Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 68

David fall down to his knees as blood oozed out from his stomach and his hand clasped tightly around the wound.

Jhangir has fired the shot straight at David. As he was still aiming the gun at David.

David smirked ever so slowly as his eyes met with the frozen green ones. “You can’t kill me!” David hissed as he coughed out blood and the next thing a shot was heard.


David killed him self with his own gun. Dying from the hands of his enemy was an insult to him. He didn’t want to give the satisfaction to them, of killing him. After all he attained what he wants.

His cold blue eyes stared at the back of his princess one last time as a smile spread on his lips. Knowing that he’s taking her along with him and just like that he fell forward face first hitting the floor as life escaped his body.

Everything froze for seconds in slow motion. The world stilled. The wind gasped at the sight in front. And the clouds roared loudly with thunder. Stars and moon were kept in the blanket of dark clouds as the sight was heart wrenching enough.

That is when everyone stilled hearing a soft broken voice reciting the words.

لآ اِلَهَ اِلّا اللّهُ مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُوُل اللّهِ

She was shot by David!

Michael can feel her hold loosening on him as her ragged breathing hit his neck and dreading chills run down his spine as the girl slowly moved back. She was falling. Her hand slowly letting go of his shoulder as she moved back a little. Her beautiful honey doe like eyes staring at his face and her eyes landed on his green ones.

The depth of love and damaged soul in her eyes pained his heart. She was taking in his features as if for the last time she’s looking at him and just like that she blinked ever so lightly and the next thing she was falling back. Her hands left him as he screamed. “ANISAH!!!” His chains rattling as they clashed loudly, his body shaking.

Before the girl could touch the floor. She was in Amir’s arms as he put her body down slowly. His own hands trembling as he saw blood on them.

Jhangir was beside her in an instant as Amir held the trembling girl close. He felt wetness on his arms and Amir knew she’s bleeding badly.

Jhangir was unmoving as he stared at the girl. Ibrahim was stunned on his place when rattling of chains had his mind working again and he immediately started unchaining Michael.

Zaroon was on Anisah’s side in an instant as he made Amir to make her turn around and he intake a sharp breath as he saw the bullet hole in her lower back. It’s dangerous! Far more fucking dangerous for her spine.

He immediately placed his shirt on the wound and wrapped it around her body tightly to stop the bleeding as the girl groaned out in pain.

Her hands clinging tightly to Amir’s shirt as she slowly looked in his teary brown eyes. “W-why a-are you crying?” She asked softly in a stuttering voice because it was difficult to speak.

The man let out a sob as he hugged her softly. “Please don’t leave us Anisah.” He spoke with tears. “You n-never s-showed me S-Sarah!” The girl complained in a broken voice making him cry more and then Zaroon made her turn as she faced the ceiling now.

Her honey orbs stared at Jhangir whose dark brown eyes were teary as well. She raised her hand towards him and he immediately hold it in his large ones. “F-find a g-girl Jhangir and f-fell in l-love t-truly.” She croaked out with difficulty making him to shake his head in negative.

“Please Cinderella I need you by my side to guide me find a girl.” He spoke with broken voice. His tears flowing out. “S-sana will h-help you.” He coughed.

“Z-Zaroon b-bhai!” The girl croaked out. As she saw that Ibrahim almost freed Michael and next thing she was carried in a bridal form by Zaroon as he hurried out of the basement.

Anisah saw tensed and concerned expressions on Zaroon’s face and she mumbled in her broken voice. “B-bhai, I w-wanted to see you marrying R-Riya, i-it was one of m-my wishes. S-stay h-happy always.” She mumbled with sad voice making tears to form in his eyes as he blinked to get his vision clear.

“Don’t say such things Anisah! Trust me, you’ll be there on my wedding.” He told her sternly making her smile a little. It hurts to even breath. She saw from her peripheral vision, Amir and Jhangir running behind.

Asad was standing all alert in the way and his eyes widened when he saw Zaroon carrying a bloodied Anisah. “Bhabhi?” He spoke loudly in disbelief, his eyes widening in shock and concern.

“Tell Ebek to bring the cars here right now!” Zaroon roared loudly and just like that one of the man ran to inform Ebek and get the cars as they were far from the scene.

Zaroon didn’t stop as he continued to walk and Asad just beside him. Anisah saw the sad eyes of Asad. “G-Get marry A-Asad bhai, o-okay!” She told him sternly making a tear to slip from his eyes.

“Ya Allah please!” Asad prayed silently for the safety of his bhabhi and the next thing cars came flashing their way.

Amir and Jhangir sat in one car driving forward to clear the way.

Zaroon placed the girl softly on the back seat and just then the door to the other side opened and very injured Michael sat in placing the girl’s head in his lap.

Zaroon didn’t said a word as he along with Asad sat on the other car and Ibrahim sat on the driving seat of the car with Anisah and Michael.

Anisah saw Ibrahim driving hysterically. “I-ibrahim b-bhai p-please tell Sana that she’s t-the b-best sister I ever had and y-you’re m-my b-best brother.” She croaked out making Ibrahim to blink away his tears as he speeds more. “Tell her yourself. When you get better!” Ibrahim spoke sternly making her close her eyes lightly when she felt it.

The cold, rough hand caressing her cheek and her eyes slowly opened as she looks up at the man of her life.

Her beast!

Her tormentor!

Her husband!

Her life!

Green forest eyes against the honey ones.

She saw he was wearing a loose shirt now but the front buttons were open and his shirt was completely drenched in blood.

Her body was in pain and she was loosing sensation of it.

“Y-you w-will be f-free of me now.” She mumbled breathlessly as her eyes stared at his. His eyes flashed with pain.

“Don’t say that Anisah.” Michael spoke, a tear escaped her eye as he wiped it with his thumb.

“I h-hope y-your m-memory never c-comes b-back. It’ll be e-easier f-for y-you to m-move on.” She croaked out as she pressed her hand at the side of her waist to put pressure on her wound.

Tears formed in his eyes as he blinked and a tear fall on her cheek. “This fucking Michael can’t bear to see you like this then how will that Michael can see you like this!” He spoke angrily with tears flowing down.

She softly raised her hand to his face and wiped his tear with her bloody hand. “B-big b-bad A-Alpha c-crying eh!” She croaked out making him sob loudly.

“C-can you l-lie to me for o-once?” She mumbled with tears now flowing freely.

Nonetheless he nodded yet he didn’t know what she asked for. His mind was going blank as he cupped her face in his large hand and his other hand was on her hand that was on her back.

“S-say y-you lo-love me.” She croaked out as tears flow freely out of her eyes and her chin quivering with lips trembling. A sob escaped his lips at her words. She wanted to hear him lie this.

“I love you Anisah.” He spoke and a small smile appeared on her face before her eyes became drowsy.

His heart was thudding loudly as he felt pain in his soul. How could he hurt this angel?

“T-thank y-you.” Was all she mumbled. Not knowing that the words he said wasn’t a lie but a complete reality with sincerity dripping from his voice.

“A-Anisah! Please don’t! Wake up woman!” He cried as he tried to wake her up and then screamed loudly. “AHHH!” As he cradled her head in his lap.

He truly came to love his kitten but it was too late.


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