Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 65

Life is far from what we expect. The lines in our hands are already written by the best of the writers and we just go where the tunes of fate take us.

The wind was chilling as thick smoke surrounds him. The rustling of the leaves could be heard as he stared at the vast black sky. Stars were twinkling beautifully as the moon shine brightly. It was so serene and peaceful yet his heart was in pure turmoil.

He will not deny that he was shamelessly attracted to her for the very first time he opened his eyes after coma. She was beautiful with innocence in her eyes and that same night he found her in a mere towel wrapped around her luscious small body as she roamed his hospital room.

He still remember how tempting her snow white skin looked to him. Those slim legs, her collarbone. Gosh! It was extremely hard for him not to have his way with her right there in the hospital room.

And from then onwards, she was always by her side and it got more difficult for him to control himself yet he tried his best to stay away from her and keep his control.

He could have any girl with the click of his fingers but he couldn't have her not because he can't have her. It was because she was so innocent and respectable, manners and purity oozes out of her. So, trying that one night stand stunt wasn't safe. She's not one of those girls and it frustrated him more.

When he saw her talking with his brothers, Zaroon and Asad a twinge always f jealousy he felt was far stronger. It was out of his understanding that why he's feeling this way in the first place. And when Asad called her bhabhi, everything ticked off.

She's married! He got disappointed and enraged but their little quarrel ended up in him knowing that she's no one else's wife but his.

The time when he got to know that she's his. He was shocked would be understatement but when she blow that he married her forcefully, he felt relaxed because that sounded like him but when she said, later they fell in love. That didn't settled well with him.

He considered this love thing as a weakness. How stupid he was to fell in love with a girl. He didn't want to be that old Michael who was a love sick puppy.

If he married her forcefully than he could simply have her. Why involving all that love thing and fuss?

One thing was cleared to him that he was attracted to her before and is attracted to her now as well, and nothing can change that.

It's just a matter of time. Once he'll taste her, his mind will be back to proper thinking again.

But he didn't want to force himself on her. Yet he did, he did wrong to his own wife, whom he's supposed to protect. Fuck the circumstances which led him to do it.

He will not deny the effect she had on him. He will never forget this night. He loved being inside her. The sensations he felt was like never before. It felt heaven but on the other hand he was dying in guilt and disgust because he shouldn't have done this.

He's one of a kind, who never felt guilt or remorse but yet here he was drowning in the deep pits of shame.

When Ibrahim, Amir and Zaroon were arguing with him as to why he beat Jhangir. He didn't want to tell them what idiot of a Jhangir did. Jhangir is Michael's brother, how could he ho on and confess to his bhabhi. That beating was necessary for him to get that fucking idea out of his head. It wasn't like Michael enjoyed beating his own brother. Michael felt like crying after beating Jhangir, that's why he left the home and get drunk in the club.

Jhangir is the most precious to him of them all. His stupid jokes and jolly nature is Michael's peace. Michael was torn after beating Jhangir. His heart was weeping inside for doing what he did, but it was necessary. Jhangir is his blood, of course he was in pain as much as Jhangir was. But just because he appeared all strong and calm doesn't means, he's not hurt! What could be worse than hurting your love ones? It wasn't only Jhangir who's hurt, Michael was hurt as well.

Michael was extremely devastated to see her broken state but when the next morning she yelled at him, made him stunned. The way she shamed him in front of his brothers and the way she slapped him. He was shocked to the core but some how he felt content.

Content that she's crying and letting out her anger. But when Ibrahim decided that she's not going to stay with him. His anger boiled and all the reasoning left him.

At that moment he felt it. He can't let her go! He didn't know what old Michael was like towards his Anisah but this had done so wrong to her kitten.

He wanted to apologise and ask for forgiveness. He wanted to redeem his doings but they are taking away that one chance from him. No! He can't let them take her was his only thought but what can he do when she herself didn't wanted to stay.

Her honey coloured beautiful orbs were shining like jewels draped in tears. Her eyes made him freeze on the spot.

He saw it then, her love and hope towards the old Michael breaking. And it felt like someone snatched the floor from under his feet.

He broke her!

'You lost a gem!' Zaroon's words rang in his mind loud and clear.

At that moment he felt it for the very first time.


Fear from his own self. What if his memory comes back? What then? How will he be able to answer the old Michael who fucking breath for this girl. How he'll be able to stay sane knowing that a part of him did such torture on that poor soul. Who did nothing wrong except of loving him.

What will he do then?

He not only broke his wife but also the old Michael. He destroyed them!

Much was unable to be at peace that whole night. The first thing he did was to go to the office first thing in the morning as he knows I rahi and Zaroon will be there as there's a meeting. He's no stupid to think that Zaroon would've taken Anisah to the haveli. He would've probably kept her at a place, he isn't aware of, so he didn't bothered to waste time at the haveli.

In office they both were there as predicted, giving him deathly glares. Michael oddly enough felt proud and content towards them. They are saving Anisah from him. They care for the old Michael and yet he himself didn't cared about his old self. They're protecting her like she's their own sister and it somehow made him realised that she's loved by his whole damn family.

If he knows better, then he knew he got off safely from his brothers hand, because if he wasn't their bhai or their blood. They surely would've beaten him to death.

As soon as the meeting got over. Michael asked them to stay and they both obliged with clenched jaw and angry fists. Impressive!

"I need to tell you guys something." Michael spoke but when he got no answer he simply spoke telling them about the letter he received in his car. He kept the things straight that whoever the person is, wants Anisah and there identity is skull. He didn't elaborated the ridiculous things mentioned in the letter.

The information made both the men tensed. Michael inquired about all the things that happened in the phase that he lost the memory.

Both Ibrahim and Zaroon told him everything professionally from fire at his house to him gone to save Ibrahim and then killing of Ali Agha. There was more to the story which only Old Michael knew.

They both left hurriedly and Michael knew where they were heading. He knew they went to warn Anisah not to left the place where she's at cause of the information they just got.

He could easily get to know where she is but his sensible part didn't allow him to hunt after her.

She needs alone time and he did as well. So it was better to stay away from her and try to understand his own self on the mean while cause the storm that's brewing inside him is like a slow poison.

He also got the information from Asad that there's no gang or Mafia with a sign of skull, except for a local street crime gang. Michael wasn't stupid enough to know that who ever it is wanted his attention to divert to that lower criminal gang, who'll probably piss in their pants if he confront them. He was hundred percent sure that they were not behind the letter. It was big power, just like him. Some manipulative bastard, whose keeping eye on his every move.

Few days has passed and his condition was worse not physically but mentally. Last night he had the best dream of his life. He was making love to his kitten for the very first time.

It was their first time. Her soft body squirming under him as he made love to her gently. Her soft moans and whimpers were his undoing. It was so fucking real that when he woke up, he was drenched in sweat with a hard boner but what had him panting was that she was blind.

Without as much of a thought he called Zaroon. He picked up as Michael's heart beat accelerated. "W-was s-she blind, w-when I married her?" Michael's voice was gruff and deep.

He hard a sharp intake of breath from the other side. "She was." Zaroon spoke softly and Michael cut the call.

Cold shudders passed thought his spine as he realised it wasn't a dream. It was the part of his memory that came back. Her first time!

His hands trembled as he recalled all the emotions he felt in his dream. There was pure love and need in him for her. He fucking loved her with his every fibre. Those moments were so precious that he couldn't stop himself from drowning in guilt more.

How could he do this to her? A tear escaped his eyes as he pull at his hairs harshly. All these days he was internally dying in guilt and now this flashback felt like salt on his open wounds.

His mind was rolling everything again and again. He wanted to recall all the things but the headache wasn't helping and staying away from her either.

He really yearned to see her, to console her and ask for forgiveness. What he did, deserves no apology but his conscience won't let him at peace until, he didn't apologise.

The ringing of his phone has his thoughts diverting as he answered. "Michael Sheikh!" Came a powerful voice of a man and Michael knew it wasn't any normal person.

When Michael didn't answer at all a chuckle was heard from the other side. "I hope the letter finds you well." The man spoke making anger to surge in him at full pace.

"It did!" Michael spoke calmly not showing any ounce of anger making the other side to resonate with silence for a while.

"Thanks to your letter. I made love to my wife!" Pin drop silence and then Michael heard it a loud growl.

"You fucking bastard!" That man yelled making Michael's jaw to clench. This bastard has a thing for his wife.

"She loves me! So stay the fuck away from her!" Michael spoke angrily.

A low chuckle was heard from the other side. "Yeah, she loves you!" He mocked. "That's why she left you!" That man spoke with amusement making Michael to clench his jaw.

Michael deliberately said that she loved him just to know whether this man is keeping tabs on Anisah and him or not and it seems like he do, which simply meant Anisah is in danger.

"She's my wife and you can do nothing about it!" Michael tried to manipulate the man, in order to get him angry, and it worked.

"I'll take her away from you!" The man spoke adamantly making Michael to clench his fists.

"Try it!" Was all Michael said as he cut the call.

Michael has played his card and now it's time to perform few tasks.

It was already late as Michael called Zaroon, who picked up on the second call.

"Where is she?" Michael asked straight up not playing anything.

"I'm not telling you Michael!" Came the stern, gruff voice of Zaroon making Michael to punch him hard.

"Listen to me you fucking idiot! She's in danger, the bastard who's after her just called. Tell me the fucking address or I'll rip you apart!" Michael growled.

Without much delay Zaroon told him the address as Michael was already hitting the road on his car, still on the phone.

"Zaroon here's the plan..."

As soon as he reached the area, he saw a frail figure draped in black shawl running away from the building, he knows it was her by those rogue honey strands. His heart sped up as he pulled the car aside and ran after her, without her knowing.

He followed her into the park and saw her falling on the grass as she fisted it and then she cried. His heart almost ripped opened when she stared at the sky in anguish and yelled.

"Why you did this to me Michael?" She cried out. As her form trembled in anguish begging for strength through the darkness.

He stayed rooted to his spot unmoving as he saw his life crying like a broken doll.

Closing her eyes tightly she prayed to disappear with in the winds.

He softly made his way to her, without a word as he crouched down in front of her beautiful form. Teary face and red nose with those rogue honey strands.

When she opened her eyes. Her throat clogged up as she stared at the dark green eyes right before her making her breathing to halt. He saw how her form stilled.

Honey orbs against forest green ones.

She abruptly closed her eyes as she shook her head. He knows she’s denying that he’s in front of her. His hands that felt heavy softly caressed her cheek wiping her tears and her eyes opened wide as she stared at the dark green ones. She wasn't hallucinating. It was really him, right in front of her, crouching down so he could face her.

All the life evaporated from her system as she stared at his green orbs, he saw her form numbing.

"Kitten." He mumbled softly making her throat to dry out. His voice was soft and his eyes, his eyes were soft too. His own heart felt heavy.

The silence resonated around them as the wind hid behind the trees as they gawked at the man, feeling anger surging in them towards him. Whereas the younger members of wind weeps for the numb girl.

"I'm s-sorry." He spoke softly, his voice thick filled with hundreds of emotions, his hand still caressing her cheek, yet the girl remained numb not uttering a word. The words were heavy with the guilt he was feeling from the last past month.

Before he could utter more words. Large footsteps were heard. Out of reflex he abruptly hold her arm while standing as he placed her behind, shielding her small form behind his large one as he saw armed men surrounding them.

Within seconds those men jumped on him like wolves as he dodged the first one and punched the second one but third one punched Michael in the ribs making him groan as he yelled at girl.

"RUN ANISAH!" She was to numb in dread that her feet froze. And just when he yelled at her again. She without thinking much turned to run but her arm was taken in a lethal grip and she was yanked back and hit someone's chest as that person placed the drugged cloth on her mouth and nose as he wrapped his arm around her waist to keep her steady.

Michael saw an all to familiar man caging his wife in his arms and it took him off guard as his goons got a firm hold on his form.

Her teary widened eyes met with the green ones, who was now in men's grip as they punched him again but she saw it, the fear of losing her in his eyes. "LET HER GO YOU BASTARD!" Michael yelled loudly but a sharp needle was injected in his neck making his body to slump as his consciousness started evaporating.

‘I’m sorry.’ He mumbled softly for making her go through this but this is the only way to capture this motherfucker, who was none other than.



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