Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 63

"WHAT THE FUCK MAN!" Amir shrieked out as he was attached to the car door firmly cause of the harsh turn.

"FUCKING SHIT!" Ibrahim yelled as he held the handle of his door side and the front seat so won't crash into Anisah, balancing himself.

"YA ALLAH!" Anisah shrieked out as she was also attached to the door.

She then felt it. They all did. The tyres of one side were in the air and for a second the three of them really thought that the car will flip but gladly it didn't as it touched the road again, shaking them in their seats.

The three of them heaved a sigh and then a sharp smack was heard. It was fantastic slap at Zaroon's nape making him gasp and the skin turned red. Ibrahim slapped him hard and raw. That wasn't it another smack was heard that was on Zaroon's head given by none other than Amir.

"YOU ASSHOLES!" Zaroon growled at them completely annoyed making Anisah to glare at him.

Another Oscar winning slap landed on Zaroon's nape from one and only Ibrahim. "From Anisah's side!" He smirked after his handiwork making Zaroon to growl.

"Hit me one more time and I'm gonna speed this car to our deaths!" His irritated and angry voice resonated in the car making them glare at him.

"Why the heck you turned the car like crazy?" Amir exasperated making the two at the back to stare at Zaroon for the answer when he shrugged simply.

"We are going to a cafe." He stated simply making Anisah to gawk at him.

"Are you crazy?" She asked immediately in shock. Like how in the world she can go in a cafe looking like an alien with a men's shirt and ladies shalwar and different coloured veil. She looked like a joker and not to mention the visible bruises on her.

"Why so?" Zaroon asked confused with a frown making Anisah to glare at him. "I'm looking like a mess."

She spoke in a low voice making Zaroon to stare ahead as in thinking of a reply. "Three handsome men are going with you. Why in the world you think people would have enough time to look away from us and stare at you?" He asked exaggerated making her to stare at his head dumbly.

"Point!" Ibrahim spoke making Anisah to wipe her wet cheeks as she felt her tears not pouring anymore.

In no time they were sitting in a cozy restaurant in which there were very less people as it was early morning. Few who were sitting were minding their own business. Not looking at her for once cause of the intimidating look that these three men gave to everyone just scared those people.

Anisah excused herself as she went to the restroom and washed her face and combed her hair a bit with her fingers and made a bun as she turned the veil into hijab as it covered her neck and slightly her cheeks. She rinsed her mouth several times with water to make herself little presentable.

As soon as she came back to their seat. The breakfast was already placed on the table. She softly sat beside Ibrahim.

Zaroon saw her simply sitting so he nudged Ibrahim from under the the table at his foot who looked at Zaroon and he indicated towards Anisah. Ibrahim understood as he filled Anisah's plate with almost everything and then placed it in front of her.

She stared at the plate with little wide eyes and then at the Ibrahim who smiled as in a way that Nisah eat it or I'll make it double. Without any argument she took a small piece of paratha and then made a small morsel with omelet and softly start eating. They ordered complete desi breakfast with parathas, lasi and pickles in small plates were also served.

Anisah was feeling a little headache so she asked Ibrahim to order a strong cup of tea, which he did. Anisah just ate quarter of the food in her plate and drank her tea.

She then again went into the lane of thoughts. Amir who was noticing her zoning out again and again nudged Zaroon who saw Anisah staring at her hands in her lap. Completely zoned out.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?" Zaroon growled out making everyone in that place startled as they stared at him shocked. Anisah's head snapped up to him as she to jolted in her place because of his extremely loud voice, which startled her as well.

"WHO THE FUCK MADE THIS?" Zaroon growled out again as he stood up so forcefully that his chair fell back on the floor harshly, the sound resonating in the pin drop cafe. He was pointing towards the lassi.

A frightened waiter came forward as he stood with a bowed head and mumbled. "S-sir w-what's wrong?" His voice scared.

"I'm asking one last time who made this?" Zaroon asked in a cold voice making Anisah to gape at his behaviour. Whereas Amir was making weird face and Ibrahim continued to eat his food.

"S-sir I c-can c-call the chef here." The waiter mumbled scared out of his wits as he sprinted away.

Everyone was staring at him with shocked faces at his behaviour. Anisah immediately hold the glass of his lassi, picked a spoon, took out a small potion and tasted it. It was completely fine, no! It's more like tasty.

The waiter came back along with a male chef who looked in his late forties. "You made this?" Zaroon asked enraged as he pointed at the glass and Anisah slowly stood up not liking him talking like this to an elder.

The chef's face ashen as he gulped and then mumbled. "S-sir, I'm s-sorry i-if you don't like it. I c-can make a new one for you." The chef asked softly.

"Zaroon bhai!" Anisah warned as she didn't want him to say something bad to that man, when all of a sudden Zaroon kneeled down. Took that man's hand in his, kissed it. "Sir jee. This is best lassi I ever had. Just felt like appraising you." Zaroon spoke grinning.

Making everyone's jaw to drop as they stared at him baffled. Anisah stood shocked for a second and two laughters boomed and followed by an applause from the people as everybody laughed.

The chef and the waiter also smiled as their face got their colour back. They were just thinking what to do after they got fired today, but luckily their heartbeats normalised after Zaroon's words.

Anisah to let out a small smile as she shook her head at his tactics. He's surely a teenage kid in a body of a giant man.

She shook her head slightly as she sat down smiling as Zaroon bowed lightly like a gentleman at the people. As if he just performed an amazing show for them.

Zaroon also settled down. "I was about to have a heart attack sir." The chef spoke as he laughed a little making Zaroon to mumble a small sorry with a grin plastered on his face.

"So Anisah, I got you scared?" Zaroon asked grinning wiggling his brows making Anisah to shake her head with a small smile.

A genuine smile appeared on the faces of those three, looking at her smiling softly. Finally she smiled! They thought.

After breakfast they sat in the car. Zaroon was about to start the engine when Anisah spoke up. "I can't go to haveli, l-like t-this." She mumbled softly with a lowered head but enough for them to hear.

"Why?" Ibrahim asked confused making Anisah to gulp as she stared down.

"I c-can't f-face them! Yet!" She mumbled the last part firmly making them to understand.

Her condition is obvious that if she goes to the haveli. Questions will be asked and chaos will happen which she is not ready to face. It would be better if she stayed away for a while from the family. Her wounds will heal and she could gather herself up, so she could face everyone strongly.

Sometime alone and away will be good for her as she'll come to terms with the things and herself, after all her mental health is more important at this time as she has faced a storm just yesterday. She's in trauma and she needs to come to terms with what just happened. All these things required time away from the people she knows.

Zaroon knows a perfect place for her as an idea popped in his head. "I know a perfect place for you." Zaroon mumbled softly with a smile making Anisah to sigh in relief.

She thought they'll not let her alone and will stick to her 24/7 but was glad when she felt them understanding.

Zaroon started the car as a thought came in his mind which was bothering him since morning when they got to know what happened from Anisah at Michael's place.

They didn't even know what her physical condition is. If she needs to go to hospital or not. They didn't know it and it was bothering him a lot. Maybe she didn't want to tell them or isn't comfortable. As a doctor he can understand such behaviour of female patients.

So he decided it was better to get her checked before heading to the destination. As soon as they parked in front of the hospital. Anisah was confused and both Amir and Ibrahim stayed quiet as they got the hint why Zaroon is here.

"Let's go in." He told them softly and the three of them got out of the car with confused girl. "Why are we here?" She asked softly with confusion.

"Just a little work. Come y'all can sit in my office till then." He stated softly as she nodded in understanding as they all went in. She did get weird looks from people on her outfit.

"Y'all have to take me everywhere just today only, when I'm looking like a joker!" She complained looking down making the three chuckle.

"Oh come on, you still look cute in that." Amir said pointing at her outfit making her to shake her head.

Zaroon unlocked the door of his office. "You both stay here." Zaroon said to Ibrahim and Amir as they both obliged without a word. When Anisah was about to go in. He stopped her. "Come with me." Was all he said as he closed the door and started walking towards the other corridor.

Anisah confused, followed him. He got in one of the office just like his, where a lady doctor was seated.

He took Anisah inside the cabin and told her to sit on the stretcher. She silently obliged as she some how got to know what is happening and a certain tears started forming in her eyes. He was about to leave when she mumbled a small. "T-thank you."

Zaroon stopped and smiled softly at her as he patted her head lovingly and then went to discuss something with the doctor.

After few minutes a lady doctor in her late fifties came and smiled at the girl as she told her to relax herself and lay down.

After what felt like were hours but merely few minutes. The doctor told her that the checkup is done as she left to took off her gloves as she washed her hands. And came back to the timid looking Anisah who was sitting on the bed, looking at her hands on the lap like a child.

Doctor came and sat on the stool in front of her. "I don't know who did this to you child but thanks to Allah the damage isn't severe."

Anisah softly looked up at the doctor with moistened eyes as the doctor continued. "Your inner vaginal walls are damaged slightly because of no lubrications, it happened cause of the dryness from your side. Not to worry. I'll prescribe you a lubricant which must be applied twice very daily till a week. That'll be all and you'll be fine. Avoid intercourse for at least a week." The doctor instructed her softly as Anisah took everything in and nodded her softly like a child feeling nauseous and uncomfortable.

They both went back into the office where Zaroon was waiting. As soon as he saw them emerging he stood up from the seat, looking at doctor for answers.

Doctor went to her seat as she write the prescription down and handed it to Anisah who took softly.

"Sir- I mean Dr. Zaroon gladly there was no danger. She's fine." The doctor told him firmly understanding the discomfort of the girl as he sighed in relief and thanked the doctor.

He opened the door as Anisah also thanked the doctor and walked behind him. He stopped at the pharmacy and gave them the prescription. Anisah got the packet of medication as they went to his office where Ibrahim and Amir who were sitting idly stood up immediately and stared at Zaroon as if they were teleporting a relief washed on there faces as well.

Anisah who was hidden behind Zaroon's large back didn't got the view of their faces as Zaroon spoke to them. "Let's go."

They all were back in the car as they were heading to Zaroon knows where. "So where she's going to stay?" Amir asked to Zaroon who was driving in deep thoughts.

"Somewhere new and comfortable." He stated simply making Amir to roll his eyes at Zaroon's answers.

"Let's see where it is." Ibrahim stayed simply as Anisah was zoned out staring at the passing trees, going in blur. Air conditioner was on but she couldn't stop herself from rolling down the window as if she was in daze. The cold breeze swept pass her making her breathe in relief. A sigh of content escaped her lips as she closed her eyes feeling the moment for few seconds.

She can hear the whooshing of the wind as it swept passed her in sped. The wind paddlingat her face as she kept her eyes closed. The sun rays fell on her face as she felt the peace.

She just wanted to stay like this forever as if, she's floating in the air. The wind playing with her rogue honey strands as if they were the best friends and got to meet after ages. The leaves of the trees rustling as they speed ahead. She felt like she's flying but before a smile of content can appear on her face.

The all to haunting memories came to her head making her eyes to shot open as she pulled up the window shit and sat there still, looking at her hands in the lap. Her eyes sad.

The three of them were smiling seeing her feeling the wind but as soon she shut the window and sat their all sad made them also almost sad lost of words.

None of them spoke anything as they reached a familiar looking building to Zaroon as he told them to come out.

The building was not bad not extravagant, it was good for middle class people. Zaroon without a word went in and to the elevator as they all followed Anisah silently and other two with confused face.

They reached the desired floor in no time as it was the second floor and there were only theee apartments on that floor. He went towards the last gate. Familiar one as he softly ring the bell once.

"Coming!" An all to familiar voice was heard as the door flew opened and he saw a surprised look on the girl's face. "Dr. Zaroon." She mumbled after few seconds as she looked at him and then at the men standing behind him with a confused and a hesitant look.

"Can we come in?" He ask the girl softly who looked at him but as she stared at Ibrahim she felt hesitant. He was staring at her like a creep.

She hesitatingly nodded as she moved aside and opened the door wide for them to enter. They slowly moved aside as if making space for someone and then she saw a timid girl emerging from behind them like a lost dove. They indicated Anisah to go in first.

Anisah took step in and saw a shoe rack just beside the door. She softly took off her shoes and placed it in the rack and then went in making the girl who opened the door to smile at the timid girls manner full behaviour. The boys looked what Anisah did and they also did the same thing and then went inside the small cozy apartment.

A couch was there only so Anisah softly sat on the floor and indicated at Amir to do the same who with a tight smile also sat on the floor in a desi manner where cushions were placed. Zaroon and Ibrahim sat on the couch.

"I'll call Ri." The girl said softly as she disappeared behind one of the door.

Anisah didn't know who she was and whose apartment is this. She felt oddly awkward while dropping at someone's place unknowingly.

But Zaroon felt oddly content and was also smiling looking around whereas Ibrahim looked damn serious and Amir beside her was as awkward as she was.

After a couple of minutes the door opened and the girl from before came out and went towards the open kitchen.

She immediately made juice for them and then placed in one the dishes and came to serve them. "There was no need of it Shifa." Zaroon spoke softly making the girl to just smile softly as she offered him the juice. He picked one glass as she then forwarded the dish towards Ibrahim, who took the glass way to slowly as Shifa immediately turned around gave one glass to Amir who smiled politely and the last glass to Anisah who mumbled a small thank you making the girl smile.

On cue the door of one of the room burst open and there stood none other than Dr. Riya.


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