The Narrator Tales : Chapter One : NIS | SIN

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It was a nice four hour trip to Brismok. I can't deny the fact that Brismok can be compared to heaven in comparison to beauty. But there is one thing that still lays in my mind and that's the story of Nis Spender. Steve promised to lay the whole account before me later, but my curiosity was eating me up.

"Done with business?"

"Yes Steve, I suppose we can now head back home."

"Sure, why not. We are also done with our little expedition in search of beauties. Right, Albert?"

"Sure my friend I think this is enough for today."

"Very well then, you two stay here while I bring the tickets."

Our meet up point was the station only, so uncle Ben headed towards the ticket counter to buy tickets. Meanwhile, I tried to convince Steve to tell me about Nis during our way back to Bennington.

"Come on boys our ride is here."

I was somehow able to convince Steve and after a couple of minutes of leaving the station, he started narrating me the events of his time, back then.

"You see Albert, the story of Nis is an old one. It was hard to find someone who can tell us the truth sixty years after that plot took place. After some research done by my colleagues, we were able to track down Nis. At that time she was still in that traumatic state in which she might have been earlier. After proper consultation from her doctor, we took her interview. Our own ears didn't want to hear what she was saying, but whatever she said was never published, neither at that time nor today, because of the order of higher ranks. Still, for the record, we took that interview. Maybe they thought that it's all real. Whatever it might have been, it was our job."

He took a short break and after some nice amount of thoughts, he started again, "If I'll tell you the events in the third person, you might not be able to follow, so I'll exactly narrate Nis's words to you. She was interviewed by Cathrine, one of my colleagues at that time. I and some others were also present there. It followed somewhat like this........"

"Nis, can you speak?"

"Y..e....s", her voice was trembling heavily.

"Good. My name is Cathrine, think of me as your friend and relax. We should start now. So Nis, I want you to recall your memories and tell me about your life from the beginning."

For some time, there was in complete silence, then she began, "I was born in Alkiarak, a village far east from here. I had a childhood like any other normal child. My parents were well educated, so they allowed me to go to school. Every day was normal like every day." After another silence of some minutes, "You might not be able to find the name of Alkiarak in any document now. Well, there was one day that removed it from the map. I'll come to that point later."

"Ok Nis, we'll go to that point later. Is there anything else, that you remember of before that certain unusual day?"

"Not much, everything is blurry, I can't bring it together. But I'm certain that every memory which came into existence before that day is a happy one."

"Good so far. So, can you please describe now how was that day not normal?"

"Sure. What was the saddest thing that happened to you to date?"

"Umm...., to me, I lost my pet dog recently and he was my first dog, Jerry."

"Then you might understand it to some extent. At that time, I was around twelve or thirteen. Alkiarak was as cheerful and full of riches as usual, but to our misfortune, war broke out and everyone went into a state of terror. We saw soldiers going for war, most never returned and rest returned wounded. After some time, we felt that the tides of war were slowly decreasing when that night came. Arilsac pretended that they were losing, hiding their plan in the shadows. They planned to attack and destroy the outposts of our soldiers at night and to our chance, we stood in their way. Our village was completely harmless, filled with only nobels, but Arilsac didn't care much. That night, when we were in our most peaceful dreams, the armies of Arilsac crushed our village to dust, killing everyone in their path. I can't say that I was lucky. I survived, but to only see the dead faces of everyone, whom I ever knew. It was suffering, a suffering worse than death. I sat there, beside my family, not knowing what to do. After some time, when I was not able to bear that sight anymore, I summoned all my strength and ran towards a neighboring village.........."

"You can stop now Nis, that's enough for today, we'll continue tomorrow. Have proper rest now."

"Well, now Albert, Cathrine, and all waited for a whole day to know further. I think that you should also show some patience."

"But that's not fair Steve, we still have time before reaching Bennington. You can tell a little more."

"Are you sure?"

I gazed out of the window of our carriage and to my surprise, we already reached Bennington Station. We went home straight and after eating up some of Steve's brain, he finally agreed on telling further accounts after dinner.

And so, this is so far what I got to know about Nis spender. God knows what more horrible than this can happen.

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