anisah didn't wait for him as she immediately removed her seat belt and in other second she was dashing inside the house towards her room.

Her heart was in pain. She didn't want to face him at all. Her feet were paining cause of the heels. She felt him coming behind her as she could hear his heavy footsteps and her pace fastened.

She almost ran into her room, get rid of her hijab and tried to close the door but Alas! He was fast as his large hand stopped her from closing the door. She tried to close the door with all her force, she even plastered her body to the door to push it close but with one swift force, she was jerked back and he was in the room.

He closed the door behind him. This was the second time this thing is happening. Him forcing his way in her room like this.

Anisah backed up and straightened herself to face him. She is, in no way going to back down.

"Why did you left the place, I told you to stay at?" He asked her calmly but his eyes were giving away his rage.

Anisah closed her eyes and looked away. On the road she just said everything and now he's starting it all over again.

Breathing in deeply she calmed herself down. "I didn't know in which type of place you were taking me. I was happy that you were taking me out, but then I saw what sort of place that was and then you left me there all alone in those creepy men! And one of them tricked me saying you're calling me, when I followed, he yanked me on the dance floor and misbehaved with me! That man knew me and he said he wants me! And then he was gone!" By the end of her rant she was breathing heavily as her angry eyes glared at him.

Michael's eyes bore into her and his eyes clearly said that he didn't believe her. Anisah was shocked just by looking in his eyes and she shook her head negatively while laughing sadly. She really wanted to curse at that heartbreaking moment, she really do.

Not bothering to explain him any further she decided to went in the restroom because whatever she'll say, he will not believe her.

As soon as she turned to leave, he hold her wrist and pulled her back forcefully making her back to collide with his front as he wrapped his large arms around her waist, pulling her back flushed against his front.

Anisah gasped as she abruptly tried to struggle with full force making him growl as next second both of her wrists were painfully held behind her back with his one hand, making her chest to arch out as his other hand wrapped around her sawn like neck pulling her face up towards the ceiling.

His eyes looked at mirror in front of them giving him the appealing site of her curves. His face nuzzles in her neck as he inhaled deeply. She smelled like lily.

His chest rumbled as his lips kissed her jaw, the vein in her sawn like neck was pulsating as he kissed her there.

Moving an inch away from her skin he spoke. "At first I wanted to get rid of you but tonight I get to know, I can't. I cannot see you with another man. You're mine!" His voice deep and growling making the girl to tremble in his hold with shuddering breath.

"Get that in your mind Anisah. You're mine! My fucking possession!" He snickered lowly in her ear making her to close her eyes more tightly.

"If I saw you with another man again, you won't like the consequences." He spoke lowly, his hot breath hitting her neck. He gave a soft kiss on her neck and then let her go just like that.

In seconds he was out of the room closing the door behind with a low thud.

Anisah's body was trembling as she sinked down on the floor. Her heart was running wildly and her tears were flowing freely.

He wanted to get rid of her? And now he don't! Cause he can't bear to see her with another man.

He called her his possession. Is she a mere possession now. Nothing more but one of his possessions and a thing. He just considered her as a thing a mere property which he owns. She's one of his possessions now, which he didn't wanted to share.

He didn't believed her. That's why he warned her to stay away from men. Like she's one of those who threw themselves at men. Maybe she's one of those for him. That's why he took her to that filthy place.

Her Michael thinks like that of her. He didn't believe her. She's just his possession.

Her heart broke thinking of his words again and again. He is her life. How could he say such harsh words to her? Didn't he love her anymore.

She knows he lost his memory but what about the feelings? Are they lost to?

Here her husband thinks like this of her and that man at the party wanted to have her, completely disregarding that she's a married woman.

Her head started to ache in pain with all the crying and thinking. Slowly she stood up and went in the restroom. She stayed in shower for longest of the time, washing away that man's touch. She then did her ablution, changed her clothes and performed esha prayers. She didn't realised when she dozed off on the prayer mat.


A month has passed since that. Michael has started going to office. Their routine was made, Anisah would cook and clean the whole day and wait for him at night. They'll have dinner together and went to sleep then.

No talks and no greetings from his side but she tried her best to talk to him and get him to talk. Often times he would give her short answers and that's it.

A week before he had ordered her to sleep back in his room. She was shocked and couldn't comprehend the certain change but neither he explained anything other then ordering her to sleep in his room from now on. She quietly obliged but she didn't sleep with him on the same bed. She slept on the comfy couch that was big enough to serve her as a bed. He was kind enough to not question her choice.

Days were passing calmly and silently. But she will not call it that her life is at peace. No, her life was in turmoil. Even tho, she always smiled after seeing him in the morning and then she would walk him to the door as he would leave for office. She would welcome him back home smilingly but it wasn't from her heart. She was just trying to keep connection between them.

Her life was far from normal. Every second and every breath felt like choking but she took everything in, hoping that one day he'll get his memory back and she would get her Michael back. Her life was just on that hope.

She's trying her best to give him as much time as she could without making the atmosphere tense. He would listen to her sometimes but other times he would ignore her like she was never there.

Dealing with him became so difficult that she started to feel like he's another man and not her Michael.

Often days she would be in garden for hours thinking about her life. What will happen? When will he get his memory back but one thing that always made her depressed was.

Will he ever get his memory back?

His treatment is still going on with appointment in every week. His medicines were also going on but why there's no affect on him. Why he's still the cold man?

Sometimes he behave like a normal person but sometimes he would look at her as if he could see her soul and it scared her.

She will not deny this but from past days she felt scared of him. He didn't felt like her husband Michael. Only his voice and physically he matched her Michael but this man is not him and these thoughts always brought unsettling feelings in her heart.

In all these days not once he let her go out of the mansion and not even in the haveli. Maybe he still didn't believe her.

In all these days he never once misbehaved with her, not once he tried to touch her but often times the way his eyes looked at her, just creeped her out.

If these behaviour of his continues, she didn't know if she would be able to continue with all this. Her mind was going in thinking so much that she couldn't stop herself anymore from all the thoughts eating her mind.

She can only hope in the end. What else she can do? Leaving him is not an option for her. Until there's hope, she'll not back down.


As soon as Michael left the girl on the place where he ordered her to stay. His eyes never left her for once. He knows how ridiculous this place is where he brought her. So he kept his eyes solely on her, hiding behind the group of people, watching her nervous form from the shadows.

She was sitting there scared with her eyes on her hands on her lap. Michael felt a presence behind him as he saw a man leaning over and looking at exact same place where he was looking. His eyes narrowed at the man as he now came and stood in front of that man, stopping him from looking at the girl.

The man looked up at him and arched his brow. He was drunk and looking as if he'll pass out any moment. "Get aside dude, you're blocking my view." The man slurred grinning at Michael.

Michael clenched his jaw as he stepped closer to him. "Get the fuck out of here!" He gritted through his teeth, making the man to frown at him.

"What's your problem man?" The man asked irritated, moving to the side to get a view of the girl.

Michael didn't know why but he felt extremely angry looking at man dying to see the girl. Before he could punch him in the face, the man huffed you. "Damn!" The man cursed them gave Michael an annoyed look as he went from there.

Michael turned around to see Anisah but the spot was empty and she was no where to be seen.

Panicked formed in his heart as his eyes looked around abruptly. He didn't know why but an anxious feeling settled in his heart as he looked around for her. She was no where.

Michael walked faster towards the place where was at last time but his foot halted on its place as his eyes landed on her in someone else's arms.

Shocked was the first thing that entered his mind but rage hit him with such force that he was shocked on his own emotions. His fists clenched seeing the side of the masked man as he spoke something to her, making her eyes widened. That man then moved away from and was leaving when she spoke something again. The man answered her with a smile and his heart boiled in extreme fury.

Without waiting for anything else he went and sat on the sofa waiting for her to come. Such sharp feelings were racking his heart. He didn't liked seeing her in that man's arms. He fucking hated it.

When she came, she was scared and shocked to see him waiting. Why?

On road the way she was pointing her finger at him and was yelling at him made him enraged yet he controlled himself but as soon as they were in the house, he barged into her room.

He again inquired from her but calmly but only one thing settled in his head from all her words. That man wants her. Fuck!

He cursed internally and in second she was in his arms. She was struggling hard so he twisted her arms behind her back which made her chest to arch out. He hold her beautiful neck and her face was towards the ceiling.

The sight in front of the mirror was magnificent. It was fucking turning him on. Her curves was beautifully displayed by this saree. Her sawn like neck was on display and the swell of her breasts can be seen from her low neck line. She was gorgeous. He like her this way, in his arms at his mercy.

What he did at that moment was what he wanting to do from past five days. He snuggled his neck in the crook of her neck and inhaled her scent. It was lily, he loved it. The girl became tensed and he smirked, kissing her jaw lightly. His eyes saw the pulsing vein on her neck as he gave a kiss there and the girl trembled in his arms, making him smirk.

At that moment he knew, he couldn't let her go. He just fucking can't! Let it be his heart but he fucking can't see her with another man. She's his and his only.

He cleared his point to the girl. Telling her that she's his and his possession only. No way in the fucking world he's letting her go.

Her scent was doing things to him as he let her go and went out of the room to his own.

He got rid of his coat and threw it on the bed. Taking out his cigarette, he lit it and went in the terrace on the poolside of his room. He took a large puff and then exhaled it feeling the wind swirling around.

He needs her, just this sight of her in his arms in the mirror fucking aroused him. How good it'll feel to be on top of her he thought. Fuck he's going insane! As her soft skin entered his mind when he tucked in her saree.

Shaking his head he tried to understand his own conflicted self. His mind wasn't taking it in. His mind just want to be cold and ruthless the real Michael he is but his heart felt like it's in a fucking weird turmoil which is out of his head.

But in all this, one thing is clear. He's not letting her go any fucking where.

Next day he went to the office after such a long time. Ibrahim briefed him about everything in the meeting room and regarding Al-Aqrab also. Everyone welcomed him and was happy on his recovery. His staff in his office and everyone of the employee is part of Al-Aqrab. They all knew about everything. After knowing the information regarding last five years he went to his office.

He sat on his office chair and heaved a sigh. The quiet picture of Anisah this morning entered his mind as he immediately opened his eyes. Not wanting to think about that girl. But his eyes widened into saucers as a horrified expression marked his face. There in front of him was a pic of him and Anisah. There were two pics, in one pic the girl was sleeping like a baby on the sofa and Michael was like sitting on the floor and smirking at the camera, it was a selfie and in next pic the girl was in same position but he was kissing her cheek. It was yet another fucking selfie.

Red creeped on the tips of his ears as he abruptly hold the frame in his hand stared once more at the pic and then hide it in his drawer.

"What the fuck was wrong with me?" He asked in disbelief to his own self. Holding his head in his hands he sat there in trauma for few minutes.

How can a Michael Sheikh could do such thing? He asked his own self in disbelief. He agreed that she's one fucking good piece but this is beyond him.

No, he will not let himself to become that stupid man again. Never! He told himself adamantly.

Just like that a month passed and the girl tried her best to stay connected to him as much as possible. She did all the wife chores except for one.

She always smiled at him, will try to talk to him and cooks extremely delicious food for him. One thing he came to love was her hand cooked food. It is so delicious that he will keep on eating and eating it but never once he complemented her.

Every time she made bun of her hair and sit beside him it in front of him with that bare sawn like white beautiful neck he just wanted to mark it with his claim. Sometimes it became extremely hard for him to not just pound on her.

Maybe it's her innocence that attracted him like nothing else. He didn't know about love and stuff but he sure knew that he wants her.

That's why last week he ordered her to sleep in his room. She obliged but slept on the couch. Every fibre of him wanted to pull her to him but he let it be for the time being.

After a week he was coming back home and it was late in the evening, he saw a car parked in the porch and his eyebrows furrowed. Who could it be.

With that question running in his mind he entered the house and it was empty and silent but a loud yelling voices were coming from the kitchen. He hurriedly went there to find a man facing Anisah.

"I can't do this anymore! I love you!" That voice was of none other then Jhangir.


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