Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 62

Anisah woke up with a jerk as she heard loud voices coming from downstairs. She blinked her eyes several times as her sight adjusted to the light. It was afternoon, she slept so long.

Her jaw clenched as she recalled his soft behaviour yesterday. She lost her mind yesterday. Maybe it was because of the torture she went through or maybe cause of the pain she felt.

Physical pain can heal but the pain he gave to her heart was unbearable. The most ironic part was she loved him and yet he did this to her. He didn't even cared that he's destroying his own wife.

Last night, he left the room abruptly after hearing her words. His face was emotionless, his eyes were emotionless. She didn't got any emotion from him other than his soft voice.

A loud crashing noise was heard from downstairs and she came out of her haze of thoughts. Without thinking much she immediately wore a shalwar under his shirt, loosely draped veil around her herself and made her way out of the room.

As soon as she got closer to the lounge loud yelling was heard. "Why the fuck you did that?" Came the enraged voice of Zaroon as she slowly went near there.

Ibrahim, Amir and Zaroon were standing along with Michael as they all looked angry. They were so engrossed in themselves that they didn't noticed her.

"He crossed the line!" Michael spoke powerfully but in a calm manner.

"What line?" Ibrahim asked, his voice laced with anger making Anisah to stare at them confused as to what they were talking about and most importantly about whom?

Michael clenched his fists as he didn't answered but glared at them angrily.

"Tell us the truth bhai." Amir asked seriously trying to persuade Michael in a calm manner.

Michael clenched his fists more tightly as he looked away from them. "Just leave!" He said in a way as if it was excruciatingly painful for him to keep his anger at bay.

"We aren't leaving anywhere until you don't tell us why you beat Jhangir!" Zaroon asked in anger. His eyes furious.

"Don't fuckin-" Michael's words were cut in by a voice that was loud and clear as everyone's head snapped in her direction.

"Because Jhangir confessed his feelings to me!" Anisah spoke with serious face as she felt their widened eyes on her.

She didn't stopped there. "Just because he confessed his feelings to me, the great Michael Sheikh lost his sanity as he hit him." Anisah spoke bitterly her eyes holding anger towards him making him stunned for a second.

No one uttered a word. Because now they knew that it was Jhangir's fault in the first place to say something absurd like this to Anisah as they knew how possessive Michael is but not this Michael who didn't even remember her.

"He should've known better than confessing to his bhabhi!" Michael roared making her insides to curl in fear but she didn't back down.

Anisah who was so welled up with emotions and rage that she didn't realised the three men gawking at her disheveled form.

"What happened to your face Nisah?” Ibrahim asked concerned as he saw slight finger marks and pinkish bruise on her skin along with that cut on the lower lips, that's healing.

Anisah stayed quiet not answering as tears started to well up in her eyes and she continued to stare at him in the eyes.

"Your neck-" Zaroon trailed off as his eyes looked between the duo. His heart accelerated as he asked in a disbelief voice.

"What you did Michael?" Zaroon asked staring at Michael who looked at him in the eyes for a second and then looked away.

Tears poured out of her eyes as she was unable to control them anymore. But she didn't let herself to completely breakdown in front of them.

Amir who was staring at Anisah and Michael didn't get what's happening.

"Say something?" Zaroon yelled loudly but Michael stayed quiet as he clenched his jaw.

Anisah wiped her tears as she squared her shoulders. Masked her emotions and walked up to him. Now as she was standing face to face with him. She spoke up.

"What can a rapist say?" She gritted with pain and rage dripping from her words as their eyes widened in shock.

They couldn't believe what they're hearing. Michael was a killer and a ruthless man but this! This is not him.

"What are you saying Anisah?" Amir asked in disbelief, his heart yearning for her to tell this is a lie but reality is far more bitter than anything.

"You're my wife!" Michael growled angrily making her lips to tremble as more tears poured out wetting her cheeks.

"Biwi hu guria nhi!"

(I'm your wife not a doll)

She spoke brokenly. "You forced yourself on me! It was martial rape!" She yelled loudly at his face making tears to pour nonstop.

Michael felt like drowning in guilt as he saw her broken eyes.

Before Michael could utter a word Anisah was yanked away from him and behind Ibrahim as he pulled her back with her wrist.

By now she was crying loudly. Hiding her face in her palms.

Michael narrowed his eyes at Ibrahim when Zaroon all of a sudden lunged at Michael and punched him hard in the jaw.

Michael stepped back with the impact as he growled out. "What the fuck!"

Anisah’s eyes widened as she gawked at them in disbelief.

Zaroon punched him again, this time more harder making him glare back at him. As Michael was about to punch Zaroon. Amir came in, he hold Michael's fist and stopping him.

Amir's eyes were blood shot and his form radiated anger. He couldn't believe his brother could do such horrible thing to the purest soul, who gave her day and nights to bring him back to life and this is what he repay her with. Amir was tongue tied and he seriously didn't want to open his mouth as he knew he will say something that'll hurt them both.

"She's not staying here!" Ibrahim stated angrily as he held Anisah's hand but before he could take a step further. Michael growled and was standing in front of Ibrahim.

"She's not going anywhere!" His voice thunderous and chilling as Anisah step back hiding herself behind Ibrahim and it made Michael more furious.

"You lost that right!" Came the enraged voice of Zaroon as he came in between Ibrahim . His heightened form matching Michael's as both the men glared at each other deadly.

"No one can fucking take her away from me!" Michael snarled at Zaroon's face making his jaw to clench.

Zaroon let out a cold chuckle, his own fists clenching. "How could you do this to her! She was your fucking life Michael!" Zaroon snarled menacingly as he pushed hard at Michael's chest making him stumble back but he regained his balance.

Ibrahim decided to leave with Anisah but Michael saw him moving and like a deranged man, he was in front of them taking Anisah away from Ibrahim as he glared at them.

"She's not going anywhere! She my fucking wife Damnit!" He growled at Ibrahim who just glared back.

Anisah harshly pulled her wrist away from his hand as she turned him around swiftly and then a sound resonated in the surroundings.


She slapped him hard across his face that her palm felt like burning. Tears pouring out as she panted heavily. Her chest heaving up and down and her face all red and a crying mess.

Michael's face was turned to the side due to the impact of the slap. His eyes wide and his mouth parted as his hand touched his cheek where she just slapped him.

Instead of feeling rage he was stunned. Shocked to his core. She just slapped him. He smiled internally.

Her sanity is back!

"I'm not staying here!" The girl beseeched with fire burning in her honey doe orbs making him stare at her.

"I'm not letting you go!" He spoke seriously making her teary eyes to glare at him. She squared her shoulders as she step closer to him.

"Go to hell!" She hushed whisper with venom, making his eyes to widen as she turned to leave but he was fast enough as he caught her wrist stopping her but his wrist was stopped by Zaroon who was glaring daggers in his soul.

Anisah harshly get rid of his hold as she glared at him one last time with teary eyes and she marched out of the mansion. Wrapping her veil properly around herself.

Michael stood rooted to his spot staring at her back. His feet felt heavy as if boulder is weighing on his shoulders. He couldn't move.

His green eyes then landed on Amir who was glaring daggers at him. "You lost my respect bhai!" He spat with disgust as with red eyes he left behind Anisah.

Ibrahim gave him a glare as he also left without a word.

As soon as Zaroon got to know from Anisah's word that Jhangir confessed his love to her. He then knew Jhangir deserved that beating but he wasn't stupid. He knew how Michael's brain work. If he hurt Jhangir then he must've also hurt Anisah and after seeing the bruises on her neck and face his worst thought came to life.

Zaroon knew it was dangerous for Anisah to stay with this Michael who just forgot her being. He knew about his anger and moods which were going to be worst due to amnesia.

He had warned Anisah not to stay here and instead stay in the haveli but the girl was adamant on staying by his side. She didn't care of herself but of him and here Michael did what Zaroon was afraid of.

Standing in front of Michael. Zaroon looked him dead in the eyes. "You lost the most precious gem of your life!" Zaroon stated calmly but his eyes completely indicated the disgust he wasn't putting in his words towards Michael.

With that said Zaroon also left from there. Leaving an emotionless Michael behind.

Anisah couldn't stop her tears anymore as she cried out in her palms in the car backseat, sitting with Ibrahim. Zaroon was driving and Amir was sitting at the passenger seat.

Three of them were tongue tied as they didn't know how to console the poor soul. Ibrahim bit in his lower as he softly patted her head, trying to console the girl whom he considered just like Sana.

Amir couldn't stop himself as he punched on the dashboard hard making Zaroon to glare at him. "How could he?" He grumbled under his breath as a tear escaped his eye and he immediately wiped it, before anyone could see.

Zaroon also couldn't see her crying like this. His heart was paining for her. She's just like beautiful bubbly white sheep in their pack of wolves. This is how he considered her place in their gang.

So Zaroon without thinking much turned the car around with a screeching sound, making them all to shriek out in horror.


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