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chapter 3

All I could remember was the darkness and the coldness spreading around me. There was so much pain everywhere on my body especially my wrists and ankles. It seems that I can’t move because most of the pain is coming from the things that’s restraining me in place. I try to open my eyes but its seems even my eyelids is to heavy. The only thing that wasn’t effected by this pain was my hearing. Someone was coming closer, I could hear footsteps getting louder. When the sound stopped I felt a warm hand touching my forehead and making small circles with it’s thumb an attempt I guess to sooth my fears. I tried to move my head away my heart started to beat faster. I could hear the rhythm getting louder and picking up speed with a beeping sound that’s the same as with the rhythm. It sounds the same as the ones that you could hear in hospitals. I know that sound to well I must be on a heart monitor.

“Don’t fret my sweet it will be all over soon, there’s just a few more test’s that I need to conduct to make sure the serum will work, and then we will see how things goes from here.″

What! A Serum? What are you talking about?

This man is crazy I need to get out of this place. How did this man knew my father and what’s this serum he keeps talking about.? I needed to get out of here. I tried to move but my body doesn’t want to listen to me. I want to go home please let me go home.

Where am I ? Is this the same building that I was in earlier and is this the stranger who send me those clues?

Why am I in so much pain?

Why can’t I talk ?

I tried moving my lips but nothing happened and I started to get frustrated and tears started welling up in my eyes. I can’t cry now I need to find a way to get out of here.

“Shhh, There’s no need to cry.”

I feel the man wiping away my tears. I wanted to scream: who are you ? Why am I here ? How do know my father!

But no words escape my mouth.

“You look just like your mother so beautiful, the same emerald eyes that always had that mischievous look in them. You also have her fighting spirit its a shame she died so young. That’s all Handriel’s fault and of course. I don’t why she had to go and marry him. I could’ve given her everything she wanted. But I have you her daughter now and everything is going according to plan. I will avenge Rowena’s death by giving her daughter the thing that she protected with her life.

What’s this man talking about? How is my mother’s death my father’s fault? Is that why he went to prison ?

“Now for the final touch” he said. I could hear him turning away from me and it sounded like he was searching for something by the noise he was making. The noise stopped and yet again he placed his hand on my head and rubbed it soothingly. The gesture made me sick to my stomach.

“Now, now, Seanna what’s with that angry face, this is the final stage to your discomfort and the beginning of my vengeance to correct the mistakes of the past. Don’t fret my dear this won’t hurt a bit.”

After he said that, I could feel his hand sliding down from my head to my neck. He grabbed it a little bit tighter and harder so I won’t be able to move. I don’t know why since I couldn’t do anything. And then I felt a sharp pain in my neck it felt like a needle. I could feel warm liquid spreading in my neck from the incision he made to rest of my body. It started to burn everywhere on my body. My breathing got heavy and my heart wanted to jump out of my chest. I’d rather prefer the pain over all of this, this is to excruciating.

No! Please make it stop.

Someone help me!

I wanted to get away from here

I wanted to go home.

I want this pain to stop.

Then it happen the chains on my wrist broke free. My body is responding and I started to open up my eyes. My vision was a bit hazy but I could see someone standing in front of me.


“Who the hell are you and what did you do to me!”

I was so angry that I wanted to kill him.

“Yes! It was a success .” he was laughing hysterically.

“Don’t you see Seanna this is the miracle I have been waiting for and you have made it possible.”

He started coming closer to me with his hands outstretched. I could see him clearly now he was dressed in white clothes, but his hair was pitched black and he has hazelnut golden brown eyes that has a strange glow to them.

“Stay away from me! I’m getting out of here and going home and you will pay for what you did to me.”

I broke the chains that was around my ankles and stood up and away from the bed. It was strange I was expecting my body to be weak but it felt fine and the burning sensation was gone now.

“Amazing don’t you see Seanna my experiment worked.” he said with a strange look of happiness on his face. At that moment I stepped nearer to him and pushed him away, but he grabbed my hand. And the feeling of numbness returned. My vision became blurry again and I try push away from the strange man holding my hand. I couldn’t move and I felt my legs gave out under me, but the man swept me up in his arms and said while taking me back to the bed.

″Now, now, Seanna be a good girl and stay put and don’t do anything foolish your body is still responding to the serum.″ He layed me down on the bed and covered me with a blanket and looked at the broken chains on the floor.

“I didn’t wanted to chain you but I couldn’t be sure what will happen after I injected you with the serum, but the answers you seek, you will find them in due time.” I tried to talk but yet gain nothing happen. The man bend down and kissed my forehead and before I closed my eyes again. I could see him walking out the door and thinking that I’m going to die here.

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