Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 67

Pure anger surged in her form as without as much of a thought a harsh slap resonated in the basement.

Anisah slapped David!

His face was turned to the side with the impact as his hand touched the cheek, where she just slapped him.

Michael watched stunned at to what Anisah did. At one moment he felt proud at her bravery but he knows there'll be consequences.

David straightened up, his eyes deadly furious. And the next thing Anisah went flying on the floor as he backhanded her. It was brutal.

Harsh clattering of chains were heard as Michael growled. "YOU BASTARD! I'll kill you!" His fury was mixed with emotions of familiarity as he recalled that he done the same when he hit her as he forced himself on her.

Anisah wasn't stunned, this was expected of men like these, she's well aware of it now as she stared at the floor with tears in her eyes and she stayed in her position, all numb.

"You destroyed my life!" She mumbled in an accusing manner as both the man stared at her tongue tied as they don't know to whom she's referring it, yet they both felt that her words are towards their own selves particularly.

"Never ever think of slapping me again Anisah. I won't hesitate to break your fingers one by one!" David gritted through his teeth, with utter seriousness dripping from his words.

"Fucking touch her and I'll kill you with my bare hands!" Michael snarled back glaring deadly at David.

"You destroyed my life!" She mumbled again.

"It was meant to happen. You were supposed to be mine but he snatched you away." David seethed in anger.

"She was never yours!" Michael growled making David to narrow his eyes in anger at Michael.

Anisah was numb. Life is cruel to her. These two men are fighting here over her as if she's not even there. Like she's a doll and not a living being, as if she isn't even human. Her feelings didn't matter here. First Michael and now David!

Both evil!

Now as she come to think of it. Michael did everything in his will to make her his. All that manipulation towards the family, that Asma kidnapping and then her blackmailing. He played twisted cruel games to get her and he won.

Now David also did the same things like manipulation, twisted web of deceit and everything in his will to get her and now here she is.

Both used wrong ways! Both of them did wrong! Both bloody powerful alpha males! Both wants control and her submission! Both wants her!

Where is she in all this? Where is her will? Her feelings? Isn't it supposed to be on her to decide what she wants but if that would be the case then both would loose her.

"She will be mine now!" David spoke in a deadly voice making Anisah's thoughts to stop, before she could get up on her own, she was yanked up harshly by a death grip on her arms as she hissed in pain.

Her lower lips was busted as blood oozed out of it due to the slap. Michael's blood boiled seeing her lip busted as he struggles harshly in the chains.

"Tell him you're mine!" David demanded harshly as he jerked her forward, closer to him making her hiss in pain as she tried to move back.

"Tell him!" David growled making Anisah to stop struggling as she stared David dead in the eyes and spoke.

"I. am. no. ones!" Her words were full of venom and hatred, her voice oozed out strength and it somehow stunned both David and Michael who was struggling in chains.

Her words somehow triggered him as his patience left as he yanked her hairs harshly making her scream as her face arched up and next thing he tried to kiss her.

She cried out loudly as she turned her face aside instead of the harsh grip, she felt her hairs almost coming out of the roots. His lips landed on her cheek as he harshly kissed her on the jaw and was going down to her neck.

Anisah was crying and screaming as she tried to get him off of her but he won't even budge. He bit her harshly on her neck making her scream in pain.

Michael was shocked out of his wits as he saw David forcing himself on her. His blood turned cold recalling, that he did the same to her.

"LET HER GO YOU BASTARD!" Michael growled out as he yanked harshly at the chains, blood oozed out of his wrists yet he didn't stop.

Anisah couldn't let this happen to her again. She'll die before letting this happen again. She abruptly elbowed him in the ribs and next thing her knee hit him hard where the sun doesn't shine.

He groaned out in pain as he abruptly let her go and cupped his crotch as he bowed down in pain, cursing elite profanities.

Anisah was on Michael's side in a blink, everything aside, if she wants to get out safe from here, she needs him by her side, she tried to get his wrists free from the chains but it was impossible. Michael was staring at her.

"Get that knife for yourself." Michael told her, indicating towards the wall to his right where different types of knives were hanging. Before she could move or get his one hand free David yelled for his men.

In seconds the whole basement was filled with large bulky men as they came towards her. "Don't touch her!" Michael roared when one of the man harshly pulled her to him by her arm.

Anisah struggles hard as she tried to punch him but she was abruptly pushed back and the next thing, she was turned around abruptly and another harsh slap landed on her face. "You dared to pull that stunt on me!" David growled as he grasped her hair and made her stand as she cried out in pain.

"FUCKING LET GO OF HER BASTARD!" Michael roared but David didn't pay heed to him as his full attention was on trembling girl in his hands.

"I was going easy on you. But now I won't." David seethed in anger making her to whimper in pain as he applied pressure on her hairs, pulling at them harshly.

"Boys!" David yelled and next thing two of the men were beside Michael in seconds as they tore his shirt apart. Anisah flinched as she stared at Michael from the corner of her eyes.

David then yanked Anisah with him all the way to Michael as both the men glared at each other. Same height and same dangerous aura around them. Only one difference was that one beast was chained and the other was free.

Their eyes deadly cold, blue against green. Nose flaring, jaw clenched and chest heaving. She was as if caught between two lions, she felt timid and utterly scared.

The aura was so intense and deadly both glaring deadly at each other not blinking for once. Challenging like lions over a cat!

"Leave me!" Anisah struggled in David's hold as she tried to get her hairs free but he won't budge.

"I'll make your death painful and slow!" David hissed glaring deadly in Michael's eyes. "And I'll make her watch you die while writhing in pain." David hissed but didn't got the expected reaction out of him as Michael smirked and his eyes shined with a glint. His eyes said only one thing. 'He ain't fucking scared!'

"Give your best shot!" Michael mused making fury to course through David as he yelled loudly. "Do it!"

Anisah was stunned at Michael's word. He has lost his mind.

With that said, David moved away from Michael and brought Anisah with him. Next thing he abruptly turned Anisah around and let her go as he stood in front of her.

"Now princess, stay rooted to your spot, if you tried to move, the consequences will be deadly!" He warned her, his blue eyes deadly cold and the next thing he moved away from Anisah and her eyes met straight with her favourite green ones, which were staring at her emotionlessly.

David stood right behind her as he spoke near her ear. "Start!"

And the guy who's standing on the right side of Michael swung his hand holding something in the air and the next thing, whip hitting flesh resonated in the basement. Michael's face was emotionless as he clenched his jaw and stared directly at Anisah.

The guy on his left side swing his hand and yet another harsh sound of whip hitting the flesh resonated in the basement.

Anisah was speechless. Her eyes wide and face pale as she stared at him getting flogged right before her eyes.

All the while she wanted to hurt him so much, just like he had hurt her. She wanted to see him in pain and when pain is being inflicted on him. All she felt was pain. Where's the peace? She thought she'll feel while seeing him pain.

Her eyes were staring directly at him. Honey against green. She saw his resolve breaking bit by bit as his skin was tearing apart. Grunting could be heard but she stayed rooted to her spot.

She wanted this. She wanted him in pain. She told herself that she wanted this then why her heart is constricting painfully now. Why with every flog, she's flinching herself as if they are beating her and not him.

"Used that thorn one!" David ordered in his cold voice. Yet nothing made their eye contact to interrupt.

There eyes were speaking so many things that their tongue never said. Michael knows he deserves this. He deserves far more bitter punishments for what he had done to her.

After a bit of a pause there came a harsh whip full of thorns, that landed on his back, ripping his flesh and drawing blood out of the already beaten flesh. He grunted loudly this time as severe pain surged through his body and his legs trembled. Yet he stayed still, clenching his jaw to bare the pain. His eyes still staring at the honey ones as if telling her 'don't worry Anisah I will be punished.'

Another whip had his eyes becoming red with pain as his veins were popping out of his neck and and his hair strands coming out of his hair bun, giving him a deadly look, yet she knows how wounded he was.

On third whip a muffled scream escaped his lips and a heart breaking sob escaped her lips. Then the fourth whip tore the flesh of his chest as they whipped him on the front, making him grunt painfully. A long gasp was there on his chest as blood oozed out of it.

'You wanted this Anisah!' She scolded herself while crying. She wanted this then why she's hurting so much, why it is as if someone is holding her heart in a fist and squeezing it painfully.

Another whip landed on his chest, yet his eyes never left hers. Those green eyes speaking volumes of regret and despair. He wanted this to happen to him. He wanted to punish himself. And just like that her body having the mind of its own as she ran towards him and just before another whip could touch his flesh.

"NO ANISAH!" Michael yelled but it was too late.

She was there like a shield hugging him on her tiptoes and the next thing a blood curdling scream escaped her lips when that whip landed on her back, ripping her shirt and tearing her flesh. She arched in him as pain radiated off of her. Her hold on his shoulders tightened yet all she felt was his blood on her hands.

Michael felt her body shudder in pain as she hugged him tightly. His heart constricted painfully in his chest.

David clenched his jaw as he saw her protecting Michael so he didn't tell his men to stop and they didn't. He wanted to rip her away from Michael but he wanted to punish her for defying his order. As another whip landed on her back making her scream loudly.

"STOP!" Michael screamed loudly. "Let go of me Anisah!" Michael yelled sharply but the girl was too numb to comprehend.

Her body cling to him tightly as her tears could be felt on his shoulder. His own body stiffened in utmost guilt and shame. Here he had done such wrong to her and yet here she's not being able to see him in pain.

Guilt surged in him with full force and just when they were about to whip her again. Loud gunshots were heard and all the men got alert.

Within a millisecond, they all got their guns out, as they went towards the door. David was staring dead at Michael who was also staring back at him with full hatred.

"You were being tracked!" David hissed in anger making Michael to smirk ever so slightly.

"Boss we are surrounded from all around!" Yelled one of his men from outside the door. Gunshots were getting louder and louder.

David glared deadly at Michael and just like that he took out his gun and aimed it at Michael's head. "Applause for outsmarting me!" David hissed as he turn off the safety of the gun.

"I will kill you before they can save you." David spoke with satisfaction but it soon faded away when Michael smirked.

Michael's body was giving up on him yet his facial expressions gave nothing away, other than what he wanted to show.

"Sure you can." Michael mused. There was no hint of fear of death in his voice or his face. It was as if he wanted this. He wanted to die!

The door was being burst opened as David's men started firing at the ones outside. David knows at that moment that they won't let him live. Then his eyes landed on his princess that was still clinging to Michael like her life depends on it. He can kill Michael but that man is accepting death with open arms as if he wanted it and David didn't want to give him what he wants. So if David's going to die then so will her.

A vicious smirk formed on David's lips as he aimed his gun at Anisah rather than Michael and then he saw it.

Pure terror that washed through Michael's eyes. His face paled as he saw David aiming the gun at Anisah.

"Don't! I'll let you live!" Michael warned but David chuckled coldly as he saw his men dying one by one.

"I know my fate Michael. But how can I leave without my revenge and my princess." David mused making Michael's heart to drop in the pit of his stomach. Pure terror racked his form as his body trembled in sheer fear.

"Don't David! I'll leave her! Just don't kil-"


Michael was cut short as two shorts were fired at the same time. Two breaths hitched and two eyes widened, life playing in front of them like a reel as someone yelled and then.

لآ اِلَهَ اِلّا اللّهُ مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُوُل اللّهِ


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