Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 71

Anisah was discharged from the hospital after two weeks being admitted there. All the guys were always around her like her bodyguards and Michael never left her side for once. A nurse was appointed to help Anisah out and Dr. Riya would come daily to cheer Anisah up a little in that boring place.

She was free all the time but her mind was working like the fastest software system available on this planet. One thought kept on budging her all the time. He was made to loose his memory! That letter, Jhangir’s confession and alcohol made him do what he did. So, can she forgive him? She don’t think so! She won’t say but she’s petrified of him. His mere presence tensed her up. What will happen now? She don’t know!

Now as she laid on his bed all she could think of different thoughts that racked her mind. In these past weeks. She didn't talk to him much just replying with yes or no as he on the other hand tried his best to converse with her a little but she stayed mute.

His wounds are healing pretty well, she can see it in his posture. His shoulders aren't sagged anymore, now they are squared with confidence.

It felt oddly comfortable to be back at this house again. Maybe because of the fact that she had considered it as her home once.

Anisah felt like peeing and sadly there's no nurse here to help her to the restroom. There's no staff in his house at all. She tried to get off of the bed on her own but it was nearly impossible. She was still trying when she inhaled the all to familiar cologne and her body tensed.

Michael came into the room only to find his pretty little wife struggling to get up from the bed and he was beside her in no time. He saw her body tensing but he didn't stopped as he crouched down a little.

He was about to scoop her in bridal style when she flinched and scooted away from him. She tried to stand again not looking at him once and he let her. Crossing his arms he stood on the side. Watching her with hard eyes.

She was all to well aware of his gaze on her. With hissing and wincing, her feet were finally on the floor and as soon as she tried to stand and a pressure got applied on her back, she gasped lowly and was about to fall when two strong arms wrapped around her waist securing her from falling and the girl flinched but immediately composed herself as her tiny hands hold his shirt tightly in a fist.

"Why are you so stubborn woman?" He asked while shaking his head as helped her to walk. Her soft body was attached to his as he guided her softly to the restroom. He could feel her erratic heart and heavy breathing.

He could feel that she's uncertain, with him being this close to her and it didn't settle well with him. But he's the reason behind it in the first place.

He helped her to the restroom. Even tho he didn't want to leave her there but he had no choice.

He stood beside the door, leaning on the wall as he waited for her. In all this time he only thought how wrong he was to be so cruel towards her, knowing that she's his wife and before that memory loss shit, he loved her to infinity. His back and front was littered with scars given by David but he couldn’t imagine the scars that’ll be on her back, because of him as she took the lashes meant for him.

His phone started ringing as he took it out of his pocket and picked the call. "Asalam-u-Alaikum." Came the calm voice of Ibrahim.

"Walikum Asalam." Was Michael's simple reply which was not a shock for Ibrahim as in the past weeks they've seen severe change in Michael. He started praying regularly and on time, in the mosque just in front of the hospital. When he’ll go, he make Asad or Amir to watch over Anisah’s room.

"We are coming at your place." Ibrahim informed.

"Alright." Was his small reply as a smile graced his lips thinking what happened two weeks earlier.

In hospital, after Zaroon's checkup on Anisah she went to sleep and he opened the door of the room to come out only to halt in his steps as he heard his brothers talking seriously but in a hushed voice.

"He has lost so much blood!" Came the concerned voice of Jhangir as Michael kept on listening confused.

"He needs stitches! Fuck I can't see him in pain!" Amir spoke up looking at Ibrahim with concern.

"I saw that whip. It was full of thorns. I wish I could gave that David millions of death for touching Michael and Anisah." Ibrahim hissed under his breath and that's when Michael knew whom they're talking about.

"His body needs treatment ASAP! And that stupid man ain't letting the staff treat him!" Zaroon grumbled as he told the guys. Four of their faces full of concern.

"So why can't y'all simply make him get the treatment instead of gossiping about it like aunties!" Asad retorted bit angrily making four of them to glare at him.

"We are angry at him!" Four of them stated together making a small smile to appear on Michael's face instead of the severe pain, his body was in.

Asad looked at them weirdly with arched brow and Jhangir answered. "No matter what, he's our brother after all! And we can't see him in pain!"

"But he didn't has to know it!" Zaroon warned Asad who just looked clueless at the situation.

Michael felt his heart swelling with love as he covered up his expressions and came out of the room. Silence followed as they started their facade and Michael smiled internally. He was walking pass them when a painful grunt escaped his lips and he was about to fall when all of them held him strongly, not letting him fall.

"Fuck! Get a stretcher!" Ibrahim yelled.

"Bhai?" Both Amir and Jhangir spoke simultaneously with utter concern.

"Fucking stubborn man!" Zaroon grumbled as they made him lay on the stretcher and Asad stared at them with a light chuckle because he has already seen Michael eavesdropping at their conversation and was doing this all, to make them show their real emotions.

His train of thoughts broke when the door knob twisted and just like that he was in front of the girl.

As soon as Anisah opened the door a gasped escaped her lips, she took a step back and was about to fall when all to familiar strong arms, wrapped around her waist. Her eyes wide and her hands on his shoulders they were first holding him but are now pushing him.

"Itni bari bari ankho se kia ghoor rahi ho?"

(What are you staring at with those big big eyes.)

Michael mused and if possible her eyes widened more and her lips parted in shock. After months she's hearing him speaking Urdu and not to mention he felt like the old lovely, cheerful Michael, she missed.

"K-kuch n-nhi."


She stuttered completely blank for a second but soon came to her senses when he picked her up bridal style in the next second, making her gasp as her hands on their own wrapped around his shoulders tightly, he clenched his jaw as he felt pain in his almost healing wounds but he beard it and he laid her on bed softly.

When Zaroon asked her about going back to Michael's place. She didn't said no, because she knows the situation and she knows these men will protect her like knights and will stick to her like leeches, where ever she goes so just to make all the security little less hectic she came back at his home.

Well that's what she told her mind every time. When her heart countered back with another reason.

She slowly let go of his shirt as her back touched the bed and just like that she scooted a little away which didn’t go unnoticed by him.

“In afternoon you have to start your exercise as per said by your doctor.” He told her softly.

Why he’s talking to her softly. She remembered saying the same lines to him when he was on her place.

She felt embarrassed to just look at him after recalling what she did when David kidnapped her and was torturing him.

Her thoughts halted when a knock on their door was heard and in came her favourite people. Ibrahim, Zaroon, Amir and Jhangir as a smile appeared on her face. This is the first time she’s seeing Jhangir in the presence of Michael and she got tensed not knowing what Michael will do. She still felt tensed in Jhangir’s presence but she didn’t show it but now she’s scared of what will happen but Michael appears rather calm as she peeked a glance at him through her eyelashes.

She properly covered her head with her veil as they bid their Salam.

Michael nodded at them. He had already told them all what David did and he was drugged to make his memory loss and what happened with them being David’s captive along with the clarification that there are two more traitors. They all had the idea that traitor is one of the family so they took precautions. They all were doubting almost everyone.

“How are you doing?” Amir asked as he came to stand beside the bed.

“I’m good.” She mumbled softly with a small smile.

Michael’s eyes can’t even look away from her smiling face. Gosh! How much he wanted that smile to be towards him.

“You need anything Nisah?” Ibrahim asked smiling making the girl to shake her head in negative.

Michael has heard this name before but hearing it again from Ibrahim didn’t set well. Who the hell is he to call his wife with a nick name?

“Get well soon Cinderella. So we can go on a quest to find my girl.” Jhangir mused making her to awkwardly chuckle lightly. She was glad that Jhangir said something like that. It will not piss Michael off but should she bother in the first place? No!

Michael clenched his jaw at that endearment, she’s only his doll and no one else’s but Jhangir’s ending words of finding a girl relaxed him. Finally his brother got some senses.

A sudden wave of pain racked his mind and just like that few memories came back where he used to call her doll.

“Get better. You look like a cow laying like that.” Zaroon huffed making her gasp as a smile appeared on other’s faces.

When everyone stopped talking she spoke up. “We need to find the traitors.”

All eyes were on her and shock was written on their faces cause she freaking spoke like the authoritative Michael.

“The best and only way to do that is present me as a bait.” She completed. First they were shocked, now they were stunned.

“That’s not fucking happening!” Michael roared making pin drop silence in the room.

Anisah being a lioness in the presence of her knights ignored Michael completely and continued. “Think about it! They tried to burn me once. They’ll surely try to bury me or something else this time and then you all will come and save me and we’ll get to know the traitor. Easy peasy!” Anisah spoke enthusiastically making them all stare at her for a while.

Then Jhangir started clapping with an impressive face. “What a plan!” Amir appreciated as he joined the clapping flowed by Ibrahim who arched his brow at her while nodding and clapping and then Zaroon also joined. “Mind blowing.” Zaroon mused and Michael also started clapping.

Anisah was shocked for a second but started grinning happily, feeling appreciated. She was about to tell them how to conduct the plan when her words died down.

“Are you fucking insane!” Michael roared.

“She lost her mind!” Ibrahim spoke.

“We need a psychiatrist for her!” Zaroon confirmed.

“Are your brain cells dead?” Amir asked.

“Give her alcohol!” Jhangir suggested.

They all yelled with a serious face but there faces turned to Jhangir at his stupid suggestion and Anisah stared at them shocked. They were freaking mocking her with that clapping!

She huffed and crossed her arms.

The boys left after a little chitchat with her but went to his study for certain discussions and stuff. It was afternoon when she saw him coming in the room.

“Get ready. It’s exercise time.” He told her sternly and she just looked away with a poker face. She will ignore him.

Michael arched his brow as he moved to stand beside her bed and the girl just lowered down in bed to sleep and next second two arms were around her frame and she was in air more precisely in his arms. He was in pain but he could care less.

He carried her bridal style to the closet and softly made her stand as she glared daggers his way. “Get out of my way! I need to sleep!” She spoke sternly and tried to walk passed him, when he came in front of her making her halt.

“Change biwi (wife) or I’ll do it for you.” He mused threateningly. His words didn’t skipped her heart but that endearment sure did. He must’ve got his little memory back.

She came out of her haze and she limply turned around as he left the closet with a soft smile recalling how he used to call her biwi in their starting of marriage. He got few glimpses of his memory back yet again.

Anisah changed into tights and a loose shirt which was big on her but it was hers only, not Michael’s. She felt pain while changing clothes as she slowly came out to find him just beside the door.

She looked ahead and took a first step only to shriek when he picked her in bridal style again and carried her all the way down.

She knows he’s in pain by his tensed muscles. But she was too scared to utter a word and he felt how tense her body was in his. She don’t show it but she’s scared of him. And it broke his heart and heightened his guilt.

He slowly make her stand in the garden and took a hesitant step away from her, even tho he didn’t want to. She was wearing a nude hijab which looked beautiful on her. As a kid he always wanted to had a modest wife and here she is.

She breathed deeply trying to calm her heart as she took a first step only to fall as a cry escaped her lips but a strong arm wrapped around her belly securing her. Her small white hands grasped his manly arm for support as he straightened her. She gulped and tried to move her hand away from his arm when his free hand hold her hand and intertwined their fingers.

“Put pressure on my hand and try to walk.” He spoke softly ushering her to walk. She didn’t look up at once. Her heart was drumming wildly in her chest, not because she’s walking but because of his close proximity and the fact that he’s behaving like her old Michael scared her.

He helped her in exercise. All the time she was tensed and it made him tense as well.

He then again picked her up and took her back in the room. Next thing he was in kitchen, thinking of cooking something when a memory of him preparing turmeric milk for her racked his mind and he recalled that he made a video of it as well. Just like light, he was in his study and searching his old laptop for that video and he found it.

His heart stopped beating and then swelled up all at once as he stared his beautiful wife drinking that turmeric milk in one go as if it’s a bitter medicine. A smile appears on his face and his eyes landed on another folder that was named as honeymoon. Without thinking twice he opened it and what he saw in the video took his breath away.

It was video of him and Anisah where she was clinging to him and kissing him on the cheek all to familiar memory of that scene invaded his mind. She was jealous and just like that he saw the video of sand castle making and one by one all the memories of their honeymoon flashed his mind. Not only this.

He recalled everything!

The first time he saw her, that scene was precious and followed by Sana’s kidnapping, his attraction to her, their marriage, each and everything. He remembers everything.

His head hurts!

His eyes had a faraway look as he made lunch for the girl. He made a plane simple sandwich of Nutella as he didn’t know much cooking nor he can hire someone at a job in the house due to certain fucking traitor.

He made his way to their room as it felt extremely wrong just to be in the same room as hers after all his doings.

He opened the door and their eyes met. First time in his life. It was him who lowered his eyes first. He didn’t deserve to even look at her.

He went to her side and softly placed the plate on the bedside table along with the orange juice and her medicines. “Eat this.” Was all he said softly before leaving the room.

Anisah stared at the food and then at the door from where he left. Something is off. She knew that instant. She ate the food silently and a small smile appeared on her face recalling the first time he cooked for her on their honeymoon. But her smile soon changed into a sad one as tears sting her eyes. He didn’t remember it anymore!

It was late at night when she heard low sobs. Her eyes squinted a little and her ears perked up at the sound. She was laying on her front cause her back aches. Her cheek was squished on the cushion. Slowly she opened her eyes and narrowed it at the figure in dark that was sitting on the floor.

Little moon light invaded in the room making her breath to hitch at the sight in front of her. Michael was sitting on the prayer mat with his hands in the air in a crescent shape as he sobbed. “Ya Allah I’m a sinner! I wronged my w-wife.” He spoke in a lower voice but the pain that his voice held had her in pain as she was shocked to digest that he’s praying to his lord.

“Ya Rehman, how can I did this to her. I should’ve died before laying a finger on my Habibti.” He cried lowly.

Her world stopped!


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