Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 58

Anisah was busy preparing dinner. She decided to make steaks today. She was feeling all cheery today cause her rude husband just asked her to prepare steaks for dinner. It's kind of success for her.

Even tho he never compliments her food but the way he would eat everything up made it clear to her, how much he like her hand made food.

Her mood was good and she was making special steaks today. She was in the kitchen preparing food when she heard someone entering in the kitchen.

Who could be here at this time other than her husband. "Dinner will be ready in half an hour, you go freshen up." She said in her sweet voice not turning around as the food was on stove.

She felt the presence getting close to her as she felt a hand on her shoulder. Her heart picked it's speed as she felt his touch but soon her expression changed into horrified one as she inhaled his cologne.

He wasn't Michael!

The girl abruptly turned around and soon her honey eyes met with the brown ones, she sighed in relief but her mind was questioning why he's standing so close to her and why he touched her shoulder? He could've called out her name. "You scared me." She said with an awkward smile as she tried to move to the side to create distance between them but Jhangir didn't let her as he placed his hand on the slab behind her.

Anisah stares at him shocked at his sudden closeness and daring acts. "Move aside Jhangir." Anisah spoke sternly trying to be confident but his features weren't showing the expression of that jolly Jhangir, instead he was looking dead serious.

"I need to tell you something." He said as his eyes went down to her neck. That is when Anisah realised that she isn't wearing her veil.

She tried to move from the other side but before he could stop her again, she pushed at his arm harder and picked her veil that was on the chair of the small dining table. She immediately covered her head and upper body even tho she was wearing apron.

She didn't liked him showing up without telling. She was standing there without her freaking veil. He should've at least showed some manner like he used to but no, his face was giving her odd vibes.

"What is it you want to tell me?" She asked seriously in a bit angry voice to make him clear that she didn't like his behaviour just now as she slow down the heat of stove so her food won't get ruined.

He hold her arm and abruptly turned her around as she faced him shocked. "I can't do this anymore! I love you!" Jhangir spoke loud and clear making blood to evaporate from Anisah's system.

Her widened eyes stared at his serious ones. She really wished it to be a prank but the way he was looking at her, cleared completely that he was dead serious.

His words infuriated her so much that she harshly pulled her arm away from his hold as she took two steps away from him. Disbelief washed her eyes and she shook her head in negative as if disappointed.

"I'm your sister-in-law!" She shouted at him to make his mind understand, what is their relationship and what is he doing to it.

"I don't care! Bhai don't even treat you right!" Jhangir spoke up with full seriousness making Anisah's eyes to go wide. She let out a sad laugh in disbelief.

"You're calling him bhai at one hand and saying rubbish to his wife at the same time. Have you lost your shame?" She asked angrily, completely infuriated at his words.

Jhangir clenched his jaw as he grasped both of her arms and pulled her to him making her gasp and fear started to form in his eyes.

"I loved you, before you even got married. It's not my fault that I still love you Cinderella." He spoke with sincerity dripping from his eyes and voice making Anisah to look away.

"Let go of me Jhangir!" She spoke sternly as she tried to struggle in his grip but he kept it firm.

"Please Cinderella come with me. I'll give you everything you deserve." He spoke softly this time, his voice dripping with sincerity making bitter tears to form in Anisah's eyes as she looked away.

"Please Jhangir. Let me go! You're talking nonsense. I'm your brother's wife!" She spoke brokenly making Jhangir to shake his head in negative.

"I already said! I don't care. Please Cinderella come with me." He spoke like a child who can't take this anymore.

"You're late! If you would've asked for my hand before Michael marrying me then this could've changed. But now nothing can happen. It's better for you to get rid of these feelings. Otherwise it'll only hurt you." Anisah mumbled stoically.

Not lying, she always wished to have a caring jolly, funny husband, which Jhangir had in him but fate has her soul sealed with Michael and now she loves him. He's her everything. It would be better for Jhangir to forget her as soon as possible. Because fate is not in our hands.

"I know I'm late but please Cinderella. I love you. You'll be happy with me, away from bhai, who lost all his feelings for you due to amnesia." Jhangir spoke adamantly as he cupped her cheeks making her shock at his touch.

Before she could slap his hands away a low growl was heard. "Fucking don't touch her!" Came the roaring voice of Michael making Anisah to stiffen along with Jhangir but Jhangir immediately covered himself as he let her go and turned around to face the enraged Michael.

Michael marches up to Jhangir and without as much of a word punched Jhangir hard across his jaw, making him took two steps back as he stumbled.

Anisah let out a horrified gasp as she palmed her mouth with widened eyes, as she moved away from them.

Jhangir straightened as he spit his blood on the floor and then glared at Michael. "She's not staying here!" Jhangir stated sternly as he went to hold Anisah's hand and before he could touch her. Michael growled and hold Jhangir's collar as he pulled him to himself.

"She is my fucking wife!" Michael snarled at Jhangir's face. "But I love her!" Jhangir gritted out with same weight and that was it. Michael's patience flew out of the window as he punched Jhangir hard on his face making him fall on the floor. Michael didn't stop there as he went over him and started punching him again and again.

Anisah stood horrified for seconds but when she saw Michael hovering over the almost unconscious Jhangir and beating him, she screamed and ran up to him as she hold his shoulder with her tiny hands and cried.

"STOP! YOU'RE KILLING HIM!" She cried but he wasn't stopping. Anisah then abruptly pushed him hard and he was taken off guard by the sudden push as he stumbled away.

Anisah immediately cradled Jhangir's unconscious head as she checked his heartbeat while crying. He was breathing but it was extremely slow.

She immediately placed Jhangir's head on the floor and was about to ran out to call the guards for help but Michael caught her wrist and pulled her to him, making her collide with his hard chest as he yelled furiously. "Why the fuck are you crying?" Anisah didn't said a word as she tried to struggle not looking in his eyes as she continued to cry.

Why she would be crying huh! He freaking almost killed his brother and here he's asking why she's crying.

And suddenly he let go of her wrist. Anisah didn't waited a second as she went out of the mansion crying. As soon as the main door of the mansion burst open all the guards stared alert at the crying girl. "Help!" She cried out.

"Call ambulance! Help me!" They'll abruptly became alert as five of them went in with her and others tried to arrange the ambulance.

As soon as the guards saw Jhangir all beaten up on the floor, there eyes widened. They saw Michael standing there staring at his beaten up brother, not saying a word.

The ambulance didn't came as his men took Jhangir to the hospital in one of his cars.

Michael didn't stayed in the house as he to picked up his car keys and went out.

Anisah sat there on the sofa of the lounge as she held her head in her hands. She was crying softly as her head ached in stress.

The way Michael barbarically beat his own brother to brink of death sends cold fearful shudders down her spine. He wasn't looking human, he was looking like a monster.

She just prayed that Jhangir was okay. Her mind was running with millions of thoughts at a time. And her heart was in turmoil. This is the first time she saw him this way and it scared her to the core. She didn't know if she would be able ever forget this. The bloody face of Jhangir didn't left her senses.

Time flew like wind as it was late night now. There was no news of Michael and she don't even know how Jhangir is. Not being able to wait any longer. She wore her large veil around her head and herself as she went downstairs and opened the main gate of the mansion.

She saw all the guards on their respected places, on seeing her the one who was standing closest approached her. "Ma'am you need anything?" He asked with eyes casted down.

"I uh- I wanted to know how Jhangir is?" She asked softly. "He's fine with few bruises and a fractured nose." The man replied softly not looking at her for once.

Anisah sighed in relief, the way Michael has beaten him, she thought the worst scenarios. She then contemplated if she should ask about Michael or not and if she asked, his men will think that she can't even call her own husband and all. So she softly thanked the man and went in the house.

She hasn't eaten anything at all. Her appetite was gone and more she's feeling like eating anything. Her head hurts so she decided to take shower.

She went in their room. Took her clothes and went in the restroom. She stayed under shower for longest of times, letting the cold water to relax her muscles. After feeling little better, she dried herself with towel and changed into her comfy clothes.

She slightly dried her wet hair and then let them loose on her back to air dry. She slowly came out of the restroom and stopped dead in her tracks as her eyes straight landed on the man sitting on the bed.

His coat was no where in sight. The sleeves of his shirt was rolled up till his elbows showing his hairy muscly arms. First few buttons of his shirt was opened exposing his hard muscular chest as a thin silver chain dangled there. His hands were on his head and his face was down.

Slowly she closed the door of the restroom and it clicked closed his head shot up to her as his dark green eyes stared directly at her.

Before she could say a word or move his voice boomed in the room. "Come here." He said, his voice deep and gruff making her recall the scene where he beats Jhangir and with slow and steady steps she got closer to him but still two foot away.

Her heart was accelerated and she was scared. She didn't know how much he heard her talk with Jhangir and what he thinks of her now and the mere thought of him thinking her wrong, sliced her heart.

"I didn't d-do anything w-wrong." She tried to justify herself before he could even ask. Michael just stared at her emotionlessly as he spoke. "Come here!" His voice more deep and demanding as he patted his thigh making Anisah's eyes to go wide as she took a step back.

Michael saw her hesitant form as he stood up. His large dominant form made the room look smaller all of a sudden.

He took a step towards her, then another as she took a step back and with the next step her back touched the restroom door as she gulped.

Michael kept moving towards her. His body posture oozing our intimidation as he stand just inches from her.

His hand landed on the doorframe for support as he crouched down near her neck making her tense and his nose touched her neck, he inhaled deeply and sighed in bliss.

Anisah scrunched up her nose and her eyes widened in horror. He was drunk, she knew that smell. It was the same smell that was oozing out of the club where he took her.

Anisah abruptly pushed him back. He was taken off guard and he stumbled back. His eyes narrowed as he let out an irritated growl making her form to tremble.

She didn't know what to do so the best thing that came in her mind was to get away from him as far as possible for the time being.

Before she could take a step to move. His form was hovering over her small frame making her body to press in the door as his large arm wrapped around her waist and he pulled her small body flushed against his hard muscular one.

Her eyes widened as she pushed at his shoulders to get away but he won’t budge. Her toes were barely touching the floor. She was practically in air with her upper body squished against his.

“L-let me g-go! You’re d-drunk!” She spoke aghast at him.

His face was just inches away from hers. His eyes trailed to her lips and he moved forward. She immediately turned her head away and his lips landed on her cheek.

Giving a kiss there he snickered lowly as his fingers went in her wet hair as he wrapped it around his hand and with one harsh pull jerked her face up towards him, making her breath hitch.

Her wide moistened eyes met his dark lust full gaze and all the calmness evaporated from her system.

“You love me?” He asked in his gruff voice making her close her eyes. He gave a jerk to her hair making her eyes to shot open again, cause of pain.

“I will not ask again. Tell me the truth, you love me?” He asked again his voice deep and angry making her to cower back but his hold on her hairs didn’t let her.

Her face was just like that of a child , who’s controlling her cry as her lips were poured and trembling. She slowly nodded her head and the man in front of her smiled and then kissed her jaw.

“Then let me have you kitten.” He spoke huskily making her eyes to go wide in horror. She started to struggle as she shook her head in negative at him. His bulky arms was around her completely that even breathing was difficult.

“No! I d-don’t w-want!” She spoke in panic looking at his green eyes that were dark.

“But you love me baby.” He told her softly as his lips kissed her jaw and then his kisses trailed down to her neck.

“Anisah’s hand that was on his chest to push him, then touched his face as he palmed his mouth with her palm with tears flowing out of her eyes.

“Please don’t. I d-don’t w-want this. You’re d-drunk Michael!” She spoke and the next thing he pulled her wet hairs so harshly that her face was flat towards the ceiling and a painful scream left her throat. Even breathing became difficult for her as it came out is sparse. Her breasts arched into him making him growl in approval.

Her both hands immediately went to his hand that was in her hairs as she tried to make his grip loose but he won’t budge.

She can feel his lips giving open mouthed kisses on her jaw and neck making her to struggle harder.

A painful squeal escaped her lips as he bit her on the neck making that area to numb in pain as his tongue then licked that part and suck on it.

“S-stop!” She cried out but Michael wasn’t having it.

In one swift motion he turned around and threw her on the bed, the girl whimpered as she bounced on it.

Michael stared at her form greedily as he just ripped open his shirt like an animal making her flinch as she she immediately stood up from the bed and on the floor, panting heavily. Her eyes wide, body full of terror, stared at him horrified, who threw his shirt away on the floor.

“P-please s-stop.” She cried out feeling her heart in her throat.

Michael softly sat on the couch with his legs opened wide and his one arm on the couch head. His abs and muscular chest bare.

“Strip!” He stated calmly eying at the trembling girl who’s standing in the far corner.

Anisah heart stopped at his word. She didn’t thought she heard him right. She was breathing heavily with wide eyes from which tears won’t stop pouring out.

When she didn’t move from her place for the longest of the times. Michael took out his gun from his waist band and aimed it directly at the terrified girl.

Anisah stiffened at her place. Her eyes didn’t believe it, her heart screaming in pain and her mind couldn’t comprehend what’s happening.

He took off the safety and the girl stayed rooted to her spot. When she still didn’t move.

He shot!

A fire was heard and the girl screamed as the the lamp that was just beside her flew into tiny pieces.


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