Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 59

وہ پھولوں جیسی لڑکی

اس رات شیشوں جیسا ٹوٹی تھی۔




"Come here right now!" He growled with his gun aiming at her but she didn't move from her place. Her dignity is far more important than her life.

Michael growled angrily . "Strip wife!" He commanded her making her heart to drop down in the pits of her stomach.

"You're d-drunk p-please d-don't d-do t-this." Anisah pleaded while tears continuously pouring out of her eyes.

The man in front of her snickered. "I am in my fucking senses. Now strip woman or I'll rip your clothes myself!" He growled loudly making her flinch back.

Her eyes were wide at his words and her lips trembled as she was crying, her chin wobbling. She stood immobile as her heart was drumming in her ears making her numb. She was looking at the floor, not being able to see his dark ruthless face.

"Fine then if you didn't Strip in next two minutes. I'm going to shoot myself. And then you'll lost the hope of getting your old Michael back!" He threatened her calmly as he placed his gun on his temple making her form to become stiff as she stared at him wide eyed, making the girl to abruptly move. Her feet having their own mind started moving like a robot as they stopped in front of him.

"P-please d-don't!" She cried out as her hands shook in fear. Her pleading eyes stared at him for sympathy but there was non as he just wanted to make the process faster aimed the gun at the ceiling and shot it.

Anisah cried out as he placed the gun at his temple and placed his finger on the trigger. "STOP! I'm doing-I'm doing!" She spoke with wide eyes as her hands were in air as if stopping him from pulling the trigger.

"Then Strip woman. I WILL NOT REPEAT MYSELF!" He gritted through his teeth making her shrink back in fear.

Her shaking hands went to the hem of her kameez (shirt) as she slowly pulled it above her head and a low sob escaped her lips. Feeling his intense gaze on her trembling form.

With trembling hands she tucked her thumbs in her waistband and pulled her pyjamas down. Her whole body was trembling in fear and disgust. Not once she looks up to face him. Her arms wrapped around her form to hide herself from his scary gaze.

"Black looks fucking ravishing on you!" He spoke in his deep vibrating voice making her close her eyes in disgust as her tears continued to pour out of honey coloured eyes.

"Look at me kitten!" He spoke sternly and angrily making her slowly to look at his eyes which were looking keenly at her scar on her belly and ribs. But he didn't said a word about it.

As soon as his dark green eyes met her teary honey ones. He smiled so evilly and mumbled. "Remove them!" He commanded her while motioning his gun towards her undergarments.

Her lips trembled as she shook her head lightly in negative while closing her eyes. She wanted to hide far away from him at that moment. She couldn't bare to look at his dark eyes. They scared her.

"P-p-please-" Her voice got cut with his loud angry growl. "I. SAID. REMOVE. THEM!" He snarled as he stood up making her flinch back back hard as she felt her mind spinning.

A sob escaped her lips as she shook her head in negative again. "Fine then I'll do it myself!" He hissed as the next second he was up on his feet moving towards her like a predator.

He threw his gun on the couch and before she could move he picked her up and threw her on the bed harshly. She landed on the bed face first. Before she could gather her bearings he was on top of her.

In swift motion he turned her around held both of her hands in his one hand, one of his knees was on either side of her hip. Anisah struggles wildly seeing him taking out his belt as he tied her wrists together above her head with the head board.

When he secured her to the head board he moved back on her frail body. Her breasts almost spilling out of her bra due to all her struggling. He was already aroused for her and now seeing her like this made his co*k to throb in excitement.

Like a wild animal he growled and ripped her bra harshly away from her body. The stretching and breaking of straps resonated in the room.

Anisah was numb for a minute or two but a scream escaped her throat. "AHHH!" As he bit hard on her collarbone, almost drawing out blood. He then licked and sucked the same area making her whimper.

His right hand groped her left mound as he squeeze it roughly earning a cry from her. His lips were giving her open mouthed kisses all over her chest and he then bit her just above her pink bud as she jolted in her place and cried.

"S-stop!" She yelled in between her crying. But he wasn't in his senses. She jumped when she felt his hand near her panties. She started thrashing wildly under him.

She didn't care when her wrists started bleeding due to her struggles as the belt was digging in her flesh. She will not let him do this to her. She would prefer dying first.

Her struggles were rough, she was hurting her own self in the process but she didn't care. She kicked her legs in the air as it hit the side of his ribs.

A booming growl was heard and the next second, a numbing sensation passed through her cheek to her whole face. Her face was tilted towards the side due to the force of the slap. Her honey hairs sprawled on her face due to the impact of the slap. And it was so brutally hard that her ear was ringing with numbness and her lower lip got a big cut at the corner as it bleed.

It took her two minutes to understand what just happened. He slapped her and it was brutal as it knocked the air out of her lungs as she stayed limp there.

His large fingers roughly cupped her cheeks making her lips to pucker out as he made her face him.

Honey brown against forest green.

There eyes met as he inches deadly closer to her. "Stop struggling!" He hissed at her face.

His eyes were so dark. His pupil is dilated to such extent that it overpowered all of the green, making his eyes look black and dark with hunger and lust.

The man in front of her wasn't her husband. He was a monster. A monster who's going to do bad to her.

With that said he slammed his lips on hers rather roughly as he licked at her blood that was oozing out of her lower lip. The kiss wasn't soft or the way he used to give her. It was rough, demanding and painful for her.

Anisah immediately hid her lips in her mouth making him growl as his hand went to the nape of her neck and pulled at her hair so harshly that her mouth gasped open in pain and he used as an advantage.

His tongue invaded her mouth and weird taste of alcohol invaded Anisah's senses as she tried to move her head away but her movements were immobile due to his tight hold on her hairs. Anisah felt light headed due to the lack of oxygen, she felt like passing out and she wished she could pass out. She can't face this brutality.

He was eating, biting and sucking at her lips, his tongue caressing hers for response but she didn't gave any, which made him more angry as he kissed her more harder and then parted away from her panting heavily.

Anisah was grasping as much air as she could as he didn't stop there and his lips trailed to her neck. He bit at another unblemished spot, marking her pale snow white skin with his claim. Her soft baby white skin was making him go crazy.

Anisah was crying silently now but she felt his hand cupping her that region above her panties. She jolted away from his touch and new determination to get away from him entered her mind.

She started struggling more, kicking her legs in the air and it only made him laugh. He laughed out loud at her struggling and his laugh was pure sinister, which she'll probably never forget.

In one swift motion he tore her last piece of clothing as it fell on the floor. Anisah layed stiff as he moved away from her.

She saw him standing on the edge of the bed as his green dark eyes racked over body like a wild animal with hunger. Anisah let out a sob as his hungry eyes plastered in her mind and she closed her eyes, curling up.

He wasn't the man she knew. No! He was far from even human!

"Look at you, a fucking hot thing you are!" He rasped as he eyed her voluptuous trembling form. Her mounds were bigger then he imagined, and her ass was round and plump, with that perfect flat stomach and tiny waist. She's a goddess.

"You wouldn't be virgin for sure. I know I would've fucked you trillions of time, like who could resist such thing." He mused with lust in his voice as he indicated towards his old self making her to curl up more, to hide from his hungry eyes.

"Mera Michael mujh se pyar karta tha! Pr tum ek janwar ho!"

(My Michael loved me! But you're an animal!)

Anisah yelled loudly as she stared at him dead in the eyes while speaking that.

His jaw clenched but ever so slowly a twitch at the corner of his lips made the fear to creep in her bones as he cracked his neck, with one brow arched up. He was looking sinister.

"Janwar hu na mai! Ab tumhe jawar ban kr dekhata hu!"

(I'm animal right! I show you what true animal is like!)

He hissed lowly, making her close her eyes panicked and she started yelling. "HELP! ANYONE HELP!" She prayed that her voice could reach the guards out there but she knew every room in this house is sound proof but if the guards do hear her. They'll never stop Michael.

He laughed at her and then she heard it, the zipper of his pants getting undone and her heart almost got out of her body in fear. Sheer panic settled in every fibber of her body.

Her eyes were closed and her lips and chin wobbling in fear. Her tears won't stop as her cheek throbbed in pain.

She felt the rustling and she knew he was getting rid of his remaining clothes. The struggles of her wrists fastened as she panicked. "No p-please.." She whimpered in fear.

In no seconds her ankle was taken in a harsh grip and her body was pulled down from her curling position.

"Ahhh-STOP!" She screamed as she felt his large frame hovering over her. His legs on either side of her hips and her struggles grew heavy. He instantly placed his body on hers. His body weighed hers down, seizing her struggling. "Stop struggling kitten, you're only making me hot for you!" He rasped near her ear.

Skin to skin!

Anisah's eyes were closed as she kept her face to the side with tears pouring out. His chest crushed her bosoms. Her soft body completely crushed by his hard muscles, making her to breath with difficulty.

She felt his hardness on her abdomen and her tears grew more. She whimpered softly. "P-please s-stop."

Michael was in haze as he fucking loved her softness under him. He loved how her soft skin felt against his rough one. He inhaled deeply near her neck, her lily scent made him more excited. He didn't knew this little kitten is so fucking ravishing under all those layers.

Anisah felt him kissing on her neck as his lips went down to her bosoms. His one hand cupped her mound making her bosom to pucker up for him as his mouth latched on her hard pink bud like a hungry man. He licked and sucked at it harshly and then bit there making the girl to jolt.

He could hear her heartbeat as she was crying and whimpering for him to stop.

His other hand massages her other bosom and then gave it a rough squeeze making her cry out. "Stop! I beg y-you p-please!" She cried out.

He bit around her pink bud, marking her soft flesh. It was so plump, white, soft and tender that he wanted to keep fondling with them.

His mouth latched on her other bosom as his free hand pinched her other pink nub making her jolt in her place and whimper.

His mouth sucked hard on her bosom and then licked and took her pink nub lightly in his teeth and then nibbled at it, making her to arch but she was still crying.

Anisah felt her body betraying herself but she wants him to stop. She can't bear this.

He bit, licked and nibbled all over her bosoms, making her to flinch and cry out at his every bite.

His large calloused, rough hands sensually roamed her arms as lowered his face down to her stomach and his hands sensually caressed her tender bosoms that was due to his torture on them as he kept his hands on each of her bosom.

Anisah gasped in her crying when she felt his tongue licking at her scar making her to tremble. His tongue then trailed to her belly button and he dipped his mouth there, his beard roughly caressing her soft flesh, giving a deep rough kiss there making her jolt in her place as sensations rocked her body.

"S-stop p-please!" She whimper as she tried to roll her body away from him.

But he wasn't having it as his large hand cupped her most intimate part, making her jolt as she cried out. "Please M-Michael d-don't!"

Michael roughly rubbed her there making her whimper. "So fucking wet!" He growled in her ear making her whimper.

"This is mine!" He snarled lowly as he cupped her there dominantly, her skin was so soft from there, pink and all wet for him, he thought.

"P-please stop!" She spoke loudly this time with her eyes closed. And he on the other hand abruptly inserted two of his long thick fingers in her, making her to let out a small scream.

"AHHH- Stop!" She cried as she felt pain. This is her fourth time and after six months, she was feeling pain just by his fingers, but he growled. "So fucking tight!" As he pumped his fingers in and out making her to cry loudly and then he stop.

His hands caressed her thighs which she was trying to close as he forcefully adjusted her body in front of him not caring that her wrist got stretched and it's cutting her flesh.

His large hand caressed her inner thigh and she jolted back.

"So fucking responsive!" He growled and the next moment he hold her waist and straightened her body and the next thing he hold both of her knees and spread them apart making pure dread to control all her senses.

Fear settled in her veins as she tried to kick him with her closed eyes. But he applied force on her thighs, his hands digging painfully in her flesh leaving marks. His hand went under her thighs as he settled her body for him.

As soon as Anisah felt his hardness poking at her entrance, she started thrashing violently.

"Please Michael! D-don't do t-this p-please. L-let me go p-please!" She cried out loudly, pleading him to stop but her struggling only infuriated him as he slapped her again.

On the same cheek, a severe throbbing pain started and her face turned to the side with the impact and her hairs covered her face. A small slash appeared on her cheek as it bleeds. Large fingerprints marked her cheeks.

Her eyes were wide with tears as she stared at the mirror on the side wall. She can see them clearly. Her face turned abruptly and her eyes shot up to meet his.

Honey orbs against dark forest green ones.

His large hand was wrapped around her throat and he was choking her with immense pressure, blocking her air supply and all her struggles died down. He lowered his face close to hers. "YOU ARE FUCKING MINE!" He snarled at her face.

"And I'll make sure you'll remain mine forever!" With that said, he plunged his hardness in her small soft core.

Anisah's eyes widened as her back arched up from the bed and strangled voice escaped her throat. "FUCK!" He cursed loudly.

"So fucking tight!" He growled lowly in slur with pure need in his voice.

She felt like, he tore her body into two. His large thick co*k was inside her and he didn't stop to let her adjust.

He took it out and then thrust back in with full force making her to cry out in pain. He kept thrusting her, ruining his own wife.

Anisah layed limp there. Taking everything in. Her throat was still in his hold as he was choking her and keeping her in place. Her face turned red as she stared at the ceiling with tears pouring out and disappearing in her hairs.

He then let her go and girl breathed in deeply large gulps of air. His hand then cupped her mound, giving it a squeeze. "Fuck me!" He growled as he kept on thrusting her.

Anisah turned her face to side facing the mirror. His large muscular form thrusting in her with force, she can see him destroying her in the mirror. Her small form taking everything, under him and at his mercy.

She closed her eyes as that scene in the mirror plastered itself in her memory. Her own husband whom she loved with her heart, killed her.

She felt his pace fastened to extreme speed making her to cry out at the burning sensation she felt there. His thrusts became so rough and painful and with immense speed that black dots started appearing in her vision.

Her vagina was burning and the pain was so much to bear. Her consciousness was slipping away. She felt him shuddering on top of her as he gave a deep rough thrust and then she felt him dripping something warm inside her and just like that darkness consumed her.

As she embraced it wholeheartedly.


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