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"............. Jacob, standing in front of me. He was all covered in blood. One can just imagine how brutally he must have murdered Fred. I was at my wit's end, thinking about how to escape him. But, as I already told you, my body was not working on my will, it had its own will, will to fight till death. Well, I thought that now I'm going to die, but something off happened. Suddenly, Jacob fell on the ground. I was trying to understand what happened when I myself blacked out. When I woke up, I was beside that water source, which was our......, well now my way out and Jacob was nowhere to be seen. Then, I just threw all my thoughts aside and ran to find the origin of the source. It was coming from above the hill. Upon reaching its top, I saw a hole in the hill, not a normal hole, but a deep dark hole, which created its top. It was not the hole though, which amazed me, it was the water. Believe me or not, the water was flowing in opposite direction. It was coming up, from the bottom of the hole, in the form of a stream. The rest was all dark. Then, I found a letter lying on a rock beside me. Look at the bottom of the box, you'll find it."

Cathrine searched the box thoroughly and found a letter at the bottom of it. Those lockets were over it, that's why we were not able to see it before. "Sorry Albert, I don't exactly remember what it said, but it went somewhat like this......."

Congratulations Nis,

You have successfully survived. You are free, free to fly. You can do whatever you want now. All you need to do is take A LEAP OF FAITH.

From SIN

"Cathrine read it aloud to us. There was more, but I don't remember exactly. Then our interview resumed......"

"Now, after reading this letter, I knew that I have to jump into the hole. In a condition like this, anyone might reconsider their actions a thousand times, but I already had enough of it. Without a second thought, I jumped and woke up in the neighbourhood, and what happened after that, you all might be knowing very clearly."

Cathrine replied,"Yes Nis, we know exactly what happened next, you don't have to tell us that. Well, it was really nice, knowing your story. If you don't mind, can I ask a few questions, before we take our leave?"

"Sure my child, why not."

"Ok, so you told us that you saw Nadia die in front of you and then you killed Samantha."


"Then, you met Jacob, and he was all covered in blood, which gave you that idea that he killed Fred."


"But, you didn't tell us how Jacob died."

"Well, I don't know. I don't know what happened to him or how I reached to the water source."

"But why?"

"Maybe, we both blacked out, but our bodies didn't. I already told you that we were not able to control our bodies. Maybe, we fought and I killed him and followed the trail."

"In short, you are not yourself confirm how your nightmare ended."

"No, but I have a reason to believe it."

"And it is?"

"Do you remember the nightmares, I told you about?"

"Yes, I remember."

"Well, our fight to live went exactly as we saw in our nightmares, that's why I believe that I killed Jacob."

"Fair enough, and one more question. You said that you got wounded, but when police found you, you were completely fine physically. Can you explain that?"

"No, I don't have any assumption regarding this."

"And one more thing. You claimed that you killed all of them, but according to your story, you killed only Samantha and maybe Jacob, then why take the blame of four murders?"

"I don't know, I just felt that it was all my fault, so I took the whole blame on me."

"And one last question, you all had lockets, and in this box, there are only four lockets, where is the fifth one?"

"I'm wearing it."

"Because I fear that I might die, if I'll remove it."

"Fair enough. Ok then, we are done. Once again, thank you Nis, for sharing your story with us. I'll keep visiting you for walks, be ready."


"We all took our leave and Cathrine kept her promise. She frequently visited Nis, untill she passed away three years later. And so Albert, this is how it all ended. We all went to unravel the mystery, but when we submitted our report, we had even more mysteries surrounding us."

"It is very much intresting. What do you think, was she telling the truth, or was she was just making it all up?"

"Well Albert, at first, I thought that she is just building it up, but as time passed I, along with others, discovered that it was truth, everything she said was true."

"And how did you find that?"

"It is a complete different story in itself."

"Care to tell me?"

"No, not now, you are not ready to know that much deep about my past profession."

"Ok, I believe you. But, promise that one day, you'll tell me."

"I promise. Well now, lets head out, I'll give you a tour of the farmer's market. "

"Sounds fun, lets go."

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