Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 61

Michael was furious when he heard Jhangir confessing his love to Anisah. He was outraged. He felt betrayed from Jhangir's side and a sudden excessive surge of possessiveness towards Anisah clawed his heart.

He didn't want to hurt Jhangir but when he said that Anisah will be going and not staying here. Something twitched in him and he lost his sanity. He had badly beaten his own brother, his own blood.

And when Anisah cried holding Jhangir's head in her lap. He felt that clawing feeling on his heart again. He didn't know what it is or why it is.

He just stared at his men took Jhangir to the hospital. She was crying badly. Why? For Jhangir? But he heard what she said to Jhangir. She was clear to Jhangir that she's Michael's wife and he won't lie, he felt a tug at his heart.

Not being able to stay there. He left. He drove at full speed and ended at one of the vips secret club.

His mind was blasting with emotions that he was unfamiliar with. And waves after waves of pain racked his head.

He sat on the stool at the bar and ordered a shot of alcohol. He need to get these emotions out of his system. So he drank after such a long time he drank as the bitter liquid felt like burning as it passes from her throat.

He was drunk after few shots of alcohol but still he was in enough senses that he could drive.

Exiting the club, he get in his car and was driving back to his place. His mind was running with millions of thoughts and his heart was just totally out of his understanding. It was like he didn't even know who he is?

He was driving when his eyes landed on the envelope that was placed on the passenger seat just beside him. His brows furrowed as he knows it wasn't there before. As soon as he reached the house, he parked his car at the porch and held the envelope.

He tore the cover and pulled the piece of paper out. A skull was imprinted in the background of the paper. His eyes then landed on the content that was written.

"Michael Sheikh!

What a waste, you got such a beautiful flower all to yourself. You're a sinner just like us then why you get such a pure angel?

Don't worry, soon I'm gonna take her away from you. Anisah Rehman is mine. Her snow white skin will bear my marks. Her lips will sing my name. Her hairs man! Her hairs will be only for me to gaze. Her honey orbs will reflect my love.

She's my princess! Everything of hers is mine. Her body and soul. Damn her curves man! I can't wait to ravish her small form. Her voluptuous frail figure, writhing and moaning under me. Oh my God! I'm hard just by writing it.

She's mine! And I'm gonna claim my princess soon!

Her future and your death."

Sheer rage boiled in his form as his eyes reddened in anger. He crumbled the piece of paper in his fist as he marched in the house. Going in the kitchen the first thing he did was putting that fucking piece of paper on fire.

He marched to his room. Took off his coat and threw it away on the floor as he sat on the bed with his head in his hands. The anger was so severe that he veins were bulging out in his neck. The alcohol in his his system didn't calmed him down one bit, it was as if it turned his insides on fire cause of rage.

Then he heard the clicking link of door. His head shot opened as his gaze landed on the the freshly bathed beauty. Her wet hairs covering her back. Her hairs man! Her hairs will be only for me to gaze. Those words played in his head as he called her to himself.

She was hesitant and looked scared of him. Why? When he asked her to sit on his lap, she didn't obliged so he cornered her on the restroom door.

He did what he yearned to do from last few days. He ducked his face in the crook of her neck and inhaled her freshly scent. A wave of excitement rushed to his crotch making him hard.

He needs her!

He asked her if she loved him. He wanted to know this badly. Those words in the letter racked his mind. When the girl nodded her head in affirmation, he felt as if he won. He won against that fucktard person who wrote that shit.

He didn't even know who that bastard is. There's no mafia with that stamp of skull. It could be new one or someone is playing a fucking trick on him.

When he threw her on the bed. She abruptly sprinted away from there and stood in the corner. He didn't like it. He wants her. Why she's running away? Was it the thing written in that paper true.

Is she in love with that bastard? But it was impossible. She just affirmed that she loved him so there's no questioning left. He'll claim her and she'll be his forever. No fucking bastard could take her away from him.

She's his and only his. Just to confirm that she truly loved him he threatened her to strip or he'll kill him self and she did. She did what he said and his heart surged with happiness that she loved him.

That fucker can't take her away from him cause she loves him. The way her clothes fell off her body. He was unable to look away. The scar on her belly got his attention but he was to much in lust and rage to ponder on it. She was gorgeous, her body was voluptuous. Damn her curves man! I can't wait to ravish her small form. Her voluptuous frail figure, writhing and moaning under me. Those words again racked his mind and the blood in his veins boiled in fury.

He then attacked her frail form she was struggling under him so he secured her wrists to the headboard. She was beautiful, a goddess. He started devouring her.

"You wouldn't be virgin for sure. I know I would've fucked you trillions of time, like who could resist such thing." He mused with lust in his voice as he indicated towards his old self making her to curl up more, to hide from his hungry eyes.

"Mera Michael mujh se pyar karta tha! Pr tum ek janwar ho!"

(My Michael loved me! But you're an animal!)

She yelled loudly as she stared at him dead in the eyes while speaking that.

His jaw clenched but ever so slowly a twitch at the corner of his lips made the fear to creep in her bones as he cracked his neck, with one brow arched up. He was looking sinister. Her words infuriated him to no end.

She didn't loved him. She loved the old version of him. She's considering him as an animal. Did this means, she didn't love him? The mere thought of it, angered him and seriously didn't know why.

"Janwar hu na mai! Ab tumhe jawar ban kr dekhata hu!"

(I'm animal right! I show you what true animal is like!)

Lust and rage won that night. Killing the beautiful flower of his life. He took out all the anger of that letter on her and alcohol made it more easy for him as it blocked all his sensible senses.

That night he felt as if he conquered the world but in the end he lost everything which he'll soon going to realise but it'll be too late.


He woke up in the morning with severe headache. A groan escaped his lips. His head felt as if tons of weight was thrown at it. Groaning his hand landed on the glossy, soft hairs. His brows scrunched up as he slowly opened his eyes but then close it again due to the morning light falling in the room.

He blinked several times to adjust his sight and when he was able to look clearly the first thing he saw was ceiling.

His head was as if someone was digging nails in it with hammer. He shouldn't have drink like crazy.

His hand that was on the hairs felt the softness as he slowly turned to his side confused. And what he saw shocked him to the core.

There beside him was Anisah with a bruised face. He immediately shot up straight and that is when he felt that he's naked under the sheets. All the blood evaporated from his system as his eyes were dead set on the girl beside him on the bed.

Her face was bruised from one side and her lips had a cut. Large bluish fingers were printed on her cheek and it was swelled. He gulped unknowingly as his eyes saw the shattered lamp beside him on the floor. Clothes were scattered in the front of the bed on floor and a gun was placed on the couch.

It didn't take him much time to put two and two together. And just like that all the memories of yesterday rushed back with full force making him clench his fists.

His eyes stayed glued on the wall ahead as he couldn't believe what he just did. Of course it was bound to happen but be way or another, he was way to more attracted to her, he won't deny it but it should have happened this way.

He picked his boxers as he wore them and without looking at her for once he went in the restroom and showered.

Her screams resonated in his ears as he closed his eyes to get rid of them. She begged him to stop but he didn't. His every doing was clearly fresh in his mind. A part of him didn't want to remember what he did to her last night but it was all clear in his head and he can't do anything to erase it.

He need to find that bastard, who wrote that bullshit regarding Anisah in that fucking piece of paper. He tried to tell himself that all he did was in rage of that letter but the sensible part of him was drowning in severe guilt which he is refusing to admit.

Drying himself he changed into sweats and went in the room. She was laying there unmoving only in his shirts. Blue bruise on her neck was on little view and he was unable to look at her anymore.

His eyes saw her wounded wrists as he took the first aid box and bandaged them softly after applying ointment.

He couldn't stay in that room anymore as he immediately left from there. He went to his study and sat on his chair as he held his head in his hands.

Guilt was gnawing at his heart but he pushed it away, reasoning himself that it was because of that letter but deep down he knew he's just making excuses.

Sitting there for an hour, he called Asad. "Hello Sarkar." Came the respectful voice of Asad.

"I want you to find out is there any gang whose mark is skull." Michael told him authoritatively.

"As you say Sarkar." Came the respectful curt reply of Asad as he ended the call.

He decided to check on the girl, he knew she needed medical treatment after what he did but he decided to check on her first.

As soon as he reached his door. He felt hesitated, for the first time in his life he felt fear. Fear of facing her.

With sweat bead on his forehead and with disheveled state he opened the door to found it empty. Shower running was heard as he decided to stay or leave but before he could come to a conclusion the door opened and the girl came out.

As soon as she saw him, she froze along with him. The girl looked down immediately.

Without giving him a single glance, she tried to move out of the room. "W-Where are you going?" He asked behind her, his voice soft unfamiliar to his own ears.

Anisah didn't said a word nor she turned around as she slowly moved out of the room and she limped towards the guest room. With every step she took a hiss escaped her lips. He can see she was in extreme pain and it was all because of him.

As she entered the guest room, he followed behind. Anisah slowly turned to face him but before he could say a word, she spoke up.

"You must be here to fuck me!" She said it so robotically, as if to her own self, and her words made him flinch as she in one swift motion she tore her shirt. The buttons popping out as the shirt slipped on the floor around her feet.

Michael felt the air left his lungs as his eyes widened in shock and dread. Her whole body was littered in bruises and painful hickeys, specially her chest area and large hand marks were on her thighs.

She can feel his gaze on her but she didn't said a word as she limped to the bed and lay down. Her face towards the ceiling and her hands on each side of her head.

Michael felt as if someone punched him hard in his guts and he was unable to breath anymore.

He saw her laying there like a lifeless doll. He was unable to move, it felt as if the ground beneath him was taken away from him. "Should I spread my legs?" She asked robotically, looking at the ceiling. Her words clawed at his guilt like a vicious lion as he felt his heart constricting painfully in his chest.

Before she could open her legs, he growled lowly as he immediately covered her with the blanket and left the room while closing the door with a loud thud.

He went into his room's terrace where the pool is to calm himself down. His heart was beating wildly and her battered body wasn't leaving his eyes.

How could he do this to her?

He was a man to never ponder on the sins he did but this! He r-raped his own wife. His form was hyperventilating and breathing became a difficult task for him. His chest tightened painfully in guilt.

Her reaction wasn't the one he was expecting. He didn't even had the courage to face her yet he did. But her reaction wasn't impulsive. Her reaction scared him. Never in his life he thought he could feel this emotion but yet his doings led him to it.

She's his fucking wife. Let it be he didn't remember anything but he sure as heck knew she's his wife and he did such wrong to her.

His throat clogged up as her screams resonated in his ears. How could he do such wrong to her. Let it be he didn't remember her. Let it be he didn't want to become the old Michael but she was innocent and fragile. She's the purest soul who looked after him when he was in coma. She still did all the wife chores beautifully when he was being dick to her and this is what he did to her.

He felt claustrophobic in guilt. What will he do now? How will he ever be able to face her? Every time he'll look at her face, he'll remember his brutality.

He felt extreme self loath and disgust towards himself. His conscience mocked at him.

You ruined your wife!

He closed his eyes tightly and clenched his jaw and her teary eyes stared back at him, making him abruptly to open his eyes as his chest tightened painfully.

You raped her!

His lungs gave out on him as he tried to control his form but it was near to impossible as he kneeled down on the floor in pure hopelessness.

Michael felt her small form coming in the kitchen. He didn't turned around. He couldn't.

She didn't said a word as she slowly opened the fridge and took out eggs from there. He turned slowly as he found her small form in his shirt. She didn't bother to look at him. She turned on the stove and placed the frying pan on it but in next moment he was beside her as he turned the stove off.

Anisah didn't looked at him. She didn't bothered to ask, why he even did that as she quietly decided to leave but the next second he hold her arm, turned her around, picked her up like a child and placed her on the slab, she flinched when her butt came in contact with the slab.

He couldn't bare to see her like this. But he mustered up the courage.

She didn't looked at him, nor she said a word as if waiting for him to do whatever he wants. Instead of doing anything he softly place a plate with chicken sandwich on her lap.

"Eat this." He ordered her softly, his voice unfamiliar to him. He saw she simply place the plate away from her and tried to get off the slab.

But he didn't let her get off as he placed his large hand on her lap. She flinched at this contact but didn't look up. He noticed her flinching and made him loath himself more.

"Why are you wearing this?" He asked seriously holding the hem of her shirt in between his finger and thumb.

"You want me to remove it? Alright!" First she asked and then she answered and went to open the buttons of her shirt but he was fast as he hold both of her hands, not touching the wound. His eyes were wide at her behaviour and it was scaring him to no end. She wasn't looking at him at all.

As soon as his hands touch her, he saw the deep flicker of fear in her eyes but she was hiding it. "Don't roam around wearing only this!" He warned her seriously, trying to be normal but deep down he knew that he didn't even deserve to be in her presence for what he did.

"It affects you?" She asked robotically not looking in his eyes. Michael clenched his jaw. Why she's behaving like this? Why isn't she crying? And her soft voice made his heart to clench tightly. "Yes kitten!" He muttered under his breath.

Anisah smiled, it was fake and abnormal smile, with dead eyes and curled lips.

"Can you hurt me again like yesterday?" She asked softly not looking at him once. Her voice pleading yet fearful. Michael was shocked to hear her say that. Her condition was making him anxious.

Her words took him off guard as he gulped and looked away from her. "You want me to hurt you?" He asked softly, his eyes staring at her face as he asked.

A sickening smile appears on her face but her eyes! Her eyes held fear as she nodded her head happily making him tense.

"I'm only wearing this shirt to make you want to hurt me." She told him robotically with utter seriousness making his eyes to widen. What had he done to her!

He abruptly hold her chin and made her face him but still she didn't look in his eyes and shut her eyes tightly.

Her body was trembling. She was scared and fearful but her words are saying another story. "Why? Why you want me to hurt you?" He asked her seriously.

She smiled again, that weird smile. Her eyes were closed tightly. "I must be punished!" She told him seriously in a hush whisper making him tense all over. His breathing became heavy.

Her chin wobbled but not a single tear escaped her closed eyes. "Open your eyes kitten!" He ordered her softly but Anisah didn't opened them as she shook her head in negative.

"I'm not listening to your orders. Hurt me!" She told him like a robot making every muscle in his body to stiffen as he couldn't understand what's happening.

"I will not hurt you until you open your eyes." He told her softly using her own words to manipulate her and just like that her eyes shot opened.

Honey orbs against green forest ones.

"Now hurt me!" She told him like a deranged woman. Her pupils were dilated covering the whole of her honey irises, making her appear to be in haze.

Her eyes were saying a complete different story from what her mouth was uttering.

"Eat something kitten!" He told her softly as he picked up the sandwich and placed it near her lips.

Anisah shook her head like a child before she could utter a word, he spoke up. "If you listen to me, then I'll do what you want." He saw a pure terror passed through her honey orbs but a sadistic smile appeared on her face as she nodded her head in agreeing.

He gulped as he softly tried to feed her the sandwich but she took it from his hand, cautious not to make any skin contact as she softly ate it. He filled a glass of mango juice and placed it near her on the slab and left the kitchen only to stand near the door where he could see her but she couldn't.

Her eyes were fixated in front of her as not once she looked anywhere else and ate her food silently like a robot. After eating she drink the glass of juice in small sips like a child and then placed it on the side.

She decided to get off of the slab but felt an immense pain between her legs, in no time he was in front of her as he tried to get her down from the slab but she she flinched away from his touch and abruptly got down, hissing in pain as her muscles got stretched.

Michael moves away from her. His heart clenching in pain. She didn't took his help as he without a word started walking up the stairs and she limply followed.

He entered in the guest room instead of his. As soon as she limped in. He closed the door behind. "Sit on the bed." He told her simply and went in the restroom.

She was sitting there unmoving when he came and sat beside her. Her hands softly rose up to open the buttons of her shirt but he abruptly hold her hand, stopping her from doing that. She flinched as soon as his hand touched hers. But he didn't let go as he took out the ointment and tried to apply it on her wrist wound.

She harshly pulled her hand away from his. "Don't!" She spoke rather angrily.

But Michael narrowed his eyes at her. "I will not do what you want, if you don't let me treat it." He said calmly pointing at her wrists.

Anisah didn't looked at him, she tilted her head to the side and then took the ointment from him, snatching it. She roughly starting applying with force paining herself as he growled lowly his heart beating wildly in his chest and hold her hands to stop her from hurting herself. "Stop it!" He yelled and she flinched stopping dead.

He took the ointment from her and then softly applied it on her wrists. While applying he felt his eyes moistening up but controlled his emotions.

When he was done with both the wrists. He let go of her hands. She was again about to open the buttons of her shirt when he hold her hands angrily and stopped her.

"You will tear my shirt? Okay!" She asked softly and then answered as she looked at the wall behind him.

Michael clenched his jaw as he hold her chin softly and made her face him but she immediately closed her eyes not looking him in the eyes.

"Why you want me to hurt you?" He asked her angrily but she smiled softly.

"I must be punished." She told him softly with an emotion in her robotic voice. Her eyes still closed and fear was evident on her features now.

"Why?" He asked her angrily making her eyes to shot open.

Broken lifeless honey orbs against forest green ones!

"Because I sinned!" She mumbled looking him dead in the eyes. The emptiness in her honey orbs scared him. Before he could ask her why, she answered.

"I loved you!" She mumbled.

Her words broke the wall surrounding his heart as a storm of regret, guilt and disgust raised his heart with full force that he forgot how to breath.

He lost her, before he could even get her.


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