Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 8

Michael was sitting in his personal jet returning back to Pakistan from SaudiArabia after an important meeting of Al-'Aqrab regarding the raid of cops at his farmhouse full of weapons in Riyadh. It was a hefty loss but nothing he can’t handle.

In just one day he made that secret agency begging on their knees. It just took a small meeting with the general who works for him and the job is done.

A slight stroke on his knee had his attention as his eyes met with the blonde who was eying him with lust and doing everything in her will to get his attention. Her hostess uniform was so tight at her chest, it looked like the buttons will pop out any second.

She gave him her seductive smile as the man smirked. Her lips were coloured in a dark red shade as she crouched down to place his coffee at the table beside him and she moved so her chest was in his view.

Once done the girl intentionally pretended and fall on his lap, faking a Yelp she tried grind on him.

His first instinct was to shoot the bitch in her skull and that could be done but after some fun.

Michael didn’t stopped her as he placed his arms flat on the sofa seat and relaxed back. The girl turned slightly grinning ear to ear as if she had got a candy. She turned seductively to face him and tried to kiss him on the lips when the man grasped her throat in a warning. “Keep your filthy lips to yourself.” He spoke angrily as he let her throat go with a jerk.

His words didn’t affect her as she smirked and started grinding on him faster and harder. Michael felt his body responding and he let the blond do her work. When his phone started ringing.

Picking up the call he heard the panicked voice of Ibrahim. “Michael!” The intense urgency in Ibrahim’s voice had him straightening up as the next words tensed him to the core. “O-our Sana has gotten kidnapped.”

“What?” He yelled so loudly scaring the blonde and standing up as the girl fell down. He abruptly moved to the pilots throwing orders to get him in Pakistan as fast as they could.

His mind racked with trillions of thoughts as his heart was feeling fear for his little sister. He was enraged at the thought of them harming his sister.

God help them! He will show no mercy.

Speeding the car like a maniac he reached the haveli in no time as he ran inside. The first thing that caught his sight was his family gathered around a small figure and small sobs could be heard.

“SANA!” Escaped his lips as the everyone turned to him and Sana sobbed a cry “Bhai.” and came running in his arms. As the man engulfed his sister in his embrace like a protector caressing her head saying soothing words.

A relief washed over him after embracing his sister. A silent prayer of thanks escaped his lips to his lord unconsciously as he was extremely glad that Ibrahim saved her before they could’ve taken her any far.

His heart softened when he cupped the face of her crying sister and the thing he noticed on her right cheek had his blood boiling in rage and agony. Brutal red marks of fingers were imprinted on her cheek.

His eyes were blazed as he spoke. “Who hurt you Sana?” His voice was hard and cold. Sana slightly bowed her head down as tears flowed out.

Jhangir was the one who replied. “We’ve captured those bastards.” He hissed as Yasmeen auntie came forward to take Sana away.

Ibrahim’s red eyes met with Michael’s as he nodded and both the men communicated through their eyes.

Patting Sana’s head he softly mumbled. “Don’t worry kiddo. I’ll make them pay.” With that said he told Amir and Jhangir to stay in haveli with the family and increase the security. Even tho they were furious for revenge because no one dares to touch their sister but they silently obliged to stay behind for family’s safety.

Uncle Imran warned everyone to keep the incident quiet and in no way this news must go out to Sana’s soon to be in-laws.

Michael was driving as Ibrahim was dictating the incident and with each passing second his rage was increasing.

It was Yasmeen who saw a man whose face was covered in black took unconscious Sana away from the back door into the van. Ibrahim was coming back to the haveli on his sports bike when he saw the van moving out of their haveli. When the van passed by him. His eyes landed on unconscious Sana on the back seat. He abruptly turned around and followed the van. The van was fast but he was faster and in minutes he was in front of the car, shooting one of the tires with his gun. The van stumbled a bit but stopped to the side and the man ran out. Luckily Jhangir and Amir were chasing behind and Amir was fast to caught the guy.

Jhangir was shocked to see that man as he knew him all to well and in complete anger he started punching that man. “You fucking traitor!” Punch, as the man coughed out blood.

Ibrahim took the unconscious Sana in his arms as he gently placed her in Amir’s car and told Amir to take her home.

Ibrahim then took that traitor to the their rest house and informed Jhangir to bring the rest.

Michael stopped the car with a screeching sound in front of the rest house.

And in minutes he was walking in as his men who were standing there bowed their head in respect and fear.

His blood boiled as he marched into the basement where they were kept.


Anisah was aghast on the news of Sana being kidnapped. Loud crying of Yasmeen auntie was heard as the girl felt to give her some assurance but all she felt was dread and hurt. Hurt for Sana. How is she? Where is she?

“I saw that man slap my daughter when she was trying to get free. Allah!” Yasmeen wailed loudly as Rabia and Uncle Imran tried to console her, with soothing words. Anisah can feel despair in uncle Imran’s voice.

All of a sudden she felt a harsh grip on her arm and someone yanked her away from the scene before the girl could speak up the person hissed at her face. “Common you ugly shit. We must leave.” It was her aunt.

“But Cha-chi S-Sana- we should stay.” She blurted wanting to stay and praying inwardly to her lord for a miracle to happen and send Sana back home and it was like her prayers were answered when the main door flew open.

Anisah held her breath when gasps were heard. Her aunt beside her cursed and left her arm and walked more like ran away.

A shrill voice of Yasmeen had Anisah tensing. “Oh my Allah! Sana- my baby.” Yasmeen yelled, her voice full of disbelief.

Anisah’s ear perked up when she heard the small whimper of Sana. YaAllah! She whispered as her eyes got teary in thanking her lord. And she unconsciously moved a bit out of the kitchen. When someone’s screaming was heard.

It was her aunt and someone is dragging her and all of a sudden her voice got muffled but before she could understand a harsh grip on her mouth had her heart lurching to her throat. It was so sudden and sneaky that she inhaled a large gulp of air and the anaesthetic had her mind drifting into the very known darkness.

The girl stirred a bit as she opened her eyes slowly and felt extremely cold and hard floor beneath her. Wincing she hissed when all the happenings racked her mind like a volcano and her heart fell to the pits of her stomach.

Someone drugged her and now she’s on the floor. Immediately her hand raised to her head and a sigh escaped her lips that she’s still wearing her veil. Slowly with teary eyes she stood up and gulped.

Allah knows from how long she’s here. How desperately she wanted to know it is either day or night.

Allah knows where she is and what is happening. Controlling her tears. “Ch-achi-” She spoke in a raspy croaked voice and her throat felt like burning, she could still smell the drug on her. Pin drop silence not a single voice could be heard.

Shuddering she felt excruciatingly afraid. “Please Allah help me.” A mere prayer escaped her lips. After standing on the same spot for a minute she with a lot of courage made up her mind to know her surroundings. Maybe she could find a door and can escape but she highly doubt it won’t be locked.

Spreading her arms in the front she took a step ahead. She realised one of her shoes was missing. Maybe it was left in the haveli just by thinking of it tears fell from her eyes as she removed the other slipper shoe as well.

How is it possible that someone drugged her inside the haveli just after the arrival of Sana and no body even saw it. A sob escaped her lips when she recalled she didn’t even met her friend.

The floor was cold and dirty. A pungent smell was in the air.

The first thing she came in contact was a door. Anisah slowly fumbled with the knob and it was locked. Crying she knocked on the door. “Please open the door! Anyone there! Open the door!”

No response. She kept on yelling and banging on the door for Allah knows how long and no body opened the door.

Her throat was extremely parched and her palms were stinging, with heavy breathing and teary eyes she slowly slumped on the floor with her back slowly moving down, she hold her knees to her chest and cried.

And unknowingly she dozed off.

The girl screamed awake as cold water was sharply thrown at her. Gasping the girl backed up staring ahead with wide eyes desperately trying to see but only ended up hearing large footsteps coming closer.

Her heart almost stopped beating when she heard the most deep, authoritative cold voice that sends chills down her spine as her head shot up from where the voice was coming. Her heart almost stopped at his words.

“Wake up raj kumari!”

(Wake up princess!)

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