Mafia Conquest. (Mafia love story #2)

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Chapter 72

Next morning Anisah woke up to find a freshly made tea that was placed on the bedside table and the aroma was beautiful. He made it! The side of the bed was untouched which means she luckily slept alone on the bed.

Her mind recalled what she witnessed last night and on cue the door to their room opened. Her eyes met his green ones and just like yesterday he lowered his eyes. She felt extremely conflicted. This behaviour of his felt unsettling for her.

She expected him to confront her. Ask for forgiveness or talk to her, console her or anything, after all he remembers everything now but his behaviour was unnerving for her.

He came to her side and she thought he'll help her up but he only forwarded an adjustable walking cane.

Anisah stared at it for a good minute and then took it from his hand. "Freshen up, have your tea, I'll bring your breakfast here." He told her in an emotionless voice as he left from there without even a single glance at her way.

Anisah gulped, she didn't want her mind to go havoc by thinking about his doings. She shouldn't bother about it. She slowly stood up with the help of her walking cane and walked to the restroom. Walking stick really helped her tho. She freshened up, changed her clothes and sat on the bed, drinking that tea and man it was delicious. She doubt that he made it. And what got her more conscious was that only old Michael remembers that she likes tea.

She was so engrossed in enjoying the tea that she didn't realised him entering in the room. When he placed the breakfast dish on the small table at the side and brought it in front of her, she realised his presence.

Her eyes softly lifted to look at his face and yet again she found his eyes not on hers but the task at hand. She looked away when he spoke up. "Finish it and then eat your medicine." He told her in that same emotionless voice.

Why he's doing this?

"I'm going out for some work, will be back by the evening. Here," he forwarded a phone to her which she took silently. "Call me if you need anything and don't get out of this room." His voice detached yet his words felt concerned as he didn't look at her and left the room, just like that.

Anisah stared at the phone for the longest of the times and then her eyes looked at food in front of her. Pancakes with chocolate syrup. She didn't felt like eating but chocolate called out to her and she started eating small bites so she could eat medicine afterwards.

Anisah was just laying at bed, looking at the ceiling when her phone started ringing. Startled she looked at the caller ID to find Sana's name flashing on it. A smile appeared on her face as she immediately answered the call.

"It's been ages. Where the fuck were you?" Sana asked dramatically making Anisah to gasp at her cursing.

"Language Sana!" Anisah warned sternly earning a scoff from the other side.

"Yeah whatever!" Sana huffed. "You didn't bothered to remember but thanks to Michael bhai, who gave me your number this morning and asked me to call you in the afternoon." Sana told her sternly.

Anisah was quite. He asked Sana to call her. He didn't want her to get bored! How thoughtful of him, but she'll melt? NO!

"You know it was me who ordered him to ask you to call me, so don't flatter about your bhai much!" Anisah mumbled a lie smoothly while smiling like an idiot.

"You could've called me directly instead of disturbing my bhai." Sana spoke bored.

"It's called attitude darling!" Anisah replied and after a two seconds pause, both girl burst out into laughter.

"I wanna tell you something." Sana spoke enthusiastically making Anisah to smile at her friend. "Enlighten me." Anisah mused.

"I'm pregnant!" Sana squealed making Anisah to gasp and next thing Anisah screamed loudly. "OH MY ALLAH!" Her face broke into a large grin with happiness when the door to her room burst opened and in came panting Asad with a gun in his hand.

Asad was downstairs in the lounge as he was on full alert for any danger when the main door opened and walked in Ebek. Asad furrowed his brows at Ebek's presence.

"What are you doing here?" Asad asked standing straight, posture serious.

"Sarkar asked me to give this cake to bhabhi as she called him to get it delivered as soon as possible." Ebek informed simply.

Asad looked at the parcel in his hands and then at his face. A very important meeting is going on at the penthouse and Michael will ask Ebek, who needs to be present at the meeting to deliver a cake to Anisah.

It didn't settle well with him.

"I'll go give it to her." Ebek said and just like that Asad was in front of him like a wall. "Give it to me, I'll give her." Asad spoke calmly, in no way he's letting Anisah eat this cake, before checking it. He's the head of security for a reason!

Ebek clenched his jaw and it didn't go unnoticed by Asad, before either of them could say a word, a scream was heard and without wasting a single minute Asad ran up with his gun in his hands ready to attack. He burst in the room only to find no threat and a wide eyed Anisah looked at him stunned.

She hurriedly wrapped her veil around her head like a hijab. Asad saw a phone in her hand and he saw her eyes looking at his gun so he immediately hide it behind his back.

"Why you screamed?" He asked her seriously with a hint of anger and relief, she narrowed her eyes at him and for a second he was stunned because she did that thing just like Michael!

"Cause I'm on drugs!" She huffed out making his brows furrowed as she heard chuckling from Sana on the phone.

"Is it Asad bhai?" Sana asked.

"Are you serious?" Asad asked.

"Yeah!" Anisah replied to Sana but Asad's eyes widened at her words. "Why in the world are you on drugs bhabhi?" Asad asked panicked.

Anisah rolled her eyes at his tactics. "I'm taking medicine to heal myself, these medicines are also called drugs, so conclude yourself and what are you doing here in the first place- - ASAD BHAI!"


Michael has a meeting at his penthouse regarding the traitor thing. He knows that the traitor is from the family but sure as hell there's someone from his men that gave Michael's every plan information to this family traitor who then ploy with David. If he can't find the traitor in their family. He sure can find the traitor who's among his men.

But leaving Anisah alone wasn't the best of idea so he had already called Asad and told him to be at his mansion, protecting Anisah without getting in her eyes.

"Someone from my men is keeping eyes on my every step and he's the one who probably gave updates regarding my plans to our enemy." Michael finished, not specifically mentioning that the traitor is one of the family for whom one of his man was working.

"That's why our enemy was always one step ahead of us cause he knows our plans." Zaroon completed.

Ibrahim, Amir and Jhangir nodded in understanding along with eight more of the trustworthy men.

"Any suspicions?" Michael asked coldly, his voice threatening as if coaxing the traitor to come out by himself. His green hawk like eyes looked at every men dead in the eyes as if seeing through their souls.

"I-it c-could be Asad or Ebek." One of his man dared to put forward his suspicions and Michael didn't had to ask for the reason because Asad and Ebek both are his trusted man but aren't here in this important meeting, so it must be suspicious. What got his eyes to narrowed was Asad is at his mansion protecting Anisah but where's Ebek?

"I can't doubt Asad. He's the most loyal to Sarkar." One of the man interjected.

"I should've t-told y-you this earlier Sarkar b-but I didn't feel t-that it w-was I-important." One of his man spoke looking tensed. Michael narrowed his eyes at the man to continue. "T-the time we came to save you at David's place. I heard Ebek talking to someone and informing them about b-bhabhi being shot."

"And fuck you're telling us now!" Ibrahim growled.

For a fleeting second Michael’s eyes widened and the next moment he was running out of the building. If Ebek isn't here, then Anisah!


She screamed the last part as she saw Asad's eyes widened, a painful grunt escaped his lips when the dagger was taken out of his flesh from the back, and gun was taken from his waistband and thrown away. Asad fell to the floor on his knees.

She tried to stand with the help of a walking stick and she just took two steps and halted when that man she has seen once with Michael came inside the room with a grin on his face and a dagger in his hand that has the blood of Asad.

Before he could take a step towards her. Asad lunges at him with all the strength he's left with. "Run bhabhi!" Asad screamed at the top of his lungs but Anisah was numb! She can't leave her brother alone to die.

Asad was chocking that man as they were on the floor. Anisah hurriedly picked the dagger that fell on the floor and she swung it in the air as it landed on that man's thigh and he screamed in pain.

"FUCKING RUN!" Asad growled as his strength was getting less and less due to the blood loss.

She listened to him this time and was about to run when Ebek tangled his injured leg in her footing and she fall down and screamed in pain.

The door of the room was closed. No security can hear them. And they won't suspect their own man to kill their Sarkar's wife.

Ebek instantly drawled out the weapon from his thigh, hissing in pain and next thing he plunged the dagger in Asad's shoulder. Asad grunted in pain and Ebek got free.

He limply stood up and kicked Asad harshly making him groan. Ebek took out the dagger from Asad's shoulder area and he grunted in pain as he screamed.

He pulled Asad to the side and restrained his hands behind his back with his belt. "Watch me kill your innocent bhabhi!" Ebek hissed. Asad saw from the corner of his eyes that Anisah was crawling towards the gun so Asad decided to keep Ebek's attention on himself. "Why are you doing this, Ebek?" Asad asked while coughing out blood. His body was numb to even move much.

"I'm loyal to someone else!" Was all Ebek hissed.

Anisah was just about to reach the gun when a boot clad foot landed on her hand crushing it and she screamed in pain. "Ahhhh!"

"Let her go, EBEK!" Asad growled.

He chuckled darkly as picked up the gun and removed his boot from her hand and she rolled to her back, pulling her hand to her chest as she cried hysterically.

Ebek limped as he crouched down and cupped her chin harshly. "Tell me bhabhi! How you wanna die?" He mused making her to spit at his face. He stilled as he wiped the spit from his face. His face enraged.

"Fucking let her go!" Asad snarled as he tried to struggle in the restraints.

Ebek harshly hold her hairs in a fist, twisted her body painfully and pulled her form in front of Asad as she screamed in pain and tried to get her hairs free.

Sana was still on the phone hearing each and everything as panic was settling in her and tears were pouring out. She immediately called Michael's number from Sohaib's phone and he picked on the second call.

"B-bhai! A guy named Ebek is there a-at your place. Anisah and A-Asad bhai-" Was all Sana said and he roared the engine to full speed. Sana was crying and he didn't even want to think what's happening to his Habibti.

"See!" Ebek snarled at Asad’s face. "I'll make you watch as I slit her throat!" Ebek mused making Asad's face to ashen.

Next moment Ebek places the dagger at Anisah's throat. He didn't want to use the gun cause it'll make sound and aware the security.

Tears formed in Asad's eyes as he looked at her all helpless. "Please don't kill her Ebek. Kill me! Just let her go!" Asad pleaded for the first time in his life, that to for his bhabhi, whom he considered his little sister.

"Say your last wish bhabhi!" Ebek mused. Anisah blinked as tears poured out of her eyes. Blade cut through her skin slightly, drawing out blood. Her teary eyes looked straight at Asad's brown orbs.

"Tell h-him, my love for him w-was never gone. He's alive then I'm alive in him. Tell him, I'll always be waiting for him up there." She croaked the last part.

"You aren't going anywhere!" A booming voice roared from behind them and a shot was heard. Asad saw Ebek was about to apply pressure on the dagger, when he hit his shoulder in Anisah's and she fall back along with Ebek.

Michael was on Anisah's side in seconds and Ibrahim along with Amir captured Ebek in their hold. He was shot in the other leg, now he can't run with both the legs injured.

Zaroon and Jhangir was on Asad's side on instant as he applied pressure on his wound to stop the bleeding.

"N-never h-hurt h-her Sarkar. S-she's like my l-little sister." Asad coughed out blood as he spoke making Michael to glare at him as Anisah cried out in Michael's arms.

"Nothing is fucking happening to you. So you better keep this lecture for next time!" Michael spoke sternly as two of his men carried Asad out to get him to the hospital.

Michael cupped her face to look for injuries and saw the cut on her neck and blue bruises on her hand. His jaw ticked and he punched Ebek square on the jaw.

"Who are you working for?" Michael snarled, when Ebek started laughing, Michael pulled his hairs harshly and spoke in his ear like a whisper. The planed torture has Ebek's eyes widening. "I'll tell you, just d-don't hurt me!" He stuttered.

Ebek looked at Ibrahim and everyone saw this notion. His eyes then met Michael's as he spoke.

"Yasmeen Sheikh!"


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