The Narrator Tales : Chapter One : NIS | SIN

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"Supper is ready boys."

In five, we all were seated around the dining table, taking our meal and exchanging our experience of Brismok. After dinner, we all retired to our rooms.

"Oh no, I almost forgot that Steve promised to narrate me the further events after dinner."

I hurried to Steve's room, though his room was just next to mine. To my surprise, Steve was not in his room. I assumed that he might be in the study, and to my luck, he was in there, seated beside the fire place.

"You are late Albert. I thought that you forgot what I said and was just about to retire to my bed."

"Yes, I forgot for a while, but I rushed over, as soon as it struck me back."

"Then, take a seat, Albert. Here, enjoy this cigar meanwhile, and try to find out which one it is."

After a little chat, he started with his narration once again.

"The very next day, which followed our first interview with Nis Spender, we were once again sitting in her room. There was one unusual thing about that day though. As I already told you that when we met her for the first time, she was in a grave state of trauma. Hence, before going to interview her the second day, we all assumed or thought that she might go into more severe illness and decided to make our interview as short as possible, as her doctor also advised us to do so. But to our surprise, Nis was more energetic and well that day. Still, we decided to make our interview short, and it went like this......."

"Good morning Nis, you look much better today."

"Yes my child. I had a rather pleasant sleep last night."

"I wonder how that happened."

"Oh, don't stress your mind. It's just that it had been such a long time since someone tried to hear my story. The last time, if I remember correctly, I told it to the local police. Since then, no one has tried or wanted to hear me out. At present, I am rather pleased that someone wants to hear my story. Its just excitement."

"Wow. You just saved me a lot of brainwork. So, shall we continue?"

"Sure. Umm...... where was I last time?"

"You were at your escape to a nearby village."

"Yes. So, I somehow gathered strength and ran towards a neighboring village. There, we had some family friends and I straight up ran to their house. Later, I told them what just happened and for a couple of days I stayed at their house and when I was a little bit over my past, I decided to go to my aunt in Brismok. After almost a week, I was in Brismok. For some time I was ill and stayed in bed. It was a brain fever, which I caught from my recent happenings. Things went along for over a month. Then, when I fully recovered, I decided to attend school once again. Just a method, which I thought might be helpful to me, but I never thought that the future had other plans. When I started going to school, I was welcomed by everyone very kindly and everyone at school knew who I was and what all happened to me. Soon, I made a bunch of friends. We used to call ourselves 'THE GROUP OF FIVE'. Those were some remarkable days that we lived............"

"Very well Nis, you are doing very well so far in recalling all the events, but we have to stop for today."

"Why? I just started."

"Yes, but it's your doctor's order and we have to stop for now."

"And with this, our second interview ended with Nis."

"But it is too short, I want to hear more."



"Because my cigar is done."

"Then light another."

"I don't have more."

"Fine, but you're telling me more tomorrow."

"Sure. By the way, I asked you a simple question a little while ago."

"Yes, it was illusion Epernay, with a tinge of acai berries."

"Correct. Now you'll be bringing a pack for me to know further."

"Oh come on."

And he tricked me once again. With this, we retired to our beds.

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