Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 60

Anisah heard shuffling around her. She tried to open her eyes but it felt like an impossible task as her eyes won’t open and it was as if tons of weight was placed on her eyelids that won’t let her see.

Her body felt numb, she couldn’t feel anything at all. She tried to move but nothing happened. Her body wasn’t listening to her brain. It was just limp without any sensation.

Anisah couldn’t understand why she couldn’t move or open her eyes. It was as if she got trapped in her own body. She felt claustrophobic and panicked.

Why can’t she move? She thought with pure panic in her head. She felt a presence around her but she was unable to open her eyes or to utter a word. Her body wasn’t in her control.

It was as if she’s falling in a pit of darkness and it was so alluring and deep that her body was falling there with satisfaction. Darkness was intriguing and it was calling to her. So she did what her body wants, she once again scummed to darkness.

Anisah woke up once again, she can feel that it’s day time cause there was so much light through her lids, she can feel it.

This time she tried to open her eyes and it worked. Her lids parted slightly but she closed her eyes again due to the scorching rays of sun that was falling in the room. She blinked several times to adjust her sight and it worked.

Her eyes were glued to ceiling for couple of seconds and then she felt it with full force. The pain that racked her body was immense.

A painful groan escaped her lips as her wrist moved a bit. Her brows scrunched up in confusion as she bring both of her wrists in front of her eyes and they were bandaged.

Why her wrists are paining and bandaged? She thought but as soon as this question came, it disappeared when her thighs slightly brushed each other and an immense pain shot through her core.

A hiss escaped her lips as her eyes widened and everything came back like a storm racking her mind.

She stared at the ceiling as one by one all the incident played in front of her eyes like a movie playing again and again without a pause.

Not a single tear escaped her eye. She stayed there on bed staring at the ceiling for the longest of the times. Then ever so slowly she turned her face to the side where mirror was placed and saw the scene which she saw in the same mirror few hours back but as soon as she blinked the scene was gone.

She slowly crouched up to see herself in one of his shirt and that was the only clothing on her. She looked around the room and it was empty.

She was alone in this room.

She tried to get off the bed but as soon as her thighs moved, immense pain will make her hiss. Slowly she got off the bed but as soon as she stood on her feet. Her legs shook and gave up as she fell on the floor with a thud.

A pain shot throughout her elbow but she didn’t care, as she hold the bedside table to steady herself and she stood up with great difficulty. She took support from the wall as she proceeded towards the restroom but with each step a hiss escaped her lips.

As soon as she was in, she locked the door and went in front of the large wall mirror. Without blinking she undid the shirt buttons and removed it off of her body as it slipped down on the floor.

Anisah slowly casted her eyes up to look in the mirror and she stiffened in her place.

Her face and body was all red and blue with bruises and finger marks. A large tattoo of teeth dig deep in flesh was on her collarbone. Her chest was filled with red hickeys but her bosoms. They were filled with blueish and purplish marks which stood out on her white skin. There was blue hickey on her stomach, near her bellybutton and her thighs. Her thighs and butt were filled with large hand marks, finger digging marks imprinted perfectly on her skin. But the most brutal marks were on her bosoms. She can see a small trail of blood on her thighs from her vagina.

Then her eyes trailed to her face. Her face was swelled from one side with fingers printed on her cheeks in red colour. A small cut on her cheekbone due to the harsh slap. Her lips were swelled to and a large cut on the side of the lower lip where blood was dried. Her neck was completely blue, bluish finger marks marked her skin, resulted due to him choking her.

Her eyes then met with the honey orbs in the mirror that was staring back at her. Her eyes were the only thing that scared her. The eyes that were always full of hope and life no matter what she went through were dull and lifeless as they stare back at her.

Still not a single tear escaped her eyes. She can see that her soul isn’t in her body anymore. She’s just a shell of a body now. Nothing more.

Slowly she limped under the shower and let the cold water to wash over her body. She got rid of her bandages that were on her wrist and saw deep red gashes on both of her wrists. Her flesh was ripped and blood start pouring out as soon as she removed the bandages but she didn’t care.

She washed and scrubbed her body throughly but the touch wasn’t going away. It was still there, she can still feel it on her skin, on her body and it creeped her out.

She scrubbed her skin raw making the bruises more prominent. Her skin started to burn and she stopped but still the touch was there.

How will she remove it! It’s not getting off of her! She thought panicked but her face was expressionless. After shower, she didn’t do her ablution like she always do. She dried her body, wore one of his shirt only, without any undergarments.

As soon as she came out of the restroom, her body froze mid step seeing him standing near the bed and staring straight at her. His hair were messy and his form was disheveled, but he had showered.

Anisah not once looked at his eyes as she lowered her gaze and limped forward and closed the restroom door behind her.

She can feel his gaze on her. He wanted to say something but he couldn’t form the words, she can feel this.

Without giving him a single glance, she tried to move out of the room. “W-Where are you going?” He asked behind her, his voice soft.

Anisah didn’t said a word nor she turned around as she slowly moved out of the room and she limped towards the guest room. With every step she took a hiss escaped her lips.

As she entered the guest room she made her way in, but before she could sat on the bed, the door opened and he came inside. Anisah slowly turned to face him but before he could say a word, she spoke up.

“You must be here to fuck me!” She said it so robotically, as if to her own self, and her words made him flinch as she in one swift motion she tore her shirt. The buttons popping out as the shirt slipped on the floor around her feet.

She can feel his gaze on her but she didn’t said a word as she limped to the bed and lay down. Her face towards the ceiling and her hands on each side of her head.

She layed there like a lifeless doll. When she didn’t felt him moving an inch, she spoke up numbly. “Should I spread my legs?” She asked robotically, looking at the ceiling. Before she could open her legs, a low growl was heard and a blanket was thrown over her form and then the door slamming shut was heard.

Anisah didn’t flinched, nor she moved. She stared at the ceiling for the longest of the times, not blinking.

She wasn’t feeling any emotion. Numb was all she felt. Silence felt like lullaby to her. And all she want now was darkness.

Every time she closed her eyes, last night’s incident played in front of her eyes. For the first time in her life, she wished that she was blind, in this way those haunting scenes and memories won’t be plastered in her head to repeat again and again. Whenever she closed her eyes.

She layed there like a statue whole day staring at the ceiling and it was night when her stomach grumbled. She hasn’t eaten anything from two days. Her body was completely drained and paining. She needs to eat something or she’ll pass out.

Slowly she got of the bed and get to the cupboard. She took out one of his shirt as few of his old clothes were placed here as well.

She again wore his shirt only and nothing else. She slowly made her way out of the room and limped down the stairs as she moved towards the kitchen. As soon as she entered in the kitchen. She saw him there making something, his back towards her.

She didn’t said a word as she slowly opened the fridge and took out eggs from there. She felt him turning and she felt his gaze on her. She didn’t bother to look at him. She turned on the stove and placed the frying pan on it but in next moment he was beside her as he turned the stove off.

Anisah didn’t looked at him. She didn’t bothered to ask, why he even did that as she quietly decided to leave but the next second he hold her arm, turned her around, picked her up like a child and placed her on the slab, she flinched when her butt came in contact with the slab.

Anisah didn’t looked at him, nor she said a word as she waited for him to do whatever he wants. Instead of doing anything he softly place a plate with chicken sandwich on her lap.

“Eat this.” He ordered her but Anisah didn’t want to, she wanted to through the plate away but she can’t waste food. So she simply place the plate away from her and tried to get off the slab.

But he didn’t let her get off as he placed his large hand on her lap. She flinched at this contact but didn’t look up. “Why are you wearing this?” He asked seriously holding the hem of her shirt in between his finger and thumb.

“You want me to remove it? Alright!” First she asked and then she answered and went to open the buttons of her shirt but he was fast as he hold both of her hands, not touching the wound.

As soon as his hands touch her, he saw the deep flicker of fear in her eyes but she was hiding it. “Don’t roam around wearing only this!” He warned her seriously.

“It affects you?” She asked robotically not looking in his eyes. Michael clenched his jaw. “Yes kitten!” He muttered under his breath.

Anisah smiled, it was fake and abnormal smile, with dead eyes and curled lips.

“Can you hurt me again like yesterday?” She asked softly not looking at him once. Her voice pleading yet fearful.

Her words took him off guard as he gulped and looked away from her. “You want me to hurt you?” He asked softly, his eyes staring at her face as he asked.

A sickening smile appears on her face but her eyes! Her eyes held fear as she nodded her head happily making him tense.

“I’m only wearing this shirt to make you want to hurt me.” She told him robotically with utter seriousness making his eyes to widen.

He abruptly hold her chin and made her face him but still she didn’t look in his eyes and shut her eyes tightly.

Her body was trembling. She was scared and fearful but her words are saying another story. “Why? Why you want me to hurt you?” He asked her seriously.

She smiled again, that weird smile. Her eyes were closed tightly. “I must be punished!” She told him seriously in a hush whisper making him tense all over.

Her chin wobbled but not a single tear escaped her closed eyes. “Open your eyes kitten!” He ordered her softly but Anisah didn’t opened them as she shook her head in negative.

“I’m not listening to your orders. Hurt me!” She told him like a robot making every muscle in his body to stiffen as he couldn’t understand what’s happening.

“I will not hurt you until you open your eyes.” He told her softly using her own words to manipulate her and just like that her eyes shot opened.

Honey orbs against green forest ones.

“Now hurt me!” She told him like a deranged woman. Her pupils were dilated covering the whole of her honey irises, making her appear to be in haze.

Her eyes were saying a complete different story from what her mouth was uttering.

“Eat something kitten!” He told her softly as he picked up the sandwich and placed it near her lips.

Anisah shook her head like a child before she could utter a word, he spoke up. “If you listen to me, then I’ll do what you want.” He saw a pure terror passed through her honey orbs but a sadistic smile appeared on her face as she nodded her head in agreeing.

He gulped as he softly tried to feed her the sandwich but she took it from his hand, cautious not to make any skin contact as she softly ate it. He filled a glass of mango juice and placed it near her on the slab and left the kitchen only to stand near the door where he could see her but she couldn’t.

Her eyes were fixated in front of her as not once she looked anywhere else and ate her food silently like a robot. After eating she drink the glass of juice in small sips like a child and then placed it on the side.

She decided to get off of the slab but felt an immense pain between her legs, in no time he was in front of her as he tried to get her down from the slab but she she flinched away from his touch and abruptly got down, hissing in pain as her muscles got stretched.

She didn’t took his help as he without a word started walking up the stairs and she limply followed. Her mind was screaming her to stop but her heart wants this.

He entered in the guest room instead of his. As soon as she limped in. He closed the door behind. “Sit on the bed.” He told her simply and went in the restroom. Her heart was beating in her throat but her face was expressionless. Her eyes were screaming of fear and every fibre in her body wanted to run away from here but her heart! Her heart wanted this and she listened to it.

She was sitting there unmoving when he came and sat beside her. Her hands softly rose up to open the buttons of her shirt but he abruptly hold her hand, stopping her from doing that. She flinched as soon as his hand touched hers. But he didn’t let go as he took out the ointment and tried to apply it on her wrist wound.

She harshly pulled her hand away from his. “Don’t!” She spoke rather angrily.

But Michael narrowed his eyes at her. “I will not do what you want, if you don’t let me treat it.” He said calmly pointing at her wrists.

Anisah didn’t looked at him, she tilted her head to the side and then took the ointment from him, snatching it. She roughly starting applying with force paining herself as he growled lowly and hold her hands to stop her from hurting herself. “Stop it!” He yelled and she flinched stopping dead.

He took the ointment from her and then softly applied it on her wrists. Anisah stared ahead at the wall flinching every time his fingers touched her wound.

When he was done with both the wrists. He let go of her hands. She was again about to open the buttons of her shirt when he hold her hands angrily and stopped her.

“You will tear my shirt? Okay!” She asked softly and then answered as she looked at the wall behind him.

Michael clenched his jaw as he hold her chin softly and made her face him but she immediately closed her eyes not looking him in the eyes.

“Why you want me to hurt you?” He asked her angrily but she smiled softly.

“I must be punished.” She told him softly with an emotion in her robotic voice. Her eyes still closed and fear was evident on her features now.

“Why?” He asked her angrily making her eyes to shot open.

Broken lifeless honey orbs against forest green ones!

“Because I sinned!” She mumbled looking him dead in the eyes. The emptiness in her honey orbs scared him. Before he could ask her why, she answered.

“Because I loved you!” She mumbled.


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