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Chapter 70

"Uncle?" Michael spoke confused as uncle Imran also had the same expression on his face.

"What happened to you?" Uncle Imran asked concerned as soon as his eyes took his form in. He was in visible pain with blood all around.

"What are you doing here?" Michael asked with narrowed eyes, his voice emotionless. Uncle Imran gave him a confused look before speaking.

"I'm a heart patient son. What I'll be doing in a hospital other than my weekly checkups." Uncle Imran spoke bit sternly because of the way Michael demanded answer.

"Now answer me, what happened to you?" Uncle Imran spoke seriously making him look down for a second as he cursed himself for even doubting uncle Imran at first place.

"It's nothing serious uncle. A little fight ended up into this but it's handled." Michael spoke calmly but whom he was fooling. Uncle Imran didn't believe a single word that escaped his lips.

"If you say so." Was all uncle Imran said but his voice was clear giveaway that he didn't believe Michael.

"Get yourself treated and get back home soon." Uncle Imran spoke sternly as in a warning manner making him nod his head in affirmation. A concerned look was plastered on uncle Imran's face as he left from there.

Michael couldn't get his head wrapped around at anything at this moment. His mind was doubting almost everyone to be the traitor but his heart wasn't ready to admit it because he knew that whoever this traitor is. He's one of the family member. And that person really hate Michael to his guts.

That traitor wants Michael to forget his memory, why? So they could get Al-Aqrab and his whole empire. But he himself said that he'll give the right shares of the Sheikh empire to his brother and cousins as their rights but then what this person wants? The simple answer is, that person wants everything that Michael has. That traitor wants power.

From the bottom of his heart, he knows that it couldn't be anyone from his siblings. They are his shoulders and strength. He can bet on his life that its none of them. That only leaves the elders at doubt.

Uncle Imran and Sufyan!

What could they get from his memory loss? They can get to be the next leader for sure but are they really the traitors? This sudden encounter with uncle Imran didn't set well with Michael. And his thoughts kept roaming around the fact that why this coincidence felt so suspicious.

His trance broke when he saw Asad approaching him. He straightened up to square his shoulders but hissed in pain. His wounds are still untreated and he didn't know how in the world he still had strength to walk when his body is about to fall any second.

Before Asad could say a word, a sharp pain radiated in his head and a scene played in his mind, Anisah was on the bed paralysed and fire was all around. He stumbled back as he hold his head in his hands and closed his eyes as he recalled someone killing the maid Hina. And then just like that the flash of memory stopped.

By the time he opened his eyes, he saw concerned face of Asad who was holding Michael's arm around his shoulder to support him. "Sarkar please let the medical staff treat you." Asad almost pleaded not being able to see Michael in this state.

"I'm fine." Michael spoke as he tried to walk but couldn't as Asad helped him. He walked to the door of her room to find his brothers sitting anxiously, they looked at him but none of them came to help him or said a word and neither they stopped him from going inside.

Asad brows furrowed at their behaviour but he didn't say anything. Michael moves towards the door and Asad helped him in.

"I'm fine, leave Asad." He spoke calmly. Asad gave a concerned look to him and without glancing at Anisah, who was without hijab, he left the room after closing the door behind.

Michael slowly walked to the girl on the hospital bed. His body screaming in pain, first he wasn't feeling all the pain because his body was numb but now as the time passes, his body started paining really bad, feeling burning sensation, where his skin was torn, whenever his shirt caress the wound.

With extreme difficulty he sat on the stool beside her bed and hissed in pain at the stretching of his wounds.

His eyes then landed on the lifeless girl, who looked paled. Her snow white rosy skin was visibly paler and her beautiful pink lips were chapped. There were dark circles under her eyes and she looked weak as if she wasn't eating well. His mind screamed that he's responsible for her condition.

He couldn't bear to see her like this. He can't imagine how much she's in pain. The scene of her hugging him and took the lashes racked his mind as his throat clogged up. He did so wrong to her, yet the girl was there in front of him like a shield. And because of him, she was shot and is here on the death bed.

The dread that his body was feeling while looking at her unconscious form is heart wrenching. Is this love? Is this how she felt in those five months when he was in coma? And when her wishes finally got heard as he woke up, only to break her heart into millions of pieces.

Just the mere thought of loosing her was a slow poison, then how in the world this precious girl tolerated his poisons that he throw her way when he lost his memory.

He killed her every second, every minute from the time he woke up from the coma. He's a monster!

She is far too pure and innocent for a corrupted man like him. She's a gem and he's a stone! There's no match. She's the beautiful flower and he's the malicious thorn.

His hand on there own, hold her soft small hand as he placed it closer to his lips and kissed softly at the back of her hand as if she's a doll. A mere touch will break her.

"I'm s-sorry." He croaked out. His voice thick with emotions as he hold her hand close to his face.

"Please wake up my precious." He spoke so softly as he kissed her soft, small hand.

"I cannot bear to loose you. Wake up and scold me, beat me or kill me for my sins but please wake up, don't do this to me." His voice thick with emotions as his eyes moistened up. He continued to kiss her hand when her hand moved a little and his eyes widened.

The girl groaned in her sleep as she felt severe pain radiating off of her lower back. And burning pain on her upper back in particular lining patterns. She tried to stir and her hand was about to move towards the painful area, when felt her hand enclasped in a large hand.

Her eyes fluttered opened slowly as she stared at the white ceiling ahead. She blinked once and then twice to adjust her sight. She again tried to move her hand but when she felt restrained, she turned slowly and her eyes met his green ones.

Her eyes narrowed a little and then she blinked when all the recent scenarios invaded her senses.

She's alive!

His eyes were holding such emotions that felt almost foreign to her. She maintained her neutral face with much difficulty. Her eyes looked at her hand which he was holding, only to realise that a drip was attached to it.

She slowly got her hand out of his hold and he let her. She tried to move and a painful hiss escaped her lips.

Michael abruptly stood up from the stool as he hovered over and adjusted the cushions behind her head. She didn't said a word as she looked down.

Michael then take a hold of her hand in his large ones as he kissed her hand. She tried to get her hand free but he didn't let her. Her eyes not once met his. She tried her best to avoid glancing his way.

His eyes! They were speaking so much more louder then words could speak.

"You scared me." He spoke. His voice almost croaked and broken. She didn't utter a word as her eyes slowly looked at his bloody shirt through her eyelashes. He hasn't treated his wounds yet.

On cue Zaroon came in followed by another doctor as he grinned at Anisah who gave back a soft fake smile.

"How are you feeling?" Zaroon asked her softly.

Anisah looked away from Zaroon as she stared at the wall on the side. "Ecstatic." She replied shortly with utter seriousness making Zaroon to roll his eyes as the other doctor laughed and a small curve at corner of the lips can be noticed on Michael's face.

The doctor came forward. "I'll do a quick checkup, alright." Doctor informed professionally as the girl nodded slightly.

He checked her vitals and stuff but then he softly pocked at her right foot and got no reaction from her. Three of the men shared concerned looks and next second Zaroon knocked at her left knee and no response.

The look on their faces was priceless. Michael tensed when doctor hit a small rod like thing on her leg and she didn't flinched.

"I'm sorry." Doctor spoke sadly and Anisah saw a concerned plus sad look on Zaroon's face but Michael's face was ashen as if his life was suck out of him as she saw moister in his eyes and looked away.

Maybe it's enough!

"Why are you sorry doctor?" She asked with serious face making the doctor to look at Zaroon and Michael for help.

"It nothing, you need to rest." Zaroon spoke as Michael was still numb to form a word.

"You're right but my feet," She hesitated while moving her toes and the doctor gasped. "Felt swollen." She finished.

"Anisah move your legs." Zaroon spoke with wide eyes almost impatiently and Anisah did moved them a little but hissed in pain and then she wiggled her toes and a grin spread on Zaroon's face.

"You fucking scared the shit out of us! Why in the world you didn't reacted when we checked your legs?" He asked exasperatingly making her look down sheepishly.

"You never asked." She stated matter of factly, earning 'are you fucking serious' look from both doctor and Zaroon.

"Lets prepare for the tests." Zaroon said to the doctor as they both headed out of the door not before Zaroon giving a warning look to Michael.

When they were finally out Michael glared at her but her face lost all the emotions at once as she looked straight at the door.

Michael saw her expressions changing to emotionless and he knew she did that calm and natural act for Zaroon. He also realised, she did that act of legs not working, just to scare them and him particularly, which really stopped his heart for a second.

"You shouldn't have saved me from those whips. Your back will be scarred because of me. Because of me he shot you." He spoke so brokenly that she had to clench her fist and bite in her cheek to not let any emotion out on her face.

"These scars are nothing compared to the ones that are inflicted on my soul by the one that meant my life." She spoke emotionlessly.

Michael felt his heart beating erratically at her words but what caught his guilt to intensify was she called him as her life.

"I'm your sinner." He spoke with such despair that she blinked her eyes to control herself.

"You are." She confirmed, not looking at him. Her heart was wailing in despair.

"I can't live with this guilt. It's killing me. I know I don't deserve your forgiveness but please forgive me Anisah. I'll do anything to get your forgiveness." He begged, a tear rolled down his eye but she kept on staring ahead.

"Will you let yourself get rapped?" Her voice echoed in the room.

"Do not think of my love as my weakness. I may love you but that won't make me forgive you. I wanted to see you suffer for what you did to me but I was unable to see you in pain because I love you. If you're in pain, so am I and this is how it'll ever be. Suffering for us both. The end!"


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