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While searching for answers on how her mother died Seanna Milano wakes up in a unfamiliar place bound by a bed. Not knowing how she ended up there she tries to escape only to bump into a strange man claiming that he knew her mother.

Thriller / Horror
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chapter 1

The floorboards creaked and I gripped my jacket tighter around me to keep me warm. The sound set my nerves on edge but I couldn’t turn around now. I needed to find out the truth about my mother and what happened to her. I only have a few memories of her but most of them are fading away. The way she died is all so mysterious and there are no clues to what actually happened when she had that accident. My father is no help at all he keep saying that she died in a car accident and doesn’t want to give me any more details what so ever. I guess we aren’t actually close I only know that he was in prison for a short time and doesn’t want talk about that either. My life wasn’t easy but I didn’t close myself off or gave up. I wanted to know the truth about what happened in my childhood. My aunt says that we were a happy family and that we good life. So I don’t know what change it must have been something drastic. I don’t know how but someone contacted me a few days ago and said I needed to come to this place if I wanted to find out what happened all those years ago.

At first I thought it was a joke or someone playing a prank on me. But the person send me old videos of my mother at a facility. So the message said to meet the person here.

The building that I was in must have been a clinic of some sort, there were still some equipment laying around. I saw some posters on the wall most of them had pictures of families and most had this strange slogan that read:

To Slumber in eternity and shed the sickness of this world and awake a new person.

Whatever that meant, and I didn’t care this was probably a prank. I should’ve known better than to trust a stranger. I was about to leave when a message alert came through on my phone. It was probably my father checking up on me. I sigh and took out the phone out of my pocket. But it wasn’t my father it was a message from a private number. I open it and the message reads as follows:

If you want to know the truth then just look straight ahead, there you will find a old wooden box with your mother’s name on it, inside you will find what you’re looking for

Should I trust this person? What if it’s a joke? what if this is just some sick psycho playing a game with me to get attention. But my curiosity was growing and I wanted to see what was in the box. While I was contemplating on what do next a second message came through.

If you hesitate then don’t do it, but if you turn back now then you will never know what truly happened with your mother. It’s your choice Seanna.

It’s like this stranger is reading my mind. Is he toying with me? Giving something like this on a silver platter it’s a big risk if it’s the truth. What if this person is telling the truth what if I do find out the what happened my mother?
Argh! This is crazy, but just standing here won’t solve anything so I put my phone away. And decided to go find this box. So I walked deeper into the room the instructions said that I just needed to look straight ahead. ok that sounds easy enough. I looked straight ahead there was this door with a sign on it that read.

Top Secret. Do not enter authorised personnel only.

Ok this is getting interesting. I walked closer to the door there was dust all over it. I wiped some of it off and saw something so shocking that I had to hold unto the doorknob. The name under the sign read Dr Rowena Beirne.


My mother’s maiden name was Beirne. She worked here the stranger was right after all. I took a deep breath to calm my nerves and opened the door. I was met with a foul smell of dust as a result of the room being closed for far to long and it made me cough. I put my hand over my mouth to prevent from throwing up. Okay so where is this wooden box. I couldn’t make out everything that was in the room because the windows was covered up. I went to one window and pull down the curtains and the light streamed in it was so bright, and it was a shock to my eyes that I had to adjust to it for a minute. When I open up my eyes, I could see the room that I was in more clearly. It was small the walls was filled with books files were in piles that was stacked on opposite sides of each other. There was a desk in the middle of the room and a chair. And on the desk I could see the wooden box on the table.

Ok this is it there is no turning back now. I walked closer to the table and pick up the wooden box and the as the message said the name on it was Rowena Beirne. It had a handle on it and with shaking hands I open up the box and inside I could see some photo’s. I look at them and saw that most of them was of my mom and her taking photo’s of her colleagues. There was one that didn’t wanted to be in the shot he covered his face with his hand. In one picture my mother was alone and she was smiling, she had on a green dress with her white coat on and her auburn hair was in a bun and I could see that she was happy. I could see it in her eyes which was same eye colour as mine bright emerald.

‘Mom I miss you so much.’

I kissed the photo and put it in my pocket, and looked for what else I could find. There was a paper inside. It was a letter from the Health Department it read :

Dr.Beirne we are glad to confirm that the experimental serum has been approved. We look forward to what this could mean for the health community as well as the patients that will be tested and later on the world. Good luck to you and Dr. Feher and congratulations on this amazing achievement. We look forward seeing the results of Project Slumber.

Project Slumber? A Serum ? what was my mother working on?

Well it doesn’t tell me the truth it only gave me more questions. I decided to look for something else in the box but I found a vile. I picked up the vile and saw that there wasn’t a label on it so I decided to open it. The second I did that smoke was starting to come out of the vile the second I breathed it in my head started to get disoriented. The smoke was everywhere and I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Damn it! I should have gone home I lost my balance and everything went dark.

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