Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 66

Anisah felt a soft caresses on her cheek and she stired in her sleep and then she felt it. Someone's hot breath near her neck and her eyes shot opened wide, meeting with the ocean blue one making her throat to clogged up as she abruptly tried to move away but he was fast as he hold her shoulders in a firm grip and kept her in place.

Anisah started panicking as she realised she’s on bed, she tarted struggling violently in his hold, trying to get away from him as she yelled. "Let go! No! Leave me!"

Her thrashing became violent so he gave her a slight jerk and spoke coldly. "Shhhh! Princess! Behave yourself! I'm not doing anything, so relax!" He told her last part softly making her chin to quiver in fear at his cold voice.

Tears blurred her vision as he let her go and the girl immediately as if struck by lightening, scurried away from him, almost tripping off the bed in process as she stood in the corner, panting heavily with wide scared large eyes staring at him.

He chuckled softly, she looked like a scared dove. Mesmerisingly beautiful with that red nose. His eyes slowly trailed down her form and he could barely control a groan that wanted to escape his throat.

Anisah stared at him with wide scared eyes. His light brown hair combed back properly, clean shaved jaw and those blue eyes that she knows from the party stared at her form making chills to run down her spine.

She immediately covered her head with the shawl that was dangling on her shoulders as she properly covered herself up and he chuckled again at her trying to hide from him.

"You can't hide from me princess." He mumbled lowly but she heard it, as slow dread crept in her heart.

He stood up and rounded the bed, walking towards her making dread to creep in her veins.

"Don't be scared of me princess. I'm not gonna hurt you." He stopped few feet away from her as he mumbled. His voice smooth.

There were trillions of questions that racked her mind. She wanted so many answers but yet the words that left her lips were unbelievable.

"Where's M-Michael?" She tried to sound strong but her voice gave away her fear and just by her words, his posture changed.

His jaw clenched as his eyes almost darkened. "He's there, where he's supposed to be." His words sharp and bitter making more tears to form in her eyes as she recalled all the words this man had said to her in their encounters.

This man had told her several times, that he'll kill Michael.

She shook her head in negative as her heart almost stopped beating and pain so pure engulfed her soul. She cupped her mouth to stop her screams.

The unconscious limp form of Michael racked her mind when they injected him and she felt as if her soul left her body.

"Y-you k-killed h-him?" She asked, her voice stuttering with so much pain in it that the man clenched his fists as he gritted his teeth together.

"Not yet!" Was his firm reply and as if the oxygen found its way in her lungs and suddenly she could breath again. He's alive! It kept ringing in her head like a mantra.

After knowing that he's alive, some sort of strength engulfed her being as she wiped her tears and straightened up.

"Why you kidnapped me?" She asked with angry eyes making something to flash in blue orbs as he smirked.

"So naive of you in not knowing my intentions yet." He spoke cooly in a smooth, calm voice making her to control her fear.

"Who are you?" She asked with confidence, not stuttering anymore. The man arched his brow as he looked at her keenly and took a step towards her, making her alert all of a sudden and he saw it, as he smirked.

"I'm David, leader of the scorpions." He stated so proudly that she didn't get anything except his name.

'Bichu he to ho tum!'

(Scorpion you are!)

She thought bitterly, in other circumstances, she would have laughed at what he said. Leader of scorpions! Like what? Scorpions understand his language or they stung to whom he orders or like what? Scorpions danced on his tunes or like he he's supernatural creature who can change into scorpion. Like what man?

The situation wasn't like to think what she's thinking.

"What do you want from me?" She asked coldly making him arch his brow at her.

Anisah isn't stupid enough to not understand. With all those threats he gave her at her honeymoon that he'll kill Michael, it clearly indicates that this man David has serious enemity towards Michael, that's one point but in every encounter he has also mentioned that he will have her, that's the second point.

Either he wants revenge on something from Michael or he's mentally obsessed over her and wants her from Michael. The second thought really scared her as she gulped.

"Earth to princess." He clicked his fingers to brought her back to reality and she gasped in horror, seeing him standing so close to her. Her eyes widened as she abruptly stepped back only for her back to touch the wall.

"I want you from you." He stated mischievously making her eyes to widen more as she felt fear creeping in on her.

"M-Michael will not let you take me away from him!" She spoke confidently or more like adamantly as she knows what she saw in Michael’s eyes just before her kidnapping, she saw a glimpse of her old Michael in those green orbs. The man let out a chuckle at her words.

Her lips trembled in fear but she controlled her quivering. David lifted his hand as he caressed her cheek softly with his knuckles making her to flinch away and he clenched his jaw.

"I will kill him right in front of your eyes and then there'll be no one to take you away from me!" He spoke enthusiastically making her nauseous as she bit in her cheek to stop her emerging tears.

"I'm Michael's wife and I'll be his wife only!" She spited out venomously making him to growl out as his hand abruptly hold her hair from above her shawl and pulled her closer making her yelp in pain, tears of horror flowed out of her eyes.

"You were mine the moment I lay me eyes on you!" He snarled at her face making her whimper.

Letting go of her hairs he abruptly hold her delicate wrist in his steel like grip and started to drag her out of the room.


Michael groaned out in pain as his head felt like a weight of boulder has been placed on it. He groggily opened his eyes which felt extremely heavy. With much difficulty he opened his eyes to met with the blurriness. Slowly he blinked several times to adjust to his surroundings.

As soon as he got alert, he realised his hands were restrained in chains at the roof on either side of his head. He tried to pull at them but it was impossible.

All the happenings before they drugged him, racked his mind as his eyes desperately searched his kitten but she was no where there. His jaw clenched as he controlled himself.

Abruptly the door of the basement burst opened and came in marching the motherfucker David. But what got Michael's face to pale was the the girl he was dragging behind.

When he got close, David yanked Anisah forward making her stand right in front of Michael who stared at her teary face.

A relief washed over him seeing her there in front of him. Anisah on the other hand stared at him with teary eyes.

"You alright kitten?" Michael asked so softly that if she wasn't standing any closer, she wouldn't have heard him. Anisah nodded slowly.

A loud mocking clapping was heard followed by David's bitter chuckle. "What a great reunion!" He mocked.

Michael clenched his jaw as he glared daggers at him. "Your enmity is with me David. Let her go!" Michael spoke calmly trying to withdraw David's true intentions.

David chuckled lowly. "Our enmity is one thing but I want her is another thing!" David mused making Michael to growl at him. "BASTARD!"

"It's your fault in the first place Michael. You destroyed my weapon house so I decided to kill your bride Asma, as I got to know you were marrying her. Luckily no one had seen me to know that I am the leader of scorpions so they let me in your wedding, it was easy peasy but there I saw something that changed my life." David mused, his eyes staring at Anisah who backed towards Michael by the intensity of David's gaze.

"I saw her, like an innocent angel standing far from people in the corner, my body having the mind of its own went to her, she was scared and nervous then I realised this angel is blind but that didn't stopped me from feeling for her. Then and there I promised myself to make her mine! But you being a bastard married her, that to forcefully. It's not your fault either Michael. Men as evil like us always desire the purest angels." David mused making Michael shocked that this bastard passed the security so easily, even tho, he didn't remembered much, except for Zaroon telling how he forcefully married Anisah.

"The second time I met my princes was in Thailand. She was drunk and dancing so sensually. I told her that I'll kill you and have her but she said you'll beat me. Such naive princess she is." David mused making a hiss to escape Michael lips as a sudden image of himself hugging Anisah when he found her near the beach and sent a silent thanks to his lord escaped his lips, racked his mind. His eyes opened wide as those emotions he felt at that time, hit him hard.

"And the third time is my favourite, when I fooled my princes and made her dance with me forcefully at the club. Thanks to you for bringing her there in that dress!" David mused making Michael to growl. "SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

Michael recalled how he behaved ridiculously with her when she told him the truth that, that man misbehaved with her and told her that he wants her. He was too engrossed in anger to pay attention to that shit. He wanted to shoot his own self right now.

"After getting to know about this angel I decided to get her by hook or by crook. This would be the best revenge. Taking her away from you. It will be best revenge for destroying my weapon and also I'll get the girl I want. Two kills with one bullet." David mused looking at Michael dead in the eyes.

"After seeing Anisah in your wedding, my game started. You must be wondering who leaked out the transaction news of your weapons to Ali Agha." David asked amused and Michael clenched his jaw, from Zaroon he knew about almost everything and also that they have a traitor in them who leaked the news of transaction to Ali Agha.

"As y'all still didn't distinguished who the traitor is. I'll let it be that way. It was me who got Ibrahim kidnapped by Ali Agha. As expected you went to save your brother, which I wanted. That was the time for me to strike and I did. The whole scenario of keeping you and Ibrahim as captive at Ali Agha's place was to get Anisah alone and kidnap her. My men would've easily kidnapped her when she was coming back from hospital but those bastard Zaroon and Amir were with her, like fucking bodyguards and they got away with her. My plan failed! And you killed Ali Agha as a cherry on top, with the help of that Lucas. I must add, I was impressed by your thinking. You had a plan all the time when you were held captive at Ali Agha's." David said.

Anisah was shocked to the core at this information. Ibrahim bhai's abduction, Michael gone and that attack. It was all planed.

Michael clenched his firsts, his eyes staring like a hawk at David who continued to speak.

"When you told Ibrahim to go back but you stayed to further dig in.That wasn't enough, I know you're one cunning bastard so I made the beggar to put it in your head that Zaroon is the traitor. But Michael Sheikh didn't bought it. Clever man, so I had plan B, when you saw that beggar getting paid, you went after him to confront him but my man killed him before you could say a word, you must've thought to capture my man but Alas! He killed him self too as I've ordered, leaving nothing but a piece of paper with your death sentence on it and a skull mark. I deliberately used that skull sign to keep your imaginations away from scorpions and it worked." Michael closed his eyes tightly as the scene where a man killed the beggar and then himself racked his mind along with that paper, as he opened his eyes wide. His memory is coming back in bits!

"You didn't take that threat on the paper seriously and that is when I strike. Your car got hit by the truck. I was left with only option to kill you and get Anisah. But man! You were lucky enough to survive. That is when I was unable to kill you. Princess won't leave your side and the security was hell strong and that to it was Zaroon's hospital. That fucking man of your, Asad won't leave the door of your room, even the staff was thoroughly checked." David spoke everything in a disappointing tone.

David took step towards the pale Anisah who backed up towards Michael almost touching his chest as David got closer to her. Michael growled as he moved further to Anisah as David stood right in front of her and then he held her arm and yanked her to him making Michael to growl. "LEAVE HER!"

Anisah gasped as her hands landed on his chest to get away from him when he held her other arm in a steel like grip and got closer to her face.

Michael struggles harshly as his chains rattled violently making noise in the empty basement. Anisah bit in her quivering lips as she looked away from David, scared out of her wits.

"I want to give you a mind blowing news princess. There's someone else who wanted to get rid of him as well." He mused making fear to creep in her as she tried to get out of his grip.

"Your Michael didn't lost his memories, princess. We made him loose it!" He spoke so calmly that it made the floor beneath Anisah's feet to slip.

She stopped struggling as she stared stunned at David, unable to think, unable to process anything.

Michael was shocked to the core as his own eyes widened.

"That certain someone injected the special drug in his IV every time, that makes the person loose their memory." Anisah stared at the blue orbs, numb.

"As a result he lost his memory of just two years but that person wanted him to loose his memory of everything since birth. But it was good for me that he forget you but you still stayed attached to him like a leech not leaving his side. So I decided to make him do something which will make you hate him. He was drunk and I wrote my desiring letter to him regarding you under me, writhing in pleasure and it did the work, But he went to far, yet here you are asking me first thing about him after getting your consciousness back. You should fucking hate him!" He mocked at Anisah who was too numb to react. Her heart was drumming in her ears.

There lives were being played by him. Everything that happened wrong in their lives is because of this man. He destroyed her happy home. He destroyed her life just to get her. He made Michael to do it so she could hate him and be his, just like that! He destroyed her soul. He snatched her smile, her pride, her life and burned it into ashes like it never existed. He led them to this stage of their life. All along their lives were a part of his plan.

Just to have her, David ruins her happy life!


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