Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 64

Dr. Riya was about to say something but stopped as soon as her eyes landed on Anisah who was also staring at her shocked. Confusion was on everyone's face.

Zaroon decided to took the things in his hands as he stood up, gave the half drink glass to Shifa and told Dr. Riya to follow him softly.

Dr. Riya who was confused, gave a tight smile to Anisah as she followed Zaroon outside of the apartment.

Shifa went to the kitchen as the other three silently drank their juice.

After a while when they both emerged back in the house, Zaroon was looking pleased as Riya without a word went to Anisah who immediately stood up and Riya hugged Anisah. "Welcome." She mumbled softly yet happily making the tension in the room to lower as Anisah smiled back softly.

Zaroon eyed both the men as if telling them its time to go. Both stood up ready to leave making Anisah to turn to them.

Zaroon came forward as he smiled at her softly. "Stay here for a while until you feel like coming back." His words soft and comforting.

"We'll visit you often. It's not like we're letting you go." Ibrahim mused at her, softly patting her head with a grin making her to smile softly as he felt certain someone's widened gaze on him.

"Take care of yourself." Amir mumbled softly with a small smile as Anisah nodded and one by one they left the house not after mumbling there Salam.

Shifa who didn't know what's happening stared at her sister Riya who was thinking hard. "Api this here is Anisah. She was my patient once, now she's going to stay with us for a while." Riya spoke enthusiastically looking towards Shifa who looked confused but nonetheless nodded her head in understanding.

"Anisah this fine piece is my elder sister Shifa." Riya introduced with a wink making Shifa to glare at her sister and Anisah to give a small smile.

Riya instantly holds Anisah's hand as she guided her in one of the rooms. "This is my room, oh no! It was cause now it's going to be your room." Riya spoke happily making Anisah to immediately shook her head in negative.

"No, it's alright. I can stay in the lounge." Anisah spoke softly making Riya to gasp out.

"Oh, come on. This is the first time we are having guest, so I'm not listening to you, I was your doctor so you must listen to me." Riya spoke sternly making Anisah to smile softly.

After that in few minutes Riya took her important stuff and went in the other room as she said she'll share it with Shifa.

Anisah felt extremely bad for making someone leave there room for her. When Riya came back Anisah tried again. "I'm not liking it. I'm sorry if I'm being a burden, we both can share this room." Anisah told her softly making the girl to adjust her squared glasses as she stared bored at Anisah.

"Look dear! You are not a burden. We never had a guest so your presence is kinda honour for us." She mused smilingly making Anisah to nod because by her words. Anisah knows Riya is persistent.

"Now go shower. I think my clothes will do for now. You go, I'll place the clothes on the bed." Riya said as she handed Anisah a towel and left the room. Anisah went to the restroom.

As soon as Riya came out she saw Shifa standing there with arms crossed. Riya knows Shifa wanted to know what is happening.

Riya hold Shifa's arm as she dragged her elder sister in the kitchen. "What did Zaroon said?" Shifa asked Riya in a hushed voice indicating towards the time when Zaroon took her outside the apartment to talk.

Riya sighed softly. "She's the same girl I told you about. My patient who was blind but with the surgery and Allah's help got her sight back. Her husband loved her so much. I saw it when he first brought her for the check up. But he was met with an accident and lost his memory, basically amnesia and he forgot her. Something uncertain happened between the couple. Sir said that Anisah didn't want to face the family yet and wanted some alone time, so he brought her here as per he said. No one will expect her to be here and specially her husband. So if we are willing he would like her to stay with us for a while and I can't say no. I've seen her appearance, didn't you? It is evident-" Riya was unable to speak anymore as she looked away from her sister and as everything sink in Shifa also realised her appearance and her throat clogged up. Her clothes and not the mention the slight glimpse they got of the bruises on her wrists.

"He didn't told me particularly but I ain't stupid to not understand." Riya told her sister softly who was stilled in her spot not moving.

Riya knows this must be hard for Anisah and the news ain't good for Shifa to digest in as well.

Shifa who was still statue came slowly back to reality when Riya soothes her arms softly. "Now I'm gonna share a room with you." Riya mumbled softly making Shifa to nod at her with a small smile.

Anisah let the cold water wash over her muscles. Relaxing her as she breathed in deeply. Closing her eyes the moments when they had their first time, racked her mind and the very next morning where he took care of her so tenderly, how he massaged her shoulders making tears to roll out of her eyes and merged with the cold water.

Then the memories of what he did just a day ago made cold shudders to pass through her spine as she immediately opened her eyes not wanting to live those memories again.

She didn't let her thoughts to ponder on anything further, clearly shutting it off as she focused her eyes on the wall ahead and particularly on cleaning herself.

After shower, she wrapped the towel around her form and slowly poked her head out of the door. She didn't want to scare the sisters with her bruises and gladly the room was empty with clothes placed on the bed.

She immediately came out of the restroom, locked the door and then swiftly changed into the clothes which were comfortable on her.

She dried her hair with the towel and let them loose on her back as she draped the veil around her to cover her neck so they won't see her bruises. When she looked that she is covered enough, she slowly made her way out of the room to find Shifa in the kitchen.

Riya was no where to be seen as Anisah made her way to Shifa and stand beside her. Shifa noticed her as she gave a small smile. "I'm preparing lunch, what would you like to have?" Shifa asked softly making Anisah to shake her head in negative immediately.

"No, please don't treat me all special. I'll have what y'all are having." Anisah spoke softly. She noticed Shifa was making vegetable dish and without a word she picked up a knife and started shopping onions.

Shifa who was smiling at Anisah's word stared at her shocked and immediately tried to take the onions from her hand but Anisah didn't let her. "Please let me help you, it's just because I've nothing else to do." Anisah mumbled softly making Shifa to nod her head smilingly as she let her do the work.

"Where's Riya?" Anisah asked softly as she was doing her work.

"She's sleeping in my room. Yesterday she had a night shift and today also she had a night shift." Shifa informed her as Anisah nodded in understanding.

Such a beautiful hard working girl is Riya, Anisah thought as both the girl prepared the lunch in few minutes.

Shifa set the food on the floor in the small lounge and Anisah helped as both the girls washed their hands and sat to eat. Shifa decided to let Riya sleep for a while and Anisah agreed to it.

They ate their food in silence, no one said a word as after placing the dishes back they cleaned the kitchen. Shifa sat on the couch and turned on the tv whereas Anisah excuses herself and went into the room given to her.

It was in the evening Anisah thought to help Shifa in the kitchen as she knew the girl will be preparing dinner. And as she thought Shifa was preparing dinner.

Anisah went to her side and just like in the afternoon, she started helping her to which Shifa smiled softly.

"You can remove your veil, it's so hot here and it's not that there's any male around." Shifa suggested still drowned in work making Anisah to stiffen but she immediately controlled herself.

"I'm c-comfortable like this." Anisah lied. She didn't want them to see the bruises around her neck. She was glad that the bruise on her face is faded. She do felt sweaty but she didn't removed her veil.

Shifa set a sheet on the floor in the lounge as Anisah helped her in placing the food on it. On cue Riya came out of the other room all freshly bathed and ready to leave for work.

A deep respect emerged in Anisah's heart for Riya. She's young and yet so devoted to her job and sister. She admires her.

"Oh hello beauties." Riya said as she sat down in a desi manner and started to fill her plates.

"Damn I'm so hungry! That even elephants died after running like idiots without food in my stomach." She mumbled munching on her food making the other two girls to laugh at her.

They ate their food in silence and soon after finishing Riya stood up and went back in the room to wear her lab coat. She took her bag and stuff and came out ready to leave. She gave a loving kiss to Shifa on the cheek making Anisah to smile looking at the sisters who loved each other so much.

Riya saw her staring as she gave Anisah her pearly smile and next thing she gave Anisah a kiss on the cheek just like Shifa making her shock and then happy.

As soon as Riya left. Shifa closed the door and then locked it.

"How will she go to the hospital at this time?" Anisah asked worried making Shifa to smile as they were picking up the dishes and going into the kitchen.

"Don't worry. For night shifts hospital provides good transport services to the hospital staff." Anisah made an oh sound as she understood and felt relief of some sort.

That night Anisah layed wide awake on the bed, staring at the ceiling. Her mind was running with millions of thoughts but the most prominent of them all was him and his deed.

Tears were slowly flowing out of her eyes and disappeared in her hairs passing through her temples as she recalled his doings. It wasn't in her will to stop those scenes to repeat in her mind again and again.

He did this to her as she stared at her bruised wrists. What will he think of himself when his memory will return, if one day.

She layed there crying when she heard it. The fajar Azan and her heart constricted painfully in her chest thinking of what she had done.

How could she stop praying? How could she let this effect her belief? She was stronger than this.

Wiping her tears, she did her her ablution and stand on the prayer mat to offer her prayers. Her whole body racked with sobs as she prayed. After praying she sat on the prayer and ask Allah for forgiveness. She wasn't this weak. She was strong and she'll stay strong.

In morning she woke up when she heard voices coming from the lounge. She woke up late, she immediately freshened herself and came out to find Zaroon sitting on the couch arguing with Riya who was standing in front of him with her hands on her hips as she glared at Zaroon.

Well that's new!

Riya saw her and her face expressions changed from angry to soft as she smiled at Anisah.

"Come Anisah, we are just arguing over your decision. This male specie here is saying that we cannot go out for shopping for you and as per he says we can do online shopping." Riya exaggerates making Anisah to smile as she saw the annoyance look on Zaroon's face and why not, Riya just called him a male specie which he is, but it annoyed him.

"Look Anisah y'all can shop online whatever you want and it will be delivered at the doorstep." Zaroon stated matter of factly making Anisah to nod in understanding.

"No we'll go out and shop for her!" Riya spoke slight angrily making Zaroon to narrow his eyes as he stood up now intimidating the girl but she didn't backed down as she adjusted her squared glasses, while glaring at him.

"You'll shop online for her!" He stated more angrily making Anisah to furrow her brows as she decided to cool things down a little.

"Guys, I don't need anything-" Anisah was cut in the middle of her sentence by both of them simultaneously saying the same words.

"You keep quiet!" They both said together as they gave her a short glare and than they started bickering again making Anisah to stare at them weirdly as she heard a laugh from Shifa who was enjoying their little fight.

"You'll get used to it." Shifa mumbled softly with a smile making Anisah to stare at them knowingly.

And in the end Zaroon won and Riya with an angry face did online shopping for Anisah and she was doing way more shopping than necessary. When Anisah tried to stop her, she said that Zaroon is paying for the stuff so she'll make him suffer for not letting them go for shopping by emptying his credit card.


Several days has passed and gladly her bruises got healed completely making her snow white skin to be all unblemished again but the scar on her souls were still fresh as in like everything just happened yesterday.

All these days the boys often come to visit her. She got to know that Jhangir is all fine now and he's at the haveli. She didn't asked them about him. She was unable to, she shouldn't be bothered about him after what he did to her but deep down she knew the love is still there in her but she'll bury it with her own hands.

Just after two days when she came here. Zaroon came a little tensed. He told her strictly not to leave the house making the three girls frown. Anisah didn't asked much questions thinking that it could be Michael looking for her.

Cause when she left him, he wasn't letting her go. Maybe he's looking for her. She shouldn't care about him but it felt painful.

She's feeling claustrophobic. Her heart was in pain and this pain isn't leaving her alone. Thoughts are clawing at her heart so harshly that she couldn't breath anymore.

She felt like dying every second. She can't beat it as she abruptly stood up from the window and wrapped a shawl around her head and body as she made her way out of the house.

Luckily the lounge was empty as she wrote her shoes and went out of the apartment, closing the door behind.

As soon as she was out of the building she breathed in deeply feeling the cold wind of the night sweeping pass her. It was late in night and there was no one around.

She didn't know what she was doing or where she was going but she started running, she ran not knowing where she's going as she entered in one of the empty nearby park.

Her knees buckled and she fell on the grass on her knees. It was as if something burst within her and hundred of emotions racked her body with pure grief.

She cried out loudly. Her wails resonating in the surroundings as she cried fisting the grass in her hands as she cried staring at the sky. Her tears became an ocean, sobs a broken lullaby, as her soul danced to the tunes, ripping with each second.

Nothing remained as she stared at the sky with tears pouring out. Everything was lost against the darkness, there was no way out as she stared at the star filled sky.

The crescent shape stared before her, illuminating her snow white skin mixed with an anguish of despair.

"Why you did this to me Michael?" She cried out. As her form trembled in anguish begging for strength through the darkness.

Seconds turned into minutes and minutes into hours as she finds her life slipping away with every passing second as her tears dried out. Having no strength to cry any longer. Knowing, there remained no hope.

Closing her eyes tightly she prayed to disappear with in the winds.

When she opened her eyes. Her throat clogged up as she stared at the dark green eyes right before her making her breathing to halt.

She abruptly closed her eyes as she shook her head. She’s hallucinating, it felt like millennia, nothing is same, she’s never getting her old Michael back. No matter how much she cried the earth will continue to spin and the people will continue to live. It will be her that’ll forever stay in the memories she savoured the most.

She felt a caress on her cheek, someone wiping her tears and her eyes opened wide as she stared at the dark green ones. She wasn’t hallucinating. It was really him, right in front of her, crouching down so he could face her.

All the life evaporated from her system as she stared at his green orbs, her favourite colour.

“Kitten.” He mumbled softly making her throat to dry out. His voice was soft and his eyes, his eyes were soft too.

She didn’t wanted to stay there any moment but her body wasn’t moving. It stayed rooted to the spot not coping with her. She didn’t blink nor she uttered a word as she stared at his eyes. They were talking to her, she can see hundreds of emotions swirling in those emerald eyes yet she didn’t looked away. It felt like millennium has passed since she saw those green hawk eyes, yet it was just a month.

The silence resonated around them as the wind hid behind the trees as they gawked at the man, feeling anger surging in them towards him. Whereas the younger members of wind weeps for the numb girl.

“I’m s-sorry.” He spoke softly, his voice thick filled with hundreds of emotions, his hand still caressing her cheek, yet the girl remained numb not uttering a word.

He’s sorry. And his words were sincere. It was clear but is it enough. Will it be enough for her to forget everything. No!

Before he could utter more words. Large footsteps were heard. Out of reflex he abruptly hold her arm while standing as he placed her behind, shielding her small form behind his large one as he saw armed men surrounding them.

Within seconds those men jumped on him like wolves as he dodged the first one and punched the second one but third one punched Michael in the ribs making him groan as he yelled at girl.

“RUN ANISAH!” She was to numb in dread that her feet froze. And just when he yelled at her again. She without thinking much turned to run but her arm was taken in a lethal grip and she was yanked back and hit someone’s chest as that person placed the drugged cloth on her mouth and nose as he wrapped his arm around her waist to keep her steady.

Her teary widened eyes met with the green ones, who was now in men’s grip as they punched him again but she saw it, the fear of losing her in his eyes. “LET HER GO YOU BASTARD!” Michael yelled loudly but a sharp needle was injected in his neck making his body to slump as his consciousness started evaporating.

Anisah was thrashing violently in that man’s grip as her own eyes became hazy and just before slipping into darkness she heard the familiar voice.

“Sleep princess.”


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