Dangers With Obsession

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It's hard when you fall in love with your teacher. It's even harder when he falls in love with you. Brenda Greer is your topical senior in high school. Popular, smart and all-around good girl. But when Mr. Dalton Canes takes the job as the new young and hot History teacher. She can't help but notice him and he can't help noticing her. She does her best to hide her feeling as he takes over her whole world; At first, he is everything she has ever wanted. Until someone finds out and she has to end things with him. The only problem is he is not willing to let go. Something changes about Mr. Dalton Cane. Instead of protecting her. She now needs protection from him.

Thriller / Romance
M.K. Rissen
4.8 57 reviews
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Chapter 1

I saw her before she even reached me. My best friend since kindergarten, Christina Smith came running over to me. “Did you hear?” I looked up at her from my math homework.

“Hear what?”

“Mrs. Covile passed away last night.” Mrs. Covile was our history teacher. She was also over one hundred years old and very strict in her ways.

“Wow really, that’s sad. How did she die?”

“I don’t know, old age.” We both smiled. “Anyways, there’s a rumor that we’re getting a hot young new teacher to take her place.” Christina has always been the guy’s girl. She is that typical girl’s girl. She loves attention and had always been the life of the party. She is also my co caption on the squad. We have been pretty popular most of our school years. Both our families come from money and here in this small town that means a lot. I’m an honor roll student and I care about my work. Where has Christina is a good student, but its the last thing on her mind. I’m also still a virgin and I have been dating the same guy since our freshman year. Christian on the other hand. Lost her virginity our freshmen year and hasn’t had a solid boyfriend for longer than a few weeks. You would think with all our differences we wouldn’t be such good friends, but we actually balance each other out. Despite all of that, she has a big heart and is truly a good person. That is something we have in common.

My boyfriend Dillon and I have been together since our freshman year. He is a good guy with a great head on his shoulders. He is also an honor roll student and captain of the football team. He is the classic good boy that all girls parents dream of their daughters dating. Dillon is also a very patient guy. He knows I’m not ready for sex and he doesn’t give me a hard time, but lately, I have just been wondering if he is even the right person. It’s only been two weeks into our senior year. My feelings towards Dillon has changed. I used to think I was in love with him, but I’ve started to realize that I think it was all just lust. I’m almost eighteen and you would think by now that I would be ready for a sexual relationship, but I don’t get turned on by Dillon. I would think that if I truly cared about him like that, I would still want him in that way.

Don’t get me wrong. Dillon is a very attractive guy. He is like I said a golden boy. He has a great outgoing and sweet personality. There’s nothing he wouldn’t do for someone. I just think that he and I are better as friends than as lovers. I don’t even know if lovers is the right word for us. I had planned on breaking it off with him. I just haven’t had the balls to do it yet. I know that this will upset him and my parents. I will do it because the last thing I have ever done in my life, is live it according to how everyone else feels. If that was the case I would have slept with him years ago. “So what your trying to say is, you are going to get with a teacher?” I said smiling and looking back at my homework. Kidding of course.

“Are you actually doing work in between classes?”

“You act like your new,” I said giggling a little.

“Hey if he is as hot as they say, you never know.”

“Chris, your ridicules. He is never going to give you the time of day.”

“You don’t know that.” I just rolled my eyes at her. Christina and I both had History as our last class of the day. I guess I was a little curious to see this new hot teacher of ours. The bell rang and Christina met me outside of our history class. “You ready?” She asked me and I just shook my head at her and headed inside the room. The new teacher wasn’t there yet and we just took our normal seats. The class started to fill up and just as I bent over to pull out my history book. He walked in and closed the door behind himself.

Heads turned and the room got quiet. In walked a god right off of the runway. He was amazing looking. He had to be at least six feet tall. He had chocolate-colored hair and grey eyes. He looked to only be in his twenties. His muscles were huge as his suit wasn’t hiding them well. Even I had stopped what I was doing to look at him.

“Hello class, my name is Mr. Dalton Canes. I will be your new teacher for the rest of the year.” His deep hard voice rang in my ears. I don’t think I have ever been this attracted to anyone in my life. He flashed the class his smile and you could just smell the sex dripping in the room.

“Oh my god,” Christina whispered over to me. All I could do was look at her. I don’t think that I have ever attended a class as quiet as this one was. All everyone did was listen to everything Mr. Canes had to say. Even the guys seem to notice him. In the last twenty minutes of the class, I had looked up and found his eyes on me. He looked away fast once he saw me look at him. I was done with the reading he had given us and I just sat there.

“Is there a problem?” I heard him say. I looked up and he was looking at me. I pointed at myself. He nodded at me.“What’s your name?” He asked me.

“Brenda Greer, sir,” I said softly.

“Well Miss Greer, why are you just sitting there?” I bit my lip and felt embarrassed.

“I have finished sir.”

“You read all those pages already?”

“Yes, sir,” I said nodding my head.

“Brenda is very smart, Mr. Canes,” Christina spoke up. He shot a look at her and then looked back at me. I felt hands go on my shoulders. I knew it was Dillon. I watched as Mr. Cane’s eyes looked up at Dillon.

“Okay Miss Greer, Id like to see you after class.” Great, what did I do wrong? I said to myself. I nodded at him and looked away. Christina gave me a funny look. The bell rang and Chirs told me she would wait for me. I just stayed in my seat. When the last student left the room. Mr. Canes closed the door.

“Did I do something wrong?” I said breaking the silence.

“Not at all, Miss Greer.”

“You can just call me Brenda.”

“Okay Brenda, How old are you?” He asked me now leaning against his desk with his arms crossed.


“I looked at your files, and you’re a very bright girl. Actually the smartest one in my class. I was wondering if maybe you might like to be a TA for me? You wouldn’t miss anything. You could actually come in here during your two free periods.” I really liked my free periods. I’m able to work on my classwork. “I could really use your help.” I sighed and agreed to help him out. Besides, it would look good on my college apps. “Good, you can start tomorrow.” He said, and I nodded at him and left the room.

“What did he want?” Chris asked the minute I walked out of the room.

“He asked me to be his TA during my free classes.”

“Are you going to do it?”


“Of course you are. Great my best friend is going to get a piece of him.” I almost spit out my water.

“Girl, you are crazy. I’m just helping him with his classwork.” I said and we both just started giggling. The next day when my second period came. I headed over to Mr. Cane’s classroom. I walked in and the room was empty.

“Good afternoon Brenda.” I heard his deep voice say behind me. I almost jumped out of my skin.

“Oh, Mr. Canes you scared the crap out of me.” He smiled and laughed a little.

“This is my free period as well. You can call me Dalton.” I nodded at him and sat my things down as he closed the classroom door.

“Do you have anything you need to work on?” He asked me.

“Nope, I’m all yours,” I said and he smiled at me. “I mean,” Fuck, I said to myself. “What can I do for you?” Damn it. He pulled out a few folders and asked me to grade them for him. I took a seat on the ground in front of his desk and started to pull the work out. He stood up and looked over his desk at me.

“Brenda, what are you doing?”

“Working,” I said as I pulled my reading glasses out of my bag and started to work.

“Wouldnt you be more comfortable at a desk?” I looked up at him and just smiled.

“I’m fine here unless it bugs you.”

“Nope, you’re fine.” He went back to work. After some time had passed he handed me a soda.

“Oh no thank you. I don’t drink soda.” He cocked his head at me.

“Are you sure your only seventeen?” He said as he took out a water bottle and handed it to me.

“I plan on living a long and healthy life.” I watched as he placed the soda back in his small refrigerator and got himself water. “Besides all that stuff does his kill your stomach and it’s nothing but sugar.” I scrunched my nose and went back to the paper in front of me.

“Your cute.” He said. Cue in the blushing. “Sorry I just meant you’re very mature for your age. It’s just refreshing.”

“Thanks, I guess. I just have goals. I intend on making them happen.”

“That’s good Brenda. I hope you make them all come true.”

“Oh, I will.”

“Do you have a boyfriend?” I looked up at him.

“Yes, but...” I stopped talking.


“I’m going to end it.”

“Really, why?” I cocked my head at him.

“I’m sorry, I don’t mean to pry.”

“It’s okay, I just don’t feel the same about him as he feels about me. I don’t see why I should continue to see him if I feel that way.”

“That’s very smart and kind of you.”


“Well yes, you are letting him go so he can find someone who actually will love him. That’s kind of you.”

“I guess so. I just need to get the balls to do it.” He laughed a little.

“Well if you want my advice. I would just get it over with. Be honest and come right out and say it. They always say to just pull the bandaid right off.”

“Your right, can I ask you something?” He nodded at me.

“How old are you? You just seem so young to be a teacher already.”

“Well Brenda like yourself I’m very smart. I excel at all I do. I’m a very passionate person and I like things to go my way. I’m twenty-six years old.” Eight years older than me. I said to myself. That’s not too bad. What the hell was I thinking? He is your teacher, cut that out. I told myself.

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