Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 69

She’s been in operating room from two consecutive hours. No one came out from the operation theatre and nobody knows what will happen.

His body was all bloody and yet he was persistent on standing outside the door just if anyone would come out of there, telling that everything is fine.

Zaroon was inside whereas Ibrahim, Jhangir, Amir and Asad were pacing around anxiously. Nobody knows anything yet and they aren’t planning to tell them about anything either.

Second Bastard is still unknown.

“You should get yourself treated um..” Riya spoke softly as she said that to Michael who just can’t look away from the door.

Before he could answer her, the door slowly opened and a very tensed looking Zaroon came out.

Michael was at his face the instant. “How’s she?” He asked. His voice coming out croaked and rough.

Zaroon looked him in the eyes for the briefest of the second and Michael could read his eyes.

“She’s critical, bullet was dangerously close to her lower spine, nothing can be told for next twenty four hours.” He told seriously as voice held sadness and pain.

“All she need is prayers. Because if she didn’t wake up by the next 24hours. We can loose her.” Was all Zaroon said as everyone’s face fell as the tons of weight were placed on their shoulders.

Michael couldn’t think, nor he couldn’t speak. They weren’t letting anyone in. Just like that, his feet having the mind of their own started moving out of their.

No one bothered to ask him where he’s going, nor they were much concerned about his ripped flesh but Asad came forward. “Sarkar you should get yourself treated.” He spoke respectfully earning nothing in return as kept on moving away from there.

Asad tried to stop him again but Amir didn’t let him. Asad didn’t know what Michael did to Anisah because if he did, there won’t be any respect left towards Michael.

Michael was out of the hospital as he heard the sound of the familiar Azan. It was early dawn and fajr time. There was still bit darkness which was going away as the time.

He saw a mosque in the front and just like that he went there, completely blank, not knowing what he’s doing.

His heart felt heavy and his foot wavered as he took the first step in there. Early dawn was still in its nurture.

And just like that he took the second step as he felt the cold marbled floor under his bare feet.

Like a lost soul he made his way to ablution area and did his ablution which such sensuality and perfection that the man beside him praised his actions in awe. Such a young man doing ablution with such calmness and time that their heart warmed up at his faith but little did they know.

He went in slowly as he folded his pants up a little to show his ankles enough. First time after ages he stand in the line with the fellow men as the Imam started the prayer.

Every word felt like his soul was being cleansed. He closed his eyes as he prayed in utter silence and calmness. The electrifying sensation that raced his blood had him feeling with content which he’s feeling just now.

Just as they end the prayers a tear slipped from his eye followed by another as a sob escaped his lips and he went in prostration.

Crying! Wailing!

Like a child who was lost from his parents for ages but now finally found his home back. His body racked with sobs and crying as his tears were poured on the praying mat.

The men beside him felt their heart constricting at the pain of this young man. Everyone slowly prayed in their hearts for this young man’s ease but nobody wanted to disturb him, when he’s crying in front of his lord.

An old man with white beard sitting in the corner observed it all, as his eyes took the blood stains on his shirt as he waited for the young man to cry his heart out.

It’s not daily that such young and powerful man like such cry their hearts out to their lord. And if they do, it’ll really change them forever. Because every lost person will some how go where they belongs.

His heart was crying and so did his soul. Never in his life he cried. Not when his parents died in a car accident which was basically a murder and the culprit is still unknown. That day he was devastated. He didn’t lost his parents but also his soul and his faith.

He’s the most religious one among his brothers and cousins as a kid. Not only that, he is the Hafiz, had learnt complete Quran just in a young age. His attachment towards his lord was pure and strong. Everything that had happened in his life, he knew that it’s for his betterment but when his parents died, he felt as if he was betrayed. It was as if that he did everything right, he was so good, so righteous, did every good deed, never harmed a soul then why this happened with him. That triggered bad in a fifteen year old boy’s head and nobody payed attention to it.

The kid who always woke up in the early morning just to pray his prayers in the mosque, stopped abruptly. Why? Nobody bothered to check his soul and faith all they took care was his health and physique. What about his faith? At that age he needed guidance in this, he needed her mother, who was just like him with strong faith.

The feelings were just like if a child gets sad with his parents, one of the parents will guide the child into understanding where he’s wrong and what is right to do but there was no one to tell the child that he shouldn’t loose his faith but make it stronger and it was already too late when the people he called his family notice his changing.

The time they realised, he was already a grown up man, who had done so much wrong which was unthinkable to the imagination. And he didn’t hesitated in doing more because he knew there was no turning back. He had lost that thing or attachment to his lord.

As he became the great ruthless mafia leader, a power leashed in him. He became the alpha male. He had everything, power, money, women and these things provided a beautiful veil to his soul from his faith. He lost the sense of reality. He lost the faith that there’s a day of judgement.

With each bad deed his guilt got lesser and lesser until that honey eyed girl appeared in his life like a havoc. She came like a butterfly flapping her wings full of light, colours and faith but what he did? He destroyed her.

A severe pain waves racked his mind and certain pleasant memories racked his mind. His crying seized when her drunk form confessing her love to him racked his mind. Not only that the time when his first landed on her also racked his mind and these memories were followed by pure emotions that he felt that time.

His throat clogged up as more pain made his heart to freeze. A loud cry escaped his lips as he slammed his fist on the floor, still in prostration. The pain in his soul was so much that he didn’t payed much heed to the excruciating physical pain of his wounds.

“I’m a sinner!” He cried loudly in front of his lord as if, he’s confessing his crimes, finally letting his walls to fall as cried.

“I ruined my faith!” He sobbed, his body racking with jolts.

“I destroyed her!” He wailed like a child. The pain in his heart was unbearable. It was as if tons of boulders were placed on his chest and he couldn’t breath anymore.

That is when he felt a hand on his shoulder and his crying seized abruptly. His eyes opened as he realised that he was around and not alone. He slowly sit up straight, rubbing a hand on his face and beard to wipe his tears but they won’t stop coming out as if the dam broke.

His red teary eyes vaguely saw a white bearded old man, who looks at him with a soft smile as positive fatherly vibes oozed out of him.

“Your faith is strong, if you can cry like this to your lord.” The man spoke softly patting at his shoulders making a dry chuckle to escape his lips.

Strong faith!

“I never prayed since last twelve years.” He spoke truthfully with a broken voice. He was expecting to see a disgusted look on that man’s face but all he got was a soft smile which made him stunned for a second.

“Our Lord is forgiving.” The old man spoke softly as his eyes twinkled with love.

His throat clogged up. “I’m a sinner.” He croaked out making the old man to nod his head in understanding.

“But he’s merciful.” The old man told him softly as he continued. “Only if you repent wholeheartedly.” Man told him.

Michael just stared at him. He knew that Lord is merciful but what had to Anisah, there’s no forgiveness.

“My crime is unforgivable.” He said brokenly.

“I raped my wife.” He confesses brokenly ready to face loath but that man just looked at him sadly.

“You’re only one who confessed and is in guilt but there are many doing it everyday with no remorse.” Man said sadly.

“That didn’t make me a less sinner.” Michael argued with teary eyes.

“I know son.” Man nodded. “Are you guilty?” The man asked making new set of tears to form in his eyes.

“Yes.” He said slowly. “Ask forgiveness from your wife.” The man said softly making a dry broken chuckle to escape his lips.

“She’s on death bed.” His words had the old man looking at him with disgust. “Because of what you did?” The old man asked curtly, his voice angry.

“No.” Michael answered with lowered eyes. “Then pray that she survive son, cause if she don’t then there’ll be no forgiveness for you. Because you did wrong to her and if she didn’t forgive you then there’s no forgiveness from lord either.” He spoke curtly.

“Indeed Allah loves the doers of good.” The man spoke softly as he patted his shoulder and slowly stood up walking away.

Michael stayed there for two more hours, processing everything in. Recalling those few memories again and again. The pain his heart was going through was unimaginable.

With heavy heart but somewhat relieved soul he stood up. He didn’t know why but from the bottom of his heart he knew nothing will happen to her.

He slowly went back to the hospital reciting Quran softly on his lips after so many years, yet he remembers each and every word as they flow out of his lips smoothly.

As soon as he step out of the elevator towards the operating room. A painful hissed escaped his lips, when someone bumped into him.

His red green eyes shot up only to widen for a second because the person standing in front of him was none other than Imran uncle.


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