The Narrator Tales : Chapter One : NIS | SIN

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It was quite a pleasant sleep last night. I'm in a habit of waking up early but today, I slept a little longer than expected, yesterday must have been a more tiresome day than I imagined. Steve was still asleep in his chamber when I came out, so I decided to go for a quick stroll around the villa. The villa, as I already described is a massive one, with seventeen rooms and spreading across twenty acres of land. A wide variety of flora can be seen in its surroundings. Well, I assume that such a big property can not be handled alone by a couple, there must be servants, but I didn't come across any yesterday. "I'll confirm my queries during breakfast."

"There is still time for breakfast....." with these thoughts, I proceeded back to my room and slipped some euro bills in my pocket and decided to pay a visit around the place.

I walked through many lanes, past many villas, all magnificent once until I found myself in the main market, or so I presumed to look at my surroundings.

Since I left the war behind, I was in a habit of collecting war memoirs. When I came across a pawn shop, I decided to go in and see if I can find something interesting. For one complete hour, I searched the shop but there was not much of my interest. "Oh wait, this is something." Suddenly, I came across a magazine. Though it might not sound war-like, it was not an ordinary old magazine. It was 'WARZ MAG', a magazine entirely dedicated to stories of the time of war, and this was a very old edition, maybe of the '30s. With my recent found memoir, I proceeded towards the villa to be in time for breakfast.

"Good morning Albert."

"Oh, bonjour Steve."

"So, how was your adventure?'

"Very well. Its quite a pleasant place, full of beauties. I also got this magazine."

"Nice, 'WARZ MAG' you sure always find the best. Which edition is it."

"I'm not quite sure but maybe its a 30's."

"Interesting. Did you read it?"

"No, not yet but I'm planning after the meal."

"Well, you'll have plenty of time. After the meal, we'll be going to a nearby town. Uncle Ben has some business there and I thought that you should see some more beauties."

"You always hit the spot."

Some minutes later, breakfast was served, but it was not aunt Susan who served the meal. It was apparently one of the maids. After our meal, I had the answer to my question. They had a staff of fourteen. Four maids, one Buttler, two gardeners, two cooks, a couple, one driver, yes they had a ride Steve played me once again, and the rest of the staff comprised of the cleaners and a guard.

In forty, we were on our way to Brismok. It was an hour's ride and I was deep into the magazine this whole time. One of the articles in it took my attention more than others. It was titled 'THE GIRL WHOSE SIN WAS NEVER FOUND'. The article was about a girl named Nis Spender. It went like this;

THE GIRL WHOSE SIN WAS NEVER FOUND - by Annie (War Journalist)

On 17 April 1827, local police found a girl in the nearby forests of Brismok. She had been missing for a couple of days. Her guardian stated that she last saw her on 13 April 1827, when she left for school with her four friends as usual, but never reached school and neither came back home. Besides her, her four friends also went missing without any trace. When Nis was found, she was fully traumatized and was in no condition of saying even a single word. She was immediately admitted to a local hospital and after treatment of a few days, she finally gave her statement to the police, which was rather shocking. She admitted that she killed all her friends and marked the locations, where their bodies were to be found. The police searched for days at those locations which she gave them and even the whole forest once again, without missing any potential spot, but with no success. Even though Nis admitted that she killed her friends, no proof was ever found of her sin, no bodies, no traces. She even described every second detail of the events which took place in the duration of four days but the police were unable to follow her narration. There was nothing that can prove anything. In the end, it was concluded that whatever happened to them, it was far too traumatic for her to accept and she created a false memory in her mind, or even if true, she doesn't remember the exact person responsible for all this. Then later when she was treated and declared by the doctors to be fully mentally and physically fit, she still clung on to the story which she told to the police. Even today, after three years of that incident, she says that she had committed a sin and deserves to be punished but even when she searched herself afterward, she was unable to find the traces of her sin or her sin altogether.

This story indeed has nothing to do with war, but this incident took place during that time only, so many hypotheses can be made out of it. It can be possible that her friends were killed by troops of some other nation or maybe they were kidnapped by some crazy scientist for his research and she somehow made it out but lost all her senses or something else, as it was all common at that period of time.

Brismok is on the same level as Bennington in terms of beauty. Steve and I went for a walk around, while Uncle Ben completed his business.

"Such a beautiful place is Brismok. Who can say that it can hold dark secrets in its beauty."

"Sorry Albert but I am unable to make out something of what you just said."

"Oh, well I came across this article here, look read it."

Steve read it with patience and for a while went into some deep thoughts and then finally after a course of ten minutes, he came back to his senses.

"Yes, you indeed are true. This place has many secrets, but in my senses, I'd rather say that its the war which holds many dark secrets, not the place. Places like this are just a stage, where these incidents of war took place, but we can't say that the place is dark because it served as a stage."

"I agree with you. Do you have anything to say about this article?"

"Oh Albert, did I ever tell you what was my profession before the war?"

"Yes, you once said that you used to work for a company, which used to solve the mysteries of the past."



"So, to your surprise, I know almost everything about Nis Spender. We worked quite a bit on her case."

"God heavens, can you tell me all about it, please."

"Sure Albert, you'll find it more amusing than you are thinking of it right now, but later. First, let's just enjoy our little trip."

Hence, we set forward to discover some more beauties of Brismok.

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