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We spent one more week in Bennington, finding more beauties, and then we finally started back for London, bidding farewell to uncle Ben and aunt Susan. On our route, there were several stops. At one of there stops, I picked up a war journal from a magazine stand. It contained discription about war heroes, war criminals, prisonors, and many more. But, one discription caught my eyes. It was a description abut an anonymous organisation, known as H.A.N.D.S. I showed it to Steve, and with the look on his face, I knew that he knows about it. After a few talks, he confessed that he know what H.A.N.D.S. is and promised to tell me about them later. With this, we were about to reach london.

"Steve, something struck my mind."


"You know far too much about many things, which are out of my league. You deserve a title."

"Live what?"

"How about THE NARRATOR."

"Sounds ok to me."

"Then its settled. You are THE NARRATOR from now own."

"So, as a reward, I guarantte you that you are going to find far too much more, than you can think."

"I'm ready for it."

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